5 Easy Steps To Create A Relationship PLR Course

Are you a mentor, teacher, or simply an individual keen on generating income through the sale of relationship programs online? If this resonates with you, the following piece is tailored exactly for your needs.

According to the statistics, the global e-learning market is currently worth over $300 billion and it is expected to reach $400 billion by 2026.

While the other stats indicate that the estimated dating market size is valued at $8.9 billion and it is projected to grow by 6.9% each ear.

These two statistics combined perfectly indicate that relationship courses could be in big demand right now, and today is the best time to start selling your own courses.

Selling courses in general is a fantastic way to create financial freedom from passive income. Unlike physical products, digital products, like courses do not involve manufacturing, packaging, storing, or shipping costs and efforts, therefore the business becomes less complicated, more passive, and more profitable.

Instead of spending time researching and creating all course material by ourselves, we can take, rebrand, and quickly combine PLR products that were already created for us.

This amazing opportunity allows us to save significant amounts of time in course creation as well as money spent on expensive freelancers.

In this article, we will show you how you can quickly create a relationship course using the best PLR resources. but before that, let’s discuss what exactly is a PLR course.

What Is A PLR Course?

PLR course is essentially a course created from a combination of various educational PLR products.

Private Label Rights (PLR) license allows us to edit, rebrand, and claim the authorship of the products we download. We can also legally resell, or give PLR products away for free.

Just like a regular course, a PLR course may involve resources like articles, ebooks, presentations, checklists, action guides, etc., and such products can be downloaded from the PLR websites that we are going to cover.

Since there are almost no complete done-for-you courses available on relationships, we will have to use PLR products separately as the components of a course.

How To Create A Relationship PLR Course:

create plr relationship course

Creating a relationship PLR course involves several steps.

Start by structuring and planning your course. Then, get the best PLR relationship products and rebrand them. After that, combine various PLR materials together to produce the course. And finally, upload your course online for sale.

Let’s talk about these steps in  detail:

1. Outline Your Course

Planning is essential to produce any high-quality course. This process involves coming up with your course topic, title, modules, and lessons.

Relationships are quite a wide topic that cannot be entirely covered in a single course. There can be many forms of relationships, as well as many targeted customer groups, and if you want to create an effective course it is better to focus on one relationship niche at a time.

Here are some relationship niches for you to consider:

  • Men’s dating
  • Women’s dating
  • Friendships
  • Marriage relationships
  • Social media dating
  • Long-distance relationships
  • Senior dating
  • Recovering from a breakup
  • Weddings
  • Self-love

The exact niche of your course also depends on the availability of done-for-you products. So before you decide on a specific niche, make sure you can find enough PLR products in that area.

Once you decide on the niche of your course, give a name to it. Come with a short and appealing name that represents the topic you are going to cover.

Talking about the structure of your course, it should involve several modules and a number of lessons that cover each module. Modules in a course are like the chapters of a book, and each of them should cover various sub-topics of the course.

For example, let’s say you are doing a course on men’s dating on social media:

One of the modules could be “Best Tinder Dating Strategies”, and the lessons might be – “Starting Conversation on Tinder”, “How To Get a Reply on Tinder”, or “Things To Avoid on Tinder”, and so on…

While you can structure your course however you want, the best practice is to have at least 3 modules and 3-15 lessons covering each module. This specifically applies if you want to publish your courses on educational marketplaces, like Udemy, which has its own course guidelines.

If you are planning to create video lessons, which is definitely a good idea, then each lesson should be 3-10 minutes long. This is the optimal time to keep your students engaged, and easy for them to digest your content.

Plan out and write down all the modules as well as the lessons that you want to cover in each course. Give every single section a name, and provide them with expected lengths if you are planning to create video lessons.

2. Download The Best Relationship PLR Products

When it comes to the finest quality PLR course resources, PLR.me is undoubtedly the best source to download such products.

Featured by big names like Entrepreneur, 100 Huntley Street, and Toronto Sun, PLR.me provides truly outstanding done-for-you products in a relationship niche.

Unlike many other PLR sites that hire cheap writers, or use software to generate the content, PLR.me has its own US/Canadian writers who carefully craft every single piece of the product. Therefore, you can always expect to receive high-quality content that does not require corrections.

plr me

Currently, there are over 670 PLR products covering dating & relationship areas. The products come in various formats and the majority of them are:

  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Worksheets
  • Action Guides
  • Coaching Handouts
  • Lead Magnets
  • Reports & eBooks
  • Coaching Workshops & Slide Deck Presentations
  • Assessments & Quizzes
  • Checklists
  • Fact Sheets

All content includes full Private Label Rights meaning you will get to do everything you want with it, including rebranding, combining, or reselling.

