Download White Label Ebooks: 9 Best Sources Covered

In the swiftly evolving digital landscape of today, the process of crafting an entirely new ebook can seem intimidating and can consume a significant amount of time.

What if we told you that there’s a shortcut to not just owning a top-notch ebook but also turning it into a revenue stream—without writing a single word?

Enter white-label ebooks: your go-to solution for quality, customizable content that can be rebranded and resold as entirely your own.

Whether you’re looking to supplement your online store, distribute lead magnets, or diversify your content marketing strategy, white-label ebooks offer plenty of possibilities. 

In this article, we are going to cover the 9 best sites to download the highest quality white-label ebooks.

We are also going to explain what exactly those ebooks are, and how you can use them effectively. So keep on reading!

What Are White Label Ebooks?

White-label ebooks are essentially pre-written ebooks that you can buy, rebrand, and resell as your own for 100% profits.

Think of it this way – instead of writing a book from scratch, you’re given one that’s ready to go. All you have to do is put your name on it, perhaps tweak the content a little bit, and here you go – you have an original product ready to sell.

There can be various types of white-label ebooks, ranging from blueprints to self-help books and covering a whole range of topics from making money online and marketing to hobbies and gardening.

White Label Rights vs. Private Label Rights vs. Resell Rights vs. Master Resale Rights ebooks

White Label License and Private Label Rights may sound like two different things, but when it comes to digital products, it’s essentially the same thing.

While each product provider sets their own use terms for its products, typically white label license and private license both allow you to claim your authorship over the product once purchased. This ultimately means that you become an owner of the product without creating it.

However, there are other licensing types that can be confused with the ones we mentioned – Resell Rights and Master Resale Rights.

These licenses are popular in many done-for-you ebook sites, and they come with more restrictive terms of use eliminating the possibility for the products to be modified in any way.

Typically, ebooks with Resell or Master Resale Rights cannot be modified in any way, so, make sure to check each product’s license carefully while browsing through the sources that we are going to mention soon.

What Can You Do With White Label Ebooks?

Since a white-label license allows you to claim your authorship over the purchased ebook, it’s down to your imagination of what you can do with these products.

Here are some ideas:

  • Rebrand, edit the contents, put your logo
  • Resell on your own store or various marketplaces
  • Giveaway as lead magnets or free gifts
  • Package and combine together
  • Repurpose to other forms of content (e.g. articles, videos, courses, and audio)
  • Add to free or paid membership sites
  • & more…

Best Sites To Download White Label Ebooks

Now that we know what white-label ebooks are and how to use them, let’s dive into the best sources where you can get such products:


plr me

When it comes to high-quality white-label ebooks, is at the top of the list.

Featured by Entrepreneur, Toronto Sun, 100 Huntley Street, and other big brands, offers the finest quality done-for-you content, which you can brand as your own.

There you will find over 17,584 resources, including more than 280 ebooks, and every product out there is crafted by industry experts. Whether you’re interested in business, self-improvement, health, or any other topic, has an ebook for that.

Each book is well-designed, perfectly formatted, and rich in content, consisting of around 40-70 pages of information.

Available in formats like PDF, DOCX, and PAGES, these ebooks are easy to customize and can serve as lead magnets, resale items, or coaching materials.

Pricing: operates on a credit system that allows you to save money and have better control over your spending.

Each ebook costs 15 credits, and the pricing for a credit ranges from $0.60 to $2.20 depending on the plan you choose to buy the credits.

To make your purchase easier we have a special coupon link that will allow you to get 10 free credits. On top of that gives 2 free credits a month for just being a member, so you can start shopping on with 12 credits.

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2. PLR Ebook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

PLR Ebook Supplier is a modern PLR shop offering over 800 high-quality white-label ebooks. There you can access ebooks by purchasing them individually or via membership for an affordable price.

The ebooks come with outstanding cover designs and valuable information inside. Their selection spans various niches, from marketing, cryptocurrency, health & fitness, to spirituality, and several more.

These products come with a Private Label license meaning you can resell, redesign, repurpose, or even distribute them as lead magnets. Apart from ebooks this site also offers products, like PLR courses, digital planners, and more.

