5 Best Websites To Download PLR Printables

Looking for high-quality, done-for-you printable templates that you can easily customize, sell, or give away for free? Look no further!

In this article, we’ll explore the top 5 websites for downloading PLR (Private Label Rights) printables. But first, let’s define what PLR printables are and how they can benefit you.

PLR printables are digital products in a printable format (PDF) that come with a PLR license. They typically come in the form of journals, planners, coloring pages, stickers, covers, and other low-content products. The PLR license allows you to resell the printables and make modifications using tools like Canva or Powerpoint.

The most common use for PLR printables is reselling them on platforms like Amazon, Etsy, and Shopify, but the opportunities don’t stop there.

Besides that, there are more ways how you can use them, such as:

  • Giving away as lead magnets
  • Packaging up and selling with other products
  • Printing and distributing offline
  • Repurposing into other products and formats
  • Adding to free or paid membership sites

5 Best Websites To Download PLR Printables:

PLR Site:Rating:No. of Printables Available:
The Happy Journals⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 5.0/550+
Simple Happiness⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/540+
Createful Journals⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5100+
PLR Beach⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/538
Coach Glue⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.4/528

1. The Happy Journals

happy journals

The Happy Journals are here to ease the struggle of visual content creation by introducing a great collection of PLR journals, planners, and other printables, which you can use as your own.

The designs sold on this platform are simply astonishing, and the prices are probably the lowest on the market. There are currently over 50 individual fully-brandable PLR products in many niches, and the majority of them are printable. The products also include PowerPoint source files, so you can easily customize whatever you need.

Here are some printable PLR titles available on The Happy Journals:

  • Crystal Journal Templates
  • Blog Post Planner PLR Templates
  • Budget Planner PLR Templates
  • Vacation Planner PLR Templates
  • Oracle Card Journal Templates
  • Morning Pages PLR Mini Pack
  • Spring PLR Journal Templates
  • Recipe Printables PLR Templates
  • Self Love PLR Mini Pack
  • Blue and Gold Business Planner PLR Template
  • Money Mindset Planner PLR Templates
  • Study Planner PLR Templates
  • Autumn PLR Journal Templates
  • Health Planner PLR Templates
  • Learning Planner PLR Templates
  • Assignment Planner PLR Templates
  • Food Bullet Journal PLR Templates
  • Gold Goal setting planner PLR Templates
  • Food Printable PLR Templates
  • Spirit Guide PLR Journal Templates
  • Stream of Awareness Journal Templates
  • Happiness Planner PLR Templates
  • Working From Home Planner PLR Templates
  • Health and Fitness Planner PLR Templates
  • Content Planner PLR Templates
  • Law Of Attraction Journal Templates
  • Christmas Planner PLR Templates
  • Self-Care Planner PLR Templates
  • Social Media Planner PLR Templates
  • To-Do List Planner PLR Templates
  • Prayer Journal Templates
  • Business Planner PLR Templates
  • Winter PLR Journal Templates
  • Personal Development Planner PLR Templates
  • Teacher Planner PLR Templates
  • Summer PLR Journal Templates
  • Project Planner PLR Templates
  • 8 Bullet Journal Sleep Trackers

Besides individual products, there are also over 20 PLR bundles that consist of not only planners and journals in both digital and printable versions, but also products like covers, checklists, lead magnets, workbooks, stickers, and more.

Must also mention, that every single product is well described with clear visual demonstrations, so you can clearly see what you are buying.

the happy journals


Considering the high-quality products of Happy Journals, the prices on this website are relatively low. You can typically get individual PLR products for as little as $7 each, while PLR bundle prices range from $27 to $67 per pack.

Check Out Happy Journals: Click Here

2. Simple Happiness

simple happiness

Simple Happiness is a lovely product store with a great collection of beautiful PLR printables. The website was founded by the inspiring publisher Jan Small who has the fantastic ability to create low-content products.

There are currently over 40 printables and printable bundles available that come in a form of Planners, Calendars, Journals, Workbooks, Trackers, Bucket Lists, Challenges, and Wall-Art.

All printables include print-ready PDF documents as well as editable Canva and Powerpoint templates, so you can easily edit them if you wish so.

The products also come with a full PLR/commercial use license meaning you are allowed to resell, give away, or use printables for your own needs.

Here are some of the printables’ titles:

  • Recruitment Planner
  • Back to School Planner
  • Academic Planner
  • Quirky Self-Care Planner
  • Niche Selection, Validation, & Planning Kit
  • Quirky Financial Planner
  • Pregnancy Planner & Baby Journal
  • 30-Day Quit Sugar Challenge
  • Couples Journal & Couples Questions
  • Valentine’s Day Printable Bundle
  • Spring/Fall/Winter/Summer Bucket List
  • Wedding Planner
  • Reading Journal
  • Work From Home Planner/Workbook/Wall Art
  • Baby’s First Year Journal
  • Lavender Gratitude Journal/Planner
  • Your Life Week by Week Journal
  • 21-Day Positively Happy Journal
  • Affinity Self Care Journal
  • Make a Habit of It Journal
  • Quit Sugar & Gluten-Free Bundle
  • 10,000 Steps Challenge

The product pages are informative and you can get a good idea of what you are going to buy. There is also a very convenient walk-through feature on each product page allowing you to see every page of a printable.

simple happiness printable


While Simple Happiness offers various pricing for its products, typically you can get a printable planner or journal for $27, and a bundle for $37.

Check Out Simple Happiness: Click Here

3. Createful Journals

createful journals printables

Createful Journals is another great PLR product store and a membership site that offers various printable products, like journals, planners, calendars, digital papers, cards, stickers, and other templates.

Everything inside comes with PLR/commercial use rights allowing you to resell, edit or give the products away for free. The printables carry outstanding designs, which you can easily edit as they include PowerPoint files.

