Who Is Neil Patel? – The Story Of Success

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Neil Patel is a successful digital marketer with many successful blogs and products. Today he grows his businesses and gives useful tips on digital marketing online.  He worked with the top entrepreneurs and many big brands including Google, NBC, General Motors, eBay and many more.

Most people who are interested in any kind of subject of digital marketing already know his name. You may have visited his personal blog, or any of his other websites, YouTube channel, or social media profiles.

From all the experience and many personal achievements that took long years and efforts to complete, this person has a lot of knowledge to share with you.

Shortly About Neil Patel:

Neil Patel is a prolific blogger with many personal achievements and business successes in the online world. Most bloggers and digital marketers already know him, and many of them try to apply his digital marketing methods to their own businesses.

The good news is that he gives a lot of information for free. With a simple search in articles and videos, you can get many ideas and tips on anything relevant to digital marketing.

However, if you are interested in hiring him, you must be prepared to spend thousands of dollars on his quality services. For most people, this is not an affordable option.

Neil started from zero when he was 15 years old, and became multi-millionaire in his thirties. He shows the unlimited and untapped opportunities of digital marketing for those who are willing to take action.

Here are some successful and unsuccessful projects founded and co-founded by Neil Patel:

  • Advice Monkey – Jobs board (no more exists)
  • Pronnet Advertising – Blog About SEO (no more exists)
  • Crazy Egg  – Digital Marketing Software
  • Quick Sprout – Blog About Digital Marketing
  • Neil Patel – His Personal Blog
  • NP Digital – Digital Marketing Agency
  • UbberSuggest – Digital Marketing & SEO Tool

How Did Neil Patel Start?

Ever since Neil Patel was 15 years old he dreamt about earning some money and improving his lifestyle. Like most successful digital marketers, he didn’t have a completed plan in the beginning and there weren’t even many internet marketing strategies available by that time.

Neil Patel was just a simple and humble guy from a middle-class family who wanted to make money like most people out there.

He also found “real” jobs, like cleaner or working at the amusement park before he started his digital marketing ventures.

So, digital marketing was not his first option. Before that, he also tried to sell different things like burned CDs, black boxes, and vacuum cleaners from door to door. Eventually, he found all these business ideas were not profitable enough, so he kept searching for better opportunities.

His first idea for creating a company was after finding a job through Monster Jobs. He was inspired by its business strategy, which was making hundreds of millions of dollars. It’s easy to understand how inspiring this amount sounds for a young boy who works long hours for his money.

Monster Jobs was the biggest inspiration for his first website that he built when he was 16 years old.  It was called the Advice Monkey, and it was a job board for people finding different kinds of jobs online.

Unfortunately, his first website did not take off as expected, but Neil didn’t give up…

By that time Neil Patel knew nothing to little about digital marketing, so he hired a firm to take care of different marketing tasks. The results were not good, and the firm provided very little value for his money. Then, he hired another two firms, but nothing has really changed in terms of the website’s marketing performance.

Today, we know that these results were a good thing for him because he had no choice rather than learning about internet marketing by himself. Neil Patel started to effectively learn digital marketing science and executed all the knowledge on his website Advice Monkey.

While being at the same age, Neil managed to make his first website rank for many competitive search phrases on Google and generated over 100,000 visits per month.

According to Neil Patel, this website became popular in the industry but was not successful because it lacked monetization opportunities.

The Next Steps…

how neil patel started

After the first effort in internet marketing, Neil decided to start taking classes in college. In one of his college classes, he had to give three speeches on any topic he wanted. One of these speeches was about search engines.

Luckily, Neil Patel has been recognized and one of the persons that heard Neil’s speech offered him a consulting job. He wanted Neil’s help for getting more clients for the business, and Neil turned this offer into a $5,000 per month job.

After getting some good results in his consulting career, he received more offers from other companies and made even more money. With the earnings, Neil invested in different companies and with his partner created a marketing software called Crazy Egg.

The plan was to develop Crazy Egg and sell it to other investors. At the same time, he was still offering consulting services and he was a full-time student who worked long hours on other projects too.

