Moo Review 2023: Should You Print With Them?

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Are you looking for high-quality beautiful printed products and stumbled upon In this article, we will talk about MOO products, pricing, shipping as well as possible alternatives to help you decide whether or not, you should use this service.

Quickly About MOO: is an online printing service that prints custom marketing materials and other products all around the world. It’s mostly known for high-quality printed cards and its Prinfinity technology that allows printing a different design on each piece with no extra cost.

MOO has been in the business since 2006, and it is based in 6 locations across the UK and US. It serves both individuals and big companies, and it is considered a green printing company that cares about the environment.

MOO has a lot of premium paper stock options, as well as finishes, and it is great for affordable short-run printing.

  • Outstanding quality business cards
  • Offers beautiful design templates
  • Great customer service
  • Offers free samples
  • Limited assortment
  • A little bit pricy

MOO Products:

Unlike many popular online printing companies, MOO isn’t an all-in-one printing solution. The assortment is quite limited, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

By focusing on fewer products, MOO is capable to provide a better quality and be the king of printed cards.

Apart from various types of printed cards, MOO also prints other popular types of printed marketing materials, such as stickers, flyers, invitations, notebooks, accessories, and more.

Business Cards:

moo business cards

When it comes to business cards, MOO is a real deal in the industry. Customers of MOO appreciate the exceptional premium papers and high color quality, as well as wide printing and finishing options.

Moo Business Card paper is eco-friendly and it is thicker than the regular cards.

MOO shop’s convenient interface allows you to select business cards either by paper type, size, or finishing options.

Available Papers:
  • Premium: thicker than the regular cards – 16pt thickness
  • Cotton: 18pt, 100% recycled paper
  • Super paper: 19pt thickness, unique non-bendy paper
  • Luxury: beautifully textured, double 32 pt thickness
Available Sizes:
  • Standard: 3.5″ x 2.0″
  • MOO Size: 3.3″ x 2.16″
  • Square: 2.56″ x 2.56″
  • Mini: 2.75″ x 1.1″
Special Finishes:
  • Gold Foil
  • Silver Foil 
  • Spot Gloss
  • Raised Spot Gloss
  • Letterpress

On top of that, you can also choose matte, glossy, and soft-touch finishes, as well as the corner type.

In terms of design, you can either upload your own design for business cards, or you can use their templates and design one. They have plenty of design templates where you will be able to choose your design by the card size, finishing options, and the industry.

The Printfinity technology allows you to print a different design on each side of the business card. The next day delivery available some of the card types. The minimal order for business cards starts from 50pcs.

Stickers & Labels:

moo stickers

Another very popular product category of MOO is stickers and labels. Like any products on MOO, you can make your own custom stickers or labels for a personalized post, branding, promotions, name tags, and many more.

There are sticker 4 categories that you can shop by on MOO, those are:

  • Round Stickers – comes in 1.5″ or 3″ diameter sizes, thick vinyl with a glossy finish (waterproof)
  • Rectangular Stickers – comes in 2.17″ x 3.3″ or 3” x 4” sizes, shine-free, durable vinyl (easy to write on)
  • Sticker Book – comes in 0.86″ x 0.86″ size, thick, durable vinyl with a glossy finish
  • Return Address Labels – 1” x 2.75” shine-free thick, durable vinyl (easy to write on)

Printfinity also allows having a different printed design on each sticker with no extra cost.

Just like with other printed products, you can also use design templates to achieve your desired sticker look.

The minimal order for stickers starts from 50pcs.


moo postcards

Quality postcards are another reason why many people turn to MOO. You can order personalized postcards from as little as 25pcs, but the more you order the cheaper it gets. 

There’s also a great customizable postcard template for any occasion on MOO, so if you don’t have a ready design there’s nothing to worry about.

You can either shop postcards by the paper, or foil as well as the size, and there are plenty of printing options available there.

Here are the Postcard options:

  • Original Postcards: come in 330-350 gsm paper weight, and premium paper, available in matte or gloss.
  • Super Postcards: come 350-400 gsm paper weight and silky soft-touch coating
  • Luxe Postcards: come in 600 gsm paper weight, thick, Mohawk Superfine paper, choice of 8 color seams
  • Foil Postcards: come in 350-400 gsm paper weight, raised Gold or Silver foil, soft-touch coating.

