Should We Go Sugar Free For Weight Loss?

Sugar Free Weight Loss

The question you see above is one of the most common questions asked in weight-loss industry. In this article, we fill find out exactly, how sugar can affect your weight loss results. So should we go sugar-free for successful weight loss results?

Nowadays, we all know that sugar is blamed for causing serious diseases, such as – diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and obviously – obesity, which is linked to another 60 chronic diseases! What is more, sugar is a super addictive substance we consume everyday. Here’s the fact – sugar is 8 times as addictive as cocaine! Answering the question – “Is sugar free diet helps to lose weight, the answer would be – definitely yes. Sugar is an absolute killer, and one of the most addictive substances on the planet. It is vital that you cut your sugar intake not only for the weight loss, but also to avoid:

  • Skin Problems
  • Skin Ageing
  • Energy drains
  • Teeth Damage
  • Decreasing mood levels
  • Risks of Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Diseases, etc.

              + many more…

Why sugar reduction is important for weight loss?

importance sugar free weight loss important

Obesity is now on the higher rates than ever before.  More than one-third of adults in the United States are obese. In fact, the major cause of such rates – sugar.

Sugar consumption, is nothing else but plain calorie consumption – you get no healthy nutrition from it at all. Ultimately, extra useless calories won’t make us lose weight quicker, so we really need to push that sugar out of our diet plans.

Did you know? 1 table spun = 16 calories. It is not that hard to give up a table spun of sugar in your tea, however we simply can’t imagine how much sugar is hiding in our favourite foods. But let’s talk about sugary drinks and sodas, containing particularly high amount of calories, and again – empty ones. Consuming empty calories and still feeling hungry after seems like a perfect weight gain plan. This is how much calories our favourite drinks have, and it’s a big no-no to consume them when trying to lose weight:




Soda12 oz (1can)188 cal792 kJ
Lemonade12 oz (1can)149 cal625 kJ
7up12 oz (1can)156 cal657 kJ
Coke12 oz (1can)149 cal625 kJ
Fanta12 oz (1can)138 cal582 kJ
Ginger Ale12 oz (1can)124 cal522 kJ
Tonic Water12 oz (1can)124 cal522 kJ
Processed Orange Juice12 oz (1can)157 cal656 kJ
Processed Apple Juice12 oz (1can)169 cal707 kJ

The formula is simple – if you consume more calories than you burn – you are likely to gain weight, so you should definitely avoid useless calorie intake. Try to focus on rich calorie containing foods that will bring you rich nutrition, such as – almonds, dark chocolate, avocados, salmon, etc.

Quitting sugar for weight loss – best methods to detox.

quitting sugar weight loss detox

Some studies show that human brain reacts to sugar in the same way as it reacts to drugs or alcohol, sugar addiction in no fun. In order to go sugar free, we must break the “cycle of addiction” and it only takes 10 days or less to accomplish that! Here are few tips that will help you in your sugar-free journey:

Stop consuming calories with your drinks.

As mentioned above, sweet drinks, including sodas, juices, sports drinks, can have more calories than you could think. Any type of calories consumed in a form of liquid is much worse than in a form of food. You have to understand that sugar drinks just won’t make you feel full, so you just eat on top to satisfy your hunger cravings. Ultimately, such a way of calorie consumption will lead you nowhere else, but to the extra pounds of fat. Instead, try to simply kill your thirst with still water, which only has as little as 0 calories. In addition, if you struggle not to put that little sugar spoon into your tea, why not to try sugar-free Red Tea, which is naturally sweet and perfect for detox.

Always eat protein

Protein is known as a nutrition number 1 for your muscle growth, but it’s a lot more than that. Protein is a key macronutrient that balances sugar and insulin levels in your blood. What is most important – it perfectly controls your hunger cravings, so you end up less being hungry once you regularly consume protein. Protein must be consumed during every meal, and especially during the breakfast! Seafood, chicken, beef, nuts, eggs, beans are the perfect sources of protein it should be consumed everyday.

Avoid Stress

Stress has a lot more to do with the weight loss and health than you could think! Stress is such body’s condition that makes your hormones going crazy. During stressful situations, adrenaline, glucagon and cortisol play a huge role in blood sugar levels. Because the increased levels of hormones causes higher insulin levels while instantly dropping the sugar levels in blood, ultimately leaving you crave sugary and fatty foods.



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