PayLoadz Review – Is It Really Worth It?

payloadz review

Are you considering PayLoadz for selling digital products online? This review will help you decide whether or not you should use this e-commerce solution.

Here we will cover everything from the features to the pricing of this platform, as well as discuss the other PayLoadz alternatives.

What is PayLoadz?

what is payloadz

Payloadz is an e-commerce solution that allows selling digital goods online. You can sell anything you want including software, ebooks, music, movies, digital art, templates, articles, crafts, or anything else that can be downloaded.

This platform takes care of the product hosting, “buy now” buttons, secure payments, as well as of the instant delivery of digital products to your customers.

Customers pay for your products directly to your PayPal account and the money is available to you immediately. Meanwhile, PayLoadz instantly sends a product download link to your customer, so the products are also available immediately.

For those who don’t have a website, PayLoadz is not going to be a favorable platform. It’s because it works only as an integration to your existing site.

Unlike the other e-commerce platforms like Sellfy or Selz, this platform isn’t a store builder and you will need to have your website set up before you take the full advantage of it.

How Does It Work?

It works in a very simple way, all you have to do is to create a product listing and embed the buy now button wherever you want.

STEP 1: Once you sign up with PayLoadz, click on “Select New Product To Sell” or if you have already existing products from somewhere else you can import them from your Excel spreadsheet.

Alternatively, you can navigate to PayLoadz Express to get your products listed in just a few minutes.

payloadz express
PayLoadz Express

STEP 2: Select the title for your product and put all the necessary info in the description. Then, upload your files, set your price and you are almost ready to go.

STEP 3: Once you click on the “Get Your Selling Link” button PayLoadz will provide simple copy-paste links and button codes that can be embedded to your website, blog, Facebook, or Twitter page.

Besides that, they have their own marketplace where you can also list and sell your digital products.

What Are The Main Features Of PayLoadz?

PayLoadz Store – It is a marketplace that can bring extra exposure to your products. As being a member of the PayLoadz platform, you can additionally list your digital downloads on their store. The process of listing existing or new products is very easy, and after you complete that, everyone worldwide can discover and purchase your goods.

Unlimited files and storage – When selling with PayLoadz, there’s no need to worry about any upload limits. This platform has no limits in terms of how many items you can list, and they also offer unlimited space for storing your product files.

Piracy protection – This feature is only applicable for game and software products. PayLoadz is capable to deliver unique product serial and software registration keys for everyone who buys your products.

Variety of payment options – Despite accepting all major credit cards, the platform also enables selling through many other getaways, such as PayPal, PayFlow Pro, 2Checkout, GoogleCheckout, Amazon Payments, TrialPay Payments, and Authorized Net.

Product trials – You can create subscriptions for your products by offering a trial period, special introductory rate, or a regular rate. You have the freedom to customize the length of the trial and set your prices with intervals of the recurring billing after the trial period ends.

Allows custom discounts – PayLoadz provides sellers a variety of options on how they can discount their products. Sellers can create their own discounts based on either cart total, number of items in cart, or individual products. Sellers can also set an expiry date for their discounts, or restrict them for particular users.

Affiliate system – With PayLoadz you can set up the affiliate program for your products. That means you can recruit people to promote your products and share a commission (% of sale) when they successfully refer you a new customer. You have complete freedom to choose how much you want to give to your affiliates, as well as track sales, statistics, and other reports.

Security – PayLoadz uses SSL security protocol for their checkout pages as well as when handling the payments.  Using SSL ensures that the information you exchange is never transmitted unencrypted over the Internet and therefore cannot be seen by unauthorized individuals.

Other Features:

  • Email support
  • Instant product delivery
  • Supports eBay auctions
  • Allows bulk product upload
  • Help center & learning resources
  • Basic storefront with custom domain name
  • Allows product samples and previews
  • Provides product sales reports
  • Allows limiting downloads

What Is Good About PayLoadz? (Pros)

payloadz pros

Simple To Use: PayLoadz provides a very simple e-commerce solution without overwhelming the user. It can take less than 5 minutes to get your product selling, however, such simplicity comes at the cost of not having enough features.

Help Section: In case you need assistance on selling your products or how to use all the platform’s features, these guys have a very big learning section for that. It consists of more than 200 articles and it answers any questions you may get

What Is Not So Good About PayLoadz? (Cons)

payloadz cons

Outdated interface: As I know this platform for over 10 years now, it seems that its interface has barely changed since 2009. Everything looks and feels outdated inside and I can’t call this site very functional either. To sum this up, PayLoadz doesn’t seem a user-friendly or modern platform at all.

payloadz cons

Lack of features: When we look at the PayLoadz pricing and compare this platform to the other platforms, it seems that PayLoadz definitely lacks some features. First of all, it doesn’t provide any custom product pages and you have to create them by yourself on your website. Also, this platform offers almost no marketing tools and lacks advanced analytic features. Apart from that, PayLoadz is missing other important e-commerce features like social discounts, membership systems, PDF stamping, custom checkout pages, and many more.

1$ trial: PayLoadz charges $1 for their 14-day trial, which in my opinion is a bit cheeky. None of the top e-commerce solutions charge for their trials, but PayLoadz decided to take a different approach.


So as we mentioned before PayLoadz charges 1$ for a 14-day trial, but what’s next? The bad news is, you won’t be able to start using this platform for free, as it charges both – monthly and transaction fees.

After you complete your 14-day trial, PayLoadz will charge $19/month and 2.9% + $0.29 of transaction fees. But, if your orders don’t reach $2 PayLoadz will still charge their monthly fee plus 4.9% + $0.05 per transaction.

payloadz pricing
PayLoadz pricing

Is There A Better Option Than PayLoadz? (Alternative)

From my point of view, there are many other e-commerce platforms that are better than PayLoadz. In this particular case, I would definitely recommend using Payhip instead.

It’s because Payhip covers all the features of PayLoadz and offers even more on top. The best thing about Payhip is that you can start absolutely for free and list an unlimited number of products.

It will charge a transaction fee of 5%, but if you want to reduce that, you can upgrade to one of their monthly plans.

As you can see from their full pricing list, Payhip clearly offers cheaper and more flexible rates:

payhip pricing
Payhip pricing

Talking about the capabilities of Payhip, it’s just way more you can do with this platform. It has some features that PayLoadz doesn’t, and it feels really nice to navigate through this user-friendly platform.

With Payhip you will be able to:

  • Embed shopping cart to your website or social media
  • Create the custom product and checkout pages
  • Create advanced membership systems
  • Fully analyze and track sales with customers
  • Generate social discounts and coupons
  • And most importantly – Start for free

Click here to sign-up with Payhip for free