PLR Mines Review 2023: Features, Pricing, Pros & Cons

Are you searching for the ideal platform to download high-quality PLR products and considering This review will provide some insight into the site to assist you in determining its suitability for your business needs.

Before we start, I would like to introduce myself:

My name is Paul, and I have been in the digital marketing industry since 2013. PLR products helped me a lot throughout my online business journey, I have tried hundreds if not thousands of them, as well as tested different PLR sources.

My mission is to give you a comprehensive review of the platforms that sell PLR stuff. It’s all cause there are plenty of terrible PLR sources that promise a lot of things that they can’t and won’t deliver.

I want you to pick the best PLR platform that will ultimately help you succeed in your business. So, is PLR Mines one of them?

What Is PLR Mines? is a PLR membership platform that also sells products individually, meaning you don’t necessarily have to be a subscribed member to access and buy the products.

Their membership option is very straightforward, it’s a one-time fee of $97 and you can download regularly updated products without restrictions for a lifetime.

Or, if you only need a single or a few PLR products you can buy them individually on their website, and the prices range from $3.95 to $19.95 per item.

What Products Does It Offer?

plr mines products

First of all, PLR Mines has products of three licensing types – Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, and Master Resell Rights.

Now what do they mean?

Private Label Rights allow you to do almost anything you want with the product, and that includes – reselling, editing, rebranding, claiming your authorship, combining, giving away, and more.

Resell Rights is a more restrictive licensing type that only allows products to be resold without passing resell licence

And, Master Resell Rights allows products to be sold with a resell license, meaning your customers will also be able to sell them. offers all the essential PLR product categories in many different niches, such as business, marketing, health, weight-loss, meditation, dating, and plenty of others. The product categories include PLR ebooks, graphics, software, videos, articles, website templates, and PLR blogs.

This site also has a free product section, and most of the free products are ebooks. There are also free software, graphic, template, and video products, but I don’t really recommend bothering with them as I found them being outdated and low quality.

Talking about products from the paid section, they haven’t impressed me a lot. I can’t say that the quality of them is very bad, but at the same time, I can’t say they are any special.

During my PLR experience, I have seen pretty much the same quality content on other PLR membership sites, such as IDPLR, Resell Rights Weekly, or Exclusive Niches, it’s just this one charges more for its membership and products.

Also, I found many PLR mines products being sold on other sites, so that gives an idea that the creators of this site are simply reselling the same products from the other membership sites.

Pros & Cons:

Like every PLR platform, has its pros and cons. Here’s what I found to be good and not so good about this website:

What’s good:

plr mines pros


This website is good if you need a lot of PLR products and they don’t have to be top quality. For almost a hundred dollars you gain access to constantly updated content forever.

Membership site & product store in one:

Many PLR membership sites will only allow the subscribed members to access premium products, but PLR mines allow downloads without a subscription as you can also pay for products individually.

Free products:

As mentioned before there are free graphics, ebooks, videos, templates, and software products, and all you need to access them is to register for a free account. Even though I couldn’t find those products very valuable, it is still nice that this site has something to offer for free.

What’s not so good:

plr mines cons

User experience:

While the PLRmines website doesn’t look too bad, there are things that can be improved with the user-experience. The whole layout of the site seems quite old, and it’s not very easy to navigate things.

There’s no advanced search option what makes it difficult to find products. Also, we can’t filter certain product categories by niche, so for example, if you click on PLR ebooks products, it will just display all available products in all niches and you won’t be able to view them by the niche.


As mentioned before, the quality of products is very similar to the majority of other PLR providers, but for example, a PLR ebook on costs $9,95 and that’s a lot compared to other sites that sell them for 3 to 5 dollars.

The membership option does not sound too bad knowing that for $97 you will be able to unlimitedly access all products. However, compared to, which has way more content to offer and charges $89 for a lifetime membership we can consider PLR mines overpriced.

It would also be good if PLR mines offered other membership duration alternatives, like for one month, three months, or 1 year.

Do I recommend is a legit website and definitely not a scam as it delivers what it promises, but I wouldn’t consider this website on my top PLR sites list. This site offers the average quality stuff that may require putting a lot of time into editing, and the prices there are definitely not the cheapest on the market.

This option is good if you need or willing to need a chunk of PLR products for a cheap price (talking about membership), and you also don’t necessarily care about the overall content quality.

But, if you care about your audience as well as your customers, and you would like to give them the best possible products, there are definitely better options for you:

What are other great PLR sites? (Alternatives)

1. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is a clean, modern, and high-quality PLR membership site that can be a great alternative to PLR Mines.

The site offers membership plans with access to over 25,000 high-quality done-for-you products. Generally, PLR Database can be considered a very affordable option that has a lot of value to offer.

There you can find all the necessary PLR products, such as PLR ebooks, articles, software, scripts, videos, audios, graphics, PLR packs, and they come in almost all the world’s niches.

What is great about this site, is that unlike on other PLR membership sites, here admins add new stuff daily, so you are never left behind with your membership. 

Besides that, PLR Database offers more flexible membership plans than PLR Mines. You can subscribe either for 1 month ($10), 3 months ($25), or 1 year ($49). And if you can’t afford premium membership, there’s also a generous section with free products.

Visit PLR Database: Click here


plr me is a king in the industry when it comes to the top quality PLR products. This website is not a membership site but a product store, and the products here cost more than on the other PLR sites.

However, all of the content from is original and created by their in-house native English writers, so you will always get the freshest premium content. offers plenty of standard PLR products like ebooks, articles, blog posts as well as some interesting product categories, such as – affirmation reflections, action guides, checklists, lead magnets, and many more.

Products from are beautifully designed, they come in plenty of niches, and the customer support is amazing on this platform.

Visit Click here

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