Sauna Weight Loss Myth: The Benefits Explained

 Sauna Weight Loss

When you think of saunas, you may think of relaxing spa treatment that will calm your thoughts down after a hard day. But did you know that the sauna can improve your health in many ways, especially if your body contains a high level of toxins?

Yes, that’s right, sauna is a perfect way to detox and cleanse your body from toxins, but what about the weight loss, does sitting in sauna make you lose weight?

Sauna And Weight Loss Myth:

Benefits of Sauna

There’s plenty of information all over that sauna is a great method to passively burn calories and lose weight, however, the truth is, the sauna can be only a little aid to the weight loss process.

In order to efficiently lose weight, we have to build the muscle and burn highly increased calorie rates (like when hitting a treadmill). During sessions in the sauna, the only weight we’re losing is water weight. In fact, we can actually harm our body if we don’t drink and replace water after each session, as we sweat out plenty of it.

Sauna and weight loss myth disclosed: Sauna has no direct effect on weight-loss, however, it can benefit your body in a number of ways, what makes the whole weight-loss process more efficient.

What Are The Benefits Of Sauna?

Keep in mind, regularly enjoying sauna sessions is a GOOD addition to our fitness or diet routines. Sauna has plenty of health benefits to offer and you should not be avoiding it.

Let’s take a look at why sauna is a good choice for your healthy body:

1. Reliefs muscle pain

Saunas do increase your blood flow, which brings a greater amount of oxygen into injured muscles, and that’s what they need to recover faster! The heat in a sauna will help your muscles to relax, it expands the blood vessels what also speeds up the healing process of nerve injury.

2. Boosts immune system

The heat produced in a sauna affects your body by raising the general level of temperature, creating a kind of artificial fever. That tricks our immune system, as it responds to the “fever” while developing itself into more resistant over the time. It’s like a perfect training to your body, which makes your immune system to be more stronger and prepared in the future.

3. Helps to detox

Nowadays, just stepping outside your home makes you exposed to many kinds of harmful pollutants that get stuck inside you. Some of them are easy to detox on a natural daily basis, but some of them may require special actions.

According to some studies, bad chemicals like cadmium, lead, mercury and etc, can be found in our sweat in a way greater concentration than it can be found in the urine. Therefore, sweating these chemicals out is the best and most effective way to detox. Elimination of toxins, such as heavy metals, helps you burn fat more effectively because they are not hindering your metabolism any longer. Keep in mind, that sweating out in the sauna will also make you cleanse from important healthy chemicals, such as electrolytes. Drinking enough water after the session, ensures that detox is safe and vital electrolytes are replaced.

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4. Reduces stress and boosts the energy

Feeling intense and stressed?  Hot sauna is a good way to eliminate reduced tension. Infrared saunas do much more than just allow you to relax. They can promote healing for all kinds of physical ailments and improve your overall health.

When you are entering the sauna, you are entering something private and different than the usual environment. Surrounded with silence and no distractions your nerve system is most likely to relax. What is more, increased heart rate after sitting in the sauna will encourage the release of endorphins (chemicals of happiness) what will simply make you feel more relaxed and happier.

5. Cleanses your skin

Saunas are one of the oldest and most effective skin cleansing methods. As we already know, the sauna increases blood circulation, therefore, it drives a lot more oxygen and nutrition to your skin.

More than 80% of our skin is comprised of collagen – structural protein and sessions in sauna promote its reproduction. Enhanced collagen reproduction replaces dead skin cells with the newer ones, and that leaves our skin looking more moisture and alive.

What Is The Safe Way To Use Sauna?

sauna safe

Although sauna can bring you a lot of health benefits, it can also harm you if you’re not aware of how to enjoy it safely. Here are some key rules you should consider before starting using the sauna regularly.

  • Drink enough water (2-4 glasses of cool water) during, or after each sauna session.
  • Avoid alcohol before, during, or after your session.
  • Do not overdo it (it’s recommended to stay in the sauna for no longer than 15-20 minutes per session).
  • Avoid sauna if you’re ill or have certain medical conditions (for example – pregnancy, high/low blood pressure, etc).



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