Download PLR Templates: 11 Best Sources Covered [2024]

Are you seeking a method to generate passive income on the internet?

Or, you just want to create a unique digital product, without doing all the hard work?

Selling digital products, such as planners, journals, and others can be a lucrative opportunity.

With people becoming more organized and conscious of time and energy, the demand for low-content products is at an all-time high.

However, creating templates for such products can be time-consuming and require good design skills. This is where PLR (Private Label Rights) templates come in handy.

With PLR templates, you can easily customize and rebrand existing templates to use them as your own.

Everything is done for you, just slightly tweak a few things if you wish so, and you can start selling them right away.

But what kind of templates we are talking about?

There can be many types of templates designed for various needs and purposes. Here are all the template types that we will be covering in this article:

  • Planner Templates
  • Journal Templates
  • Canva Templates
  • Powerpoint Templates
  • Activity Book Templates
  • Coloring Book Templates
  • GoodNotes Templates
  • OneNote Templates
  • Notion Templates
  • Calendar Templates
  • Workbook Templates
  • KDP Templates
  • & a lot more…

Not only that the PLR templates come in many formats, but also in many styles, occasions, and niches.

Whether you are looking for a vintage-style Canva journal template or a minimalistic planner template for weight loss, you are sure to find everything you need in the resources we are about to share.

But before we get into the list of the best PLR template sites, let’s discuss how you can use these products in the best way.

How To Use PLR Templates:

Since the PLR license enables endless possibilities to utilize digital products, it’s down to your imagination how you could use PLR templates.

But to keep this article focused, let’s discuss, the 4 main ways marketers and e-commerce sellers use these products:

  • Create new products: Not only you can use PLR templates as they are, but you can also create new low-content products out of them. With the help of templates, you can create unique and authentic planners, journals, workbooks, coloring books, activity books, games, trackers, and much other great stuff.
  • Rebranding: Almost all templates provided from the sources below include Powerpoint or Canva files. This enables you to easily customize the template covers and interiors to match your brand’s and personal styles. You can also convert the templates into other formats if you like.
  • Reselling: One of the most popular ways to use PLR templates is for reselling. Reselling such products does not involve manufacturing, storage, and shipping resources, therefore selling such products can be a profitable and passive way to make money. You can either resell PLR templates on your own website store, or on various digital product platforms, such as Amazon KDP, Etsy, Creative Market, and others.
  • Lead magnets: Building an email list and communicating with subscribers is vitally important for any online business that wants to be successful. But to get the email address of your future customer you need to offer a free gift, and that free gift can be a PLR template. From planners and journals to printables and sticker packs you can offer all sorts of templates for an exchange to your website visitor’s email address.

All those use cases are possible because the templates we will be covering come with Private Label Rights. It’s like having a perfect piece of a digital product, which you haven’t made, but can use as your own.

So if you want to generate profits by selling digital products, or using them for marketing needs, PLR templates can help you achieve that.

The Best Websites To Download PLR Templates:

Now that we know how to use PLR templates, it’s time to jump to the list of the best websites that provide these products for a good deal.

1. The Happy Journals

the happy journals

The Happy Journals is a heaven of high-quality PLR templates that cater to various niches and occasions.

With a comprehensive range of around 60 individual templates and 20 template bundles, you are sure to find a template that fits your specific needs.

While the majority of store templates are designed for planners and journals, you’ll find many other useful templates for digital notebooks, vision boards, trackers, calendars, and more.

Additionally, all templates come with both ready-to-print PDF files and customizable PowerPoint files, giving you the freedom to make changes as needed.

One of the best things about The Happy Journals is that all templates come with flexible PLR rights, allowing you to do anything you want with them.

Whether you want to create a unique product to sell, offer them as part of your services, or use them for personal purposes, these templates provide endless possibilities.

the happy journals templates

The pricing is affordable too. With individual templates starting at $7, and bundles ranging from $27 to $57 The Happy Journals is one of the most affordable sources.

The website’s product pages offer a detailed look at each template, with previews of every single page, making it easy to assess the specifics of each product.

