Download PLR Notion Templates: 8 Best Sites Covered

Looking to profit from the digital product trend? You’ve found the perfect place.

Notion templates are super popular right now, and you can earn a lot by selling them online. The cool thing? You don’t need to start from zero. That’s where PLR, or Private Label Rights, becomes your quick path to cash.

With PLR, you grab an already-made Notion template, change it up how you like, and sell it as your own. In this blog, we’ll show you the 8 best places to find PLR Notion Templates to get started fast.

What Are PLR Notion Templates?

Wondering what PLR Notion Templates are?

PLR means Private Label Rights. It’s a special permission that lets you change and sell content as if you made it yourself.

Notion is a cool app for organizing all parts of your life or work. Mix that with PLR, and you get PLR Notion Templates.

These are templates you buy and then tweak for your needs. And with the PLR tag, you can also sell them after adding your personal touch.

Say you love fitness and find a Notion template that’s almost perfect but missing a meal tracker. With PLR, you can add that part. Next, sell your new version on places like Etsy or your website.

It’s a smart way to skip the hassle of making something from scratch and still earn from your custom templates.

In short, PLR Notion Templates are your quick, legal way to jump into selling your own digital goods.

Best Sites To Download PLR Notion Templates:

Now that we know what PLR Notion Templates are, it’s time to dive into the list of best sites for acquiring these products.

1. Purpose PLR

purpose PLR

Purpose PLR is a fantastic source for downloading nicely designed Notion PLR Templates.

The website offers 14 planners and journals and among them are 4 high-quality Notion templates:

  • That Girl Notion Life Planner
  • Business Notion Planner
  • Wedding Notion Planner
  • Student Notion Planner

The templates include various sections, such as planning, productivity, hobbies, health, fitness, lifestyle, and more. They also include editable files, so you can easily edit texts, photos, colors, and layouts to create new designs.

All products come with full Private Label Rights, meaning that not only you can edit or rebrand, but also resell them on Etsy, Shopify, Stan Store, Payhip, and other places.

In addition to Notion templates, Purpose PLR also offers a variety of astonishing Canva templates.

purpose plr notion template


All Notion templates are priced at $34.99 each, and you can purchase a bundle of all 4 Notion templates for $100 while saving $40.

What’s more, you can get access to all Purpose PLR’s products and bonuses for a $297 one-time payment.

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Visit: Purpose PLR

2. Digital PLR Store

digital plr store

Digital PLR Store is another site for buying brandable Notion templates and other PLR goodies. Currently, the shop packs 11 individual Notion templates and 2 bundles.

The available Notion templates consist of the following titles:

  • Ultimate Life Planner
  • Second Brain Dashboard
  • Financial & Cash Flow
  • Finance & Budgeting Dashboard
  • Investment Dashboard
  • Freelancer Dashboard
  • Travel Dashboard
  • Personal Portfolio Dashboard
  • Academic Dashboard
  • Weekly Plans & Tasks Dashboard
  • Meal Planning Dashboard

The templates come with a PDF file containing a link to an editable Notion template, and you can preview every page of the template before you purchase.

Apart from Notion templates, the Digital PLR Store also offers a range of other PLR products, such as planners, ebooks, and more.


The pricing for Notion templates ranges from $19.99 to $24.99 each.

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3. PLR Simple Store

simple plr store

Moving next, the PLR Simple store is another destination for nicely crafted editable Notion templates.

At the moment, the shop offers 2 Notion template bundles and 7 individual templates:

  • Academic Planner Notion Template
  • Ultimate Planner Notion Template
  • Second Brain Notion Template
  • Cute Planner Notion Template
  • Minimalistic Planner Notion Template
  • Travel Journal Notion Template
  • Habit Tracker Notion Template

The templates feature dark minimalistic stylish designs, and you have the freedom to rebrand and resell these templates unlimited times.

Besides Notion templates, this site also has PLR products like ebooks, printables, planners, and journals.


The individual Notion templates are priced at $18.95, while the bundles cost $46.95 each.

4. Passive PLR

passive PLR

Passive PLR is a reliable source for purchasing all sorts of resellable templates from Squarespace and Showit, to Airbnb and Notion templates.

This website currently offers 3 Notion templates, including:

  • Meal Planner Notion Template
  • Weekly Planner Notion Template
  • Daily Habit Tracker Notion Template

The templates are neatly formatted and include various sections for ingredients, grocery lists, recipes, habit trackers, calendars, and project trackers.

Despite the Notion templates, Passive PLR also has a collection of ebooks, journals, Instagram templates, photography guides, and other resources.

passive plr notion templates


Individual Notion templates on Passive PLR cost $13 each, while the bundle of 3 templates is priced at $29.

You can also grab the full access pass and download the entire shop’s content for $797.

