6 Ultimate Wordtune Alternatives & Similar Apps 2022 (Free & Paid)

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wordtune alternative

Are you tired of using Wordtune and looking for its best alternative? If so, you came to the right place because here we will cover the top 6 apps and websites like Wordtune that not only offer higher quality rewriting but more features and better pricing too.

Overview Of The Best Wordtune Alternatives:

Alternative:Rating:Pricing:Free Trial:
Spin Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.9/5 From $6.40/month5 Days
Word AI⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.6/5From $27/month3 Days
The Best Spinner⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ 4.5/5From $67/yearNo Free Trial
Quilllbot⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.9/5From $7.95/monthFree Plan
Chimp Rewriter⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.8/5From $15/month14 Days
Content Professor⭐⭐⭐⭐ 3.6/5From $9.99/monthFree Plan

But before jumping into the detailed list of free and premium Wordtune alternate solutions, let’s discuss what Wordtune is, and why you should look for its alternatives.

What is Wordtune?

Wordtune is a popular rewriting tool, which is capable of paraphrasing, shortening, and expanding written content without changing its meaning.

Besides that, Wordtune can change the tone of your text into casual or formal, as well as translate your content into several languages including, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Russian, and others.

Wordtune was founded in 2018 by AI21 Labs which specializes in AI tools and language models. The reason why many students, scholars, bloggers, and even professional writers rely on this tool, is that it is very easy to use, and it perfectly works like a write-as-you-go solution.

You can not only rewrite your content inside Wordtune’s editor but also on other popular websites where you commonly write. It’s because Wordtune offers extensions and add-ons that allow you to rewrite content straight from the websites like Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Outlook Web, Slack, etc. 

However, after all, Wordtune still isn’t a perfect rewriting tool. It gets more and more users looking for its alternative, and here are the main reasons why.

Why You Should Look For Wordtune Alternatives?

  • Often paraphrased content from Wordtune may lack quality and require manual edits and corrections.
  • Wordtune is not suitable for rewriting articles or even paragraphs. Once you paste your text to the editor, Wordtune will split it into separate sentences so you will only be able to rewrite them individually.
  • While Wordtune has a free version, it only allows you to paraphrase up to 20 times a day, only in the original style. If you want to rewrite more content, you will either have to wait for the next day or upgrade to premium.
  • Wordtune is not designed for SEO writing and it is not capable of turning your content into unique. For that, it does not have features like protected words, Copyscape integration, LSI keyword management, and others.
  • Wordtune lacks some other features that are common for advanced rewriting and paraphrasing tools. Those can be – bulk rewriting, nested spinning, synonym frequency option, API integrations, list reordering, side-by-side comparison, multimedia and article fetching, etc.
  • Considering the small number of features offered by Wordtune, we can assume that it is an expensive rewriting tool costing $24.99 for a month and $119.88 for a year.

The list goes on and on of reasons that would make you look for Wordtune alternatives, but the biggest factors that make users switch to similar rewriting tools are the lack of features and high pricing. Here we will discuss rewriting tools that not only offer more features but better pricing too.

In fact, some of the tools listed here offer forever-free plans, so you can start using them without paying a penny. So, without further ado, let’s jump to the best Wordtune alternatives of 2022:

1. Spin Rewriter

spin rewriter

When it comes to the best article rewriting tools, Spin Rewriter is at the top of the list. This web-based software has everything you need for efficient article rewriting and paraphrasing. Compared to Wordtune, Spin Rewriter is a heavyweight alternative that offers plenty of more rewriting features, as well as better pricing too.

Unlike Wordtune, Spin Rewriter is designed to generate SEO-friendly, fully unique content that makes good sense for a reader. With this software, you can not only rewrite individual words, or sentences, but paragraphs and long articles too.

The software uses a combination of AI and ENL Semantic Spinning Technology to analyze the context of your article first, and then to automatically rewrite it in a way that requires little to no manual corrections. After Spin Rewriter automatically rewrites your content, you will also have an option to trigger the spintax manually by choosing from the best-suggested synonyms for certain words or phrases.

Apart from that, Spin Rewriter also packs all necessary features that are common for an advanced article spinner. These include – bulk rewriting, keyword protection, synonym frequency option, Copyscape integration, uniqueness indicator, unlimited nested spinning, multimedia integration, article fetching, mobile version, and plenty of others.

