Resell Rights Weekly Review – Is It Worth It?

resell rights weekly review

Resell Rights Weekly is mostly known for offering a lot of free PLR products, but at the same time, it has a paid membership option. But, are these products are worth your attention, and should you really join their membership, you will find out in this Resell Rights Weekly review.

What Is Resell Rights Weekly? is a large Private Label Right and Resell Right product membership site. There you can find many done-for-you digital products that you can resell, edit, rebrand, and use for many different purposes.

It has content like eBooks, articles, opt-in pages, scripts as well as other PLR products and all of them are being added regularly.

From my long experience of using PLR products, I can say that Resell Rights Weekly is one of the cheapest membership sites of all. It has both paid and free membership plans, and the free membership plan is quite generous.

It offers a small 1$ trial for 7-days and then $19.99 a month. You can download and access all products unlimitedly as long as you are subscripted.

Main Features:

There are just too many features that RRW promotes on their website, however many of them clash with each other or they are not even the features. Here I will give you my own list of points that I consider to be real features:

  • Almost free $1 membership trial
  • Free product section
  • Low-cost membership
  • Good quality and price ratio
  • Free marketing tools

Who Is It For?

RRW best suits marketers and business owners who want to save money and time in the content creation process. Creating content can be hard, require time and investment, so for those who are struggling with these resources Resell Rights Weekly can be a great solution.

I would say that the quality of products inside is just above the average and can definitely be improved compared to other PLR sites. However, for the money that you pay, or not pay, as it also offers a lot of free PLR products, this site definitely gives you a good value.

Such a ratio between price and quality makes Resell Rights Weekly most attractive to marketers and businesses that are on a budget. 

What Can You Do With The Products From RRW?

Resell rights weekly

Firstly, let’s talk about licenses, and then how you can use products under these to your best advantage.

So there are Private Label Rights (PLR), Resell Rights (RR), and Master Resell Rights (MRR) products on this website.

Private Label Rights is the most permitting licensing type allowing you to do almost everything you want with the product once downloaded. That includes reselling, editing, rewriting, packaging with others, rebranding, and so on.

Then, there are also products under Resell Rights, that only allow reselling the product multiple times without passing the same resell rights to the customer.

And finally, Master Resale Rights – it allows you to resell product multiple times along with the resell rights meaning that your customers will also be able to resell it.

Now, while RR, MRR licenses have only one function, which is reselling the product, the PLR license gives you way more options.

Here’s how you can effectively use PLR products:

  • Product creation
  • Modification
  • Rebranding
  • Reselling for a profit
  • Converting into other formats like video, or audio
  • Giving away as a lead magnet to build the email list
  • Giving them as the bonuses
  • Packaging with other products

So if you want to take the biggest advantage of the products inside Resell Rights Weekly focus on the ones that have PLR license, because the other ones will not let you do a lot.

What Can You Find Inside RRW?

free plr products

As being said, there are tons of PLR, MRR, and Resell Rights products inside Resell Rights Weekly available for both paid and free members. However, being a GOLD member allows you to access way more stuff and in better quality. Plus there’s a big selection of marketing tools, community forum, and bonuses for premium members.

With every product from RRW you will also receive additional files that should help in the sales and marketing process, these are:

  • sales letters
  • designed website
  • designed download page
  • graphics

However, so far, I haven’t seen those to be useful to me. They looked not designed well, outdated, and not really functional.

The better part, if the product is a PLR product you will also receive the source files of that product such as:

  • text file
  • Word Doc file
  • audio file
  • AVI file
  • Software script source

I found these pretty useful as they can help to repurpose the content into other formats.

What Free Members Can Get?

A nice thing about RRW is that it is warmly welcoming new members by offering a great number of free products. There are currently 728 free products as well as the forum and the tool section, which is actually a long list with the links to the tools you may need in your marketing and PLR journey.

Here’s what you can get on RRW while being a free member:

  • Free member downloads – there is a big list of PLR product packages that contain a number of articles, audio versions, sales pages, ebooks, and more.

  • Free articles pack – there is a huge pack with 10,740 Private Label Rights Articles in 320 niches that you can download as a ZIP file to your computer. However, the quality of those is not surprising.

  • Tools – there is a free tool section available for everyone. It is actually a long list with the links to the tools that you may need, as well as some learning resources.

