What Are PLR Articles & How To Make Money With Them?

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What are PLR articles is a question that many bloggers ask. Before trying to make money from Private Label Rights articles, you need to know where to get them from, and how to use them correctly. In this article, you will learn what exactly PLR articles are, and how to use them to make profits.

What Are PLR Articles?

If you are a blogger or marketer, who doesn’t enjoy writing content, PLR articles can help you along the way.

PLR articles, also known as copyright-free articles, are essentially human or machine-written articles that are published under Private Label Rights. They can range from 300 to 5000+ words and their quality depends on the PLR sources you get them from.

PLR articles are usually very cheap, and content publishers buy them in order to re-use those articles for their own marketing purposes. Once you purchase PLR article you have a right to modify, repurpose, or re-publish it wherever you want.

What Are Private Label Rights (PLR)?

Private Label Rights (PLR) is one of the three licensing rights. There are also Resell Rights (RR) and Master Resale Rights (MRR). Private Label Rights is the most permitting licensing right among all three, and it is the most likely to be used for money-making purposes.

The reason being is that PLR content, also known as “white label” content, can be modified and sold unlimited times to unlimited users. PLR rights also give rights to the authorship and you can publish PLR content as your own.

In addition, you can give PLR products away for free, combine them with others, convert them into different formats, and literally do whatever you want with them.

There can be many types of PLR products including, articles, eBooks, graphics, sales pages, videos, audios, and many more. The great part about digital products that are under Private Laber Rights, is that you can put those different formats together and sell them in a PLR package for a great value.

How To Use PLR Articles?

how to use plr articles

In order to make a PLR content valuable, you need to modify it in some way. How much you need to edit those articles depends on their originality score. The more original PLR content is, the less you will have to edit it.

If your goal is to publish PLR articles on your website, you must edit and make them unique, otherwise, you would be risking to get penalized by Google. It’s because, search engines like Google do not value plagiarized content, and the chances that your PLR article has been posted multiple times online are very high.

There are websites like Copyscape, Plagiarism Detector or SmallSeoTools that will easily allow you to check the originality score of any article. While the PASS score varies on different platforms, under 30% of the originality score on Copyscape indicates that your article is unique enough and safe to publish.

We need to understand that in most cases you will have to edit every single paragraph or even sentence of the PLR article to make it unique and appealing for Google. This process may still require some hard work, but there are tools that could help and make the process super easy.

Tools like Spin Rewriter helps to rewrite PLR articles fast, so they are unique and will not harm your rankings on Google. Unlike other article spinners who generate awkward and unnaturally sounding text, Spin Rewriter is capable to produce 100% natural articles that look like human-written.

spin rewriter plr articles
Spin Rewritter

The advanced artificial intelligence is designed to replace certain words and phrases with the most relevant ones. It allows you to spin an article on a word, sentence, and paragraph level. 

It uses ENL Semantic Spinning Technology that analyzes and understands not only the whole meaning of an article but also the relationships between words and phrases.

This software does a really good job, and it can definitely make your life easier when trying to publish PLR content on your blog. 

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If you are planning to use PLR articles outside Google’s “eyes”, like in email marketing, digital products, or private membership sites, modifying your content becomes a less important task. However, you should always try to make your content unique – that’s good for your own reputation as well as for branding.

Turn Your PLR Articles Into Videos, or Audios:

turn plr articles into video

Converting your PLR articles into videos or audios can be a very quick way to produce unique content. There are tools like Invideo or WaveVideo that easily allow you to convert your PLR article into video content, without needing you to be on a camera.

Google or YouTube doesn’t crawl video content and apart from reading your video title, description, and tags, it is not capable to tell whether your content is unique inside the video, or not. Therefore, turning PLR article as it is into the video, can work great, without necessarily needing to modify content.

When you have your PLR article converted into a video, you can put those videos on YouTube, or compose and sell a digital product from several video series.

The same applies to the audio files, you can turn the PLR article into an audio file using text-to-speech tools without trying to make it original.

Platforms like Play allows you to convert your PLR article into an audio file using 30 types of voices with amazing quality. Once, you get your articles converted, you can publish them on the podcasting platforms.

Where To Get PLR articles?

where to get plr articles

There are many sources where you can buy PLR articles from, and use them for your own specific needs. Some sources provide higher quality and some lower quality PLR articles. Places, where you can buy PLR articles for a cheap price, may indicate that many people have bought them and they might not be great quality articles.