In the beginning, Neil struggled with Crazy Egg as it was not profitable and could not attract any investors, but he kept selling services and tried to turn this around.

As Crazy Egg was finally growing into success, Neil Patel was thinking to create a blog based on his personal brand and started to write a blog called Quick Sprout.

This blog had a lot of success and in a few years was generating over 500,00 visitors per month. Most of the success came from the quality of content, where some of Neil’s posts were reaching up to 30k words!

Eventually, Neil had to introduce new business partners as he wished to turn Quick Sprout blog into SEO software, and that’s when the website became no longer a personal blog.

Neil wished to have his personal blog on his own name, so he bought an auctioned domain name – NeilPatel.com, and finally started to build his personal brand online. This website reflects his personal brand today, and there you can find some great up-to-date marketing tips.

Success In Digital Marketing Career:

neil patel success in digital marketing

Neil Patel has many achievements and successes. While most digital marketers have a hard time to get traffic and make sales online, Neil has created successful blogs like QuickSprout and NeilPatel.com with millions of visitors per month.

Here are some of his personal achievements:

  • New York Times best-selling author for his book “Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum”
  • Neil hosts a successful podcast with Eric Siu
  • Forbes named Neil Patel as one of the Top 10 Internet Marketers In 2014
  • He was named as one of 100 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by then-President Barrack Obama.
  • His personal blog has over 2.3 million visitors per month

All these achievements and stats sound great, but we need to recognize all the struggles and hard work Neil encounter. Even today, he still publishes a lot of content on his website and is currently working on many other projects. Of course, he has a team that helps him with all the tasks, but he still puts a lot of work.

If you check the consulting page on his blog, you will see some big names and testimonials like Yahoo and NBC. It’s a fact that he has worked with many big companies, and he is one of the top names in the industry.

One of the top marketing tools developed by Neil Patel is Ubbersuggest, which helps with keyword research and other SEO metrics. Today this tool 100% free and offers plenty of useful digital marketing features. Many users find this tool very handy and it is being recommended by the top world’s internet marketers.

What Does Neil Patel Teach On YouTube?

Neil Patel has not only an outstanding personal blog but also a YouTube channel where he shares his digital marketing experience with the world. He has more than 500k subscribers on YouTube, and the blog has millions of visitors per month.

On YouTube, he creates short videos (5-10 minutes long on average) with advice on different topics related to digital marketing. He really shares his best tips, even if he doesn’t go too deep with the topics. However, you can read more of his content on other platforms for more in-depth information.

If you take a closer look at his work, he actually suggests what he does to build his blogs and social media channels. There are suggestions, tips, and guides on blogging, SEO, paid advertising, different ways to get traffic, tools, social media marketing, and more. The videos are beginner-friendly and great for anyone who has an online business or interested in creating one.

One of the highlights is his consistency. He constantly keeps creating new blog posts and videos, and it is not a surprise for those who follow him.

Learning from one of the best digital marketers in the world can only be a good thing. You can get new ideas, tools, and new ways to run your business. He always uses examples, shows results or stats, and explains everything in a simple to understand way. And most importantly – he isn’t pitching any offers like many other marketers do.

What Can We Learn From The Life Of Neil Patel?

neil patel success

Neil was a simple kid who was looking for ways to make money and was willing to put the hard work. He has admitted that he was not looking for ways to make millions, and when he first heard of the profits of Monster Jobs, he imagined how great it would be to make just 1% of that.

The best part is that he always took action and never gave up. Many people have ideas, but most of them don’t have a patience to execute them. Neil Patel is a pure example of a strong willpower and mindset of an entrepreneur.

In his first business, he learned about internet marketing but failed to make it successful. However, he went to college, got the first opportunity, and created a new business on it.

Today Neil Patel doesn’t stop as he still puts the work and creates useful content for his readers. It’s always nice to watch his new videos and read new blogs. He teaches genuinely and motivates his audience to move forward.

If you want to create or grow an online business, you can get all the information you need both on marketing and mindset from Neil Patel.

He has also created a book with the title “Hustle: The Power to Charge Your Life with Money, Meaning, and Momentum So, you know what you need to do to create such success and get these results.

It will not be easy, but you will decide if it’s worth it.

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