Publisher Rocket Review 2023: Can It Boost Your Book Sales?

Searching for the right keywords to maximize your book’s visibility on Amazon can be a daunting task. But with a popular book marketing software, like Publisher Rocket, this challenge becomes easier to handle.

This post will walk you through the features and benefits of Publisher Rocket, from its keyword research capabilities to competition analysis tools.

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Quick Overview:

Best For  Regular Books, E-books, Audiobooks, Low-content books
Features Keyword Research Tool, Competition Analyzer, Category Research Tool, AMS Keyword Search, Market Research Tool, ASIN Number Feature
Search Engines Amazon, Google
Pricing $97 (one-time fee)
Money Back Guarantee 30 days

What is Publisher Rocket?

publisher rocket

Publisher Rocket is a keyword research tool designed to help self-publishers build a solid and profitable book business based on real data collected from Amazon.

It was formerly known as KDP Rocket and was rebranded in 2020. The tool was created by Dave Chesson, a successful self-published author who has helped thousands of authors achieve their goals.

Publisher Rocket offers a variety of book research and marketing features, including a keyword search tool, competition analysis, category research tool, and much more.

Using Publisher Rocket has been great for me. The tool is simple and quick. With just a click, I get much data about books, authors, and Amazon categories. This helps a lot with my keyword search and also gives ideas for making good book descriptions.

Best of all, it shows profitable keywords to use in my work. I find this software helpful particularly when crafting my Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) ads too!

Publisher Rocket Pricing

publisher rocket pricing

Publisher Rocket charges $97 for its service. You pay this once and get to use it forever. It gives you lots of features that help with Amazon marketing.

There is no free trial for Publisher Rocket right now. But the good news is, there’s a 30-day money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with it. Many users find the cost fair because of all the things it does.

Quite often, people compare Publisher Rocket to other tools like KDSPY, Book Bolt, and Helium 10.

While there are other options out there, Publisher Rocket stands out because it works so well and does many things to help you sell books on Amazon.

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Key Features of Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket offers several key features that can help self-published authors sell more books and save time.

With its keyword search, competition analyzer, category search, and AMS keyword search capabilities, Publisher Rocket is a valuable tool for book marketing research.

Let’s discuss these features in more detail:

Keyword Search

publisher rocket keyword research

Publisher Rocket’s Keyword Search feature is a powerful tool that helps authors find profitable keywords for their books. With this feature, you can conduct keyword research to understand how readers are searching for books on Amazon.

By using Publisher Rocket, you can discover high search volume keywords that have lower competition, giving your book a better chance of getting noticed by potential readers.

The Keyword Search feature also allows you to see how books are ranking on Audible, which provides valuable insights into the audiobook market. By finding the right keywords and optimizing your book’s metadata with them, you can increase its visibility and attract more potential readers.

In addition to helping you find profitable keywords, Publisher Rocket’s Keyword Search feature also enables you to search categories and uncover descriptive keywords that accurately represent your book.

This ensures that your book appears in relevant searches and reaches the right audience.

Competition Analyzer

Competition Analyzer

The Competition Analyzer is a key feature of Publisher Rocket. It helps you analyze the market and your competitors’ book performance. With this tool, you can find out how many sales they are making each month.

This gives you insights into the top-selling titles and allows you to compare their keywords, search volume, and sales statistics. By using Publisher Rocket’s Competition Analyzer, you gain a competitive advantage over 90% of other authors.

Plus, it provides valuable data like monthly earnings and Google search volume to help improve your own book’s performance in the market.

Category Search

category search

Publisher Rocket’s Category Search feature is a valuable tool for authors and publishers. It helps you find niche categories that are relevant to your book, making it easier to reach your target audience.

With Category Search, you can explore different genres and conduct in-depth research on specific categories. This feature provides insights into keyword analysis, competition levels, and market trends, giving you a better understanding of how readers search for books on Amazon.

category search1

By utilizing Category Search, you can discover related categories and increase your chances of becoming a bestseller in your chosen market. Publisher Rocket’s seamless interface allows you to input descriptive keywords and quickly retrieve relevant categories.

AMS Keyword Search

ams keyword research

Publisher Rocket’s AMS Keyword Search tool is a valuable resource for authors and publishers looking to improve their book advertising on Amazon. With this tool, you can find more effective keywords that will enhance your book’s visibility and increase sales.

ams keyword research1

By generating relevant keywords, you’ll be able to optimize your book’s presence on Amazon and create more impactful advertisements. The AMS Keyword Search feature in Publisher Rocket is known for its accuracy in identifying profitable keywords, making it an essential tool for successful book marketing campaigns.