5. PLR Base Camp

PLR Base camp

PLR Base Camp is a store featuring 13 modern, flexible, and functional Notion templates that cover finances, business, and marketing areas.

Here are the titles of available Notion templates:

  • Finance Tracker
  • Digiseller Pro
  • Etsy Manager Pro
  • Social Media Hub
  • Goal Planner
  • Competition Analysis Worksheet
  • Swot Analysis Template
  • Buyer Persona Worksheet
  • Content Market Strategy
  • Social Media Strategy Plan
  • Startup Legal Compliance Checklist
  • Funding Proposal Template
  • Startup Business Plan Template

The templates consist of various sections that include progress trackers, goal planners, worksheet templates, performance summaries, and other useful elements. Feel free to adjust designs to your liking, and resell unlimited times as every product comes with a PLR license.


The pricing for Notion templates on PLR Base Camp ranges from $9 to $49 each.

6. is a source for super affordable and re-brandable Notion mini-templates that cover social media, finance, and productivity areas.

The website features 8 Notion products, and they consist of the following items:

  • Notion Brain Dum
  • Notion Dream Planner
  • Notion Finance Tracker
  • Notion Habit Tracker
  • Notion Icons
  • Notion Planners
  • Social Media Planner
  • Notion Task Manager

The products come with various elements from daily and monthly to-do lists, to calendars and habit trackers, and you have the full rights to modify these products as you like.

Apart from that, also has some PLR graphics, ebooks, and Chat GPT prompts to offer.


The pricing for Notion products on ranges from just $1 to $1.70.

7. PLR Sales Club

plr sales club

PLR Sales Club provides 5 Notion templates along with 1 bundle designed to assist in finances, productivity, cooking, traveling, and reading books.

Here are the available templates:

  • Minimalistic Personal Finance Notion Template
  • Minimalistic Student Planner Notion Template
  • Minimalistic Recipe Organizer and Meal Planner Notion Template
  • Minimalistic Trip Planner Notion Template
  • Minimalistic Book Tracking Notion Template

With the included PLR license, you have the flexibility to modify the digital product, resell it as a finished PDF document, or even create physical items to expand your product collection. Incorporate your branding and logo, and establish your own pricing for unlimited sales.

Besides Notion templates, PLR Sales Club also packs other brandable products, such as UGC portfolios, media kits, digital product mock-ups, course slide deck templates, ebooks, and more.


While the single templates are priced at $18.90 each, the package of all templates costs $57.

8. Digital Vault Store

digital vault store

Last but not least Digital Vault Store has a tiny collection of Notion templates – all dedicated to learning.

There are 3 basic student dashboard templates along with a “SecondBrain” Notion template, which is an ultimate knowledge management solution, for keeping all dashboards you need in one centralized place.

The template offers a powerful system for capturing, organizing, and retrieving information. Not only students can take advantage of this fantastic template, but also all types of professionals who are constantly learning new things.

Just like all previously mentioned sources, Digivat Vault grants Private Label Rights to its products, meaning you can freely edit, rebrand, and resell templates while keeping 100% of the profits.


The pricing for student dashboard templates ranges from $14.99 to $19.99 while the SecondBrain Notion template costs $39.99.

Looking for more sites that provide all sorts of PLR templates that you could resell? Check out our article about the best websites to download PLR templates.

Final Words:

You’ve made it to the end of our guide on where to find PLR Notion Templates.

Now you know the best places to get these ready-made digital items that everyone wants. The cool thing is, you don’t have to make them from scratch. Just tweak them a bit, slap your name on them, and start selling.

There are loads of options out there for whatever you’re interested in, from planning your week to keeping track of your budget. So go ahead, pick a template that you like, make it your own, and get ready to earn some extra money online. Good luck!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some common questions and answers about PLR Notion Templates:

Is it legal to sell Notion templates?

Yes, it’s legal to sell Notion templates as long as the original author permits it. A great way to legally sell these templates is by looking for PLR (Private Label Rights) Notion templates. With PLR, you can edit, rebrand, and resell the template as your own. Always make sure to read the license terms to ensure you’re in compliance with any restrictions.

Can you actually make money selling Notion templates?

Absolutely, many people are making good money by selling Notion templates. With the growing demand for digital organization tools, Notion templates have become quite popular. You can sell them on platforms like Etsy, Shopify, or your own website. If marketed well, it can be a profitable venture.

How to get premium Notion templates for free?

Occasionally, creators or websites may offer premium Notion templates for free as part of promotions or giveaways. Keep an eye on social media channels, join Notion-related forums, or subscribe to newsletters that often announce such freebies. Some free templates may require you to perform actions like sharing a post or signing up for a mailing list.

What is a PLR template?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights. A PLR template is a ready-made template that you can buy and then edit, rebrand, and resell as if it’s your own work. It offers a quick way to get into the digital product market without having to create something from scratch, saving you time and effort.