Low Content Book Templates (Free & Paid) – Best Sources Covered

Why invest your precious time crafting designs with low content when you have the opportunity to acquire them at an extremely affordable cost, or even at no cost at all?

Here in this article, we will cover the 7 best websites to download free and paid templates for low-content book interiors and covers. Those you will be able to easily edit and use for your own low-content book designs.

Let’s get into the list:

1 Creative Fabrica

creative fabrica

Creative Fabrica is a home for low-content book creators because it has so much good stuff to offer. Creators use Creative Fabrica to find premium graphics, such as clipart, illustrations, backgrounds, patterns, and low-content book interiors.

For the low-content books, Creative Fabrica has over 100,000 interiors, which you can buy very cheap and freely use for KDP, Etsy, print-on-demand, or any other projects.

There you can find all types of interiors, including those for notebooks, journals, planners, log books, recipe books and many others. There are also dedicated sections to download coloring book pages for kids and adults.

creative fabrica kdp interiors

The products come in packages consisting of multiple interiors as well as multiple formats, including Canva templates, so you can easily modify them to your liking.

Many of the low-content book interior packages on Creative Fabrica can be purchased for as little as 1$, so why dedicate your precious time creating them, when you can buy them so cheaply?

In addition, Creative Fabrica offers a membership, which allows you to access unlimited amounts of templates for a monthly fee. The membership costs only $19 a month.

Check out Creative Fabrica

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2. Book Bird

book bird templates

Book Bird is a great platform that not only sells a complete Amazon KDP course but premium low-content book templates too, which you can use for commercial purposes. There you can also find some free interior templates.

As for premium templates, Book Bird has a Gold Library, which includes hundreds of ready-to-use interior templates on countless topics and niches. The Gold Library comes in three packages of low content, coloring book, and no content templates.

Here’s what they all offer:

  • LOW CONTENT BOOK INTERIORS: 120+ Templates ($44.99)
  • COLORING BOOK INTERIORS: 700+ Coloring Book Templates; 70+ Cover Design Elements ($44.99)
  • NO CONTENT BOOK INTERIORS: 77+ No Content Book Templates ($19.95)
  • PLATINUM BUNDLE: +650 Coloring Book Templates; +65 Cover Design Elements; +120 Low Content Book Templates; +77 No Content Book Templates ($69.99)

The premium templates are both beautifully designed and super customizable as they come in numerous formats, including Illustrator, Photoshop, Affinity Designer, Powerpoint, Gimp, and others.

Alternatively, Book Bird also offers over 30 free interior templates.

Check out Book Bird Templates

3. Book Bolt

book bolt

Book bolt is a popular niche and keyword research tool for Amazon low-content books. Many publishers use Book Bolt to analyze the competition and find profitable book ideas. But, did you know that Book Bolt also offers a variety of KDP interior templates as well as an intuitive design editor?

There are over 120 low-content book templates offered by Book Bolt. Some of them are free, and some of them require you to be a member to access.

You can find nicely designed templates for journals, music sheets, trackers, planners, and other types of books, and the interior generator allows you to quickly generate them for a specific trim size and page count.

book bolt templates

On top of that, Book Bolt offers the interior generator for more complex types of low-content books, such as coloring books, activity books, and puzzle books.

Alternatively, you can use Book Bolt’s drag-and-drop design editor to easily design your custom interiors and book covers. The design editor offers a great user experience as well as access to unlimited amounts of fonts, shapes, patterns, and other design elements.

That being said, you can download and use some of the Book Bolt templates for free, but others require a paid subscription. By being a member of Book Bolt you will not only get to access the premium templates with the design editor but also the effective niche research tools.

Here’re the Book Bolt’s membership plans and here’s what they offer:

Newbie – $9.99 a month:

  • 3-Day Free Trial
  • Premium Interior Templates
  • Keyword/Product Research
  • Cover/Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pro – $19.99 a month:

  • 3-Day Free Trial
  • Premium Interior Templates
  • Keyword/Product Research
  • Cover/Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Puzzle Creation Software Included

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4. Vexels

low content vexels

Vexels is another great platform to find beautiful and unique low-content templates, which you can use for your book designs. While Creative Fabrica features designs of other people, Vexels create all the artwork by themselves.