You can watch this demo video to see exactly how this software works to efficiently rewrite content. Other than that, here’s the list of the top features, that make Spin Rewriter a better option.

Features that make Spin Rewriter a better option than Wordtune:

Spin Rewriter uses Artificial Intelligence along with other advanced technologies to analyze not only the meaning of your article, but also the relationships between words and phrases. By that, software is capable of producing highly intelligent level of content, which makes sense to the reader.


Spin Rewriter enables both automatic and manual rewriting. In case you are not happy with automatically rewritten text, you can manually select words and phrases and the Spin Rewriter will generate highly relevant synonyms for them.


Unlike Wordtune, which only provides sentence spin, Spin Rewriter can spin individual and multiple articles at a time. You can bulk rewrite up to 10 articles at once. Additionally Spin Rewriter can generate up to 1000 unique article variations from a single article.


In case you are writing for SEO, Spin Rewriter allows you to protect certain keywords from rewriting as well as to enrich your content with LSI keywords. What is more, you can make sure that your rewritten content is unique and plagiarism-free from inside the platform as Spin Rewriter has a Copyscape intergration.


Unlike Wordtune and many other rewriting tools, Spin Rewriter is intelligent enough to write on its own. It will analyze the existing text and will add new relevant content by itself. Additionally, Spin Rewriter offers the summarizing feature.


Spin Rewriter allows you to easily fetch relevant YouTube videos, or copyright-free images to your spun content from inside the platform. Also, there’s a huge seed article database in place that you can freely use for rewriting,


Once you finish rewriting your content, you can conveniently compare your original and spun articles side-by-side. In addition, you can post your articles to your WordPress blog right away from Spin Rewriter.


After all mentioned features and capabilities, Spin Rewriter remains an easy to use tool that even a complete beginner can use right away. And in case you would still find yourself struggling, Spin Rewriter packs plenty of tutorials and guides.


Considering all that this web-based tool has to offer, we can definitely call Spin Rewriter an affordable solution. However, Spin Rewriter will only come cheaper than Wordtune if you choose the yearly plan.

While Wordtune charges $119.88 for a year, Spin Rewriter’s year plan costs only $77. Other than that, there’s also a monthly membership plan as well as the lifetime membership option, which allows you to save even more in the long run.

Here are all three subscription options:

  • Monthly – $47 a month
  • Yearly – $77 a year (60% off)
  • Lifetime – $497 one time fee

Before subscribing to any of the plans, you can sign up for a 5-day free trial and try Spin Rewriter at no cost. And in case you subscribe and it turns out that Spin Rewriter is not for you, you can easily claim your money back as it offers a 30-day-money-back guarantee,

spin rewriter pricing

Try Spin Rewriter For Free – Click Here

2. WordAi


WordAi is another great rewriting tool that can be a perfect alternative to Wordtune. The reason why WordAi is loved by many users is that it offers an impeccable rewriting quality. Unlike Wordtune and other mentioned tools, WordAi is only capable of rewriting your content automatically, and you won’t be able to alter the spintax manually. However, most of the time rewritten content looks as it was written by a human and does not require any manual corrections.

Compared to Wordtune, which only rewrites sentences and words within them, WordAi is designed to rewrite long articles. In fact, it can generate up to 1000 unique article variations from the original and all – in a matter of seconds.

WordAi uses Artificial Intelligence and Advanced Machine Learning Models to efficiently:

  • Complete sentence restructuring
  • Enrich text
  • Describe the same ideas differently
  • Improve quality
  • Improve clarity
  • Split sentences

Other than that WordAi packs all necessary features for efficient article rewriting, and those include – high-speed processing, bulk rewriting, Copyscape integration, word protection, custom synonyms, API integration, side-by-side comparison, Spintax view, and many more.

Features that make WordAi a better option than Wordtune:

After numerously testing both platforms we found out that WordAi produces higher-quality rewriting results than Wordtune. The automatically rewritten articles by WordAi require little to no manual corrections at all.


Unlike Wordtune that can process only one sentence at a time, WordAi can rewrite sentences, paragraphs, or whole articles in one go. What is more, with WordAi you can rewrite multiple articles at a time as well as generate hundreds of unique article variations from the original.


When it comes to user experience, WordAi is at the top of the list. Its neat interface, high-speed rewriting, and ease of use provides the best user experience among all tools.


Before rewriting your content on WordAi, you will get to choose from 3 quality options – More Conservative, Regular, and More Adventurous. Those will help you find the right balance between content uniqueness and readability.


