What Are PLR E-Books And How To Make Money With Them?

Formulating an ebook from the ground up might not only necessitate understanding but also considerable effort and time. Consider all the authoring, structuring, proofreading, and crafting that you must devote to when fabricating a book.

Luckily, nowadays we have a great shortcut to that, and that is PLR ebooks.

PLR ebooks are a popular tool for bloggers, marketers, and content creators looking to save time and effort in their content creation process. This type of content is pre-written, edited, and ready to be used and customized to fit your needs.

In this blog post, we will explore the world of PLR e-books and how you can use them to make money. Whether you are a blogger, marketer, or content creator, you will learn how to take advantage of PLR ebooks to boost your online presence and grow your income.

So, if you are ready to learn more about PLR ebooks and how to make money with them, keep reading!

What Is PLR E-Book?

PLR ebook is essentially an ebook that comes with Private Label Rights. Those rights allow you to do almost everything you want with the product, including:

  • changing the contents inside
  • redesigning the cover
  • rebranding
  • claiming the authorship
  • reselling
  • giving away for free (in most cases)
  • taking the contents out and using them elsewhere
  • packaging with other PLR products
  • converting into other formats
  • printing and distributing offline
  • translating into other languages
  • and more…

PLR ebooks are done-for-you products that can save tons of money and time for marketers and online businesses as they don’t have to be created from scratch.

Some PLR ebooks are great, and contain quality information inside, while some of them are poorly written, and offer no value.

Generally, overall quality depends on the PLR provider that you use to download these books.

A typical PLR ebook consists of around 10-60 pages and comes in different formats, including PDF and DOC – which makes it easier for the buyer to edit the contents inside.

You can also expect sales materials to come along with it, and that can be – a sales page, opt-in page, emails, and more. Those can help you in the ebook selling process.

How To Use PLR E-Books?

how to use plr ebooks

No matter how you are planning to use a PLR ebook, there’s one very important thing to remember – you have to change the ebook in the first place.

It’s because 90% of the time PLR products are not going to be original as everybody has access to them, and the chances that they have been used a number of times before you are high.

And, if you are willing to be successful in your industry, you only want to focus on providing original content for your audience.

So, before you use a PLR ebook in any way, make sure you implement at least a few of the following:

  • put your brand on it
  • redesign the ebook cover
  • change some contents inside
  • simply add value

Once you manage to turn PLR ebooks into your own original products, you can use them in several ways.

Sell Them:

sell plr ebooks

According to the stats, the ebook industry is rapidly growing as ebook revenues grew by 20% from the last year.

Also, the ebook market share takes 18% of total book sales, and now it’s better than ever to join the industry.

Now, if you are wondering if PLR ebooks actually sell – they definitely do, and there are two options how you can sell them:

Sell PLR E-books on Marketplaces:

You can list your ebooks on various marketplaces for free and receive royalties when someone buys them. However these marketplaces will take their percentage when you make the sale, so we can’t consider this method to be 100% free.

But this option is still great because these platforms already get traffic, and all you have to do is to publish them and wait for ebooks to generate passive income.

There are many places where you can publish your books, and those include:

Must note, that many of these marketplaces have algorithms that check the originality score of content, so again, you must change your PLR ebooks before uploading them, otherwise you will get rejected.

Another way that can save you more time and make this method even more passive, is to upload your ebooks to one of the automatic distributors, such as Draft2Digital.

This platform will automatically distribute your ebooks to multiple marketplaces online (including the ones mentioned above), so you don’t need to publish them on each one.

Draft2Digital will also take care of your royalties, and you will be able to track your sales across all the platforms in one.

Sell PLR E-Books on Your Website:

Selling PLR ebooks from your website can be a very powerful way to earn income, as this method allows you to keep 100% of the profits.

By doing so you will also have full control of the whole selling process, including distribution, traffic, and profits.

The best way to start is to create an ebook store on your website in a specific niche. The more specific and targeted your store will be the more success you will have.

For example, instead of creating an ebook store about recipes for weight loss, focus on something like vegan recipes for weight loss. By doing so, you will be able to stand out quicker in a smaller competition.

There are few ways how you can create an eCommerce platform on your site:

#1st Option: You can install a free Woocommerce plugin. It will allow you to create product pages, as well as take and track your payments. This option is for those who are using WordPress website builder, and it requires a little bit of technical knowledge.

#2nd Option: You can use eCommerce solutions like Payhip, Sellfy, or Shopify. Those will help you to build beautiful storefronts without requiring you to have any technical knowledge. However, this method isn’t free and these platforms charge for the service.

Once you manage to build your ebook store, all you have to worry about is traffic (visitors). The best way to get traffic is by writing a blog on your site or creating videos on a YouTube channel.

It’s because this method is free, and brings the most targeted traffic as it is based on the search engines. Other than that, you can utilize social media traffic or paid advertising.

Give PLR E-Books Away:

plr ebooks giveaway

Giving PLR ebooks away is another very popular method to use them. Marketers and online businesses use PLR ebooks as a lead magnet for an exchange of visitors’ email addresses.

Having a free gift for your audience works as an incentive and increases the chances of generating leads (subscribers).

This method requires you to have a website and an opt-in form where you will be able to collect those leads.