So if you’re looking to boost your book’s visibility and reach a larger audience via paid ads, the AMS Keyword Search feature of Publisher Rocket is definitely worth considering.

How To Use Publisher Rocket

Publisher Rocket is a powerful tool designed to bridge the gap between authors and the ever-expanding Amazon market. If you’re a self-publisher looking to understand and penetrate this vast landscape, here’s how to make the most out of this platform.

1. Discover High-Performance Keywords:

One of the foundational pillars of self-publishing success is the ability to identify and utilize the right keywords.

With Publisher Rocket’s Keyword Research tool, you can delve into valuable keyword insights, discovering both competitive and niche opportunities.

For example, if you’ve penned a beginner’s guide for young readers, a simple search might highlight unexplored niches, allowing you to target an untapped audience.

2. Gauge Your Competition:

Knowledge is power. With the Competition Analyzer feature, arm yourself with a comprehensive overview of the top-performing books in your genre or category.

This tool showcases sales data, enabling you to understand the potential earnings in your selected niche. By analyzing top contenders, you can tailor your book’s strategy to either differentiate from the pack or align with proven success patterns.

3. Perfect Your Category Selection:

Every book belongs somewhere, and the right category can make all the difference.

The Category Search function lets you explore various Amazon categories, helping you find the perfect spot for your book.

Whether you’re looking to become a bestseller in a competitive category or dominate a less-populated niche, this feature guides you to make informed decisions.

4. Master Amazon Marketing:

For those eager to invest in Amazon’s AMS advertising platform, the AMS Keyword Search tool is your best companion.

Generate lists of relevant search terms that customers use, ensuring your marketing campaigns are both targeted and effective.

By exporting these keywords and integrating them into your campaigns, you’re primed to capture a broader audience.

5. Continuous Learning with Tutorials:

If you’re ever unsure about navigating Publisher Rocket’s offerings, their range of tutorials is a goldmine.

From introductions to in-depth guides on choosing categories or analyzing competition, there’s a wealth of knowledge to ensure you’re using the tool to its maximum potential.

In essence, Publisher Rocket is not just a tool – it’s a compass, pointing you towards self-publishing success. By harnessing its features and continuously adapting to the insights it provides, you position yourself at the forefront of the Amazon publishing realm.

Whether you’re a seasoned author or just embarking on your self-publishing journey, this platform has the potential to be a game-changer.

Publisher Rocket Pros and Cons

Publisher Rocket offers a wide array of benefits for authors and publishers, but it also has a few potential drawbacks. Here’s a detailed list of the pros and cons of this tool.

Pros Cons
Offers a suite of research tools tailored specifically to the needs of authors and publishers. As one of the few tools that focus on authors, it bridges the gap in the market effectively. There is a learning curve associated with Publisher Rocket. It may take some time to fully understand how to use all the features effectively.
Version 2.0 is considered the best book marketing research tool, and it constantly gets updated with new features and improvements. Though it provides comprehensive data, Publisher Rocket may not always have the most up-to-date information as it depends on data from other sources.
Its Keyword Search feature saves a significant amount of time by searching Amazon and Google for keywords with just one click. The tool is only available in English, limiting its reach to non-English speaking authors or those targeting non-English markets.
Publisher Rocket provides valuable statistics such as keywords, searches, and sales for competitive titles, which can immensely benefit authors in their marketing strategies. At a price point of $97, some self-published authors may find Publisher Rocket to be quite expensive, especially those just getting started.

Weighing these pros and cons can give you a comprehensive idea about whether Publisher Rocket is the right tool for your self-publishing needs.

Is Publisher Rocket Right For You?

publisher rocket reviews

When deciding if Publisher Rocket is the right tool for you, consider factors such as your existing books and use it for book idea research.

Considerations for existing books

For authors with existing books, it’s important to consider whether Publisher Rocket is the right tool for you.

If you’re looking to understand reader preferences better and connect with your audience more effectively, Publisher Rocket can help.

It allows you to do keyword research and find categories that will maximize the visibility of your book. By using this tool, you can improve your marketing strategies and sell more books, ultimately maximizing your return on investment.