In case you are writing for SEO, WordAi can enrich your content by adding relevant LSI keywords. Additionally, WordAi allows you to protect certain keywords from rewriting as well as to set custom synonyms that you’d like the software to use every time for rewriting.


WordAi supports API integrations and it can be used with other popular SEO tools, such as The WP Robot, Kontent Machine, WP RSS Aggregator, Ubot Studio, Licorne AIO, GSA Ser Ranker, Article Forge, and others.


Once you finish rewriting your articles you can conveniently compare the original and new ones side-by-side. In addition, you can check how unique is your new article from inside the platform by using the Copyscape API.


Similar to Wordtune, WordAi can split the entire article into separate sentences, so you can rewrite them individually. Also, there are grammar and spell checking tools in place.


WordAi is the only alternative in our list that is more expensive than Wordtune. However, its great user experience, super-fast processing, and outstanding quality rewriting make every penny worth it. WordAi has two main subscription plans and they both offer the same features.

Here are both pricing plans:

  • Monthly: $57/month
  • Annual: $27/month (billed yearly)

Apart from these, there is also an Enterprise plan for teams, which provides higher volume usage, increased throughput, multiple user accounts, and a few other advanced features.

But before subscribing to any of the plans, you can try WordAi at no cost by signing up for a 3-day trial. Besides that, there’s also a 30-day-money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

wordai pricing

Try WordAi For Free – Click Here

3. The Best Spinner 4

the best spinner

As the name suggests, The Best Spinner is really the best spinning tool that can accurately rewrite not only words or phrases, but paragraphs and articles too. The reason why over 92,000 users rely on this software is that it offers the largest synonym thesaurus with tens of thousands of users working in the system.

In comparison to Wordtune, The Best Spinner is a very different rewriting tool, which only allows you to paraphrase inside its editor. However, this software offers more rewriting functions as well as better pricing.

The Best Spinner is a constantly evolving tool, which is currently in the 4th developed version. Due to the latest upgrade, The Best Spinner finally became an online-based software that you no longer need to download and install. Furthermore, it has introduced some new features like seed article database, intuitive visual editor, the translator for 14 languages, as well as the text-to-audio generator.

Apart from new changes, The Best Spinner already packs everything that you need to achieve amazing rewriting results. From automatic and manual rewriting to bulk and nested spinning, this tool has enough features to be loved by many students, bloggers, writers, and SEO professionals.

Features that make The Best Spinner a better option than Wordtune:

The Best Spinner uses Artificial Intelligence to understand and rewrite your content in a way that makes sense to the reader. In addition, it has a massive English cloud-thesaurus with hundreds of millions of entries added by real users. Therefore the software is able to pick highly relevant synonyms to replace your content with.


Unlike Wordtune, The Best Spinner enables both automatic and manual rewriting. In addition, it allows you to rewrite up to 100 articles at a time.


The Best Spinner enables unlimited nested spinning. This feature allows you to spin already rewritten content as many times as you need, so you can generate more unique versions from it. This is another function that Wordune lacks.


Similar to Wordtune, The Best Spinner offers a translator feature, which allows you to translate your content into 14 languages, including – English, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh.


You can also convert your rewritten content to an audio file. The Best Spinner supports 15 high-quality voiceovers consisting of American, British, Australian, Indian, Welsh male, or female voices.


For SEO writing, The Best Spinner allows you to protect certain keywords from rewriting, as well as to check content uniqueness via Copyscape API.


In case you don’t have content to rewrite, The Best Spinner has recently introduced a database of over 132,000 Private Label Rights articles that you can freely use for rewriting.


Once you finish rewriting your articles, you can publish them directly to your WordPress sites as this software offers a blog submission feature.

After all listed features, The Best Spinner still comes more affordable than Wordtune, if you choose its basic plan.


The Best Spinner offers 3 pricing options, and all of them are yearly plans. The only difference between plans is the number of credits that you can use for translation and audio generation.

If you are not interested in translating your content to other languages, as well as in converting it into audio, then the basic plan can work well for you.