Overall, The Happy Journals is a must-visit store for anyone in search of versatile and high-quality PLR templates that are not only beautiful and well-designed but also flexible and affordable.

Visit The Happy Journals: Click Here

2. Simple Happiness

simple happiness

Simple Happiness is a one-stop shop for anyone looking for beautiful and unique PLR templates.

With over 120 different templates, this website offers an extensive range of options to suit different niches, occasions, and seasons.

While the majority of products consist of digital and printable planners and journals, there you will also find some PLR calendars, cards, decorations, workbooks, and other products covering areas like finances, yoga, self-care, pregnancy, relationships, academics, and many more.

All products on Simple Happiness come with full Private Label Rights as well as Powerpoint and Canva files, so you have two options to customize them.

You can either purchase templates individually or in bundles, which are priced affordably at $37 to $57 per pack. The individual planner and journal templates are also reasonably priced at the price of $27 each.

simple happiness templates

Before you buy templates, you will get to check out their informative product pages. There you will find a smart preview feature allowing you to conveniently go through every single template page.

Generally, all templates on this website are beautifully designed, with light pink and purple colors giving them a calming and soothing vibe that is perfect for journaling and planning.

So if you’re looking to add a touch of simple happiness to your or your client’s life, this website is definitely worth checking out.

Visit Simple Happiness: Click Here

3. PLR Printables Store

PLR printables store

PLR Printables Store is a fantastic source for ready-made templates, offering a diverse range of commercial-use products. 

With over 160 templates available, including Canva mockups, planners, journals, calendars, kitchen binders, coloring pages, decorations, and games, you’ll find everything you need. 

The templates are attractively designed, coming in various colors and styles, from black and white to colorful and minimalistic. 

They cover a wide array of niches and occasions, such as budgeting, gratitude, birthday, maternity, and home, and they include full commercial rights for unlimited modification and resale.

Talking about the price, the templates are priced reasonably ranging from around $10 to $27 per piece.

You can also save money and access templates by purchasing template packs. There you will find big bundles created for planners, printables, and kitchen binders.

Alternatively, you can join the PLR Printables Store membership for just $15/mo to get instant access to 176 PLR templates.

Visit PLR Printables Store: Click Here

4. Passive PLR

passive PLR

Passive PLR is a great destination for those looking for stlish and appealing templates with Private Label Rights. Altough the store does not have a lot of products to offer, their product categories are versatile ranging from resume templates to PNG files.

There you can find templates in the categories of mockups, photography guides, social media templates, Showit website templates, ebooks, journals and more.

The templates feature contemporary designs, and all of them include editable source files for an easy customization. While the price for each individual tempate varies, you can access them all in the bundle for $797.

Visit Passive PLR: Click Here

5. Ekit Hub

ekit hub plr designs

EKit Hub is an outstanding resource for PLR templates, assisting many content publishers, course creators, authors, and printable sellers. 

As the name suggests, there you can buy templates in money-saving kits (packages) that cater to various niches, like productivity, spirituality, self-care, and others.

The packages include a wide range of template types from planners and journals to calendars, posters, graphics, and coloring pages.

Currently, the website offers 23 affordable template kits:

  • Card Deck Mega Pack 
  • Simplify Your Life EKit 
  • A Year’s Worth of Goal Setting EKit 
  • Motivation Graphics $1 Bundle
  • 15 Any Year Calendar Mega Pack
  • 50 Brand New Editable Coloring Pages
  • Developing Discipline & Routine Ekit
  • A Year’s Worth of Staying Organized & Productive Ekit
  • 130 Editable Product Templates
  • 2023 Calendars and Planning Platinum Ekit
  • DFY Journals Mega Pack 
  • Developing an Abundance Mindset for a More Satisfying Life EKit 
  • DFY Planners Mega Pack + Templates EKit 
  • A Year’s Worth of Journaling for Personal Growth & Creative Development EKit 
  • Healing Mantras, Affirmations and Meditations EKit 
  • Create Your Dream Life With a Vision Board EKit 
  • A Year’s Worth of Homeschooling / Educational Content EKit 
  • The Ultimate Printable Card Deck EKit 
  • The Power of a Daily Routine EKit 
  • Fill-in-The-Blanks Templates Ekit
  • A Year’s Worth of Personal Development Content Ekit
  • Self-Care Ritual Platinum Ekit
  • Stop the Procrastination and Get Things Done This Year Ekit

Each kit is loaded with various templates, and for easy modifications, the packages include PDF, DOC, PPT, and PSD files. 

