Review 2024: Is It Really Worth It?

Considering joining but unsure about its value? This review should answer all your queries.

My name is Paul, and I’ve been in the digital marketing game since 2014. Throughout my journey, I’ve signed up and tried many PLR websites, and many times they left me disappointed.

But how it is with

In regards to the fact that I have been a member of for about 5 years now, I feel fully confident to give you my honest and professional review of this platform.

In case you are wondering if can be a scam, I can assure you that it isn’t, and this platform certainly delivers quality content for a good value.

Quick Overview:

Trustpilot Rating:⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.8/5
No. of Products: 17,698+
Product Categories:70+
Topics Covered:Health, Fitness, Business, Marketing, Self Improvement, Relationships, etc.
LicenseFull Private Label Rights
Pricing:From $0.60 Per Download
Free Trial:10 Free Credits

What is

Established in 2008, stands as a quality PLR content provider for many categories and niches. It offers different types of constantly updated content including courses and brandable coaching resources for health and wellness professionals.

The reason why stands out from many other PLR sites is that its content is 100% human-written by top industry experts from the US and Canada.

This platform purely focuses on delivering quality products, and there’s no question why it was featured by big brands such as Entrepreneur, 100 Huntley Street, Toronto Sun, Cts, Steven And Chris, and AM 770. Additionally, the platform boasts an “Excellent” Trustpilot rating of 4.8/5, garnered from over 255 reviews.

While the rest of the similar platforms are either PLR membership sites or product stores, is both in one place.

There you can pay-as-you-go for the downloads you make, or you can pay for the monthly or annual membership, which allows you to save money.

The pay-as-you-go option best suits people who only need one or two PLR products. But for those who are willing to use PLR products constantly, the more affordable option is to go for one of their monthly or annual subscriptions.

plr me

What niches does cover?

Unlike other PLR sources that mostly serve digital marketing topics, this one is highly focused on health and wealth niches, but at the same time has enough products on all popular topics, such as:

  • Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks
  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Care
  • Business & Finances
  • Blogging & Affiliate Marketing
  • Career & Job
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Goal Setting & Achievement
  • Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers
  • Meditation, Reflection & Journaling
  • Money Management, Budgeting, Credit & Debt
  • Motivation & Passion
  • Natural Health & Safety
  • Parenting & Family
  • Savings, Investing & Real Estate
  • Self-Improvement
  • Stress Management
  • Success, Wealth & Prosperity
  • Time Management & Procrastination
  • Weight Loss & Fitness

Apart from done-for-you PLR content, there’s a lot more has to offer. The website also has some useful features like content marketing training, PLR guides, access to the Private Facebook Mastermind group, the content marketing calendar as well as 13 handy marketing tools.

plr me features

Who is for?

To put it short, is for entrepreneurs who want to create and sell digital products as well as for marketers who want to save money and time in the marketing process.

The truth is, it takes a lot of time and effort to create a digital product from scratch not to mention financial expenses if you want to hire a professional freelancer to do that.

Whether it’s an eBook, course, or any other type of digital product, allows you to change, rebrand, and put your own name under their products.

It’s much easier and quicker to just modify the product that already exists, rather than create a new one from scratch, and the outcome can be even more powerful as these PLR products are created by real professionals and niche experts. packs plenty of high-quality pre-made brandable coaching programs, courses, reports, and other products that you can turn into your own digital products in a fraction of the time.

This enables many marketers, coaches, educators, and online entrepreneurs to obtain a variety of resources that can be used for endless purposes.

How to use content?

Since Private Label Rights allow you to use content in any you want, there can be many ways to take advantage of

First of all, you can use products to grow your email list by giving them away in exchange for the subscriber’s email address.

The more value you offer to your site visitors for free, the more they will engage with your further content, and trust me, has some really valuable lead magnets for that.

Another way to benefit from is to use their content on your website, blog, YouTube channel, podcasting platforms, membership sites, email newsletters, social media posts, and many other places online.

There are PLR eBooks, reports, articles, and other info products that can be repurposed into other forms of content and used on various platforms.