Other than that, here are all 3 pricing options:

  • Basic: $67 a year – 30 credits for audio conversion & translation
  • Standard: $127 a year – 60 credits audio conversion & translation
  • Pro: $297 a year – 300 credits for audio conversion & translation

Not to forget, by subscribing to any of the plans, you will receive 2 handy bonuses:

BONUS #1: $1,500 in Super Spun Articles – a massive nested article package that is capable of producing hundreds of thousands of unique articles.
BONUS #2: 1.7 GIGABYTES Of High-Quality Reusable Images – 1000 high-quality images in different sizes that you can use as your own.

In terms of a free trial, unfortunately, The Best Spinner does not offer that, and you will only get to try the software after the purchase. However, these guys have a 30-day-money-back guarantee so you can easily claim your money back in case you don’t like this tool.

Try The Best Spinner  – Click Here

4. Quillbot


If you are looking for a tool that is similar to Wordtune but offers more rewriting features and capabilities then Quillbot can be a great option. Quillbot is a popular all-in-one writing solution that is mostly famous for its paraphrasing tool. On top of that, it offers other handy writing tools, such as a grammar checker, summarizer, and citation generator.

Generally speaking, Quillbot can be a great Wordtune alternative only if you are on the budget and not writing for SEO purposes because this platform does not guarantee unique and plagiarism-free content.

The reason why many students, bloggers, and writers rely on Quillbot is that it offers a lot of value for free, and you can start using this tool even without registering. Similar to Wordtune, Quillbot’s paraphrasing tool allows you to rewrite content in several tones and styles, and you also have the opportunity to paraphrase content on other platforms as Quillbot supports the extensions.

What is more, you can rewrite on Quillbot not only individual words, or sentences, but articles too, and you can do it either manually or automatically. Before paraphrasing your content, you can also set certain words to be protected from rewriting as well as adjust the number of words you want to replace with synonyms.

Features that make Quillbot a better option than Wordtune:

As being said, you can either let Quillbot paraphrase your content automatically, or you can pick the best-suggested alternatives for words, phrases, or sentences manually.


Unlike Wordtune that splits articles into sentences before rewriting them, Quillbot can rewrite whole articles in one go.


Just like Wordtune, Quillbot allows you to rewrite on different modes, and that includes – Standard, Fluency, Creative, Formal, Shorten, and Expand. Though only the first two modes are available for free users.


While Quillbot is not fully designed for SEO, it offers a word protection feature labeled as “Freeze Words”. This allows you to protect certain keywords, titles, quotes, or URLs from rewriting.


There’s also a synonym tool allowing you to set the number of words you want to replace with synonyms. This will help you find the right balance between content uniqueness and readability.


In addition, Quillbot packs a feature called Compare Modes, which allows you to conveniently compare individual sentences paraphrased in different Quillbot modes.


Just like Wordtune, Quillbot allows you to paraphrase content on other apps, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Word, or Google Docs as it offers extensions to these platforms.


While Wordtune only allows you to rewrite up to 20 times a day for free, Quillbot does not have such limitations, and you can rewrite as many times as you want for free.


As being said Quillbot offers a forever-free plan, however, it will be limited in features and capabilities. The free plan will limit the character count for paraphrasing, as well as the number of modes that you can paraphrase on.

On top of that, there are more differences between free and premium plans, and you can see them all in the comparison below:

Free Plan:

  • 5000 Summarizer character limit
  • 700 Paraphraser character limit
  • 2 Sentences processed at once
  • 3 Synonyms options
  • 2 Writing modes
  • 1 Freeze Word or phrase
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions

Premium Plan:

  • 25000 Summarizer character limit
  • 10000 Paraphraser character limit
  • 15 Sentences processed at once
  • 4 Synonyms options
  • 6 Writing modes
  • Unlimited Freeze Words and phrases
  • Google Chrome & Doc Extensions
  • Compare Modes (only on Desktop)
  • See longest unchanged words

As you can see, the difference between plans not only impacts the Quilbot’s paraphrase but a summarizer too. So, if you want to experience quillbot in full you can upgrade to one of the premium plans that are more affordable than Wordtune’s.

Here are all Premium pricing options:

  • Monthly: $7.95/month (billed monthly)
  • Semi-Annual: $4.99/month (billed every 6 months)
  • Annual: $3.33/month (billed every year)

In case you subscribe to any of the premium plans, and it turns out that you don’t like it, there’s a short 3-day money-back guarantee in place.

quillbot pricing

Try Quillbot For Free – Click Here

5. Chimp Rewriter

chimp rewriter

Chimp Rewriter is the most advanced Wordtune alternative, that provides unlimited rewriting and paraphrasing capabilities. Unlike, Wordtune and other mentioned tools in this article, Chimp Rewriter comes as downloadable software that you will have to install on your computer. The reason why Chimp Rewriter remains downloadable is that this tool is too advanced to be used on the web.

