7 Best AI Social Media Content Generators 2023

The importance of social media in our daily lives and enterprises cannot be understated as it serves as a platform for interaction, entertainment, and promotion. To stay on top of the rapid and constantly evolving dynamics, a multitude of firms are now employing AI instruments to aid in their content creation.

AI content generators use natural language processing and machine learning algorithms to analyze data and create high-quality, personalized content that appeals to target audiences.

These AI tools can save businesses time and effort by automating the content creation process, while also ensuring that the content produced is relevant, engaging, and on-brand.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 best social media content generator tools, apps & software of 2023.

An Overview of The Best Social Media Content Generators:

Tool:Type of Content:Pricing:Free Trial?
1. Predis AIAI Written + Images & VideosFrom $0/monthYes
2. JasperAI WrittenFrom $29/monthYes
3. RytrAI WrittenFrom $29/monthYes
4. Copy AIAI WrittenFrom $35/monthYes
5. CanvaImages & Short VideosFrom $12.99 a monthYes
6. SynthesiaVideosFrom $30 a monthYes
7. WritecreamAI Written + AudioFrom $49 a monthYes

But before jumping to the list of the best social media content creation tools, let’s discuss what they are, and how they can help you:

What Are Social Media Content Generators?

The social media content generators are the online-based tools and software that can create written or visual content for social media.

Some of the tools are fully automated and can work on their own, while some of them will only assist you in the process. No matter if you want to generate content for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, or even Quora, our listed content creation tools will help you.

They use Artificial Intelligence, OpenAI’s GPT-3 language models, and other technologies to efficiently generate:

  • Social Media Post Copy
  • Product Descriptions
  • Engaging Captions
  • Relevant Hashtags
  • Ad Headlines and Primary Texts
  • Q&A Format Content
  • Engaging Images
  • Video Scripts
  • Entire Videos
  • Voiceovers
  • Podcasts
  • and many more…

Some of the social media content generators are smart enough to paraphrase, expand, summarize, and check the grammar of your written content. In addition, these tools are capable of generating ideas for your content, so you can also use them as a source of inspiration. Not to forget, AI-written content creation tools will generate unique and plagiarism-free content, and they can do it in multiple languages.

Ultimately these types of tools can save you not only tons of time but also expenses, especially if you are planning to hire a writer, graphic designer, or video creator.

Best Social Media Content Generators 2023:

So without further ado, let’s dive into the best social media content generation tools:

1. Predis AI

predis ai

Predis AI has emerged as a remarkable AI social media content generator that offers a comprehensive set of features to simplify and enhance your social media marketing efforts.

This all-in-one software automates the entire process of creating engaging visual and written content, generating relevant hashtags, and even scheduling your posts in one place.

The platform provides a user-friendly interface that allows marketers, entrepreneurs, and influencers to easily create fresh and captivating content tailored to their social media profiles.

One of the standout features of Predis AI is its ability to analyze competitors. By monitoring top-performing posts, hashtags, and channels, you can gain valuable insights into your competitors’ strategies and adapt your own approach accordingly.

The AI-driven content generation process begins by providing a one-liner about your business or personal brand.
From there, you can choose different post themes, such as promotional, educational, or behind-the-scenes content. The AI then generates social media posts complete with graphics, descriptions, and relevant hashtags.

Overall, Predis AI offers a comprehensive and efficient solution for generating high-quality social media content fast and on a budget.

Features that make Predis AI a great option:

  • Not only Predis AI can generate amazing written content for your social media posts, but it can also help you to come up with content ideas, as well as create images, videos, and reels.
  • The platform offers an extensive content library with over 2,000 social media graphic templates for customization and branding.
  • Its Content Calendar feature enables convenient scheduling and planning of social media posts in advance.
  • Predis AI can predict the likelihood of audience engagement with your content using the post-engagement prediction feature.
  • The tool analyzes and compares your performance against your competitors using a competition analyzer. This provides insights into their strategies and top-performing content.
  • You can create social media content for any type of purpose, as the software supports various post themes including, promotional, educational, behind-the-scenes, contests, and more.
  • For a better user experience, Predis AI integrates with various platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Shopify, WooCommerce, and Canva.
  • The platform enables you to cater to global audiences by supporting 18 languages, including English, Spanish, German, Italian, and others. 
  • Despite the wide range of its premium features, Predis AI offers a variety of free tools, such as a meme generator, best photo picker, color palette generator, background remover, and more.
  • You can try Predis AI without the risk as it offers a free plan and a generous free trial allowing you to generate up to 30 social media posts with no credit card required.


