Why Paraphraser Can Be Better Than Quillbot for Rephrasing Essays?

Paraphraser.io and Quillbot.com are renowned for being useful rewording tools available online. The first is seen as the go-to solution for many authors while the second is favored as a convenient tool for writers.

If you are looking to rephrase essays, both tools are useful for doing this job. But a Paraphraser can be more suitable than a Quillbot. You may think why?

In this article, our focus will be on explaining the reasons why a Paraphraser can be better than a Quillbot. Prior to discussing the reasons we’ll cover a brief overview of the former tool.

Paraphraser – A Brief Overview

Paraphraser is an AI-based paraphrasing tool that uses advanced technology to rephrase;

  • Sentences
  • Paragraphs
  • Essays

In the following demonstration, we’ve shown the primary dashboard of this paraphrase tool.

You can use Paraphraser for various purposes like;

  • Make plagiarised content unique.
  • Revamp or improve the content tone.
  • Boost/improve the content’s flow, readability, and integrity.
  • Save time in bulk content creation.

The above-mentioned are just some of the main benefits of this rephrasing tool since writers can use it to make their titles and headings engaging. Let’s move on to reasons for its preference over Quillbot.

Reasons: Why Paraphraser.io can be Better than Quillbot for Rephrasing Essays

Let’s cover the 3 main reasons why Praphraser.io can be better than Quillbot for rewriting essays:

1. It Provides Three Modes in a Free Version

Sometimes while rephrasing your essays you have to change their tones. For this purpose paraphrasing tool by Paraphraser provided multiple modes.

To rephrase essays in the free version of Quillbot, we are limited to using only “Two Modes that are “Fluency and Standard”.

On the other hand, the free version of Paraphraser.io gives access to one additional mode i.e. “Word Changer”. Let’s explain how these modes can help you in rephrasing essays.

  • Fluency

This is by default mode of Paraphraser that will rephrase essays while keeping them sound genuine. In the fluency mode, minimum changes are made. 

For a better explanation, let’s go practical with this mode. We inputted some text from this article into the paraphrase tool by Paraphraser.io and ran it after setting the fluency mode. 

The output we got, can be seen in the below picture;

  • Standard

This mode makes your essay rephrased in a direct tone. Moreover, if you want to make your essays sound natural, this mode is the best option. 

Let’s go practical with this mode; we ran our text in the tool after setting it to standard mode. You can see the output in the picture below;

  • Word Changer Mode

This mode is useful for rewording your essays to make them engaging and simple to read. In this mode, the tool will replace the original words with their synonyms (that are easy to read) thus boosting the readability of your essays.

This mode is not provided in the free version of Quillbot but Paraphraser.io provides. Let’s go practical;

In a nutshell, the free version of Paraphraser.io provides an additional mode than Quillbot’s. This is one of the reasons to consider Paraphraser.io over the Quillbot. Let’s move on to the second reason.

3. Integration of other Tools

Paraphraser.io is not only handy for paraphrasing but also provides a whole package for writers. This is because it has some integrated tools that are useful for various objectives. Let’s discuss how;

  • Grammar Checker: It is for checking grammar errors. Thus, it will ensure your essay’s integrity.
  • Plagiarism Checker: It functions to find plagiarised content. It will ensure that your rephrased essay is unique.
  • Summarizer: This tool can be used for creating summaries (that is condensing longer sentences). You can summarize any part of the rephrased essay.

This integration of other tools makes it a complete package. So, while rephrasing your essays you can access these tools with just a single click. Let’s see them in the bellowed image;

On the other hand, Quillbot doesn’t have integration with other tools. So, to check for plagiarism, grammar errors, etc. You will have to leave the site.

3. More Word Count

Sometimes you have to rephrase longer essays (i.e. having hundreds of words). In this scenario, you need a tool that has a large word count so that you can rephrase a maximum of words at a time. Let’s discuss how Paraphraser wins this race from Quillbot.

The free version of Quillbot can rephrase only 125 words at a time. You can see this in the below image;

So, for those people who are unable to purchase the premium version, it will become a difficult task to rephrase long-form essays with this small word count limit.

On the contrary, the free version of Paraphraser.io provides an option to paraphrase up to 600 words at a time, making it easier to paraphrase long-form essays. Have a look at the following image;

4. Android App

To rephrase your essay on mobile Paraphraser.io has an Android app that can be easily accessible/downloadable on the “PlayStore’. So, whenever you are required to paraphrase an essay, you can use the downloaded app.

However, Quillbot has not yet developed an Android app. It means you will always have to run it on the search engines (directly from their website). 

Comparison Table of Paraphraser and Quillbot

Let’s make a direct comparison between the tools and see how Paraphraser is superior to Quillbot.

Key Features Paraphraser Quillbot 
Availability Available in both free and paid versions Available in both free and paid versions
Word count limit for free users 600 words count for free users.  125 words count for free users. 
Modes in Free Version Three Mode:

  1. Fluency
  2. Standard
  3.  Word Changer 
Two Modes:

  1. Fluency
  2. Standard
Integration of Other Tools Three tools are integrated;

  1. Grammar checker
  2. Check Plagiarism
  3. Summarizer
No Tools are Integrated
Android App Available Not Available 


Paraphraser.io and Quillbot are both well-known great online rephrasing tools. That’s in order to rephrase essays people may get confused about which one to choose. Simply, the tool that makes it easier to fulfill all of your requirements regarding rephrasing, will better choice.

We elaborated that Paraphraser.io can be better than Quillbot in some ways. To support our claims we mentioned different reasons. Moreover, to help you understand better we created a direct comparison table.