  • Access to the member’s forum – free members can participate in the forum to gain knowledge about web traffic, making money online. However, the forum does not seem to be very active, and I would doubt that the members inside are even real.

What Gold Members Can Get?

While the free members are not left behind, GOLD members can download a lot more of the better quality content.

  • GOLD Downloads: The products that are in the membership area does not only include MRR and Giveaway Rights, but also Private Label Rights too – software, ebooks, info products, program scripts, audios, videos, templates, graphics, PLR article packs, and niche products. This section of products is being regularly updated, and the quality of them isn’t bad at all. Here’s an example of an ebook about time management that I downloaded a couple of days ago.

resell rights weekly ebooks

As you can see it contains good grammar, structuring, formatting, and actually offers value inside.

free plr articles

Also here’s the example of a well-written article that also demonstrates quality information, and looks helpful.

  • Online University – MRR offers a video training section that covers different topics from affiliate marketing to video marketing. However, I haven’t found it helpful as the training videos seem to be low quality, and old.

What do I like about Resell Rights Weekly? (Pros)

resell rights weekly pros

  • Free value, and low-cost trial:

Even though I don’t think there’s much quality that RRW offers for free members, it is still nice that they have something to give for free. A 1$ 7-day trial is something that a lot of people would consider really low cost, and for only 1$ you can download an unlimited amount of PLR products for seven days.

I think for anyone who is on a tight budget this is a great opportunity to take advantage of this low-cost trial.

  • Fairly good quality of products

I have stumbled upon many of RRW products and can tell that the quality of them has really surprised me. Compared to other similar PLR membership sites, like IDPLR, PLR Assasin, or IndigitalWorks, Resell Rights Weekly stands at a fairly good quality standard.

However, the products out there are definitely not perfect, and if you seek higher quality PLR materials there are better platforms out there that I could recommend more (we will talk about it later in this article).

What I don’t like about Resell Rights Weekly? (Cons)

resell rights weekly cons

  • User experience

Once you land on the Resell Rights Weekly website, you will notice it has the design from the ’90s and the whole functionality of the website is being heavily outdated.

It feels not easy to navigate things on their site, there’s too much text, buttons, links, and sections that do not seem necessary.

What I also didn’t like is that there is not enough description for each product, so you have to download an entire ZIP file to find out what actually is inside.

Do I Recommend RRW?

Resell Rights Weekly promises a free membership that gives hundreds of dollars worth products with Private Label Rights and Resell Rights, but in reality, I don’t think they are worth it, and I couldn’t find many free products that are under Private Label Rights.

I also couldn’t find enough value inside these free products, they are not being regularly updated, and you can imagine how many times people have used them before just because they are accessible to anyone.

However, the 1$ trial option gives you a fantastic opportunity to access more of the better quality products, that you can not only resell but also modify, rebrand, and so on.

If you decide that you want to discover more regularly updated PLR content, you can carry on with the membership for 19,99$ a month, but I personally wouldn’t.

It’s because I care about my audience, and I want to give them the best quality content possible, and unfortunately, I couldn’t find it on Resell Rights Weekly.

But it’s all up to you what content standards you should pick, and you can check how this platform is like for as little as 1$.

Is there anything better than Resell Rights Weekly? (Alternative)

plr me

 When it comes to the best PLR website of 2021, I only have one site in mind – This website has revolutionized the PLR industry by offering out-of-the-box the highest quality PLR products.

Unlike many PLR providers who sell outdated, software-generated PLR stuff, offers fresh up-do-date content that is created by their in house writers team.

As the products inside are at a higher quality standard, and the website itself is extremely user friendly and modern, charges a bit more for its products. So for those who are on a tight budget, this option may not be suitable.

Must also mention that this site specializes in health, self-help, and personal development content, so the businesses that don’t involve these topics, may not find what they are looking for.

What offers? products

The platform offers everything you need to give to your beloved audience. It has some interesting and universal PLR product categories, and those include:

  • PLR Action Guides
  • Handouts
  • Worksheets
  • Fables
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Checklists
  • Workshops
  • Slide Deck Presentations
  • PLR Courses
  • Coaching Programs
  • eBooks
  • Articles

Besides that, there’s plenty of marketing tools that you can use along the way, and unlike on other PLR sites, I found those really helpful.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about this platform, you can read a full review here.

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  1. Well said – the 1$ trial is really great opportunity to take advantage and download as many PLR products as you can, but paying 20$/month for the membership is a bit too much🙃

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