Besides that, you can use content to create courses, webinars, videos, podcasts, physical products, opt-in offers, content upgrades, membership sites, signature training programs, and a lot more. Pricing: How much does it cost?

plr me pricing

Unlike many other traditional PLR websites, operates on a credit basis. Credits on function as tokens, just like the points on stock photo sites, allowing you to select and download desired content.

They provide more savings on bulk purchases, empower you with spending choices, and let you curate your content more precisely.

How can you get Credits?

There are 3 options to get credits:

  1. Pay-as-you-go: Buy credits without a subscription for $2.70 each.
  2. Membership: Get credits for as low as $0.40 each. This gives you a regular flow of content.
  3. Unlimited Plan: Pay a fixed price and get unlimited access to their entire library without worrying about credits.

How much Credits cost?

If you feel that you will need a lot of PLR products, it will probably be cheaper to choose one of their monthly or annual plans. There you won’t pay for the duration of your plan but for the credits.

Here are all the pricing options that you can choose from:

  • Pay-as-you-go: 10 credits for $27 (one-time).
  • 100 Monthly Plan: 100 credits every month for $129.
  • 400 Annual Plan: 400 credits every year for $399.
  • 1,500 Annual Plan: 1,500 credits every year for $899.
  • Unlimited Plan: Unlimited credits every year for a one-time payment of $1,999 and then $399 per year.

According to, their typical customer uses 96 credits to download 33 brandable products each month. If you make the calculations you will see that their monthly plan suits best the majority of customers.

What can you get with Credits?

Different content types cost different amounts of credits. For example:

  • Articles: 1-3 credits
  • Worksheets: 1-5 credits
  • Sales Pages: 5-60 credits
  • Courses: 65-75 credits
  • Course Bundles: 193-326 credits
  • Reports: 10-15 credits plr me pricing

Must mention that by being a free member you will receive 2 free credits per month to download some products. If you top up your credits but don’t feel that you should spend them all – they will never expire, and you can still use them after years.

Additionally, we have a special link that will give you 10 free credits to start with.

Click Here To Claim 10 Free Credits Content Library: What’s inside?

plr me content library’s content library consists of over 17,698 products. They come under different categories, such as courses, articles, presentations, reports, coaching programs, and more.

Unlike the other PLR sources, focuses on delivering product bundles rather than individual products, and this allows you to use them for wider purposes.

In this section, we will cover the main product categories, including:

  • Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops
  • Checklists
  • Fables & Short Stories
  • Reports & eBooks
  • Slide Deck Presentations

Let’s discuss them all in detail.

1. Action Guides, Coaching Handouts & Lead Magnets

There is a huge variety of short action guides on many different topics ranging from making money online to dating and relationships.

The purpose of these action guides is to provide quick coaching for your audience, and the best way to do that is by giving these products away for free.

Each product contains 2-5 pages on average and they all look attractive and well-designed.

plr me product preview
        Action Guide Preview

The contents inside each product will normally come in 5 formats (PDF, DOC, DOCX, JPG, PNG) so you have enough freedom for customization and rebranding.

How to use these products?

  • Giveaway as a lead magnet
  • Use it in the newsletters
  • Print and giveaway as a leaflet
  • Use for social media feeds

2. Affirmation Reflections

PLR Affirmation reflections are essentially impactful single-page coaching resources. There are reflections in all niches and on each document, you will find paragraphs of informative text followed by some self-reflection questions at the end.

affirmation reflection
Affirmation Reflection example

These products will come in DOC, TXT, and PDF formats, so you can easily edit and turn them into your own pieces.

How to use these products?

  • Offer for free as a bonus
  • Use the content for social media and email marketing
  • Turn it into an article on your blog
  • Print and share it offline

3. Articles & Blog Posts articles

Here comes a very useful PLR category, which covers almost every possible niche. There are currently almost 5k PLR articles and blog posts available to the members.

All of these articles are well-written with no grammar or structural errors, and the value they bring is just surprising.

Due to the nature of PLR products, you might still need to edit or rewrite these articles if you are willing to publish them on your blog. It’s because there are chances that somebody has used them online already and you don’t want to cause plagiarism and a bad SEO experience.

The PLR articles and blog posts will come in DOCX, TXT, and PDF files. They normally contain 3 pages on information and approximately 700 words.

