PLR Hustle Review – Is It A Legit PLR Site?

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PLR products allow us to use already created products for reselling and marketing purposes. As the PLR industry is getting more and more popular we can see there are new PLR product platforms offering products for a great deal.

Some of the platforms do what they promise and deliver really valuable products while some of them are here to just take charge us for something that is simply not worth it.

As a PLR expert having many years of experience in the industry, I have a mission to review these platforms and tell people if they should really rely on them.

In this review, we will talk about what products does it offer, the secret of creating such products, and whether or not you should use this platform.

What I have Found About

plr hustle reviews is a new website that mostly sells individual ebooks in many niches, like business & marketing, health, education, travel, dating, technology, and others. Besides ebooks, It also has some video courses and product bundles.

It is not a membership site where you can download an unlimited amount of products for a certain time, but a product store where you pay for individual products.

Must mention that the site offers materials with Resell Rights that you can only resell without changing the contents inside, so it is not really a PLR product based website.

What significantly drew my attention was the pricing of those resale products on the platform. Compared to other sites that also sell Resell Rights stuff, charges a lot more for its products.

There are ebooks that cost $17.99 each and for this amount of money, we should expect the product to be sold from the first hands at least, meaning should be their creator.

But what I’ve found out is totally different from what expected.

The website seems like a start-up site with very limited functionality, and a limited number of creators, so I’ve thought there’s no way that all the products inside (which are over 200) are created by PLR Hustle themselves.

Since the products inside are only Resell Rights products, I thought that these products are downloaded from the other platforms and simply placed on the PLRHustle store. And again since they are only holding Resell Rights license, they are not even changed from the original.

And guess what, I have actually found something that could indicate that’s true.

For example, this ebook called ‘Webinar Mastery’ on

plrhustle products

Is also found on a very popular PLR membership site called IDPLR that also sells the same book:

idplr products

Must mention that this eBook on IDPLR is sold with the Resell Rights only, again meaning it cannot be changed, modified, and enhanced. Must also note that an IDPLR lifetime membership which allows downloading their products unlimitedly forever costs only $89.

So you decide whether or not paying $8.99 for the same product taken from a cheap membership site is a good idea.

Here’s another example of an ebook called ‘Expert Travel Insider’ found on products

We can also find this ebook on Amazon for 5 times lower price!

amazon ebook

Apart from those two examples, I have found plenty of other cheap PLR membership sites containing the same Resell Rights ebooks that PLR Hustle has.

So Is Legit?

is legit

In terms of legitimacy, this site will deliver what it promises meaning you will receive the ebooks that you see on your screen. The quality of those ebooks is fine, and nothing is wrong with them.

However, I would definitely not consider this site as the original PLR product creator, and all it does is takes the products from the other sites and sells them for quite enormous prices.

In my opinion, just Reselling the same products again over again does not contribute any value to the web and the whole market, and such products won’t bring any good to your audience and customers either.

So since PLR Hustle does not provide original PLR products, but only ones that are sold from bigger sites, I can’t recommend this platform. It also does not offer PLR products meaning you will not be able to rebrand and turn them into the original.

What Is A Good PLR Site?

As mentioned before, a good PLR site is the one that actually produces products by itself and when we buy products from such websites we know that we buy from the first hands.

The problem with the PLR industry these days is that a lot of providers will use each other products, and a lot of them will not be of high quality.

At this moment, there is only 2 sites that I could recommend for downloading high-quality PLR products:


plr me

This site has revolutionized the entire PLR industry by offering original, high-quality PLR products that you can not only resell, but also edit, rebrand, giveaway, or do almost anything you want.

Many PLR sites sell software-generated content that results in poor grammar, formatting, structuring, and lack of value inside the content. After purchasing those you may spend a lot of time editing the content or even throw it into the trash.

That’s not the case with, cause all its products are human-made. This platform has a team of in-house writers who actually create the products.

There you can find almost everything you need as there are many PLR product categories like Articles, eBooks, Courses, and more in all the world’s most popular topics.

The website itself looks like a modern platform that provides a great user experience for buyers. There’s not only the products but also useful marketing tools, a learning section, and extremely helpful support.

The main downside of this platform is that products here cost more compared to other PLR providers. Since the quality of products on this site is the next level, paying more for those products is absolutely worth it, especially if you care about your audience and customers.

Visit Click here


PLR database

Unlike, which is a product store, is a membership site, where you will be able to download as many products as you like for the time you are subscribed.

There you will find everything you need as this site covers all the essential PLR product categories, including, ebooks, articles, videos, software, and more.

There are currently over PLR 10,000 products on this platform and all you can rebrand, re-design, resell and simply use as your own.

The products there are being constantly updated and it also offers a generous free product section which mostly consists of PLR ebooks.

The membership options are available for 1 month, 3 months, and 1 year, and the prices are relatively cheap considering the quality of products these guys have to offer.

plrdatabase pricing Pricing

Visit PLR Database: Click here

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