The Best Spinner 4 Review – Is It The Best Paraphrasing Tool?

Have you encountered The Best Spinner and are uncertain about its value? This review will delve into explaining what The Best Spinner is, how it functions, and if this software should be trusted. We will also explore possible alternatives, so continue reading.

Spinning tools, like this one, can help you save time in the content creation process as you don’t have to write from scratch. Whether you are writing an essay for university or a post for your online blog, you can simply take an existing piece of content, and turn it into unique by using one of the best paraphrasing tools. But can you reach good results with The Best Spinner?

Throughout many years of blogging, we have tried and tested tens of different article spinners, and that includes The Best Spinner. Some of the tools can be a real waste of time, while some can truly generate high-quality results. The main purpose of this unbiased review is to give you as much guidance as needed so you can choose your very best rewriting tool. So, let’s find out if The Best Spinner can be the one.

What Is The Best Spinner?

the best spinner

The Best Spinner (TBS) is an intelligent article spinning, rewriting, and paraphrasing software that is capable of turning your content into unique, and all – in a very natural way. This tool is mostly known for its massive English Thesaurus, as well as for advanced features. Currently, The Best Spinner is trusted by over 90,000 users worldwide, and the satisfaction rate is great. 

Founded in 2010, the software has developed up to its 4th version, and it finally became a web-based platform. That means you no longer need to download The Best Spinner in order to use it. 

The latest version also brought new features like, visual spinner, text-to-speech converter, translator (for up to 14 languages), as well a huge seed article database that you can use for rewriting. One of the best improvements that TBS has made, it enhanced the user experience while maintaining its efficiency. Now, it is much easier to use this tool, than it was back in the day, and you can reach the same rewriting results.

Top Features:

Fast & Easy Interface: within the last update, TBS has introduced an easy-to-use Visual Editor that a complete beginner can use right away. The efficient interface allows you to generate unique articles just in seconds.


Massive English Thesaurus: the reason why The Best Spinner is capable of producing unique and natural results is that it has a big English cloud thesaurus, run and constantly updated by tens of thousands of users. 


Manual & Automatic Spinning: The Best Spinner allows you to spin articles automatically with a single click, or you can alter the spintax manually, by choosing the best replacements for words, phrases. or sentences.


Bulk Spinning: this technology allows you to generate up to 100 variations of the rewritten article. You can either view those variations on the TBS screen, or you can download them all in a zip file.


Multi-Level Rewriting: you can rewrite content on the word, phrase, sentence, and paragraph level when using The Best Spinner.


WP Blog Submission: TBS allows you to instantly publish your content to WordPress blogs right from the software.


CopyScape API: The Best Spinner has a CopyScape integration, which enables you to check how unique is your rewritten content without having to go to the other websites. However, you will need to have a premium Copyscape account for that.


Audio Generator [NEW]: this new feature lets you quickly generate MP3 format from an article. You can then upload the audios to the audio sites for extended reach.


Translator [NEW]: you can translate your rewritten article into 14 languages, including English, French, German, Italian, Spanish and more…


Article Database [NEW]: TBS offers a huge article database consisting of more than 132,000 Private Label Rights articles. You can use those articles for rewriting and turning them into unique ones.

Other Features:
  • Web-Based
  • Touch-Device Compatible
  • Tutorials & Guides
  • Bonuses
  • API Integrations

How Does It Work?

Before you start spinning your content, you will note that there is a handy project manager allowing you to organize your folders, sub-folders, and the articles within them. This is especially helpful when you are trying to complete multiple projects.

If you don’t have content to spin, you can start by accessing the PLR article database and picking your favorite article for rewriting. The Best Spinner offers over 100,000 seed articles, and you can search them by topic.

Otherwise, you can paste the article that you want to spin either into a visual or code editor.

The visual editor allows you to view the original article and do some preliminary changes, like adding some text variations or adding new content. But, if you want to experience more spinning functions, like automatic and manual spinning, as well as viewing all the spintax, then you can switch to the code editor. 

In the code editor, you can select the words, and replace them with synonyms suggested by the thesaurus. You can also highlight sentences, paragraphs, and generate multiple variations from them. Or you can hit auto-spin to automatically rewrite the whole article.

With the older version, you could select your desired synonym level, which will compromise between uniqueness and quality. However, the latest version doesn’t allow you to adjust this setting. 