Again, compared to other PLR sources the quality of the articles here is truly amazing, and a lot of them won’t even need a touch or edit. Here’s a snapshot of one of the articles:

plr blog post

How to use these products?

  • Edit and make them your own
  • Publish on your blog, or membership site
  • Use it in the email newsletters
  • Feed your social media profiles
  • Convert it into audio or video files

4. Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops

plr me course

Here comes the most unique selling point of – courses, coaching programs & workshops.

This category covers topics such as wealth, weight loss, relationships, and self-improvement.

These PLR courses are essentially value-packed product bundles. They consist of multiple modules that include different customizable lessons, affirmations, checklists, handouts, and custom quizzes.

Here are the available courses titles:

  • Crushing Limiting Beliefs
  • Healing From Emotional Trauma, Breakups, And Betrayal
  • Keep The Fire Burning: How To Build A Loving Relationship That Lasts
  • True Love: How To Find Your Soulmate
  • The Success Brain PLR Course: How To Build A Success Mindset Through SMART Goals And Healthy Habits
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Build Grit, Resilience, And Mental Toughness
  • Lose Weight: Cutting Calories Made Easy – Diet And Nutrition Course
  • Lose Weight: Burning Calories Made Easy
  • Inspiration From Winners
  • Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self

The courses come in multiple formats including JPG, PSD, PNG, DOCX, PDF, TXT, and PAGES giving you plenty of options for customization. coaching programs

Once you rebrand the course and make it your own, here are a few tips on how you can profitably use it: courses

These complete courses have higher front-end prices as they are packed with valuable and high-quality products. You can rebrand and resell them for a great price like $199-$399 for each.

It’s just a bit sad that this section covers only a few niches, and it would be nice to see more PLR courses on other topics.

5. Checklists

There are currently over 160 quality PLR checklists covering almost all niches. These are short, punchy informational resources that can be given away for free to your audience.

Again, the contents inside are nicely written, well-structured, and bring a lot of value. checklist

The PLR checklists contain 1-3 pages and consist of PDF, DOCX, PAGES, PNG, and JPG formats.

You can use these checklists for:

  • Rebranding
  • Giveaway for the exchange to the email address
  • Packaging with other relevant products
  • Content for emails
  • Social media posts

6. Fables & Short Stories

These are quick informational reports with the purpose to tell a story on many different topics. I personally haven’t used any of the products from this category, but they seem to be promising a lot.

Fables and short stories are different from standard reports because they are written in a storytelling style, and that makes certain groups of readers engage more.

This type of content is also fun to read and like all fairytales, they have a moral at the end.

These PLR products contain 4-5 pages of content, they are well structured and well designed.

plr fables

How to use PLR fables and short stories:

  • Giveaway as a bonus
  • Turn into audio or video formats
  • Share on social media
  • Print and handout to clients

7. Reports & eBooks ebooks

Here comes a very popular and important category of PLR content – eBooks & Reports. Each eBook on contains 20-60 pages on average, and the quality inside is a real deal.

I haven’t seen anyone else offering such great quality eBooks and reports that are super informative and bring a lot of value to the reader.

The design of those PLR eBooks is stunning, and creators have done the maximum to make these products look attractive. reports
Preview of an eBook

You also have a preview of each product’s table of contents, so you can get the full idea of what you are going to download.

table of contents
Table of contents preview

The formats of eBooks and reports consist of PAGES, DOC, PDF, JPG files, and you can use these products for:

  • Changing and rebranding
  • Giving away for an email address
  • Using content on your blog, or membership sites
  • Repurposing into videos or podcasts
  • Packaging with other products
  • Using content for social media posts

8. Slide Deck Presentations offers many PLR presentations available in many niches. These presentations are handouts that are designed to pass some quick informational messages to your audience. They come in PowerPoint format and normally contain up to 200+ pages.

Please note, that I personally haven’t used a lot of these PLR presentations, and I’m not sure if all the products are of great quality. But from what I’ve tried and used, I can say that the quality inside didn’t let me down.

plr me presentations

As you can see there are pictures but not too much-written information on each page and these products are focused on presenting rather than informing.