Predis AI offers 4 subscription plans – Free, Solo, Starter, and Agency.

The free plan enables you to assign one brand, generate 15 social media posts per month, and run 10 monthly competition analyses. The sad thing about this plan is that the generated graphics come with a Predis AI watermark.

If you would like to generate content with no watermarks, as well as have access to increased content creation outputs, then you can subscribe to one of the affordable premium plans.

Here are all pricing plans and their capabilities:

  • Solo: $29/mo (1 brand, 120 AI-Generated Posts, 60 Competitor Analysis Runs, 2 Team Members)
  • Starter: $59/mo (2 brands, Unlimited AI-Generated Posts, Unlimited Competitor Analysis Runs, 2 Team Members)
  • Agency: $139/mo (5 brands, Unlimited AI-Generated Posts, Unlimited Competitor Analysis Runs, 6 Team Members)

Before you subscribe to any of the plans you can try Predis AI completely risk-free by generating 30 social media posts. Or to find out more about this platform, you can check out our comprehensive Predis.ai review.

predis ai pricing

Generate 30 Social Media Posts With Predis AI For Free: Click Here

2. Jasper (Formerly Jarvis)

jarvis ai

When it comes to AI social media content creation tools, Jasper becomes a winner in every aspect. This web-based content generator is capable of automatically producing human-quality written content for every purpose, and that includes social media. 

Jasper uses Artificial Intelligence in the content-generating process. According to the stats, the software has read over 10% of the Internet, and that accounts for around 3 billion articles.

Such a huge database of information gathered by Jasper makes its generated content look super relevant and indistinguishable from human writing. Therefore there’s no question why this tool is trusted by over 40,000 content marketers, as well as by the big companies, like Airbnb, Google, IBM, Logitech, and others.

While Jasper uses advanced technologies and complex algorithms, it works in a simple and user-friendly way. For the software to create the content, all you need to do is to give it a few relevant keywords, or a brief description, and Jasper will generate unique content accordingly.

For social media writing, Jasper can automatically create:

  • Engaging captions for Instagram posts 
  • Large social media posts for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  • Short social posts under 140 characters
  • Intelligent answers for difficult questions on Quora
  • Facebook ad headlines and primary texts
  • And a lot more…

Not to forget, due to its efficiency, Jasper is highly rated on the most popular review platforms, like Trustpilot, G2, or Capterra with a score of 4.8/5 or above.

Features that make Jasper the best option:

  • Jasper allows you to put your desired tone of voice for content generation. You can set Jasper to create content on tones like funny, casual, excited, professional, sarcastic, feminine, masculine, and others. Additionally, you can put famous people or characters’ names, and Jasper will write content according to their written or spoken tone.
  • For those trying to reach international audiences, Jasper supports multi-languages. The software can efficiently generate content in 25 languages, including English, Spanish, Russian, Japanese, Swedish, Danish, and others.
  • Jasper can write for any purpose as it supports more than 50 writing templates. Some of them are perfectly designed for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Quora, etc.
  • Jasper is created to generate fully unique content. Once it finishes writing your text, you can check its uniqueness via Copyscape from inside the platform.
  • Despite the ability to generate social media body text, Jasper can also create catchy headlines as well as generate ideas for your social media content.
  • In case you already have a written piece of social media content, Jasper can rewrite it by making it more interesting, creative, and engaging – thanks to Content Improver Tool. In addition, Jasper can locate and fix grammar and spelling errors.
  • It’s not a secret that Jasper is a very advanced content-writing tool, hence it requires some learning. For that, Jasper packs plenty of tutorials, video guides, and blog posts, and you should get confident using this tool very quickly.
  • Apart from social media content, Jasper can write for other purposes, such as SEO-friendly blog posts, email letters, product descriptions, ads, sales copies, company bios, and many more.