As for the course creation, you could, for example, use articles and presentations for the lessons of your course, and giveaway products like worksheets, action guides, or assessments for your students to complete outside the course.

You can also use products like articles, reports, or lead magnets for the promotion of your course as well as lead generation.

It’s down to your imagination how you’d like to combine different PLR products together. But to make your life easier,  PLR.me also has some bundles to offer in the dating and relationship niche.

The bundles are well-balanced groups of content that are related to each other, and they come with special discounts allowing you to save money.

Apart from individual products and bundles, PLR.me also has two complete courses to offer, and they come with the titles – “True Love: How To Find Your Soulmate”, and “Keep The Fire Burning: How To Build A Loving Relationship That Lasts”.

relationship plr.me course

These comprehensive and ready-to-sell courses will give you everything you need including 3-5 modules, 24-35 course lessons, and plenty of learning and promotional resources.

Talking about the pricing, PLR.me prices its products higher than the other sources. But, since all content is well-researched and well-written, it becomes worth every single penny.

To make your purchase easier we have a special coupon to share with you. This will give you 10 free credits, which you could use to download some PLR.me products completely for free.

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Other Sites To Get Relationship PLR:

If you cannot find what you are looking for on PLR.me, or this site seems to be too expensive, there are other sites where you can download relationship-related PLR products.

Although the quality of content offered by PLR.me is incomparably better, the sources below provide PLR content for much lower prices:

PLR Database: A membership site where you can access unlimited amounts of products for as long as you are subscribed. The prices for membership start from 10$, and there you will find around 400 various done-for-you products in the relationship category. The product types include articles, ebooks, graphics, packages, and more.

BIG PRODUCT STORE: Another PLR membership site that in terms of offered products, is similar to the PLR Database. The only difference is that this source offers not only monthly but also lifetime access to its product library. The downside of Big Product Store is that it does not allow you to filter products by category, so you will have to spend more time finding the products you need.

The PLR Store: Theplrstore.com is a straightforward PLR store where you can purchase PLR products individually. There are currently over 700 PLR products that belong to the relationship area. The majority of products are ebooks, but there are also some articles, email newsletters, and other products that can be used in course creation.

Check out more sites that sell PLR dating & relationship content

3. Rebrand the PLR Content:

rebrand plr course

As you know, a PLR license allows us to modify, and in other words, rebrand already-created digital products.

The best form of branding PLR materials for a course is to record video lessons from them. We already covered that you could use PLR presentations, or articles to create video lessons, and we will go to the specifics of this process soon.

If you don’t want to create video lessons, then you can proceed with a text-based course, however video courses generally get more engagement and success.

Either way, apart from video lessons, you should also offer some text-based resources for your students to learn from. To rebrand PLR coaching resources, you can start by placing your logo on them.

While such branding isn’t 100% necessary, it will increase your brand’s credibility, and help to establish better trust with the clients.

You can place your logo on the covers of the products, as well as inside the pages. For that, you can use PLR.me’s PDF brander tool. In case you don’t have a logo for your course-selling brand, you can use Canva to easily create one in minutes.

Another form of rebranding is rewriting the content. You have the right to go through all PLR materials and modify the contents in any way you like. Perhaps you feel there’s not enough or too much relevant information covered in a resource, you can add, remove and replace the content.

If you don’t like the idea that the content of a resource could have been used by someone else, you can rewrite it to create a fully unique coaching resource. While you can rewrite the contents by hand, the smarter way would be to use an automated rewriting tool, like Spin Rewriter.

4. Produce the Course:

record PLR course

This section is only relevant for those who want to go the extra mile and create the video lessons of the course. Before you plan out the video lessons, it’s important to determine how you would like to sell a PLR course.

If you would like to sell it solely from your own platform then there are no specific requirements to follow. But, if you want to sell your PLR course on leading course marketplaces like Udemy, then you should consider producing a video course according to their guidelines.