Apart from PowerPoint format these files also come in – KEY, PDF, PPTX, PNG, JPG files.

How to use PLR presentations:

  • Rebrand
  • Present at workshops or webinars
  • Giveaway to strengthen the relationships with your audience
  • Convert into blog posts or social media feed

9. Other PLR Categories

When you view the menu from the top banner on, you may think  – is that all the product categories this platform has?

But what you see there is not all, and you can click on View All Categories & Product Types to find everything that has to offer.

Apart from the main product categories, this website has other important PLR categories, such as:

– Assessments & Quizzes
Administrative Forms
– Audios
– Challenges
– Card Decks
– Contracts

– Coloring Books
– Email Sequences

– Facebook Ads
– Fact Sheets
– Planners
– Journals
– Landing Pages
– Sales Pages
– Video Coaching Programs
– Video Sales Letters
– Wallpapers
– Worksheets

You will also see some more niches, and from there you will be able to filter the products by a specific niche. niches
Full niche list

What else is inside

Unlike other PLR stores and membership sites that only contain PLR content, has something more to offer. There you will find some extra tools and bonuses that can benefit you a lot in your PLR journey.

1. AI Marketing Assistant

The AI Marketing Assistant is a recent tool developed by It’s designed to help monthly and annual users generate marketing content using artificial intelligence.

Since has over 17,000 human-written products, they’ve used this content to train their AI model, ensuring the generated content is the highest quality.

Users can tailor the AI’s outputs by specifying parameters such as target audience and tone, ensuring each piece of content is uniquely crafted to their needs.

The AI can produce various types of content, including:

  • Rewritten articles, eBooks, and affirmations
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Summaries
  • Captivating titles
  • Course curriculums
  • Cheat sheets
  • Tweet threads, emails, social posts
  • Viral questions
  • Video scripts
  • Market research
  • & more

ai marketing assistant

2. Content Marketing & Social Media Calendar

This tool is free to use and it can help you to set marketing goals, and organize the content delivery process. These guys also provide a lot of content ideas and strategies so you can take these and apply to your unique content marketing strategy.

content marketing calendar

They also have special PLR content made for extraordinary days, events, and occasions, so you can always stay 100% relevant with your content.

To find more about this useful feature, has a lot of guides inside on how to use the content marketing calendar, and how to plan your content efficiently.

3. Learning resources


For those who want to learn more about PLR products, this platform made sure you have enough learning resources. has plenty of videos on topics like:

  • Creating powerful blog posts and infographics
  • Building a course using content
  • Attracting clients with the right strategies
  • Marketing your coaching business
  • Content marketing plan for various niches
  • How to create, upload, and market courses on
  • Storytelling secrets
  • and many more…

There is also a blog that you can read, as well as an inspirational gallery with some free products that you can download and learn from.

4. Other Tools tools has some more exclusive tools that can help you to succeed with PLR products. These tools are only available for monthly or annual subscription members, and not available for pay-as-you-go buyers.

The majority of these aids are very convenient and with them, you can save you a lot of time and money in the process.

Here are all the tools that members can access:

Auto Slide Deck – automatically creates beautiful presentation templates

Content Auto Loader – allows to quickly load and schedule bulks of content on WordPress

PDF Brander – enables to quickly add links, calls-to-action, and branding inside PDF

Image Brander – allows to automatically add logos and watermarks on multiple images

Content Sammurizer – automatically extracts keypoints from content to create tweets, checklists, or summaries

Video Sales Letter Generator – quickly transforms text into Video Sales Letter or PowerPoint presentation

Coaching Email Templates – offers premade email templates for health & wellness coaches

Perfect Email Formatter – creates formatted mobile-optimized emails

Image Animator – allows creating outstanding graphics for your website or emails

Dupe Examiner – enables to check how unique your content is

Virtual Fax Machine – allows to securely fax documents

WP Swipe and Deploy – helps to create powerful sales pages and multiple blog post titles for A/B split testing

Product Showcase – creates beautiful grid-style images to showcase your products

Pros & Cons of

No matter how much I love there are still things that could be better. Here’s a list of what I have found to be good and not so good about this platform.