For this purpose, you will have to make sure that PLR ebooks specifically come with Giveaway Rights, as some PLR sites sell products without this license.

Once you find the right ebook that could work as a lead magnet, it’s time to change it by putting your brand on it, or by simply adding value.

Apart from using PLR ebooks as the lead magnets, you can also just give them away without asking anything for a return. That can strengthen the relationships with your current customers, and increase the chances of them purchasing something.

Repurpose Your E-books:

repurpose PLR ebooks

Just because PLR ebooks come in text format, it doesn’t mean you can’t turn them into whatever format you want. These days, you can easily convert a text version of a book into audio, or video formats.

Repurposing ebooks and publishing them online can be a great way to utilize different marketing channels, such as YouTube, or Podcasts.

You can also get creative and make a new product out of it. For example, you can convert a number of ebooks into videos, and then sell them as a complete course in your topic. Or, you can turn a PLR ebook into an audio voiceover and sell it as an audiobook, or a series of them.

Platforms like ContentSamurai, or Renderforest will quickly turn your ebook content into videos. All you have to do is to copy-paste your text, and they will generate the voice and graphics for you.

And platforms, like Audacity, can help you to turn your text to speech with natural human voice-overs, so the content could be perfectly used for podcasts or audiobooks.

A much simpler approach to repurposing the PLR ebook would be using it for the articles.

As a PLR ebook is normally rich in content and contains a lot of words, you can also split it into the number of articles that can be used for many purposes, including blog posts, email newsletters, sales page copy, and so on.

Where To Get PLR E-Books?

Now, since we covered the most realistic ways how you can use PLR ebooks and make money with them, it’s time to discuss the best PLR websites where you can find these products.

We will go through two PLR websites that do an amazing job delivering the highest quality PLR stuff.

One is the PLR product store that sells outstanding quality ebooks, and the other one is a membership site, which also has a lot of great products to offer.

Unlike other PLR sites selling software-generated and duplicated ebooks that are poorly written and have little to no value, these sites offer ebooks that are written by humans, are informative, and well designed.

1. PLR.me

plr me

PLR.me revolutionized the entire PLR industry by offering top-notch done-for-you ebooks, that you can change, rebrand, sell, or giveaway.

This website is a product store meaning that you will have to pay for the products individually. The prices here are one of the highest on the market, and it’s because all the products are original, and created by in-house native English writers.

As PLR.me focuses on quality over quantity, there are only about 70 PLR ebooks that you can rebrand and use as your own.

Most of them fall into wealth and self-improvement topics, but there are also ebooks in other popular categories, like business, marketing, health, and more.

PLR ebooks here are beautifully designed and super-rich in content, containing up to around 60 pages of information.

Visit PLR.me: Click here

2. PLR Database

PLR database

Here is another quality PLR ebook source that offers great value for money.

PLRDatabase.net is a modern and light PLR membership site, where you can access as many products as you want for as long as you are subscribed.

There are over 11,000 PLR and other rights ebooks covering many niches, including affiliate marketing, health, fitness, parenting, business, and many more. Ebooks here are well-designed, contain a great value, and are frequently updated.

Now the quality of ebooks is generally high but isn’t as high as on PLR.me, therefore this website best suits those who are looking to get a lot of PLR products for a relatively low price.

The membership prices on PLR Database range from 10$ for a month, 25$ for 3 months, and $49 for a year, and during your membership, you will be able to download an unlimited amount of products.

Visit PLR Database: Click here



Just like PLR Database, BigProductStore is also a great PLR membership site that gives unlimited access to all PLR products once subscribed. 

When it comes to ebooks, BigProductStore has thousands of them. The vast majority of ebooks are original, beautifully designed, and contain great information inside.

Just like from other PLR sites, you can fully modify, and rebrand PLR ebooks from BigProductStore. The admins add new products daily, and the customer service is great here.

The reason why this site is different from all other PLR sites, is that it offers a lifetime membership which allows you to become a member of this platform forever. 

The lifetime membership on this platform costs a one-time fee of $98.50, and alternatively, you can join the monthly membership for $17.

In case, you are not happy with the membership you have purchased, you can always claim your money back within 30 days.

Visit BigProductStore: Click here

4. PLR Ebook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

As the name suggests, this website is entirely dedicated to PLR ebooks. There you can find over 800 high-quality digital books that you can rebrand, resell, or give away for free.

The books come with beautifully designed covers, along with well-written and valuable information inside. You can find them in plenty of niches, including marketing, business, blogging, health, fitness, relationships, and many others.

On PLR Ebook Supplier, you can either purchase ebooks individually or unlimitedly access them forever by purchasing lifetime access for just $97.

Apart from high-quality ebooks, the website also offers an online store-building service. For $597 you will get a fully-loaded ebook store containing nearly 500 ebooks that are ready for resale.

Visit PLR Ebook Supplier: Click here

If You Can’t Afford Premium PLR E-Books:

Although PLR products are not considered to be expensive, some people may still be unable to afford them.

Thankfully, there are also ways how you can get PLR ebooks for free. However, keep in mind that most of the time free PLR ebooks are going to be low in quality, and you will probably have to spend a lot of time correcting and editing them.

But if you still want to give it a try, you can read our article about the best websites to download free PLR E-Books.

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