Master Resale Rights Guide: Download The Best Products 2023

Want to make money from digital products, but don’t want to dedicate your precious time to create them from scratch?

Today, you have a chance to sell already-created products that come with Master Resale Rights.

In this article, we are going to discuss everything you need to know about Master Resale Rights. We are also going to cover the best websites to download Master Resale Rights ebooks, videos, software, courses, and other products.

What Are Master Resale Rights (MRR)?

Master Resale Rights is a licensing type allowing to resell digital products while transferring the resale rights to the buyer. These rights do not entitle you as an owner of a product, but you have the right to sell unlimited amounts of copies of it.

That means person A could sell the product to person B, and then person B can sell the product to person C, etc.

There is another similar licensing type called Resell Rights, and the difference between these two is that Resell Rights do not allow you to transfer the resale rights, so the product can only be sold once.

The biggest downside of both of these licenses, and the reason why you should not use products under such licenses, is that you cannot modify them in any way.

You must resell the product in the exact same version as you bought it, and that ultimately does not let you stand out from the competition and bring unique value to the market.

Most of the Master Resale and Resell Rights products you will come across will be outdated and lack of quality. If you cannot fix and make them better in any way, then buying and using such products becomes pointless.

Many websites enhance their libraries with MRR and RR products just to make their assortment look more diverse and complete, but they aren’t actually adding any value to the customer.

Instead of using MRR, or RR products, you could rather focus on another licensing type called Private Label Rights (PLR).

What Are Private Label Rights:

Along with Master Resale Rights products, you will also see websites selling Private Label Rights products, which most of the time have almost no restrictions

While you can only resell Master Resale Rights content, Private Label Rights allow you to do endless things with the product, including:

  • Reselling with resell rights or without
  • Rebranding and changing the contents inside
  • Claiming your authorship
  • Giving away as the lead magnet to get email addresses
  • Using as the content for websites and blogs
  • Using as the content for social media and newsletters
  • Packaging with other products
  • Converting into other formats of the content (e.g. video/audio)
  • Publishing on free or paid membership sites
  • Printing and distributing offline

It’s up to your imagination what you can do with PLR products, so why choose products with restrictive rights, when you can use content with absolute freedom?

Either way, we will cover the best websites that provide both Master Resale and Private Label Rights products, so you can make your own decision on which ones you want to use.

The Best Websites To Download Master Resale Rights Products:

Here we will share the best websites to download not only Master Resale Rights but also Private Label Rights content. We are going to cover both membership sites and digital product stores.

So here we go:


plr me

When it comes to high-quality resellable digital products, is at the top of the list. All products found on this site come with full Private Label Rights meaning you can freely rebrand, resell, or give them away.

Compared to many other PLR sites that use cheap writers or software to produce the content, has its own team of dedicated English writers who carefully craft every single piece of the content. Therefore you can expect to find only high-quality written materials with no grammar issues or broken language.

There are currently over 16,470 fully brandable products consisting of many categories, such as:

  • Action Guides, Handouts & Lead Magnets
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Courses, Coaching Programs & Workshops
  • Checklists
  • Fables & Short Stories
  • Reports & EBooks
  • Slide Deck Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • & more… article

Here are the covered niches:

  • Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks
  • Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Care
  • Business & Marketing
  • Career & Job
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Goal Setting & Achievement
  • Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers
  • Meditation, Reflection & Journaling
  • Money Management, Budgeting, Credit & Debt
  • Motivation & Passion
  • Natural Health & Safety
  • Parenting & Family
  • Savings, Investing & Real Estate
  • Self-Improvement
  • Stress Management
  • Success, Wealth & Prosperity
  • Time Management & Procrastination
  • Weight Loss & Fitness

All the products are content-rich, and they come in multiple formats, which makes them easily editable. There are also great written descriptions and visual demonstrations included with each product, so you know what you are buying.


Due to the nature of high-quality products and the time dedicated to creating them, the prices on are one of the highest on the market. However, if you want to deliver the best to your audience, is absolutely worth it.