Available Postcard Sizes:

  • Small A6 Postcards: come in 105mm x 148mm size
  • Square Postcards: come in 120 mm x 120 mm size
  • DL Postcards: come in 99 mm x 210 mm size
  • Medium Postcards: come in 127 mm x 177.8 mm size
  • A5 Postcards: come in 148 mm x 210 mm size


moo accessories

Apart from various marketing materials, MOO offers high-quality office accessories for its products. Those consist of high-quality steel, leather, and paper materials.

The accessories include:

– Business Card Holders
– Minicard Holders
– Notebooks
– Envelopes
– Unbranded White Label Packaging
– Custom Notebooks

Other MOO products:

The assortment of MOO does not end here. Apart from what’s already mentioned, MOO also prints:

  • flyers
  • rack cards
  • menus posters
  • custom cards
  • invitation
  • letterhead
  • notecards
  • greeting cards
  • envelopes 
  • loyalty cards


moo pricing

Pricing on MOO isn’t their main strength as there are way cheaper options out there. However, the significant and outstanding product quality made pricing reasonable for many customers.

It’s very straightforward to find how much products cost on MOO. There’s no need to ask for personalized quotes, and all the pricing is clearly displayed on each product page.

While we are not able to cover the entire pricing in a single article, let’s have a look at how much brefly their most popular products – business cards, stickers, and postcards cost.

Business Card Pricing:

Original Business Cards:

  • 50 cards: from: $19.99
  • 200 cards from: $69.99
  • 800 cards from: $200.00

Cotton & Super Business Cards:

  • 50 cards: from: $26.99
  • 200 cards from: $94.99
  • 800 cards from: $269.99

Luxe Business Cards:

  • 50 cards: from: $34.99
  • 200 cards from: $119.99
  • 800 cards from: $329.96

These quantities are just brief examples of how much business cards on MOO may cost. You can choose your desired quantity ranging anywhere from 50 to 8000pcs. Please also keep in mind that these prices may vary depending on your chosen size, or corner type.

Sticker & Label Pricing:

Round Stickers:

  • 52 stickers from: $13.99
  • 208 stickers from: $44.99
  • 416 stickers from: $84.99

Rectangular Stickers:

  • 50 stickers from: $20.49
  • 200 stickers from: $63.99
  • 400 stickers from: $123.99

Sticker Book:

  • 90 stickers from: $9.99
  • 360 stickers from: $39.99
  • 720 stickers from: $79.99

Return Address Labels:

  • 125 labels: $13.99
  • 500 labels: $44.99
  • 875 labels: $72.95

Since we have two printing sizes for round and rectangular stickers, the prices will go up if you choose to print a larger size. Other than that, for sticker books, and return address labels, prices will stay as it’s shown.

Postcard Pricing:

Original Postcards:

  • 25 postcards: from $21.00
  • 100 postcards: from $55.00
  • 500 postcards: $135.00

Luxe Postcards:

  • 25 postcards: from $53.00
  • 100 postcards: from $165.00
  • 500 postcards: $365.00

Foil Postcards:

  • 25 postcards: from $58.50
  • 100 postcards: from $181.50
  • 500 postcards: $400.00

Same like on other categories, prices for postcards may vary depending on the chosen postcard size, coating, and finishing options.


MOO shipping

MOO ships products to more than 190 countries, and offers many delivery options. However, the shipping on MOO isn’t very cheap, and is often more expensive than the actual products.

The shipping cost mainly depends on the shipping location, as well as on the type and quantity of products.

Here’s an example of how much shipping may cost for their 50 standard business cards to UK or US (LA):

UK: 3 Business Days – $27.30

USA: 3 Business Days – $46.75

To find out exactly how much their shipping services will cost, you can check their easy-to-use shipping and price calculator.

MOO also offers next-day shipping, but not for all of its products. To get your items by the next day, you will have to order before midday, and pay extra.

Apart from the next-day delivery, MOO offers 2 business days, 3 business days, 4 business days, 5 business days7 business days, and even more delivery options. 

 However not all of the products and locations have so many delivery options, so check their shipping calculator to find what are the shipping options for your desired product and location.