Besides visual and code editor sections, there is also a “generate” section where you will see the original article version. From there you can do quite a lot of things, like:

  • Re-Spin – it will automatically generate a new version of the original article
  • Download Multiple Articles – it can generate up to 100 variations of that article for download.
  • Generate and Compare – it will highlight differences between the articles and show them side-by-side.
  • Post to blog – you can post the article to the blog while selecting the category. You can post to as many blogs as you want.
  • Copyscape – it allows you to check how unique the content is, but you will need to have a Copyscape account and a key to do that.
  • Translate article – you can translate your article into 14 languages English, German, Italian, Spanish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Swedish, Turkish, and Welsh
  • Convert article to audio: this allows you to convert your article into 15 high-quality voiceovers consisting of American, British, Australian, Indian, Welsh male or female voices.


the best spinner pricing

The Best Spinner offers 3 subscription options, and all of them are yearly plans. The only difference between the plans is the monthly credit quantity for article translation and audio generation.

Here’re all pricing options:

– Basic: $67 a year – 30 credits for audio conversion & translation
– Standard: $127 a year – 60 credits audio conversion & translation
– Pro: $297 a year – 300 credits for audio conversion & translation

Unfortunately, there is no free trial, but there’s a 30-day-money-back guarantee in case you’d find that this tool is not for you.


By subscribing to any of the plans, you will also be entitled to a couple of free bonuses:

Bonus #1: $1,500 in Super Spun Articles!

These are the articles in spin-formatted text, and each of them consists of 25 combined high-quality article variations. These documents can produce tens or even hundreds of thousands of unique articles. According to The Best Spinner, it costs $150 to produce a single super spun article, and they are giving 10 of them for free.

Bonus #2: 1.7 GIGABYTES Of High-Quality Reusable Images!

The Best Spinner also offers 1,000 high-quality copyright-free images that you can use however you want.

Pros & Cons:

pros and cons

Like any other spinning or rewriting tool, The Best Spinner isn’t perfect and has some distinctive positives and negatives. After thoroughly testing this tool, here’s what we found to be good, and not so good about it.

  • Web-Based
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Good spinning quality
  • Advanced features
  • Expensive
  • Lacks Features
  • No Lifetime Membership
  • No Free Trial

Bottom Line:

On the one hand, the latest version of The Best Spinner brought some new benefits with exciting features, like an audio converter, or translator. But on the other hand, it seems that the software has been downgraded in some way. 

Back in the day, you had to download this tool in order to use it and it had a moderate learning curve. However, there were a lot more things that you could do with it. Now, The Best Spinner is accessible online, and all the usability and interface became straightforward and minimal. While this change is good for beginners, it may upset the ones who are looking for more spinning features.

Talking about spinning quality, it doesn’t seem that it has changed a lot before and after the update, and it still stands at a good level. The automatic spinning generates above-average results, and manual rewriting also works well.

But is this all worth the price? Our answer would be – probably not. It’s simply because there are other paraphrasing tools that offer pretty much the same features, and most importantly better pricing.

One of the biggest drawbacks that caught our eye is that there’s no free trial with The Best Spinner. There is also no low-cost monthly membership, so you will have to pay $67 as a minimum to see how this software works.

The Best Spinner Alternative:

spin rewriter

Spin Rewriter is probably the best article-spinning and rewriting tool that you can come across today. This web-based software can rewrite articles fast in a very unique and human-readable way. Spin Rewriter uses advanced spinning technology – ENL Semantic Spinning Technology. It analyzes the relationship between words and phrases and actually understands what your content is about. Therefore, Spin Rewriter can produce unique, and natural content that makes perfect sense to the reader.

The reason why we are mentioning Spin Rewriter here is that we think this tool is superior to The Best Spinner. Here is what Spin Rewriter offers, while The Best Spinner doesn’t:

  • Better Spinning Quality
  • Different Spintax Styles
  • Integrated Free CopyScape
  • Stock Photo Integration
  • Word Protection
  • List Reordering
  • Lifetime Membership
  • 5-day Trial

And talking about what Spin Rewriter lacks compared to The Best Spinner, it is just a translator and audio converter. Other than that, these tools share the same features.


spin rewriter pricing

Compared to The Best Spinner, Spin Rewriter offers more flexible pricing options. You can either subscribe for 1 month, 1 year, or lifetime membership plan. Here’re the pricing options: 

  • Monthly – $47 a month
  • Yearly – $77 a year (60% off)
  • Lifetime – $497

The lifetime membership seems to be quite expensive, but imagine how much you could save if you are willing to use this software for many years…

Either way, before subscribing to one of these plans, you can try Spin Rewriter at no cost, as it offers a free 5-day trial. In addition to that, there’s also a 30-day-money back guarantee.

Try Spin Rewriter For Free: Click Here

And if you want to find more great The Best Spinner alternatives, you can check out the review of the Best Article Rewriting Software of 2023.

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