Furthermore, if you ever dreamt of owning an ebook store, PLR Ebook Supplier provides a store-building service, enabling you to have a store stocked with over 370 ebooks in just under 48 hours.


Each ebook is priced differently on this website, however, you can expect to pay anywhere from $7 to $15 per product.

Alternatively, you can opt-in for a PLR Ebook Supplier’s membership, which comes with the following pricing plans:

  • Silver PLR Member: $27/mo (10 downloads per month)
  • Gold PLR Member: $37/mo (20 downloads per month)
  • Platinum PLR Member: $47/mo (30 downloads per month)

You can get 50% off your first purchase with the code PLRDISCOUNT at the checkout

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big product store

Big Product Store is a high-quality PLR membership site that offers over 10,000 done-for-you products. This website is best for those who need a lot of white-label products for an affordable price.

Currently, the site packs over 6,000 ebooks, covering all essential niches from crafts and travel to business and finance.

While the majority of ebooks come under Private Label Rights, there you will also find items with Eesale Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Personal Use licenses.

Most of the ebooks are up-to-date, packed with valuable information, and nicely crafted, while the admins make sure you have new products to access every day.

Apart from ebooks, Big Product Store offers a variety of other PLR products, including audio, templates, graphics, videos, plugins, and more.


As already covered, Big Product Store is a membership site meaning you can access unlimited amounts of products for as long as you are subscribed.

The website offers 4 membership plans – two of them being monthly plans and the other two lifetime plans.

Here are the subscription options:

  • Monthly: $19.90/mo
  • Monthly Ultimate: $29.90/mo (+access to the exclusive products)
  • OneTime Payment: $98.50/mo
  • OneTime Payment Ultimate: $198.50/mo (+access to the exclusive products)

As you can see the “ultimate” membership gives you access to the exclusive product library. Luckily, ebooks do not come under exclusive products, therefore the cheaper membership option will work just fine for your needs.

Try Big Product Store


4. Content Sparks

content sparks

Content Sparks is a top-notch site for getting the best quality white-label coaching materials.

Although this source is primarily created for white-label courses, it also offers enough white-label ebooks on sales, marketing, business, and self-development topics.

To find brandable ebooks, head over to products and choose the short reports category. There you will find several pages of ebooks that come in packages of various coaching materials, including action guides, cheat sheets, infographics, promotional materials, and more.

Besides the short reports category, you can also find some great ebooks in the “Ebooks And Self-Study Courses” section.

Must admit that although Content Sparks’ ebooks are pricey, they are well-formatted, nicely designed, and cover plenty of pages of valuable information.

Besides ebooks, the website also covers a variety of other done-for-you coaching products, such as complete courses, sales funnels, lead magnets, planners, printables, assessments, quizzes, and more.


As we just mentioned, Content Sparks maintains relatively high prices for its products, however, the quality of brandable materials there is just outstanding.

The pricing for each ebook pack ranges from $37 to $67 on average, and you have a 7-day money-back guarantee in case you are not satisfied with your purchase.

You can get 20% off your entire purchase with the code: WAYTOCHANGES20

Try Content Sparks



PLR Products is a product store packed with thousands of various done-for-you materials, including, PLR templates, articles, software, audio, and of course – ebooks.

While the website does not have a particular section for ebooks, the easiest way to find them is by running a search on the term “ebooks”. By that, you will find over 4,000 ebooks consisting of various licenses.

The collection of books these guys provide is truly versatile, and you can actually find some good products covering a wide range of niches.

However, there are also a lot of outdated books coming with restrictive rights, so it may take some time for you to find the right product.

Other than that, is a reliable source for getting white-label ebooks and other resources.


While each product is priced differently on this site, the majority of ebooks cost $5.99 – $7.99 each.

Try PLR Products


6. Urban PLR

urban plr

Urban PLR is a membership store with a massive collection of 90,000 digital products with resell rights.

Among this impressive set of products, Urban PLR offers 11 value-packed PLR ebook packages, with each consisting of around 50-100 ebooks.