When it comes to pricing, Jasper offers 2 pricing plans – Starter & Boss Mode. The starter plan works best for writing short copies, such as headlines, tweets, product descriptions, and social media content. While the Boss Mode is most suitable for writing blog posts, emails, and stories.

The main difference between the plans is the monthly word count allowance. Also, the Boss Mode will enable additional features, such as document writing, Jasper voice commands, SEO writing, recipes (repeatable instructions for Jasper), revision history view, plagiarism checker, and Grammarly integration.

Here are both pricing plans:

  • Starter: $29 a month for 20,000 words
  • Boss Mode: $59 a month for 50,000 words

Additionally, you can use the slider on the pricing page to adjust your desired word count for content generation, and Jasper will issue the price accordingly.

In terms of a free trial, you can try Jasper at no cost to generate up to 10,000 words via this special link. On top of that, there’s a 5-day money-back guarantee with no questions asked.

jarvis pricing

Generate 10,000 Words With Jasper For Free: Click Here

3. Rytr


Rytr is a young and exciting automated writing tool, that can effectively generate social media posts, captions, and content ideas. Rytr works well for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Quora, and LinkedIn content creation, as well as for many other purposes.

This affordable, user-friendly writing solution uses Artificial Intelligence to write like a human. It relies on scientific copywriting frameworks, like AIDA & PAS in order to produce the best quality output that requires minimal to no editing.

To generate content via Rytr, simply select your use case (you can choose from over 30), choose your desired language and tone, give it a brief description, and Rytr will flawlessly create unique and engaging content.

Besides writing content from scratch, Rytr also allows you to paraphrase, shorten and expand the existing text. In addition, it has grammar correction features in place to further enhance your content.

Not to forget, Rytr is proven to be a great AI writing tool on average having 4.9 out of 5 stars on popular review platforms such as G2, TrustPilot, and Appsumo. In addition, Rytr has a massive customer base consisting of more than 400,000 copywriters who regularly use this tool.

Features that make Rytr a great option:

  • Rytr allows you to create content not only for social media but for many other purposes too. It has over 30 use cases, and these include writing for blog posts & SEO, business ideas, product descriptions, email letters, interview questions, landing page copies, and many more.
  • While Rytr is a premium writing tool, it also comes with a forever free plan allowing to generate 5,000 characters per month.
  • Since Rytr can write in over 30 languages, we can definitely call it a multilingual writing tool. Rytr enables writing in English, German, French, Italian, Greek, Arabic, Hebrew, Hindi, Vietnamese, Czech, Lithuanian, and many other languages.
  • In terms of writing dynamics, Rytr supports over 30 tones and styles. You can set Rytr to write on casual, convincing, critical, enthusiastic, formal, informative, worried, and plenty of other tones.
  • Rytr can drastically improve your existing content by rewording, paraphrasing, shortening, or expanding it. Additionally, Rytr packs built-in plagiarism and grammar-checking features.
  • Rytr allows you to generate social media content not only from inside the platform but also straight from social media platforms as it offers the Google Chrome extension. What is more, you can also use Rytr on your mobile device.
  • While Rytr is mostly focused on individual use, it also has a plan for teams. That allows to easily manage team members, access, and billing from one place.


That being said, Rytr comes with a free plan enabling you to generate up to 5,000 characters per month. Apart from that, this platform also offers an affordable premium plan which will allow you to:

  • Generate unlimited characters
  • Access over 30 use-cases
  • Create your own custom use-case
  • Write in over 30 languages
  • Access over 20 tones
  • Access to a dedicated account manager
  • Access to priority email & chat support
  • Access to premium community

With the premium plan, you get the option to subscribe either to a monthly or a yearly plan. What’s nice about the yearly plan, it will give you 2 months subscription for free.