What’s good:

pros plr me

1. Quality over quantity

If you came across a lot of different PLR sources online you have probably noticed that the majority of them offer a lot of low-quality products with little to 0 value.

You typically have an enormous amount of products to choose from, but at the same time, it takes an enormously huge effort to find a good one.

That’s not the case with and it seems that this website is here to change the entire game.

First of all, it’s obvious that cares about its customers and they really want them to succeed.

They made sure that you have enough products and niches to choose from, and most importantly – they have put a lot of work into precisely crafting and presenting each PLR piece to you.

For that reason, is a little more pricy than the average PLR source, however, it all pays off as you receive high-quality products from there.

2. Amazing user experience

Again, if you came across any other PLR providers, you probably have noticed that their websites look outdated, without any advanced search options, or other functionality features.

From the first to the last glance, looks like a real breakthrough in the industry – a modern, well-designed, and fully-functional platform.

Every single product and feature of is precisely described leaving no questions for the user, and it just feels good to navigate and browse on their site.

3. Purely focused on PLR content

It looks like decided to cut the cheese in the market by offering only PLR products with no other licensing types.

Because who needs Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, or Personal Use downloads when Private Label Rights (PLR) allow you to do the most with the product?

I think by offering Resell Rights or Master Resell Rights products other PLR platforms are trying to make a “more complete” website impression for the new customers.

Apart from these licensing rights other sites market Personal use, or Giveaway rights products, which again is a trick to look like a more complete PLR source. doesn’t do that and they only offer products that are the most relevant for most people – PLR products, and they also contain giveaway rights.

4. Useful marketing tools

Those who purchase monthly or annual plans are not left only with the products. There is also a generous section of 13 useful marketing tools.

While other PLR sources offer low-quality tools and bonuses to only attract new customers, has some real, time and money-saving tools that can really help you along the way.

Starting from the free content marketing calendar to the PDF brander, gives you the most effective tools to succeed.

5. Efficient customer support

The live support is making this platform really stand out from the others. If you have any questions or difficulties you can start a live chat and expect to receive a quick reply.

The staff members seem to be well-trained, friendly, and most of the time free to help you. If the support members are busy it can take up to a few hours for them to respond, however, it is still better than waiting weeks or months for the response on other careless PLR sites.

Apart from the live chat feature, you also have an option to email them, or to even give a direct call:


What’s not so good:

cons plr me

1. Credit System

While I think that the pricing they have for the credits is absolutely fair, I would prefer to have a direct cash payment system instead. It’s because I’m psychologically more likely to spend credits quicker than I would spend cash.

Also, it can be confusing as often you have to convert credits into cash inside your head before you spend them on certain products.

2. Lacks some PLR categories

While offers some unique and never-before-seen categories, it would be nice to see some essential categories be more covered, for example – videos, planners, templates, or software. does not offer PLR video products alone and almost the same applies to PLR graphics. The only PLR graphic products they have are wallpapers.

There are also not too many PLR sales pages, or landing pages, and there are no turnkey websites at all.

So, if you think you will need the products from these categories, it’s probably better to look into other PLR sources.

So, Should You Join (Verdict)

is worth it

The answer to this question depends on several factors. Firstly, you need to decide whether or not you are serious about growing your online business with digital marketing.

Because if you are, PLR products can definitely enhance the process in some way, and you should be willing to invest in quality products that you would sell or giveaway to your audience.

As we already know stands out from other PLR sources a lot, by offering top-level done-for-you content.

If your business niche is related to wealth or health in some way, is going to be worth every single penny and you will definitely find enough great quality products there.

To sum up this review, I think has revolutionized the PLR industry completely, and it is certainly a good source of PLR content.

This website does what other PLR sites don’t do – focuses on quality over quantity; provides a great user experience (including support); cares about its customers, and most importantly – offers quality products for a reasonable price.

For being an active member of I was invited to share a special coupon link with you. This coupon link will give you free 10 credits.

If you sign up with as a free member, you will normally get 2 free credits that recur every month. This coupon code gives 10 credits for free and in total, you will start with 12 credits, which is enough to access and try content in almost all categories.

Here’s a special coupon link:

Join and get 10 Free Credits

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