11 Unique Blog Ideas That Make Money

Many people search for unique blog ideas and untapped niches to start a blog without much competition. While it could take only a few months for a new blog to take off in a unique niche, some blogs spend long years trying to beat the competition.

Finding an uncompetitive niche is important for a quick success. The faster you will become an expert in a small niche, the quicker you will be able to expand wider.

Another very important thing when choosing the idea for your blog, is to make sure that it has opportunities to make money. The good thing is that these days, almost in every niche there’s money to be made, and thanks to platforms like Amazon. You can generate income from your blog, not only by placing ads on your site but by implementing affiliate marketing too.

Amazon and many other affiliate marketplaces offer you thousands of products in every niche that you can recommend to people and get a commission (% of sale) after they purchase.

So, without further ado, let’s have a look at what those unique and uncompetitive niches are, and how you can monetize them with the most effective methods.

1. Parenting Blogs

Parenting Blogs That Make Money

If you are a parent, you can consider starting a parenting blog and cover topics relevant to baby and child growth. It’s nothing better than creating content about what you have or willing to experience.

This is an evergreen niche with a lot of searches on Google, so you should never run out of traffic. New parents are excited about their new roles in life, and they want to be prepared for what’s useful or new.

Some sub-niches to consider are kids fashion, child and baby nutrition, child development, and child behavior. Also, there are many narrower sub-niches about other needs and problems that could become your very unique niche idea.

If you take a look at online marketplaces, there are plenty of products for babies, children, and new parents available. So, there is a lot of space for monetizing your blog.

Here are a few good places to find many products that you could promote and earn from as an affiliate:

2. Personal Finance

Personal Finance Blogs Make Money

Everyone wants to make and save money, but most people can’t reach their goals. Managing money seems to be an even bigger problem than making money. People are always looking online for solutions to their financial problems.

A personal finance blog can give tips about saving, budgeting, and investing. If you create a successful personal finance blog, you can easily scale it with other relevant topics like making money, mindset, business ideas, and even a healthy lifestyle.

There are quite a few profitable blogs in this niche, but there is room for new ones, especially if you can narrow this niche down.

You can find a lot of digital and physical products to promote, like apps, books, guides, courses, and people will always be interested in getting advice about money.

Here’s a list of personal finance-related affiliate products that you can promote:

3. Cooking

cooking blogs make money

Cooking niche is not something new, but there are a lot of untapped sub-niches. People love food and always want to learn new ideas and recipes. You can start a blog about any cooking trend. For example, there are vegan blogs, recipe blogs with different categories, like – gluten-free foods, blogs focused on a cooking style, cooking on a budget, detox foods, and so on.

Any question or problem you have that is relevant to food or cooking is a question and problem for other people. If you find the answers, you can build a profitable blog without much competition.

From a marketing perspective, most of the cooking and food blogs are created by passionate people, who don’t have a good marketing strategy. That means you have a chance to stand out and beat the competition if you focus well on your marketing.

Besides its colorful content spectrum, this niche has enough space for making money too. You can create and sell your cooking guides and tutorials, or establish a YouTube cooking channel and monetize it with Google AdSense.

You can also successfully make money from your cooking blog with affiliate marketing. Here are the best places to find great affiliate products:

4. Life Coaching

life coaching blogs make money

Self-development is a broad and popular niche. One of the main sub-niches that work and earn money these days is life coaching. It includes many things, which you could write about, such as mindset, coaching, psychology, motivation, productivity, and even yoga, or meditation.

Also, previously mentioned personal finance niche can work very well in combination with this one, as they both sharing similar topics.

The trend of the life coaching niche mainly came from Tony Robbins. He is the most famous life coach in the world and has inspired many people to do the same thing.

People are searching for different phrases on the internet to improve their lives. It generates hundreds of thousands of searches each month on Google, and many of them – product-related. That makes us assume that self-development is a profitable niche in which people are willing to invest.