Here are both pricing plans:

  • Monthly: $29 a month
  • Yearly: $290 a year – 2 months for free

rytr pricing

Try Rytr For Free: Click Here

4. CopyAI


CopyAI is another advanced yet very user-friendly social media content creator. As the name suggests CopyAI uses Artificial Intelligence to automatically generate content, which is very close to human quality.

Trusted by over 250,000 users worldwide, including big brands like eBay, Nestle, Ogilvy, and ZOHO, CopyAI stands as a reliable content writing solution, which is capable of translating the generated text into 25+ languages. Plus, it offers over 25 content templates, and many of them belong to social media use cases.

The reason why so many people love CopyAI is that is very easy to use. In order to generate content for social media channels or other purposes, you simply have to follow three steps:

STEP 1: Select a type of copy
STEP 2: Describe your content in 1 or 2 sentences
STEP 3: CopyAI will generate 10 unique content versions

And in case you are not happy with the generated content versions, you can run the tool again until you get your desired results.

Features that make CopyAI a great option:

  • CopyAI packs over 70 built-in content marketing tools that can do a great favor for your social media writing. Some of the tools include hashtag, emoji, title, headline, and caption generators. In addition, there are general content enhancement tools like passive to active voice converter, sentence rewriter, grammar checker, as well as content expander and shortener.
  • Apart from delivering content in the original tone, CopyAI supports other 8 types of tones. The software can write in friendly, luxury, relaxed, professional, bold, adventurous, and other tones.
  • Just like the other mentioned tools, CopyAI can produce content in many languages. You can choose from over 25 languages, including English, German, Polish, Portuguese, Bulgarian, Czech, Estonian, Slovenian, etc.
  • CopyAI is designed to write content for social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. Additionally, this tool works great for generating content for social media ads.
  • Apart from social media writing, CopyAI offers more writing capabilities. There are over 15 use cases, and some of them include, website, e-commerce, blog, and sales copies.
  • While CopyAI is relatively easy to use, you may still encounter some difficulties. For that, the platform packs plenty of tutorials and video guides, as well as provides 24/7 email support. And if that’s not enough for you, there is a Facebook group with nearly 8k members who regularly share their ideas and experiences about CopyAI.


The great thing about CopyAI is that it offers a forever-free plan. Although a free plan is limited in features, it allows you to make up to 100 runs per day.

But if you want to experience CopyAI in full with unlimited writing and all of its features, then you can upgrade to a premium plan. Besides the individual premium plan, there’s also a premium for teams, which will additionally give you collaboration features as well as team billing.

Other than that, here are individual premium pricing plans:

  • Monthly: $49 a month
  • Yearly: $39 a month, billed $420 yearly

Not to forget, CopyAI also offers a 7-day free trial for its premium plan, and the best thing about it – it doesn’t require a credit card.

copyai pricing

Try CopyAI For Free: Click Here

5. Canva


Instead of using Photoshop, Illustrator, or any other software that requires learning, you can choose Canva for social media visual content creation.

Canva is very easy-to-use and you can generate high-quality visual content with little effort. This tool can help you create content for all social media platforms, including Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, and you can start using it for free.

While Canva is primarily known as an image generation tool, now it also allows you to create videos and even GIFs. The great thing about Canva is that it offers over 250,000 predesigned templates and hundreds of thousands of photos and graphics completely for free. In addition, it has an intuitive design editor, which allows you to generate over 100 design types, including many for social media.

For social media, Canva allows you to easily create:

  • Instagram Stories
  • Instagram Posts
  • Facebook Posts
  • Facebook Covers
  • YouTube Thumbnails
  • Twitter Posts
  • Pinterest Pins
  • & more

Once you select your preferred social media type, Canva will generate pre-designed templates accordingly. You can also select a custom canvas size before designing your content, and that means, Canva can deliver designs for any type of visual content.