Although Createful Journals does not have a specific section for printables, all of its products can be printed as they also include PDF print files.

Apart from the source files, with your purchase, you can also expect to receive black-and-white versions of the templates, documents in various sizes as well as an extra design material.

Currently, there are over 100 printable planners, journals, and other products that you can purchase individually, and they cover plenty of niches, including:

  • Family
  • Kids
  • Fitness
  • Cooking
  • Work from home
  • Dogs
  • Gardening
  • Education
  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety
  • Easter
  • Music
  • Business
  • Yoga
  • Marketing
  • Christmas
  • Thanksgiving

Must mention that each product is perfectly described on a product page, so you will get to know what exactly you are going to get. There is also a smart preview feature enabling you to conveniently scroll through the templates.

createful journals printables

While the pricing varies from product to product, the prices for basic printables start from $15. However, instead of buying printables one by one, you can also access them by joining the membership – Prety Printables Club. For only $10 a month you will be able to access 10 unique printables each month delivered by Createful Journals.

Check out Creative Journals: Click Here

4. PLR Beach

plr beach printables

Moving next, PLR Beach is another great source for lovely printables. The store was created by skilled and talented momtrepreneur Becky Beach, who allows buyers to use her beautiful products for any kind of purpose.

The vast majority of printables on PLR Beach are nicely decorated planners that cover many niches and consist of many pages. Besides that, you can also find some printable PLR clipart, digital papers, coloring pages, or stickers.

Currently, there are 38 customizable printables, and some of them are bundles of print and digital versions. Here are some of the printable product titles:

  • Beach Vacation Printable and Digital Planner Bundle
  • Homeschool Print and Digital Planner Bundle
  • Creative Business Planner
  • Fabulous Floral Mother’s Day Planner
  • Spring Blossom Easter Planner
  • Boho Blooms Family Meal Planner
  • Valentine’s Day Print and Digital Planner
  • Merry Christmas Print and Print/Digital
  • Happy New Years Print and Print/Digital Bundle
  • Happy Thanksgiving Bundle
  • Peek-a-Boo Cat Care Print and Digital Planner
  • Spooky Halloween Bundle
  • Be Successful Blogging Planner
  • Fall in Love with Fall Bundle
  • You Got This! Success Planner – Commercial Use Printable
  • Love Your Life Manifestation Planner
  • Precious Puppy Training Planner
  • Jungle Fun Travel Planner
  • Burgundy Blooms Work From Home Planner
  • Lush Garden Planner
  • Bee Positive Planner
  • Safari Floral 12-Week Fitness Planner

With each product, you can expect to get not only PDF print files, but also source files in Canva, Powerpoint, Keynote, or even Photoshop formats.

The product pages provide enough information about each product with video walk-throughs and imagery, so you can be confident with your purchase.


While every product is priced differently, the prices range from  $17 to $37 for a printable or a bundle.

Check Out PLR Beach: Click Here

5. Coach Glue

coach glue

As the name suggests Coach Glue is a product store dedicated to coaches who want to educate their audience with top-notch planners and journals.

Although Coach Glue does not have a lot of products to offer, its creators made sure that every product meets the highest standards.

Just like the other mentioned sources, Coach Glue allows its printable templates to be used for whatever purpose you like, including reselling and giving away for free. The products can also be easily rebranded as they include Word Documents, Canva templates, and Powerpoint files.

Currently, Coach Glue offers 5 high-quality printable journals as well as 23 beautifully designed planners that are based on self-love, social media, marketing, sales, and other topics.

Here are the titles of the journals:

  • Abundance Journal For Wildly Creative Women
  • Self-Love Journal For Wildly Creative Women
  • My Dream Business Journal
  • The Ritual Journal
  • Dream Life Journal

Here are the titles of the planners:

  • My Profitable & Fun Virtual Summit Planner
  • Content Repurposing Planner: How to Convert Every Piece of Content into 25+ Social Media Posts
  • How to Write a Book When You Have No Time to Write
  • Daily Money-Making Activities Planner
  • Tiny Viral Videos Planner
  • My 12-Month Life & Business Dream Planner
  • My Coaching Packages & Pricing Planner
  • My Membership Site Idea Planner
  • My Monthly YouTube Video Marketing Planner
  • My Course Content Planner
  • My Weekly Client-Getting Content Plan
  • How to Use Pinterest to Attract New Fans, Clients, and Sales!
  • Start Your Podcast Planner
  • How to Journal Your Way to the Life, Business + Income of Your Dreams
  • Self-Care Planner for Coaches and Entrepreneurs
  • Map Out Your Profitable Virtual or In-Person Client VIP Day in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your 6-Figure Course Launch in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Calendar in a Weekend!
  • How to Position Your Business to Attract Your Dream 6-7 Figure Clients
  • Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your Instagram Brand & Posts in a Weekend!
  • Facebook Live Script & Marketing Planner
  • Busting Your Money Blocks Planner

Each product page includes informative product descriptions and visuals to help you learn about the printable.

coach glue printable planner


The prices for journals and planners typically range from $37 to $47.

Check out Coach Glue: Click Here

Final Words:

Downloading and using PLR printables can be a cost-effective and time-saving way to enhance your business or personal projects. With the 5 best websites mentioned in this blog post, you now have a comprehensive list to find planners, journals, and other printable products.

Whether you’re looking for printables to use in your own projects or to resell them for a profit, each of these websites offers a unique range of beautiful and high-quality editable templates.

But before you use PLR printables in any way, remember to always check the terms of use of each product, as some restrictions may apply. Consider downloading from more than one website to increase your options and to compare the quality of the products available yourself.

By doing so, you will be able to find the perfect PLR printables for your specific needs.