PLRPLR Review – Is It A Good PLR Article Source?

Have you been on the hunt for complimentary PLR articles and discovered In the ensuing review, I will delve into the details of this platform to assist you in determining if investing your time and efforts in PLRPLR is worthwhile.

What is PLRPLR? is a PLR article directory where you can easily access plenty of copyright-free articles. These articles come under Private Label Rights and you can edit them, rebrand them, and use them anywhere you like. 

The great thing about this platform is that everything is accessible within seconds. There’s no need to create an account, log in or even download the articles. All you need to do is to choose your desired niche, open the article you like, and copy it straight from the website.

They have free PLR article directories in any niche you can think of, including – weight loss, yoga, marketing, business, arts, travel, fashion, dating, and many more.

They also have article categories sorted by tiny sub-niches, for example, Atkins diet, American history, Bluetooth technology, home security, etc. 

This website may seem like a paradise for free PLR article hunters until you actually check these articles…

About Articles From

free article dictionary

If you are expecting to find a quality 2000-word article written on, you will get disappointed.

The articles from PLR are super short, and they range anywhere from 200-500 words. These articles can hardly be called blog articles as they are way too short to be used on a blog.

These days, to rank our blog and get organic traffic from Google, we will need to be publishing at least 700 words blog posts, and that’s a very minimum. Ideally, a blog post should consist of 1700-2500 words, so doesn’t really help us here.

As mentioned before, the content on PLR PLR is super easily accessible and it’s free. Thousands of people browse this website and use the articles every day, so once you put the content into one of the plagiarism checking platforms, don’t get surprised if you find something like this:

plr plagiarism
One of the articles checked on plagiarism checker

If you really care about your audience, you should focus on publishing only unique and original content. No matter where you want to use PLR articles, might not be the right fit for that, as you can hardly find something original on this website.

They also have a link attached to each of their articles to the software called article spinner. This software costs $67 and it is capable to turn these articles into original by changing certain words or phrases.

However, I do not recommend using any of the article spinners, as they are not capable to produce natural-sounding text, and many of the new inserted words or phrases will look unnatural and simply awkward.

The best way to rewrite a PLR article is actually rewriting them by hand.

What I like about articles from PLRPLR:

The only thing that I like about this site is that there are so many articles on so many topics. They categorize articles by the smallest niches, so anyone who is creating content in a tiny specific niche can probably find their section.

But, I can only see these articles as resources for information and ideas. If you are looking for content ideas or even niche ideas, this website can actually serve you well. Alternatives:

If you want to feed your audience with the best quality original content, you should consider alternative PLR sources. Here we will cover some other great PLR websites, where you can get the best quality PLR articles for free, or at least for a good deal.


plr me is a revolutionary PLR site that has changed the PLR industry forever. Unlike the majority of PLR platforms that repost content from other sites, or use software to generate it, has an in-house writer team and they actually write the content themselves. 

The quality of PLR articles and other products is probably the highest in the industry. The articles are long, well-written, and fairly original, but the price per article can range anywhere from 40 cents to $2.40. That may seem expensive compared to other low-end PLR sites, but the quality will definitely pay off the price.

There are over 5,000 hand-written articles and blog posts in many niches, that you can edit and use as your own.

For those who don’t want to spend a single penny and still get some quality PLR articles, there’s a way with

Here I will share a coupon link that will give you 10 credits, which allow you to download up to 10 articles for free.

Here’s a coupon link to 10 free credits:

2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is another great source to find quality PLR articles. While this platform offers, plenty of free PLR ebooks, unfortunately, there’re no free articles on this site.

However, PLR Database offers very affordable membership plans, that will allow you to access and download unlimited amounts of not only articles but also other PLR products for as long as you are subscribed.

The membership prices are:

  • 1 month – $10
  • 3 months – $25
  • 1 year – $49

PLR Database articles are not as good as from, but they are still worth the price. The articles range from around 700-1100 words and they are long enough to be published on a blog. The articles here come in article packs, and you can find them in pretty much all world’s niches.

plr database articles
One of the article packs on

Visit PLR Database: Click here

Final Words:

If you think that can be a great shortcut to writing articles, you are probably wrong. Considering the article quality as well as the word count, we could hardly see how these articles can be useful at all.

Since everything is free and easily accessible on this site, the chances that you will find original content here are very low too.

Bottom line: If you want to publish the best quality content, you should definitely consider alternative PLR article sources. seems to be only good for finding article or niche ideas.

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