Features that make Canva a great option:

  • When it comes to social media visual content generators, Canva covers everything. You can easily design both image and video content for all social media channels.
  • You don’t have to be a designer or source your own files for design while using Canva. In total, this platform offers over 610,000 premium and free design templates as well as 100+ million premium stock photos, graphics, videos, and audios.
  • While Canva is by default a browser-based tool, you can also download it to your Desktop or Mac computer. In addition, Canva is compatible with iOS and Android mobile devices.
  • Canva offers a very user-friendly design editor, which allows you to add or edit different templates, graphic elements, fonts, audio files, emojis, etc. It also allows you to upload your own files.
  • Canva directly integrates with social media platforms, so you can publish or even schedule your visual content straight from the platform. In addition, Canva allows you to add post descriptions or captions before you publish them on social media platforms.
  • Apart from social media visual content generation, Canva also enables to create designs for personal, business, print marketing, education, and other purposes.


As we mentioned, you can start using Canva completely for free as the free plan gives you access to a massive amount of free templates and plenty of design types. However, if you want to get unrestricted access to all Canva’s premium tools and content, then you can upgrade to a premium plan, which can be valid for 5 or more users.

Not to forget, there’s also an enterprise plan that additionally offers team control and management features like, built-in workflows, 24/7 support as well as unlimited storage. But to get the pricing for this plan, you will have to reach out to Canva.

Other than that, here are the pricing options for the Premium plan:

  • PRO Monthly: $12.99 monthly
  • PRO Yearly: $119.99 a year

In terms of a free trial for a premium plan – Canva covers that. You can experience all unlimited Canva’s features at no cost for the entire 14-days.

Try Canva For Free: Click Here

6. Synthesia


Since we have covered written social media content generators, it’s time to talk about the best video content creator called Synthesia, which is suitable for both – individual and collective use. This AI-based software is capable of creating videos for various social media channels without having you be on a camera.

Synthesia allows you to create videos for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or any other social media platform, and they can be up to 30 minutes long. Unlike other video content generators, Synthesia uses AI-simulated human avatars to produce engaging content for your audience.

To create videos through this platform, all you have to do is to select your favorite template, input your script, choose your desired avatar type, and Synthesia will quickly create high-quality realistic videos that you can use anywhere you like. Before generating the final versions of your content, you also have the freedom to:

  • Select preferred language
  • Upload your own background
  • Choose your favorite background music
  • Add text, images & shapes
  • Record and upload your own voice clips
  • and more…

Not to forget, Synthesia gains positive reviews from many of its customers, and it is also trusted by over 4,500 companies of all sizes, including Nike, BBC, Google, Reuters, Teleperformance, Novo Nordisk, and others…

Features that make Synthesia a great option:

  • There are 7 use cases that Synthesia allows you to create content for, and those include – learning & development, personalized videos, corporate communications, product walkthrough videos, SEO marketing videos, video chatbots, and videos for agencies. In fact, all of the use cases are relevant for social media content creation.
  • Synthesia offers over 40 in-built human avatars with different voiceovers. Alternatively, you can record and upload your own avatar, as well as your own voice.
  • The artificial intelligence used in the video generation process makes videos from Synthesia super realistic. There is an excellent synthetic voice narration as well as the natural body language in place.
  • In case you need videos in another language rather than in English, Synesthesia can generate videos in 50+ global languages. And if you need the same video to come in different languages, Synthesia can do this for you in a matter of minutes.
  • Synthesia comes with plenty of pre-designed templates that will work great for any social media channel. Simply choose a template, edit the text/images and you will have a unique branded video.


Synthesia offers a straightforward pricing scheme, and it comes with two plans – personal and corporate:

  • Personal: $30 per month
  • Corporate: Custom pricing

The personal plan will grant you access to the majority of features while at the same time giving some restrictions towards the corporate plan. One of the biggest restrictions of a personal plan is the limited number of credits that you can use for video generation.