The platform operates on a credit basis meaning that you will have to get credits first and use them to buy products.

The pricing for credits ranges from $0.40 to $2.20 depending on how many credits you will be purchasing at once, and the pricing for some products is as follows:

– Articles:1 Credit
– Checklists: 1 Credit
– Worksheets:1 Credit
– Action Guides: 2 Credits
– Meditative Audios: 7 Credits
– Coaching Challenges: 10 Credits
– Landing Pages: 10 Credits
– Reports & eBooks: 10 Credits
– Slide Deck Presentations: 10 Credits
– Email Sequences: 10 Credits
– Journals: 15 Credits
– Complete Courses: 50 Credits

The good news is that you can get 2 free credits just for creating a free account, and 2 recurring monthly credits just for being a member.

Check out Click here

2. PLR Database

PLR Database is another great source for downloading good quality Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights products. Unlike which is a product store, PLR Database is a membership site allowing to unrestrictively access products for as long as you are a member.

Although the product quality, there is not as good as from, the membership system allows you to save a lot of money as you can access a bunch of brandable stuff for a very low price.

Currently, PLR Database offers over 26,354 licensed done-for-you products in many categories. While the majority of products are PLR products, there is also plenty of content with Master Resale Rights.

Here are the resellable product categories offered by PLR Database:

  • Articles
  • Audio
  • Ebooks
  • Graphics
  • Packages
  • Scripts
  • Software
  • Videos
  • Website

plr database fitness

And here are the topics and niches in which you can find Master Resale Rights and Private Label Rights products:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Animals
  • Business
  • Children
  • Collection
  • Computers
  • Crafts and Hobbies
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Food and Cooking
  • Gardening
  • Health
  • House and Home
  • Love
  • Marketing
  • Money
  • Psychology
  • Relationships
  • Sports and Outdoors
  • Technology
  • Travel

The great thing about PLR Database is that the admins add new stuff every single day, so you are never left behind with your membership.

What is not so great, is that PLR products inside do not include giveaway rights. So, if you are looking for products that you would like to giveaway, look for products with giveaway rights specifically.


As mentioned, PLR Database is an affordable membership site allowing you to access as many products as you want for as long as you are subscribed. Here are the membership options:

  • PREMIUM 1 Month – $10.00
  • PREMIUM 3 Months – $25.00
  • PREMIUM 1 Year – $49.00

There is also a free product section, but the assortment of such products is very small and the quality is definitely not the best.

Check out PLR Database: Click here


big product store

Moving next, BIG PRODUCT STORE is another great membership site for downloading both PLR and Master Resale Rights products for a good deal. In terms of product quality, this website is very similar to PLR Database, it’s just there are lifetime membership options allowing you to save even more money in the long run.

BIG PRODUCT STORE offers regular products in the following categories:

  • Audios
  • Contents
  • eBooks
  • Tools And Scripts
  • Templates & Graphics
  • Videos
  • WordPress Plugins And Themes

There are also some exclusive higher-quality products available for ultimate members, such as:

  • Animated Templates
  • Graphics
  • Templates
  • Viral Contents

The products cover almost all possible topics, so you can rest assured you will find content in your desired niche.

Must note that BIG PRODUCT STORE classifies products by its license, so if you only looking for products to resell, go to the Master Resale Rights section, and if you want to brand the products as your own head over to the Private Label Rights section.

Also, if you planning to give the products away for free, then only use products from the Giveaway section.


Just like PLR Database, BIG PRODUCT STORE has some free products to offer, but there are not too many of them and the quality is far from great.

The unique aspect of BIG PRODUCT STORE is that it offers not only monthly but also lifetime membership, which allows you to access all products forever.

The main difference between monthly and lifetime plans is that there is access to exclusive products included if you choose to pay a little bit more.

Both standard and exclusive products are updated regularly and the admins add new stuff to the membership almost every single day.