MOO Alternatives:

The reason why you may want to look for MOO alternatives is a high pricing, and limited product range.

There are indeed truly great services for you to use instead of MOO. Those the offer way higher product range, as well as significantly lower pricing.

1. Vistaprint

vistaprint vs moo

Vistaprint has been around for more than 20 years, and it is another very popular online printing service that can be a great alternative to MOO.

This company is most famous for a big range of product options, and extremely affordable pricing.

Vistaprint offers way more printed product categories than MOO does. Unlike MOO, Vistaprint sells custom printed brochures, photo books, magnets, calendars, signs, door hangers, mousepads, clothing, home decor, wall art, and many other products.

In shorter, Vistaprint can print almost everything you can think of.

Besides the actual products, Vistaprint offers customizable design templates, as well as professional graphic design services.

The prices for printed products on Vistaprint are relatively low, and probably one of the lowest on the market.

 For example, 250 of their standard business cards cost around £11.52 and that’s even cheaper than 50 cards from MOO!

Similar to MOO, Vistaprint is also based in UK and ships its products internationally. They have nice flat rate shipping options, and shipping also seems to be cheaper than MOO’s.

2. PS Print

ps print

For those living in the USA, PS Print can be the best alternative to MOO. This service is another all-in-one stop for all printing needs.

PS Print covers everything, from custom brochures to magnets or door hangers, and the product quality is outstanding.

It also has beautiful design templates where you can easily design and customize business cards, greeting cards, postcards, stickers, and other products.

It prints only on premium stock papers, has a variety of printing options, and uses the G7 printer, which is the latest technology in the industry.

Unlike MOO, PS Print offers die-cutting and mailing services, and printing with them is more affordable.

For example, their standard 50 business cards costs around $14, and for 500 pieces you end up paying somewhere around 30 bucks.

So there’s a significant difference in pricing compared to the MOO service.

Since PS Print only ships to the USA, and Puerto Rico, local customers can also take advantage of much cheaper shipping.

So, Is MOO Worth It?

MOO has some fantastic features that cannot be dismissed.

Its unique Printfinity feature allows you to print a different design on every single product with no additional cost, so you can carry a portfolio of works in your pocket.

It has fantastic customer service, which is super helpful and professional. 

What customers love about MOO is that service with them is always smooth and on point, meaning it’s very easy to order, and you will receive exactly what you ordered, on time.

That’s probably the reason why this paltform has 4.5 star reviews from more than 15,000 people on Trustpilot.

Moo is also great for affordable short-run prints, meaning it’s easy to experiment with products without spending a fortune. 

Talking about the quality, MOO provides probably the best quality products in the industry, especially for business cards.

However, it all comes down to pricing, and that is a very important factor for many customers.

Pricing on MOO is very high if we compare it to other online printers. There are printing companies where you can get your products printed for almost twice cheaper price, and still get pretty much the same quality results.

Another reason why you may want to look for alternatives is MOO’s limited product range. There you won’t find printed products like banners, magnets, photo books, mugs, brochures, canvas prints. And we are not even talking about custom printed clothing, technology, lifestyle, home, or drinkware products.

The Bottom Line:

If you are looking for a fantastic printing service with outstanding quality business cards and other products, and willing to pay more than what is the market’s price, then MOO can be a great option. Otherwise, you can consider alternatives, like PS Print, or Vistaprint for more affordable printing and a bigger assortment.


Q: Is MOO a legit website?
A: MOO is absolutely legit website, which delivers high-quality custom printed products to your doors. There’s a reason why this platform is rated so high on Trustpilot.

Q: How fast is MOO shipping?
A: Shipping on MOO can take anywhere from 1 to 7 days depending on the product type, your location, and your chosen shipping option.

Q: Are MOO stickers waterproof?
A: Not all of MOO’s stickers are waterproof. If you are looking for waterproof options, consider their thick vinyl Round Stickers with a glossy finish.

Q: Are MOO business cards worth it?
A: For those who are looking for exceptional quality and plenty of printing options, MOO business cards are worth every single penny. Their business cards are also thicker than the regular cards.

Q: Why MOO is so expensive?
A: It’s because of their high-quality premium papers, as well as finishes. Also, their production is very fast as well as delivery, so it all comes down to higher pricing.

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