To ensure the quality of the products, free template samples are available for download before making a purchase.

Visit Ekit Hub: Click Here

6. Createful Journals

createful journals

Continuing with the list of our best sources to download PLR templates, Createful Journals is another place worth checking out.

The store offers an extensive collection of over 120 brandable templates that are perfect for anyone looking to modify, resell or give them away for free.

The majority of their products consist of planner and journal template packs, but there are also templates for KDP interiors, Etsy mockups, digital papers, and more.

One of the best things about Createful Journals is the wide range of niches covered.

From health and fitness to relationships, kids, cooking, working from home, dogs, and many more, they have templates to suit everyone.

Additionally, all their templates include editable PowerPoint files, making it easy to customize content to match your style.

createful journals templates

Another great feature of Createful Journals is the smart preview option that is available on each product page.

This feature allows you to walk through and see every single page of a template before you buy it, making it easier to determine whether or not the template is right for you.

The pricing for each template varies, depending on what’s included in the pack, with prices ranging from $20 to $47. In addition to buying products individually,

Createful Journals also offers a membership plan to access 10 new templates every month for just $10. And if you’re interested in creating your own templates, they also offer courses to help you get started.

Visit Createful Journals: Click Here

7. A Cup of Zen

a cup of zen

A Cup of Zen is an online store that offers a unique collection of high-quality templates centered around spirituality.

With over 300 templates available, there you will find plenty of journals, planners, social media posts, oracle cards, coloring pages, graphics, workbooks, calendars, and other products.

The templates feature an eye-catching dark purple design, evoking a sense of spirituality and calm, and they cover a wide range of topics related to spirituality, such as meditation, happiness, astrology, manifestation, relationships, anxiety,  animals, and others.

Just like everywhere else, this store provides full Private Label Rights with each template, allowing customers to customize, resell, or give them away for free.

The templates are available in both Powerpoint and Canva files, making customization quick and easy.

a cup of zen templates

Talking about the pricing, the cost of the templates varies depending on what’s included in the pack, with journal or planner packs ranging from $27 to $47, while other products are available at lower prices.

Must add, that A Cup of Zen allows customers to preview products on informative product pages before making a purchase. Additionally, customers can download a free sample pack to ensure that the content is of high quality.

Overall, A Cup of Zen is an exceptional resource for anyone looking for unique templates related to spirituality. The website is user-friendly, the templates are customizable, and the pricing is affordable.

If you’re looking to add a touch of serenity to your digital content, A Cup of Zen is certainly worth considering.

Visit A Cup of Zen: Click Here

8. Simply Love PLR

simply love plr

Simply Love PLR is a product store and a membership site in one offering a nice collection of PLR templates for various purposes.

It offers templates for activity sets, banners, calendars, coloring pages, planners, and journals that are designed to cater to different niches, such as business, parenting, education, events, and others.

The products are not only beautifully designed but also content-rich, especially the planners and journals often containing more than 500 interior pages.

It’s important to note that not all templates from Simply Love PLR can be modified as many of them come in non-editable PDF files. To find templates that you can rebrand as your own, look at the category of “editable files”.

You can either purchase templates individually, or you can access them via affordable membership. 

The UNLIMITED membership gives you instant access to all PLR templates, as well as to the new products that are being added weekly.

The monthly membership costs $17 a month while the yearly plan is $177.

Visit Simply Love PLR: Click Here

9. PLR Beach

plr beach

PLR Beach offers a large pool of PLR templates that cover a wide range of niches and themes.

Whether you are looking for coloring pages for kids, business planners for entrepreneurs, or self-care journals for personal use, this website has you covered.

One thing that sets PLR Beach apart is its dedication to providing high-quality products that are both aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly.

The templates are designed by professional graphic designers who know how to create visually appealing layouts that are easy to customize and use.