Whether you write fiction or nonfiction, Publisher Rocket provides valuable insights that can benefit any author looking to boost their book sales.

Using for new book research

Publisher Rocket is also a valuable tool for self-published authors when it comes to researching book ideas. It helps you find profitable keywords and gather insights into what readers want.

With Publisher Rocket, you can discover the preferences of your target audience, save time by focusing on writing instead of marketing, and increase your book sales and return on investment.

It also assists in crafting compelling book descriptions that will attract readers. So if you’re looking for a way to boost your writing productivity and make informed decisions about your book ideas, Publisher Rocket is worth considering.

Using for low-content books

While Publisher Rocket can assist with all types of book marketing on Amazon, it might be not the best fit for low-content books.

Today we have some other great platforms that are tailored specifically for low content books, offering everything from keyword research to design solutions.

Plus, if the one-time payment of $97 for Publisher Rocket feels steep, the Publisher Rocket alternatives offer monthly subscription plans, giving you flexibility in payments.

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Publisher Rocket Alternatives

In addition to Publisher Rocket, there are several other book marketing software alternatives worth considering.

These include Book Bolt, KDP Spy, and Self Publishing Titans. Each of these tools offers its own unique features and benefits to help authors with their book marketing efforts.

Book Bolt

book bolt

Book Bolt is a book marketing software tool that offers multiple features to help publishers, users, and creators in their book promotion efforts. It provides alternatives for publishing on Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) and even has a low content book creator feature.

With Book Bolt, you can explore various marketing strategies, analyze competition, and find ebook marketing solutions. While using Book Bolt, it’s important to consider the pros and cons associated with the software, as well as reading reviews to make an informed decision about its suitability for your needs.

Check out Book Bolt: Click Here

Read our full Book Bolt Review

Self Publishing Titans

self publishing titans

Self Publishing Titans is a platform that helps authors who want to self-publish low-content books, such as notebooks, journals, and activity books. It provides a range of tools for book publishing, including both free and premium options.

With Self Publishing Titans, you can access resources for book formatting, distribution options, manuscript editing, and even book interior design. Whether you’re an experienced publisher or just starting out as a creator, Self Publishing Titans offers valuable services to support your independent publishing journey.

So if you’re looking for assistance with the various aspects of self-publishing your book, Self Publishing Titans might be the right choice.

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kdp spy

KDSPY, also known as Kindle Spy, presents itself as a viable alternative to Publisher Rocket for authors and publishers delving into keyword research.

While both tools excel in offering insights for Amazon’s book marketplace, KDSPY offers slightly fewer data and insights but comes with cheaper pricing (one-time payment of $69)

Also, KDSPY operates directly within the browser, facilitating quick and immediate data access. This contrasts with Publisher Rocket’s standalone application which offers extensive keyword suggestions and analyses.

Those seeking streamlined, in-browser research might find KDSPY to be a suitable choice.

Check out KDP Spy: Click Here


In conclusion, Publisher Rocket is a valuable tool for self-published authors looking to improve their book marketing efforts. With its keyword search and competition analysis features, it helps authors find profitable keywords and categories on Amazon.

While it doesn’t guarantee success for a poorly written book, Publisher Rocket can save time and help authors sell more books by providing valuable insights into the online book market.

Whether you’re a fiction or nonfiction author, this reasonably priced software can be a game-changer in your publishing journey.


What is the competitive score for Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket’s Competitive Score is a metric that helps authors determine how competitive a particular keyword is. The score ranges from 0 to 100, with higher scores indicating more competition.

Is Publisher Rocket the same as KDP Rocket?

Publisher Rocket is the new name for KDP Rocket, a popular software tool for Kindle authors. It has been rebranded and updated with new features, but it still provides the same core functionality as KDP Rocket.

How useful is Publisher Rocket?

Publisher Rocket is an incredibly useful tool for authors who want to improve their book’s discoverability and increase sales. It provides a range of features, including keyword research, category analysis, and competitor research, that can help authors optimize their book’s metadata and marketing strategy.

What is the Publisher Rocket discount?

Publisher Rocket does not offer any discounts or coupon codes at this time. However, the software is priced affordably and provides excellent value for its cost.

What is the Publisher Rocket contact information?

For any inquiries or support, users can contact the Publisher Rocket team via email at

Is Publisher Rocket a software?

Yes, Publisher Rocket is a software tool for authors that helps with keyword research, category analysis, and competitor research to optimize book metadata and marketing strategy.