Today this niche is present on many advertisements on search engines and social media, videos on YouTube, and tons of quotes on social media. However, there are not so many blogs about self-development, and some subcategories have very little competition.

how does google adsense work

Another interesting part of this niche is the monetization methods. Most people in this niche sell their services and charge their clients per hour instead of implementing the standard methods to make money online.

If you have a big audience, creating and selling your own digital product, like an e-book, or video guide may work great too.

Apart from that, there are many other people’s products you can promote as an affiliate, and you can find a few here:

5. How-To Guides

how to guides make money

This one more represents a style of your blog rather than a topic and it is a little riskier than the standard ones. It is quite competitive, and you really need to prove your expertise here.

How-to-guides can work with many niches, like fitness, software, self-development, cooking, DIY, and many more. But again, the more specifically you go for – the better the results will be.

If you can establish a good how-to website, you can get amazing results. My best example in this category is WikiHow, which has an answer for almost everything. But this is far not the only successful site that creates how-to guides. There are many successful blogs that create amazing how-to tutorials in different specific niches.

From the success of WikiHow, we can see that there is a huge audience that searches for good guides on the internet, even for the simplest problems.

Creating guides is not harder than other types of content, and again those problems, don’t have to be difficult to solve. You can do your research and help people to solve problems within certain topics.

Google AdSense is a great way to monetize how-to guides, and affiliate marketing may not always work here.

You see, how-to guides usually attract audiences, which are only looking for free information online. So, while it depends on the niche, your audience may not have something to buy in their minds, so they might ignore your affiliate links.

6. Product Reviews

product review blogs make money

Review websites work well in every niche and earn their maximum with affiliate marketing. There are two types of review sites. The review sites that target multiple niches, and a broad category of products and sites with a narrow niche that focuses on a specific category.

The smart option for a new blog is to start at the specific niche and then expand as you grow. For example, instead of trying to show the authority in all types of vacuum cleaners, become an expert blog in handheld vacuum cleaners first.

If you post reviews, you have two benefits compared to other regular blogs. They have much lower competition on product keywords and convert better than other affiliate sites. So, you can get in any niche, choose a category of products, and start writing reviews.

The only negative is, if you can’t find enough information about the product on the internet, you may need to buy the products and personally try them.

So here’s where to find the best affiliate products in every niche that you could review and earn money from:

7. Travel Niche

travel blog make money

If you like to travel, or at least do it only in your dreams, creating a blog to share your experiences is an easy and profitable choice. It will be extremely fun to think about your travels and write what you have seen, or willing to see one day.

At first sight, this niche may not seem to be different at all, but you can turn it into a unique one by niching it down. There’s so much room to differentiate yourself as there are so many places in the world to visit and write about.

Find the countries that little to nobody writes about, if not, find the cities or even villages to build your content on.

This type of blog must be enhanced with a lot of multimedia, like images or videos, because readers just love to visualize their favorite world’s destinations. That’s why it would be a great idea to create YouTube videos and publish images on Instagram at the same time.

Talking about making money from a travel blog, you have many options. That’s why there are so many people who travel around the world while blogging.

You can promote traveler’s wear & equipment, holiday deals, flights, hotels, or many different guides. You can also do paid advertisements to local places you’ve visited, like restaurants, or bars.

Here’re a few fantastic affiliate sources for your travel blog:

8. Yoga

yoga blogs make money

Yoga is a part of a healthy lifestyle and people are willing to invest money into it. By 2020, the Yoga industry is predicted to reach $11 billion, so it might be the right time for you to jump in.

Millions of people practice yoga in the western world and the USA, and they have no problem to spend money on their hobby.

According to the NicheHacks, 44% of Americans who practice Yoga, earn over $75,000 per year. That means this audience has money to buy things.

This is a niche with a passionate audience, and there are many similar niches or sub-niches to consider like vipassana yoga, hearth rhythm yoga, meditation, spirituality, or mindfulness. If you know about any specific type of yoga and willing to create a blog about it, you will have very little competition.