In order to submit your course, Udemy requires you to have:

  • At least 30 minutes of video content
  • At least 5 separate lectures (modules)
  • Valuable educational content
  • HD video quality (720p or 1080p)

Besides this, you may also want to consider having short video lessons ranging from around 3 to 15 minutes in length. Although Udemy does not require you have this, generally students get more engaged while consuming short-form video lessons.

If you don’t have experience speaking in front of the camera, and producing videos, this task may seem to be complicated. However, it is actually not.

The most important thing for you is to provide value in your course while speaking confidently, and clearly. Knowing this, the rest of the stuff like fancy cameras or expensive microphones becomes not that important,

You can certainly produce a high-quality course with a smartphone, webcam, and average external microphone. The audio is more important than the video in a course, therefore focus more on providing a good quality, clear verbal message to your students.

Depending on the exact relationship topic you are willing to cover, you may want to consider screen recording software. That will allow you to share some data and insights with your students from your screen, while also displaying yourself speaking.

Here is some free and paid screen recording software for you to consider:

After you record video lessons, it will be time to polish up the videos. This will involve cutting out any unnecessary parts, and adding your branding or effects to the videos.

For that, you can consider some free and premium online video editing tools, like:

These easy-to-use video editing tools will let you conveniently combine or separate the video course materials as well as export them in any format you like.

5. Upload & Sell Your Course:

sell plr course

After you have recorded all video lessons, and have all written course materials under your hand, it’s time to upload everything online. As covered, Udemy is the most popular place to sell courses online, but to do so, you will have to follow their guidelines.

Udemy is an online learning and teaching marketplace with over 130,000 courses and 35 million students on board. The main reason why this platform is great is that it already gets significant amounts of daily visitors, and you get a chance to showcase your courses in front of them.

But the downside of Udemy is the low earnings for sales as it will only pay out 37% of the revenue of any course you sell. Besides that, the platform also regularly discounts courses at their own discretion, sometimes even up to 90% leaving you little room to make money.

However, if you are also planning to sell courses on your own platform, which you should do, Udemy can be a fantastic lead generation tool.

You could sell mini-courses on Udemy to invite students to check out your bigger and higher-priced courses, as well as other products or services that are available on your website. In other words, you could use Udemy for downwelling, upselling, or cross-selling your other products.

In case you don’t like Udemy, you can also consider other courses selling marketplaces, such as Skillshare, or Coursera.

Regardless of the marketplace you will choose to upload your courses, the best strategy to make money with PLR courses is to sell them from your own platform.

By doing so, you will have the most control and flexibility over your courses and clients, and the best thing about it – you will get to keep 100% of your profits.

Selling courses from your website simply allows you to earn more, and you can do this in a couple of ways.

You can upload, host, and sell your courses on a WordPress site with the help of some free and premium plugins. This is the most cost-efficient way to sell courses online, however, it will require some technical knowledge and time to set everything up.

To learn more about it, you can watch one of the video guides on how to sell courses with WordPress:

If you want to create your course platform quickly without the hassle, you can try an all-in-one course-building platform like PodiaKajabi, or Teachable. These platforms will let you design beautiful storefronts, host, sell, and deliver your courses, as well as take care of many other things in one place.

Although these solutions will help you to create your course platform significantly faster, it all comes down to the higher pricing.

Once you have created your own course platform and uploaded your course, you can market it through various channels, including:

  • Course marketplaces
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • YouTube
  • Social Media
  • Paid Ads
  • Guest posting
  • Podcasting
  • & more…

To maximize the chances of success, come up with beautiful landing pages for your courses, offer some value for free, and introduce discounts, coupons, or other promotions.

Final Words:

Selling relationship courses is a fantastic way to generate passive income today.

There’s no need to dedicate countless hours to researching and creating the course content as well as hiring expensive freelancers to create course content for you.

Today we have an opportunity to use already created course materials as our own, thanks to Private Label Rights, and we have covered how you could create a relationship course using the highest quality done-for-you materials from PLR.me.

To create a high-quality course, you should also produce some video lessons, and that could be easily done with a smartphone, or webcam, as well as with free screen recording and video editing software.

Besides video lessons, you should also have some materials that could be given away to your students as learning resources for your course, and for that PLR products come in handy.

Once you have everything ready, you can upload your course on your own website and places like Udemy.

Try to leverage both platforms for the best profits, and in the meantime, try to expand your client base by creating and publishing as many high-quality courses as you can.

The sky is the limit to how much you can earn with online courses, and the more courses you create, the more money you will earn.