Buy White Label Courses To Resell – Best Sources Covered [2024]

Wanting to market online classes? You’re in the correct location!

Selling online courses can be a very lucrative venture, but building them from scratch is a daunting task, especially when you’re stepping into areas where your expertise might be limited.

Why spend months crafting a course when you can utilize an existing one and modify it to reflect your personal touch?

In this guide, we’ll introduce you to the 4 premier sites offering quality, ready-made courses that you can customize, rebrand, and sell as if they were your original work.

We’ll also dive into the most effective techniques for marketing and selling your courses. But before we get into that, let’s take a moment to understand the perks of buying and flipping online courses.

3 Main Benefits of Buying and Reselling Online Courses:

According to the data, the global e-learning market is expected to reach $325 billion over the next few years.

This indicates that there’s no better time to start buying and selling online courses than right now. Here are the top 3 reasons why you should do so:

1. You Don’t Have To Create A Course From Scratch:

If you want to deliver a high-quality course to your students, but you don’t want to spend countless days researching, outlining, and creating a course, then you have some options.

You can either purchase a complete white-label course or you can buy separate coaching materials so you can compile it all by yourself.

The sources that we are going to talk about provide the highest quality done-for-you courses and their components for the best deal.

With that said, you can get your course online in as little as one day instead of working on it for weeks, or months.

2. Helps To Gain Brand Recognition:

Our mentioned sources for buying online courses allow you to customize courses to your own brand. That means you are not only able to modify the course contents, but also put your brand’s name and logo on them.

After doing so, you can resell these courses on many online learning marketplaces, like Udemy, LearnWorlds, etc, and that will gain exposure and recognition for your brand.

3. Generates Passive And Recurring Income:

Selling courses and digital products in general is a perfect business model allowing you to create passive income streams.

You only have to create (in our case buy) and upload a course once to potentially generate revenue for the years to come.

You can sell unlimited copies of digital courses without having to deal with manufacturing, shipping, and storing costs that are commonly associated with selling physical products.

As for recurring income, online courses do not necessarily have to be sold individually. You may also sell access to courses on a recurring subscription basis for a certain period of time, or package numerous courses together as a bundle.

Where To Buy White Label Online Courses?

Now that we know a little bit more about online courses, let’s have a look at the best websites where you can buy them for a good deal.

As for now, there are not many services online that provide such types of products, however, we still have a few very good sources to consider.

The first two websites that we are going to mention provide complete done-for-you courses that are ready for resale. And the third one offers brandable coaching materials separately, in case you would like to compile a course by yourself.

So without further ado, let’s get into the list:


plr me is a top-notch PLR site for downloading complete done-for-you courses as well as various coaching resources separately.

All content from is created by the experienced in-house team of native English writers, so you should always expect to receive well-researched and well-written resources.

While the majority of products here belong to confidence, self-improvement, and health topics, there is plenty of content dedicated to weight loss, parenting, business, marketing and many other niches.

The website offers over 17,224 done-for-you coaching resources and among them, you will find 10 comprehensive white-label courses that come with the following titles:

  • Crushing Limiting Beliefs
  • Healing From Emotional Trauma, Breakups, And Betrayal
  • Keep The Fire Burning: How To Build A Loving Relationship That Lasts
  • True Love: How To Find Your Soulmate
  • The Success Brain PLR Course: How To Build A Success Mindset Through SMART Goals And Healthy Habits
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Build Grit, Resilience, And Mental Toughness
  • Lose Weight: Cutting Calories Made Easy – Diet And Nutrition Course
  • Lose Weight: Burning Calories Made Easy
  • Inspiration From Winners
  • Becoming Your Beautiful Authentic Self

plr me course

The courses are packed with in-depth lessons and various coaching materials, such as:

  • Action Guides, Handouts & Lead Magnets
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops
  • Checklists
  • Fables & Short Stories
  • Reports & EBooks
  • Slide Deck Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • & more…

If you are planning to create your very own course, you can purchase these coaching materials separately. All resources come with full Private Label Rights meaning you can freely rebrand and resell them wherever you like.


The pricing of is based on the credit system, meaning you will have to purchase the credits first and then use them to buy products.

Such a payment system gives you ultimate flexibility and control over your spending as well as allows you to save money in the long run.

Here’s how many credits a single coaching resource cost in different categories:

  • Articles & Blog Posts – 1 credit 
  • Affirmation Reflections – 1 credit 
  • Action Guides & Lead Magnets – 2 credits 
  • Worksheets  – 1 credit 
  • Checklists – 1 credit 
  • Reports & Ebooks – 10-12 credits
  • Complete Courses – 65-75 credits

The price per credit ranges from $0.4 to $2.20 each, and the more credits you buy at a time, the more discounted they will get.

To make your purchase easier we have a special link that you can use to get 10 free credits! Plus you will get 2 credits monthly for just being a free member.