As for the free plan, you will only get 10 video credits per month, and that accounts for 10 minutes of monthly video content in total. In case that is not enough for you, you can purchase additional 10 credits for $30.

Another restriction that comes with a personal plan is that your videos cannot be longer than 10 minutes each. In order to generate videos lasting up to 30 minutes, you will need to sign up for the corporate plan.

Lastly, while you can freely post generated videos on YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, etc, you cannot use them in your paid advertising campaigns with a personal plan, and for that, you will also have to upgrade to corporate.

synthesia pricing

Besides the main restrictions for the personal plan, there are other things that might limit your experience with Synthesia. To find out the exact differences in features between both plans, we recommend that you check the Synthesia website.

And in terms of the free trial, you can test Synthesia by creating a basic demo video for free.

Try Synthesia For Free: Click Here

7. Writecream

writecream To finish the list off here’s another social media written content generation tool called Writecream. Although this AI-based software is relatively new, it already has over 5,000 companies around the world that trust and use Wordcream.

Despite the ability to effectively write content for various needs, Writecream can also generate content for numerous social media platforms.

Whitecream uses Artificial Intelligence in conjunction with OpenAI and GPT-3 technologies to create either long-form or short-form type of copy.

As for social media, Writecream can work very well for the majority of platforms, including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora. In addition to written content, Writecream can also generate audio type of content that you can use as podcasts for extended reach.

Among all mentioned written content generators, Writecream offers the biggest array of languages. On top of that, it offers plenty of writing templates and frameworks that you can freely incorporate into your writing.

The amazing thing about Writecream is that it comes with a forever free plan which allows you to generate up to 8,000 words per month for free.

Features that make Writecream a great option:

  • There are over 30 copywriting templates that you can use with Writecream. Besides the ones designed for social media, there are templates for emails, SEO-writing, backlink campaigns, LinkedIn outreach, blog posts, and more.
  • Writecream is designed to generate only unique content, so you can rest assured that your social media posts will be authentic and plagiarism-free.
  • Writecream has features that allow you to create many types of social media content. That includes – captions, posts, bullet-points, product reviews, video scripts, and voiceovers. Besides that, you can also generate ideas for social media content.
  • Apart from social media posts, Writecream can also generate ad copies for Facebook and Instagram. There’s also LinkedIn and Twitter ad copy generation features coming soon.
  • Writecream supports a massive set of languages. It can flawlessly generate social media content in over 70 global languages.
  • As being said, Writecream is a new content generation tool, and it has a lot of upcoming features. Besides what this platform already offers, you should also expect coming soon features like, content rewriter, content enhancer, Chrome extension, grammar improver, new voices for different languages, and many more.


Writecream comes with flexible pricing, and one of the options that you can start with is a free plan. A free plan will give you complete access to the software features and 20 credits per month which accounts for 8,000 generated words.

If such a monthly word allowance is not enough for you, of course, you can subscribe to one of the paid plans that will let you generate more words. The paid plans will also let you generate a bigger number of icebreakers, blog articles, podcasts, and YouTube voiceovers.

Here are all pricing options:

  • Free: $0 a month for 20 credits (8,000 words)
  • Premium: $49 a month for 200 credits (80,000 words)
  • Professional: $69 a month for 500 credits (200,000 words)
  • Ultra: $99 a month for 1,000 credits (400,000 words)

writecream pricing

Try Writecream For Free: Click Here

Final Words:

The times have changed and now artificial intelligence can provide an outstanding amount of value in the content creation process. So why not take the advantage of this amazing opportunity?

Our listed social media content generators can save you plenty of time and other resources as they can automatically create content for you. After reading this article you should be certain about which software will work best according to your needs.

To sum things up, here are the tools that we consider to be the best social media content generators:

  1. Predis AI – the best all-in-one comprehensive social media content generator
  2. Jasper– definitely the best tool for written content generation
  3. Canva – the leading assistant for designing beautiful graphics

And in case you are still unsure, you can experience the power of these tools by signing up for their free trials.

Hope you found this article helpful, and best of luck in social media content creation!

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