The most interesting thing in this niche is that there are too many products to promote. You can find guides, DVDs, music, yoga for healing, yoga for exercise, yoga for kids, yoga accessories, and more.

A blog about yoga can include any relevant topic and not only a few categories of products. Based on the number of products that people buy in this niche, affiliate marketing is by far the best option.

You can find the best Yoga affiliate programs here:

9. Video Games

video game blogs make money

According to ThinkWithGoogle, 46% of Americans play games on their phones, computers, and other devices. That means gaming is a big niche.

There can be different types of gaming-related content like news and reviews, how-to videos, or gaming championships.

If you want to gain passionate and engaging readers, creating a blog about your favorite video game type can really work. There are unlimited video games out there, and many fans want to get tips or just to discuss some topics in this niche.

These blogs work better for people who are passionate about it and play games themselves. One of the disadvantages is that you often can’t use keywords for a new video game. Simply, because there is not enough data on Google yet. So, it’s better to focus on creating content about the popular games that have been around for some time.

Many gaming bloggers focus on publishing content on YouTube because this niche is one of those that needs to be conveyed visually. So, one of the most popular monetizing methods is Google Adsense on YouTube.

Apart from that, of course,  there are many affiliate programs you can sign-up with. You can promote actual games, gaming guides, and gaming equipment.

Here’re a few sources:

10. Beauty

make up blogs make money

The beauty niche is huge – Google, Youtube, Instagram, and Pinterest are full of makeup and other beauty-related content. Many influencers focus on sub-niches like hair care, nail care, and skincare. All these sub-niches can be extremely profitable, and the beauty industry has created billion-dollar business opportunities.

So of course, it can work for blogging. There is a big woman audience that wants to hear opinions on products, find guides, and get tips. It can work with any monetization method too. There are many affiliate products to promote, and advertisers have no problem to bid high on relevant keywords, so there are high chances of successful Google Adsense integration.

YouTube channel is a great addition to your written blog, as people like to watch makeup or other beauty procedures and guides.

However, you need to have good knowledge in the niche, because most women already know the basics and look for more advanced guidance. It’s easier to find a little narrow beauty niche, like nose hair removal, or overnight face masks.

As mentioned before, there are plenty of affiliate programs that you can join and make money from. Here’s a quick list:

11. Blog About Yourself!

Blog about yourself make money

People love to read personal stories because they are the most engaging and creates trust. A trustworthy blog is something that can bring great conversions and sales. So, being open to your audience by expressing your personal life can work great.

Every one of us carries the unique personality inside and that can reflect on your blog. There are thousands of successful bloggers, daily posting content about their lives, and earning money from it.

You don’t necessarily need to have a  special personality to write a blog about yourself, however, you need to think about how you can differentiate it from others. Try to find a unique topic that you associate your life with. If not, come up with the different styles of your content or the marketing strategy.

Instagram and Youtube are probably the best platforms to focus on while creating such type of blog because you don’t necessarily need to keep your content relevant. These platforms can give you visual freedom, and you can express yourself there within more random content.

It’s because, a written blog, which is aiming for organic traffic, writes content not only for people but also for search engines. And search engines, like Google, love to see the relevancy in the content. That means your pages need to be related and link to each other, so you can’t be talking about weight loss and technology topics at the same time.

However, a written blog is still a good idea, because you can monetize it with the most effective method – affiliate marketing. So, if you a person who loves to express yourself in writing, you can find a niche associated with your life and start writing a blog.

how does google adsense work

Final Words:

There are millions of blogs on the internet in many different niches. Usually, the bloggers who are passionate about their niches get the best results because they just love working on them.

Instead of trying to become an expert blog in everything, focus on something narrow, that has the potential to grow into the bigger waters. If you are a beginner, you may not feel passionate about any niche, and it’s completely normal. Spend some time researching and finding which topic suits you best.

Blogging is a business where you will need to spend a lot of your time to become successful. Therefore, you need to choose the blog idea that drives you and makes you productive.

Once you establish a blog on your unique idea and get regular visitors, you can focus on many monetization opportunities available out there!

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