Wordtune Review 2023: Is It Really Worth It?

Unsure about giving Wordtune a shot? Rest assured, you’ve come to the right place. In this impartial review, we’ll delve into what Wordtune is, how it operates, and whether this platform is a good fit for you. We’ll also explore potential alternatives. So, stay tuned 🙂

What Is Wordtune?

Founded in 2018, Wordtune stands as one of the most popular writing solutions trusted by students, bloggers, writers, and other professionals. It is an online-based rewriting tool that can reword, and paraphrase your content in different styles. 

Wordtune allows you to generate natural-looking text through different words while maintaining the same meaning. It uses artificial intelligence to understand the context and semantics of written text, and it is capable of picking highly relevant synonyms to replace your words or phrases with.

Wordtune can be considered as a light rewriting tool, which is very similar to Quillbot. It is mainly used as an extension to other platforms, and the rewriting capabilities are quite basic.

This tool only allows manual rewriting, and you can rewrite in 10 different languages. Also, Wordtune supports 5 rewriting formats, but that is a premium feature.

Top Features:

Ease Of Use: Since there’re no advanced features, this tool becomes super easy to use, and even a complete beginner can use it right away. Wordtune is accessible online, and there is no need to download it. This tool allows you to easily rewrite your content either on the other platforms or inside Wordtune’s editor. 


Great Manual Rewriting: Wordtune can divide a selected paragraph into sentences, so you can rewrite them individually. You can also highlight different words or phrases in a sentence and rewrite those. Either you select a whole sentence or a part of it, Wordtune will suggest relevant alternatives that you can replace the previous text with. 


5 Rewriting Styles: you can rewrite your text in 5 different styles – original, casual, formal, shortened, and extended. However, all of the styles apart from original, will be available to premium users.


Multi-languages: you can rewrite in 10 different languages – English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Hindi, Chinese (Mandarin), Hebrew, and Arabic. For example, you can write a sentence in Spanish, and the Wordtune will generate its variations in other languages.


Extensions: Wordtune supports extensions and works on the 8 most popular websites – Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Slack Web, WhatsApp Web, and Outlook Web. In terms of mobile applications, Wordtune does not support them.


Free Plan: you can start using Wordtune without having to pay. However, the times you can rewrite in a day will be limited, and you will only be able to rewrite in the original style.

How Wordtune Works?

Wordtune works more like a rewrite-as-you-go solution, and it is mostly designed to be used on other platforms where you commonly write. Wordtune only works on Chrome browser, and if you want to use this tool on supported platforms, firstly you will have to download Wordtune’s extension for Chrome.

Once you download and activate it, you will be able to experience Wordtune’s features on Google Docs, Gmail, Linked In, Facebook, and other platforms.

For example, Wordtune’s extension supports Gmail, so once you write a sentence in a new message, you will notice there’s a Wordtune icon in the corner. When you click it, you will get to select from suggested different sentence variations. You can also choose Wordtune to rewrite in other styles.

how wordtune works

You can also highlight different words or phrases within a sentence and the Wordtune will also generate alternatives for those:

how to use wordtune

If you want to have a separate field dedicated only to rewriting, you can also use Wordtune’s Editor located on their website. There you will be able to paste bigger chunks of text for rewriting, but you will still have to rewrite sentences one by one.


While Wordtune offers a forever-free plan, it also has a premium plan. The free plan will only let you rewrite in the original style, and it will limit rewrites to 20 per day. The Premium plan has no limits, and you can rewrite in all styles as many times as you want. With the Premium plan, you will be also entitled to premium support, which is more efficient than the standard.

Here are the pricing plans:

  • Premium Monthly – $24.99/month
  • Premium Yearly –  $9.99/month ($119.88/year)

wordtune pricing

There is also a Premium plan for teams of five or more users. For that, you will have to contact Wordtune directly, so they can give you the best price depending on your team. Not to forget, Wordtune offers a discount for students, educators, and non-profit organizations, and that’s 40% off for both monthly and annual plans.

Unfortunately, there is no free trial for a premium plan, and there’s no money-back guarantee either.


  • Easy To Use
  • Web-Based
  • Supports Extensions


  • No Advanced Rewriting Features
  • No Free Premium Trial
  • No Money-Back Guarantee

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Bottom Line:

Wordtune enabled opportunities to quickly rewrite sentences, words, or phrases as you go. This light rewriting tool is great for rewriting small bits of text while you are working on your favorite platforms, like Gmail, Google Docs, Facebook and etc. 

But apart from its convenient extensions, translator, and different rewriting styles, this tool has nothing much to offer. It won’t allow you to automatically rewrite articles, and you will have to manually rewrite them sentence by sentence.

Wordtune also lacks some essential features that other content rewriters have, those can be – bulk rewriting, Copyscape integration, word protection, and so on. Considering the capabilities of Wordtune, the pricing could also be lower, as there are other rewriting tools that offer more features with better pricing.

But if you are looking for a super easy-to-use rewriting tool, and you are not willing to automatically rewrite larger bits of text, this tool may work well for you. Otherwise, there are better alternatives with more features and more affordable pricing.

Wordtune Alternative:

spin rewriter

Spin Rewriter stands as one of the most-loved rewriting tools on the web. It is a user-friendly, simple yet very advanced rewriting tool that can generate unique and natural-looking text in seconds.

This software is more suitable for rewriting articles rather than individual lines of text, and it can do it all automatically within a single mouse click. It uses advanced ENL Semantic Spinning technology that analyzes and understands not only the meaning of an article but also the relationship between words and phrases.

By that, Spin Rewriter is capable to generate very unique, human-quality results. Similar to Wordtune, Spin Rewriter can also rewrite individual sentences, words, or phrases, and the Thesaurus suggestions are always accurate. You will also get to see and compare how unique is your rewritten article to the original, as this platform has a Copyscape integration.

Apart from that, Spin Rewriter offers an impressive set of features, such as:

  • Easy to use interface
  • Manual & automatic rewrite
  • Unlimited and fast bulk rewriting
  • Article, image & video fetching
  • The multilevel spinning
  • 5 Rewriting Spintax Styles
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Keyword protection
  • Automatic paragraph creation
  • List reordering
  • Many API integrations (including WP)
  • Blog submissions
  • Amazing customer support
  • Lifetime membership
  • Free 5-day trial
  • Mobile Version
  • And more…

The only disadvantage is that Spin Rewriter doesn’t support extensions, and you will only be able to rewrite on their website. Other than that, this tool can do wonders for your content.


spin rewriter pricing

Compared to Wordtune, Spin Rewriter offers better pricing if you choose a yearly plan. It has a lifetime membership, which can also save you money if you are planning to use such tools for a long time.

Here’re the pricing options:

  • Monthly – $47/month
  • Yearly – $77/year (60% off)
  • Lifetime – $497 

Apart from that, Spin Rewriter has a free 5-day trial, as well as 30-day-money back guarantee.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for free

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