Click Here To Claim Your 10 Free Credits

2. Content Sparks

contentsparks courses

Content Sparks is the best source for downloading done-for-you complete courses on Business, Personal Development, Sales, and Marketing topics.

With over 30 years of experience, Content Sparks managed to gather a team of experts and writers who create well-researched and high-quality courses, which you can freely edit, rebrand, and resell. 

Currently, there are nearly 500 courses, that come with effectively designed modules and lessons, and you can easily find your desired course, by filtering them by a specific niche, like “blogging”, or “productivity”. 

With each course, you can expect to receive student, instructor, and lead generation materials consisting of various components, such as:

  • Course Books
  • Cheatsheets
  • Action Guides
  • Snapshot Templates
  • Spreadsheets & Worksheets
  • Social Media & Blog Posts
  • Email Follow-Ups
  • Module Quizzes
  • Sales Pages
  • Editable Graphics
  • Cheatsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Infographics
  • Assessments & Planners
  • & other resources

The informational content comes in PowerPoint and Doc formats, so everything inside is editable and you can easily add your own brand and style.

Apart from reselling courses, you can use sections of them for content creation and free giveaways to get email subscribers on your list. You can also repurpose the elements of the course into other formats of media.

What is very nice about Content Sparks is that product pages provide great information about each course, so you clearly know what you are going to buy.

Almost all product pages give a good overview of a product while providing a course roadmap and demonstrating all visual contents of the course.


The pricing for courses on Content Sparks ranges from $197 to $297 for each course while the rest of the products are priced differently.

In case you’re not satisfied with the products, Content Sparks also offer a 7-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

Visit: Content Sparks


3. Tools For Motivation

tools for motivation

Tools For Motivation may not explicitly label themselves as a white-label product source, but they offer exceptional done-for-you products. These can be customized and utilized for courses or coaching programs.

Similar to other sources mentioned earlier, their products are crafted by an in-house team of experts and professionals. This ensures that everything is original and firsthand.

The courses sold on this platform are essentially packages of various white-label products, meticulously curated to cater to specific niches such as:

  • Personal Development
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Leadership & Management
  • Productivity & Efficiency
  • Learning & Training
  • Mindfulness & Mental Well-being
  • Business & Marketing

You can discover these courses under the “Full Products” category, with over 220 options available.

Each content package is comprehensive, consisting of various coaching and promotional materials, including:

  • Ebooks
  • Workbooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Lead generation reports
  • Slide deck presentations
  • Autoresponder emails
  • Articles
  • Checklists
  • & other resources…

Furthermore, all resources are provided with editable files like PDF, DOC, or PSD. This allows you to modify not only the content but also the covers to your preference.


Each white-label content package is priced at $147 – $197.

Check out Tools For Motivation

4. Coach Glue

coach glue courses

Coach Glue is another source for buying white-label courses and coaching materials that you could edit and resell for a profit. 

Compared to Content Sparks, Coach Glue covers a way smaller selection of courses but offers them on different topics. Here you can find 15 complete done-for-you courses on the following topics: 

  • Sales Funnel Profits
  • Mindset Reset
  • Money Empowerment 
  • Sales Process
  • Self-Care
  • Freedom Journaling
  • Course Creation
  • Freelancing
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Instagram Marketing
  • Goal Setting
  • Story Telling
  • Abundance
  • & more…

All courses from Coach Glue are well-researched, well-written, and contain significant value. Apart from selling them to your customers, you can use course elements for the content on your website, blog, or newsletter. You can also give course content away for free to grow your email list.

Talking about the product pages, they all have enough written and visual information about each course, so you can buy products with confidence.

The courses of Coach Glue contain different learning modules and lessons, and with each course, you should expect to receive the following resources:

  • Powerpoint Slides
  • Workbooks & Exercises
  • Checklists & Action Plans
  • Sales Page Copies
  • Social Media & Blog Posts
  • Email Templates
  • Webinar Scripts
  • Affirmations
  • Graphics & Images
  • & other files

All courses come as complete done-for-you coaching packages and they are priced at $297 each.

Apart from high-quality rebrandable courses, Coach Glue sells other types of materials that you can use separately in the creation of a course or coaching program. There you can also find done-for-you planners, journals, video scripts, and blog posts.

Check out Coach Glue

Where To Resell Online Courses?

Once you have purchased a course or several courses from our listed websites, it’s time to start selling and making money with them.

There are three main options when it comes to selling courses online.

The most convenient and often most affordable option is to sell them with an e-commerce platform, but you can also sell courses from a self-hosted website, or you can list them on relevant online course marketplaces.

Let’s talk about all these methods in detail:

All-In-One E-commerce Platform:

An all-in-one digital product platform allows you to create, host, sell, and market courses under one roof without you having to worry about different course selling aspects.