Here we will be focusing only on high-quality PLR article sources, with slightly higher prices.

So, here are the two best places to buy those articles from:

1. PLR.me

plr me

When it comes to quality PLR content, PLR.me is king in the industry. This site is a PLR product store where you will have to pay for fully rebrandable articles individually.

The articles from this website cost slightly more than from the average PLR site, and there is a good reason for that. PLR.me has an in-house writer team based on native English speakers, so all content is perfectly written and original.

Due to higher pricing, fewer people get to access the products, meaning they are more likely to be original and require less editing.

There are over 5k articles and blog posts on PLR.me, and the prices per article start from only $0.40. The articles are content-rich, well researched, and cover a lot of niches including, health, career, self-improvement, business, marketing, dating, cooking, and many more.

With the help of amazing user experience and advanced search options, you will quickly find the articles you need on PLR.me.

Visit PLR.me: Click here

2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is another great option to find great articles that you can rebrand and use as your own. This time it is a membership site where you can access all PLR products without restrictions for as long as you are subscribed.

The articles from this website come in slightly lower quality than content from PLR.me. However, the membership system allows you to save tons of money if you are looking for a lot of articles on a budget.

The articles on PLR Database come in article packs and there are over 1,000 of them. Each pack consists of around 10-20 articles, and all niches are covered.

PLR Database offers some affordable and flexible membership plans. You can either subscribe to a monthly membership for $103-month membership for $25; or 1-year membership for $49.

During your membership time, you can unlimitedly access and download all PLR products, including articles, ebooks, videos, software, and more…

Visit PLR Database: Click here

How To Make Money With PLR Articles?

While you can make money directly from re-selling PLR digital products like eBooks, or videos, you can’t really make money from selling PLR articles alone.

What you can do with PLR articles, is to convert them into content that could bring you passive income down the track. PLR articles can only have one purpose, and it’s traffic generation. So, here we will be talking about the ways how you can convert your PLR articles into traffic that brings profits.

how to make money from plr articles

1. Use It For The Posts On Your Blog

PLR articles are widely used for posting content on many different blogs. This strategy may save you a lot of time as you don’t have to create content from scratch, and all you have to do is to rewrite an article.

Again, how much you need to rewrite before posting those articles on your blog depends on how unique are they. That’s why it’s important to purchase PLR articles from quality vendors that are mentioned above. It’s because they provide more original content, and you will have to spend less time editing it.

Once you post your unique article on your blog, it’s up to you how you want to monetize it. You can make money from it by adding affiliate links, placing ads, or by offering different products for sale.

2. Make a Digital Product From Your PLR Articles

The best idea of making a product from your PLR articles is to convert them into a video series and try to sell them as a video program, course, or training in your niche.

First of all, you should produce multiple videos, from your articles. It’s because a single piece of a video will probably not look valuable enough for selling it. The more high-quality content containing videos you have in your package the bigger value you can sell it for. So, having around 20, or 30+ videos in your package could be a good starting point.

The best way is to sell your digital products on your website by making it accessible only for the private members who had paid.

Once your product is online, there are many ways to market it. You can market your digital products using the same unique PLR articles by posting them on your blog and ranking on Google. You can also run Facebook, Google, YouTube or any other ads to the product.

Also, you can go beyond the limits and partner up with affiliates to get more people to promote your digital product.

3. Turn Them Into Videos And Post Them On YouTube

plr articles youtube

YouTube can be a massive source of free traffic, and it can work with every niche out there. What you need to do to start utilizing this powerful marketing channel is to start regularly posting video content.

For that again, we will convert the PLR articles into the videos. You can use the software that was mentioned before, or you can film yourself and speak on the camera, which is generally a more effective method. Showing yourself on a video creates more engagement with the viewers, however, both methods can be effective if implemented right.

As YouTube is getting more and more competitive you will have to post these videos consistently, and it doesn’t mean that posting once in a month will be enough. If you manage to do it daily, or at least weekly, you will quickly generate views.

Those views can become traffic to your affiliate links, website, email list, and digital products. They can also generate direct revenue from YouTube and Google Adsense. You will get paid automatically when someone watches an ad on your YouTube video.

spin rewriter

Final Words:

Knowing what are PLR articles starts with understanding the Private Label Rights. There are many types of PLR products, and using articles, in particular, can be a great way to make money online. Although you can’t really earn money from the articles directly, you can use them effectively in your marketing process.

Also, knowing high-quality PLR article sources and how you can use these articles for your benefit will help you a lot along the way.

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