Chimp Rewriter uses Artificial Intelligence, Natural Language Processing, and Smart-Crossing to rewrite your content in a unique and human-like manner. Unlike Wordtune which is designed to paraphrase a few lines of text from time to time, Chimp Rewriter stands as a superior alternative allowing you to generate thousands of unique articles.

When it comes to features and customizations, this tool has everything you need to achieve impeccable spinning results. Here’s a sneak peek of the features offered by Chimp Rewriter: bulk rewriting, grammar checker, SEO customization & analysis, thesaurus customization, anchor text spinning, list reordering, sentence/paragraph building, custom synonyms, and more…

Must also mention that Chimp Rewriter has a learning curve and it may not be easy to use at the first time. For this reason, this tool offers a longer trial, as well as an extended money-back guarantee.

Features that make Chimp Rewriter a better option than Wordtune:

Unlike Wordtune and other mentioned tools, Chimp Rewriter is downloadable software, which does not require an internet connection.


While Wordtune only supports manual rewriting function, Chimp Rewriter enables all possible rewriting methods, including automatic, manual, and bulk rewriting.


For those who are taking article rewriting seriously, Chimp Rewriter offers super-advanced functions that can help achieve ultimate uniqueness and quality. Those include – tip article creation, N-spin (creates huge permutations from word groups), anchor text spin, random ordering & anchoring, bulk directory rewrites, list reordering, and more.


Just like Wordtune, Chimp Rewriter is a multilingual rewriting tool and you can rewrite articles in 12 languages, including – English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, and Swedish.


Chimp Rewriter allows you to enrich your content by automatically adding copyright-free images or relevant videos to it straight from the platform. In addition, you can fetch the articles for rewriting too.


Before spinning your articles on Chimp Rewriter, you will get to select from the options that compromise the uniqueness and readability of content. The options include – synonym and phrase replacement quality, sentence/paragraph reordering, word replacement frequency, and others.


In terms of SEO writing, Chimp Rewriter has all features allowing you to generate fully unique and keyword-optimized articles. Those include – keyword protection, LSI customization & analysis, Copyscape API, and other features.


Chimp Rewriter supports API integrations. That means you can integrate and use Chimp Rewriter with the other popular SEO tools, such as – WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Ghost, SEO Web System, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Kontent System, and others.


Despite the fact that Chimp Rewriter offers much more than Wordtune, it comes more affordable alternative if you choose the yearly plan.


Similar to Wordtune, Chimp Rewriter offers two pricing plans – monthly and yearly, and both plans share the same features.

Here’s the comparison of pricing plans:

  • Monthly – $15/mo
  • Yearly – $99/yr

By subscribing to any of the plans, you will also be entitled to 3 bonuses:

  • BONUS 1: A second license: you will also get a second license to use on another computer. In total, Chimp Rewriter can be installed on two computers.
  • BONUS 2: Massive PLR article pack: a huge package of Private Label Rights articles that you can use for rewriting, or any other purposes.
  • BONUS 3: “Definitive Guide to Article Spinning and Rewriting”: a general tutorial on how to successfully rewrite articles and rank them on your website.

But before subscribing and paying a single pence, you can sign up for a free 14-day trial, which will give you enough time to get familiar with the software. In addition, there is also an extended 60-day money-back guarantee in place.

chimp rewriter pricing

Try Chimp Rewriter For Free  – Click Here

6. Content Professor

content professor

Content Professor is probably the most efficient free alternative to Wordtune on our list. While this tool has a premium version, you can take good advantage of its free rewriting and paraphrasing capabilities.

From first sight, Content Professor looks like an outdated and featureless tool, but it actually uses AI and Natural language Processing in the rewriting process, and the content generated from this platform is indistinguishable from human writing. Apart from the human-quality output, Content Professor is capable of producing fully unique content that passes Copyscape.

Furthermore, this easy-to-use online tool packs all essential article rewriting functions, such as automatic and manual rewriting, bulk rewriting, unlimited nested spinning, multi-languages, API integrations, and more. The only disadvantage of this tool can the user experience, especially if you are looking for a modern and up-to-date article rewriter.