The ebook packs come with Private Label Rights, meaning you can rebrand and resell contents inside them, and they are organized in the following niches:

  • Agriculture EBooks
  • Art And Craft EBooks
  • Business EBooks
  • Dating EBooks
  • Food & Recipes E-Books
  • Pets EBooks
  • Sports EBooks
  • Yoga EBooks
  • Earn From eBay EBooks
  • Fitness EBooks
  • Make Online Money EBooks

The best part is that they are super affordably priced at just $5-$9 each knowing you can expect to get dozens or hundreds of ebooks inside a single package.

Apart from ebooks, Urban PLR also boasts a collection of PLR articles, audio tracks, images, videos, quotes, infographics, planners, and even Chat GPT Prompts.


While the pricing for each ebook pack ranges from $5 to $9, there is an opportunity to get unrestricted access to ALL UrbanPLR’s content via a membership plan.

For that, UrbanPLR offers 3 membership options with unlimited access:

  • Monthly: $79
  • Yearly: $99
  • Lifetime: $149

Try Urban PLR

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7. PLR Database

plr database

PLR Database is a comprehensive, and modern PLR membership site that also has some great white-label ebooks to offer.

The membership packs over 26,715 done-for-you products, with over 12,000 ebooks available in a variety of niches including, tech, relationships, education, money, marketing, and more.

Most of the ebooks you’ll find there come with Private Label Rights, however, there are also plenty of Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights, and Personal Use books. So, before using the products in any way, make sure to carefully check their individual terms of use.

Apart from ebooks, this site also offers a range of other PLR products, including – articles, audio, graphics, scripts, software, and more. The admins add new products every day, so you always have something new to explore.

In case, you cannot afford paid membership, PLR Database also offers a section with over 1500 free products, but most of them come with restrictive licenses that do not let you modify the product in any way.


PLR Database offers 3 affordable membership plans that will let you access the entire content library with no limits.

Here are the plans:

  • Premium: $10 per month
  • Premium+: $25 for 3 months
  • Premium++: $49 for a year

Try PLR Database


IDPLR is a membership site featuring over 6315 ebooks with Private Label and Resale Rights licenses.

Although many of IDPLR’s products are outdated you may still find some decent ebooks that you could rebrand and use as your own.

The ebooks come in various categories, such as business, health, lifestyle, self-help, or tech, and you have the option to preview the products before downloading them.

Besides ebooks, IDPLR has a range of other PLR products, including software, templates, graphics, videos, and music.


IDLR offers 3 membership options allowing you to unrestrictevely access all content for as long as you are subscribed.

Here are the subscription plans:

  • Gold membership (3 months): $39.00 for 3 months
  • Gold membership (1 year): $69.00 for one year
  • Gold lifetime membership: $79.00 one time

Check out IDPLR

9. Today PLR

today plr

Last but not least, Today PLR is another reliable source for downloading white-label books in many niches.

There you can find around 1470 done-for-you ebooks, consisting of various licenses including – Private Label Rights, Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Use.

Not only that, the books also cover plenty of niches, including digital marketing, entrepreneurship, self-development, parenting, cooking, and a lot more.

The ebooks from this site are of average quality, however, the affordable membership still makes them a pretty good deal.

Apart from ebooks, Today PLR also packs plenty of white-label audio, graphics, software, videos, articles, and templates, as well as a section for free PLR products.


Today PLR offers 3 paid membership plans with unlimited access to all of its products:

  • 1 Month Membership: $7.99 for the first month, then $4.99 for each month
  • 1-Year Membership: $49.99 a year
  • Lifetime Membership: $79.99 one-time fee

Check out Today PLR

Final Words:

In summary, white-label ebooks offer an incredible opportunity to monetize content without the grind of creating it from scratch.

The options are endless: rebrand them, resell them, or use them as lead magnets. However, not all sources of white-label ebooks are created equal.

From the premium quality offered by to the affordability of Urban PLR, each site has its own unique advantages. Before diving in, always remember to check licensing options and restrictions.

Whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or just getting started, these platforms are invaluable resources for adding high-quality, versatile products to your digital arsenal.

Happy ebooking!