Here are all pricing plans of BIG PRODUCT STORE:

Monthly – $19.50/month
OneTime Payment – $98.50
Monthly Ultimate – $29.90/month + access to exclusive products
OneTime Payment Ultimate – $198.50 + access to exclusive products

Visit BIG PRODUCT STORE: Click here

4. Content Sparks


Content Sparks is a product store selling high-quality coaching products on business, personal development, sales, and marketing topics.

Instead of licensing products with PLR or Master Resale Rights, Content Sparks brands them as white label content, which enables them to modify, resell, or give the products away for free.

The vast majority of Content Sparks products are brandable courses, but there are also some blog posts, lead magnets, email templates, etc.

content sparks white label courses

The high-quality courses come with modules and lessons, as well as with student, instructor, and lead generation materials. Each course is created with care, and it also includes a variety of brandable products, such as:

  • Course Books
  • Cheatsheets
  • Action Guides
  • Snapshot Templates
  • Spreadsheets & Worksheets
  • Social Media & Blog Posts
  • Email Follow-Ups
  • Module Quizzes
  • Sales Pages
  • Editable Graphics
  • Cheatsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Speaker Notes
  • Infographics
  • Assessments
  • Planners
  • & many other resources

If you wish so, you have the right to use these products separately, and you can change, resell, or give them away for free.


Content Sparks categorized its content into 3 categories – Blaze Content (full funnel courses), Beacon Content (smaller courses), and Flash Content (individual brandable products). Here are the pricing of products in each category:

  • Blaze Content: $297 each.
  • Beacon Content:  from $47 to $147 each
  • Flash Content: from $19 to $47 each

If it turns out that you buy a course and you are not happy with the product,  you are not left behind as Content Sparks offers a 7-day money-back guarantee.

Check out Content Sparks: Click here

5. Simple Happiness

simple happiness

Last but not least, Simple Happiness is a very popular site for downloading high-quality PLR low-content products.

In case you don’t know what low-content products are, these are planners, journals,  workbooks, and similar products in printable and digital formats.

All the content inside Simple Happiness is nicely decorated, fully editable, and contains value. Currently, there are 40+ journals, 30+ planners, 43+ printables, and a few other products, which you can use in many ways.

Most of the time people use such products to resell them on Amazon, Etsy, Shopify, or other places, but they can also be given away for free to grow the email list.

But before you use such products in any way, you can also easily modify and turn them into original ones, as Simple Happiness also provides Canva and Powerpoint source files.


Simple Happiness allows you to purchase products either individually or in a bundle. Typically, the individual planner or journal cost $27 each, and a bundle may cost anywhere from $37 to $47.

Check out Simple Happiness: Click here

6. PLR Ebook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

As the name indicates, PLR Ebook Supplier is entirely dedicated to supply you with the finest quality ebooks, that you can modify, and resell without any limits.

Currently, there are over 800 top-selling ebooks that come in a variety of niches including, blogging, affiliate marketing, cryptocurrency, food, diet, pets, and many others.

Must admit that ebooks come with astonishing cover designs, as well as well-written and informative content inside. You can either purchase ebooks individually for a low price or you can grab a lifetime membership for $97 and unlimitedly access all constantly updated books forever.

Besides high-quality brandable ebooks, PLR Ebook Supplier also offers an online store-building service, where you can get your own online store loaded with nearly 500 ebooks ready for resale in less than 24 hours.

Check out PLR Ebook Supplier: Click here

Final Words:

Master Resale Rights is one of the licensing types that enables reselling a digital product for unlimited amounts of time. While many digital product stores have plenty of MRR products to offer, they really are not that valuable pieces of content to consider.

The truth is, you only going to provide value to the web by selling original products, and Mater Resale Rights content will not be original as you have no right to change and turn them into unique.

With Master Resale Rights you are also restricted to only reselling the product and you cannot give it away for free, use it for the content, or any other purpose. Therefore, it’s much better if you choose Private Label Rights products, which will give you the ultimate flexibility and freedom over the product. is by far the best site to download high-quality brandable products, and for reading this article till the end we are giving away a special coupon that allows you to download up to 10 high-quality PLR products from this website.

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