This solution is the fastest way to publish a course and get the students on board. It can save you not only expenses but also time as it allows you to quickly build a beautiful storefront with product and sales pages as well as to list and deliver courses in a manner you like. 

This method also does not require you to have any technical knowledge, and you always have a support team by your side if you encounter any difficulties.

There are a few platforms designed to help you sell online courses, and Podia is probably the best choice for that. Unlike many other eCommerce tools, Podia does not charge any transaction fees but offers an affordable monthly flat rate with unlimited selling.

For only $39/month with Podia, you are able to:

  • Build a custom website with predesigned eCommerce themes
  • Create, host, and market online courses, webinars, or membership sites
  • Generate payments via Paypal or Stripe without extra transaction fees
  • Build beautiful sales and landing pages
  • Incorporate email marketing with unlimited subscribers
  • Host videos on any page of your store
  • Embed content from over 1,900 third-party platforms
  • Analyze and track your selling performance

You can create a new custom domain with Podia, or you can integrate your current one as a subdomain if you wish so, for example –

While using Podia is the best for those who don’t have an established website with an audience, it can be a great choice for those owning a website too.

It’s because Podia’s monthly plan covers costs for the services that you would normally have to pay extra for, even if you already have a website. We are talking about email marketing services, landing page builders, payment fees, and other costs.

So if you are looking for the most affordable and hassle-free solution to sell online courses, then Podia is the right place to go.

WordPress Website:

If you are already running a WordPress website and you have regular visitors coming into it, then selling online courses from a self-hosted platform might be the option.

Selling products from a self-hosted site gives you absolute freedom over your business and products, but it can get expensive and technical at some point.

The good thing about WordPress is that it gives you endless customization power by providing over 50,000 plugins, that can add new features and functionality to your site.

The most popular way to list online courses on WordPress is via the WooCommerce plugin, which is specifically designed for selling digital products and courses. Despite the fees that you pay for hosting your domain, both WordPress and Woocommerce are free.

However, the free version of WooCommerce comes with limited functionality, and if you want to experience the features of an all-in-one course selling platform, then you will have to purchase a WooCommerce extension pack for $129 a year.

Besides WooCommerce, there are more affordable e-commerce builder plugins, but they may lack essential features and capabilities. 

Plus, you will have to build sales pages for your courses, and for that, you will need another kind of plugin or theme, that will most likely require a premium subscription.

On top of that, if you are planning to do email marketing with your customers, which is highly recommended, you will also have to encounter additional costs.

After all, often you may not get the results you want with the WordPress site, and if you don’t have enough technical knowledge and coding skills you may get stuck along the way.

Since WordPress is a community and not a direct service, it does not provide you with customer support, however, there are plenty of videos and tutorials online on how to deal with different WP issues.

To sum it up, if you are already running a WordPress site and you feel confident about incorporating courses into it via various plugins, then selling courses from a WordPress site may be a good option.

Online Course Marketplace:

Many online gurus might tell you to sell your courses on marketplaces, like Udemy, however, this method also has some pros and cons. Udemy is a large online course marketplace with hundreds of thousands of courses on different topics.

The good thing about this platform is that it already gets regular visitors, so you may not have to worry that much about the marketing of your course. Also, it’s free to create and publish a course with Udemy, and you only get to share revenue after you make a sale.

However, the revenue share is quite significant leaving you with only 37% of the net profit. You also don’t have complete control over your course store, as it is hosted on Udemy’s marketplace under its terms.

Must also mention that the biggest attention gets the most purchased and top-rated courses, and you may not get enough exposure for your new course unless you fit into the uncompetitive niche.

At last, online course marketplaces like Udemy do not allow you to collect your student information, like email address, hence it gets difficult to build long-term relationships with them.

After all, publishing courses on Udemy might still be worth a try for generating some passive income, but it shouldn’t be your main option.

Final Words:

Online course creation can be an exhausting task that requires a lot of expertise in the field as well as putting hours of work into planning and writing. Luckily, today we can take a shortcut to this by using already created white-label courses as our own.

Content Sparks is the best place for finding such types of courses. It is the biggest white-label course-selling marketplace providing nearly 500 high-quality courses on many topics. In case there you cannot find your products in your specific niche, or you may want to compile a course by yourself using different components, then is definitely worth checking out.

At last, finding the right place to sell your course is another crucial step in the process, and eCommerce platforms like Podia bring the most convenient and cost-efficient option for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Can I Resell Online Courses?
A: Normally you cannot resell online courses as they are protected by copyrights unless they come with a Private Label Rights (PLR) license. The PLR allows you to edit, modify, rebrand, and resell courses or their components separately, and you can find PLR courses on platforms like Content Sparks, Coach Glue, or

Q: Can I resell Udemy courses?
A: Absolutely not. The courses from Udemy are protected by Udemy’s copyrights and they are only created for personal use. Reselling Udemy courses without the permission of an instructor can result in legal problems.

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