Features that make Content Professor a better option than Wordtune

Content Professor packs a unique feature called the Synonym “Quality” Algorithm. This algorithm ranks synonyms based on how often they are used by the members. By that, Content Professor ensures that only relevant synonyms are being picked to replace your content.


Content Professor enables multi-level spinning that allows you to rewrite not only individual words or phrases, but also sentences, paragraphs, and long articles.


Unlike Wordtune, which is capable of generating only a few versions of a sentence, Content Professor can create hundreds or thousands of unique variations of your content.


Content Professor works great for SEO writing as it packs plenty of SEO-related features. Those include – word protection, keyword density analysis, uniqueness comparison matrix, token (keyword) replacement, Copyscape & Penguin integrations, etc.


Just like Wordtune, Content Professor can rewrite in several languages. It offers a multilingual cloud thesaurus consisting of English, Spanish, French, and German languages.


Although Content Professor offers a lot more features than Wordtune, it also keeps its pricing more affordable for all subscription plans.


To ensure the best quality output, Content Professor offers some writing features, like – grammar & spell checker, readability analysis, displayed word count, and more.


Content Professor allows you to create your own personal synonym database from scratch as well as to set custom synonyms for specific words that you’d want the software to use every time.


In case you don’t have articles for rewriting, Content Professor packs a massive PLR content library with over 100,000 articles that you can freely rewrite.


You can incorporate ContentProfessor into other widely used SEO and content marketing tools via API. A few of them include – WordPress, Free Traffic System, SEnuke, Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network, etc.


Apart from what is mentioned, Content Professor offers a ton of other article rewriting features and capabilities, such as – project manager; synonym request feature; export to different spin formats; auto URL linking; article filter; quick article rewrite mode; font-size changer, mass export and plenty of more.


As we covered before Content Professor has a forever free plan, which will provide you with basic rewriting features and capabilities. There’s also an affordable premium plan that allows you to experience the software in full, and you can subscribe either for a monthly or quarterly plan. Whichever option you will choose to go for, Content Professor will definitely come cheaper than Wordtune.

The differences between free and paid plans impact several factors, such as – synonym quality control options, download waiting time, monthly spin credits, content word count, nested spin levels, and some other features.

Other than that, here are the two pricing plans:

  • Quarterly: $9.99/month
  • Monthly: $19.95/month

In terms of the free trial, you can sign up for a free account to experience a free version of the software. And in case you subscribe and you change your mind, Content Professor offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

content professor pricing

Try Content Professor For Free  – Click Here

Bottom Line:

While for some Wordtune may seem like a great rewriting and paraphrasing tool, it lacks a lot of functions, and often paraphrased content may need manual corrections. What is more, Wordtune is one of the most expensive tools on the market, especially if we consider a small number of features offered by this platform.

For this reason, we have listed the 6 best free and paid alternatives that may serve you better than Wordtune, and we hope that you have found the right one for yourself. Our top pick in this list is Spin Rewriter, which offers the best ratio of price and value. Spin Rewriter uses advanced technologies to generate the highest quality unique content that most of the time requires no corrections at all.

Other than that, all mentioned rewriting tools in this article can be great alternatives to Wordtune, and you can try them at no cost by signing up to free trials.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How good is Wordtune?
Wordtune is good enough to paraphrase individual sentences or words and phrases within them without changing their meaning. It allows you to paraphrase the content in 5 different styles and tones, as well as to translate it into several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German, Russian, Hindi, Chinese, Hebrew, and Arabic. Besides that, Wordtune supports the extensions and you can use it on websites like Google Docs, Gmail, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

What is similar to Wordtune?
The most similar rewriting and paraphrasing tool to Wordtune is Quillbot. It allows you to paraphrase your text in different tones and styles, and you can also use Quillbot outside its editor as it supports the extensions. The great thing about Quillbot is that you can start using it for free, and you don’t even need to register for that. However, Quillbot does not guarantee unique content and it lacks some SEO-related features.

How can I use Wordtune for free?
To use Wordtune for free, simply go to its editor or add its extension to the Chrome browser. However, Wordtune’s free plan only allows you to paraphrase up to 20 times a day, and you can only do it in the original style.

How much does Wordtune cost?
Wordtune offers a forever-free plan as well as premium plans for individuals and teams. While you have to reach out to Wordtune to get pricing for teams, the premium individual plan costs $24.99 a month, or $119.88 a year.

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