Among over 180 templates available, the majority of them are coloring packs, planners, and journals.

Apart from that, the store also has enough PLR templates for clipart, stickers, printables, digital papers, patterns, and other stuff.

The templates typically include various sizes, both PDF and Powerpoint files as well as additional digital assets.

plr beach

Coloring page, planner, and journal templates are priced at $17-$47 each, and they cover a variety of niches, including kids, animals, business, marketing, blogging, self-care, and many others.

Furthermore, PLR Beach offers bundle options that allow you to purchase multiple templates at once, at a discounted rate. This is a great option if you are looking to build a library of templates for your business or personal use.

While the templates of PLR Beach are beautifully designed and bring value, you don’t get to preview them properly before you buy them – and that’s the only disadvantage of PLR Beach.

Overall, PLR Beach is a great resource for anyone looking to save time and money on designing high-quality digital products.

With a wide range of templates to choose from and flexible licensing options, this website is definitely worth checking out.

Visit PLR Beach: Click Here

10. PLR Planners

plr planners

Founded by the talented entrepreneur, Diana Heuser, is another great source for downloading PLR templates.

The website offers over 150 brandable templates in many forms including planners, journals, activity books, printables, coloring books, POD products, stickers, digital planners, spiral bounds, Amazon KDP & Etsy templates, and junk journals.

Their collection of PLR templates caters to various themes, occasions, and niches such as traveling, pregnancy, real estate, blogging, self-improvement, parenting, health, and many more. knows the importance of high-quality designs, which is why all their templates carry attractive covers and interior designs.

The templates typically come in packages of various digital products consisting of multiple product covers, different sizes, and formats, including PDF and Powerpoint.

They also cover full Private Label Rights, so you get to do almost everything you want with templates.

Customers can preview every single page of each template on the product pages, giving them the opportunity to assess the quality of the products before making a purchase. templates

In addition to buying PLR templates individually, you can also access them through a subscription to the VIP club. This gives you unlimited access to all the content on the store, as well as upcoming PLR packages.

Whether you’re a blogger, an entrepreneur, or just someone looking to organize his life, has something for everyone.

Visit PLR Planners: Click Here

11. The Unpopular Mom

the unpopular mom

The Unpopular Mom is an online store that offers over 260 Private Label Rights products to suit all your needs.

With a vast array of goods, ranging from planner and journal templates to kids’ activity papers, coloring books, and workbooks, The Unpopular Mom provides high-quality and versatile products.

Whether it’s Thanksgiving, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Easter, or any other occasion, The Unpopular Mom has got you covered with its templates for all cases.

The website also covers different niches from blogging to cooking as well as a variety of styles, including mandala, vintage, minimalistic, girly, and others.

With Powerpoint and Canva files included in the majority of products, customizing your templates becomes very easy with The Unpopular Mom.

the unpopular mom PLR tempalates

The Unpopular Mom offers journal and planner templates at reasonable prices ranging between $17-$37 for each product, and bundle packs costing up to $67.

Other template categories come with lower pricing, making it a budget-friendly option to get multiple products.

Note that not all of the site’s products come with Private Label Rights, as there are also some products with Master Resale Rights.

These rights are more restrictive, and they only let you resell the products without changing their contents.

For this reason, always check the licensing type of each product before purchasing and using it in any way.

In general, The Unpopular Mom is a fantastic source for high-quality templates and other products, with a vast selection that caters to all your needs, styles, and preferences.

Visit Unpopular Mom: Click Here

Final Words:

In conclusion, creating digital products with PLR templates can be an effective way to create unique products without having to spend a lot of time and energy.

By extension, using PLR templates can be an efficient way to generate passive income or accelerate your marketing efforts.

With a wide range of PLR templates available in various formats, styles, and niches, the possibilities are endless.

By utilizing the resources listed in this article, you can easily access high-quality PLR templates and customize them to fit your needs, for that editable PowerPoint and Canva files will be included.

Just remember to always review the terms and conditions of the PLR templates you purchase, and ensure that you are using them in a legal and ethical manner.

With the right approach, PLR templates can be a game-changer in your digital product business.