PLR Videos Guide 2023: Where To Find The Best Videos?

Are you seeking premium-quality videos to enhance your online business or website?

Look no further, because our PLR Videos Guide has got you covered!

In today’s fast-paced world, videos have become a crucial aspect of online marketing. Not only do they grab the attention of potential customers, but they also help in retaining the interest of the audience.

However, creating unique and engaging videos can be time-consuming and costly. That’s where Private Label Rights (PLR) videos come in. These pre-made videos allow you to use them as your own, with the right to edit, brand and sell to your customers. In this guide, we’ll show you where to find the best PLR videos and how to effectively use them to grow your online presence.

Planning to use PLR videos for reselling, course creation, YouTube, or any other purpose? In this article, we are going to discuss, what are PLR videos, how to use them correctly, and where you can download them.

What Are PLR Videos?

PLR videos are essentially videos with Private Label Rights. Those you can fully edit, modify, rebrand, claim your authorship, and package with other products.

Also, you can often give those videos away for free, but not always, and you have to check that with your PLR provider.

There are also videos with more restrictive rights, such as Resell Rights (RR) and Master Resell Rights (MRR), and those only allow you to use videos for reselling purposes, without changing the contents.

We recommend that you stay away from RR and MRR products. It’s because it’s always better to focus on providing original content to your audience and customers, and those rights will not allow you to change and turn it into unique.

Most of the time PLR videos will come in a package consisting of several videos. There can be 5, 10, or even 20 videos in each pack, and they will typically come with a transcript text version, audio files, and even a sales page.

Also, most of the time you won’t find a human in a PLR video, but only a text, voiceover, and some images. Some of the videos can be poor with low-quality voiceovers and images, and have no value, while some of them can be really good.

How To Use PLR Videos:

There are several ways how you can use PLR videos effectively. You can either use those videos to generate profits directly, or you can use them to feed your audience with amazing content.

As we already mentioned, before you use any of the PLR videos, it’s recommended that you change and turn them into the original. We will talk about how you can change PLR videos later in this article, but now let’s have a look at how you can generally use Private Label Rights videos:

  • Reselling
  • Packaging with other products
  • Converting into other formats
  • Using in marketing funnels
  • Using for the content on YouTube
  • Giving away for an email address
  • Publishing on free membership sites

Again, the last two bits require your videos to come with Giveaway Rights, and Private Label Rights do not always include them. It all depends on the websites where you get PLR videos from, so always check the terms and conditions of each product.

Using PLR Videos On YouTube:

plr videos youtube

Using PLR videos for YouTube is a big topic, and a lot of people are interested in this method. However, there are a few important things you should know before uploading PLR content on this platform.

YouTube has an algorithm that scans for plagiarised content. It also has a transcript feature, where it can extract audio or text from your videos, and check if the content is original.

If published content on YouTube has been used before, you may not get organic views, lose the monetization opportunity, or your video may be taken off the platform.

The same applies if you want to package your PLR video series with other PLR products to form a course and publish on marketplaces, like Udemy. Platforms like Udemy also have algorithms that detect plagiarised content, so if you decide to upload PLR videos as they are, they are most likely going to be rejected.

The only place where you can sell plagiarised content is your own hosted website, or store, but again you shouldn’t do that if you really care about your customers.

Knowing that everyone has the access to PLR videos, the chances are they have been already published somewhere. That’s why it’s important that we turn those videos into original by changing them, and there are several ways to do that.

How To Change PLR Videos?

If you plan to sell, or giveaway PLR videos from your website, or use them on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc, you don’t necessarily need to touch them. Other than that it is always recommended that you modify them in some way.

Normally, PLR videos will come with transcript text files or audio files, and they allow you to generate your own unique videos. Today, we have enough tools that can help you to do that.

If you have a text file along with PLR videos, you can use software like InVideo to easily convert text into new videos with a nice-sounding automated voice-over, or you can record and use your own voice.

If a text version is not included in the PLR video series, but you have the audio files, you can use software like Descript to extract a text version from an audio file.

Once you manage to get all these things done, there are a few tips that can help you to make your content even more unique:

  1. Add intro and outro to the video
  2. Change the structure and some words
  3. Change the images
  4. Add your logo

By following these steps you will ensure that your videos are authentic and unique, and platforms, like YouTube or Udemy, will love them.

Where To Download The Best PLR Videos?

Not every PLR video you will find on the Internet will be of good quality. Quite often the content inside will lack value, and sometimes you may not find the additional files that will help you to repurpose it.

The truth is, you will need to go through a lot of PLR videos to find really good ones, and buying them individually in PLR stores may cost you a fortune. That’s why we are only going to focus only on PLR membership sites that not only provide the best quality products in the market but are also super affordable.



Big Product Store stands as one of the best PLR membership sites since 2012. Unlike many PLR membership sites that charge for monthly recurring subscriptions, Big Product Store offers an amazing lifetime membership, that will help you save tons of money in the long run.

It offers thousands of video packs, and other PLR products, such as articles, ebooks, software, audios, templates, and more. The great thing about this site is that the admins add new PLR videos and other products very often, so you are never left behind in the membership.

Most of the time, videos will come with additional text, or audio files, that will help to repurpose the content. Must note, that not all products from Big Product Store come with Private Label Rights. There are also products with Resell or Master Resale Rights, so, make sure you read the description before downloading and using the right product.

For only a one-time payment of $98.50, you can access and use Big Product Store’s products forever. Alternatively, you can subscribe to their monthly membership for $17.

Visit: Big Product Store


2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is another great PLR membership site that offers plenty of high-quality rebrandable products, including videos.

There are over 3,000 video packs on PLR Database, and most of them come with Private Label Rights. The moderators add new products almost every day, and they cover many niches, including business, marketing, cooking, fitness, weight loss, motivation, dating, etc.

Video products from PLR Database and Big Product Store are very similar. They both deliver high-quality content and often provide additional files to repurpose and support the product. The only difference between these sites is that PLR Database does not offer lifetime membership, and the user experience on this site is better.

The pricing on PLR Database is also very affordable compared to other PLR memberships and product stores. 1- month membership there costs $10, 3-month membership is $29, and for $49 you can access and use all products for the entire year.

Visit: PLR Database


If you are looking for other types of high-quality products:

As we covered before it’s always better that you generate a new video from a PLR video, and we only need written content for that. You can get great and informative written content from the websites mentioned above, but if you want the highest quality PLR materials, this site is just for you:

plr me

When it comes to high-quality PLR materials, this site is the best of the best. is a product store that does not sell PLR videos but has plenty of other great resources that you can convert into videos.

Unlike many other PLR sites, has an in-house writer team based on native English speakers who actually write all the content themselves. All content from is original, well-written, contains the value, and can be given away for free. covers many niches but mostly focuses on health and wealth topics. You can use their well-written articles, ebooks, and even presentations to create videos. Or, if you are looking for other ways to use PLR content, they have some unique and interesting products, such as affirmation reflections, action guides, checklists, worksheets, and more.

Besides, high-quality content, also offers, amazing user experience, efficient 24/7 support, and helpful content marketing tools.


Click here to discover more high-quality PLR websites

Final Words:

PLR videos allow us to save time and money as we don’t have to create videos from scratch, or use expensive software to create them. There are many ways how you can use PLR videos, and that includes – reselling, publishing on YouTube, packaging with other products, converting into other formats, and quite often – giving them away for free.

However, it’s important that we change PLR videos into the original before we use them in any way. And today, we have plenty of great tools that can help us to do that easily.

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