Currently, there are nearly a thousand low-content book interior templates, and even more of the cover designs. Both interior templates and book covers include AI files, so you can easily edit them with Adobe Illustrator software.

As for the KDP interiors, you can find them in many types including, notebooks, trackers, bucket lists, coloring books, and others, meanwhile, the low content book covers come in many styles, and their designs are simply astonishing.

The low content book covers can be found by going to the KDP Designs section, and to find the templates, simply run a search on a “low content” term.

Talking about the pricing, Vexels does not sell its products individually, and you will have to join the membership to access them.

Each plan has its monthly design limit, and here are the options:

  • Starter: $6.50 – 100 downloads/month
  • Pro: $9 – 200 downloads/month
  • Business: $44.99 – 2000 downloads/month

Check out Vexels

5. Tangent Templates

tangent templates

Tangent Templates is a software suite that is entirely dedicated to creating KDP low-content book interiors.

The platform comes with over 100 interior templates designed for notes, journaling, planning, dotting, knitting, drawing, and many other purposes. The good thing about the templates is that they come in Illustrator and Indesign formats, so everything can be edited.

In case you want to create interiors by yourself, Tangent Templates also offers the interior designer tool. The tool allows you to conveniently create interiors in a drag-and-drop interface with plenty of available design elements.

Apart from KDP interior templates, and a design tool, Tangent Templates, has plenty of other tools to offer. Here are some of them:

  • KDP Helper – quickly calculates your cover’s and interior’s dimensions
  • Tangent Builder – helps to plan and arrange the pages of your book
  • Listing Helper – helps to list the books on Amazon fast and easy
  • Category Explorer – helps to find the best categories for your books
  • Price Calculator – helps to find a sweet spot for the price of your books
  • PDF Inspector and Converter – inspects and detects the errors in interiors

Everything that is mentioned are premium features. To access all platform’s features, including templates, you will have to pay a one-time fee of $59.

Check out Tangent Templates

6. KDP Interior

kdp interior

KDP Interior is an online store entirely dedicated to low-content book templates. Currently, there are over 400 commercial use interiors, and 100 of them belong to coloring books. There are also enough interiors for other types of books such as planners, journals, trackers, activity books, and so on.

Apart from the interiors, the website also offers around 40 nicely designed KDP covers. The great thing about KDP Interior is that both interiors and covers here are editable as you can import and modify them in Canva.

Most of the interior templates come in 120 pages in different sizes, while all KDP covers come designed for 120 pages in 6×9″sizes.

Compared to similar sources, like Creative Fabrica, the templates on KDP Interior are a little bit more expensive, but at least, here you can find some templates for free.

Check out KDP Interior

7. Etsy

etsy low content templates

Etsy is home to physical handcrafts, but did you know that it also has plenty of low-content templates too?  In terms of low-content printables, Etsy is similar to Creative Fabrica. Etsy is packed with low-content book templates ranging from notebooks to recipe books, and you can buy them from individual sellers.

However, Creative Fabrica has way more low-content interiors to offer, and the prices there are generally lower. Also, Etsy is more open for sellers, so they have more freedom to define their listing terms.

That means many of the interiors you will come across will have restricted rights of use. So before buying and using a template for any purpose, make sure that it comes with the appropriate rights.

The last thing to mention is that Etsy does not offer memberships where you get to access unlimited amounts of products for a monthly fee. So, if you are planning to download a lot of templates in the long run, Etsy might be a costly option.

Check out Etsy

8. Fiverr

fiverr low content book templates

If you want to get very unique low content book templates specifically made to your requirements, then you can hire a professional designer on Fiverr to do it all for you.

Fiverr.com is a big freelance marketplace packed with talented individuals who are willing to complete any digital task you have in mind, including KDP interior design.

There you can find interior design services for all types of low-content books, including journals, planners, coloring books, puzzle books, and many others.

The great thing about Fiverr is that the prices there are generally low, and you can often get your interiors designed for just $5. Alternatively, you can buy pre-made KDP interior bundles also for very cheap.

For ordering design and other services, Fiverr works in a very simple way. Firstly you pick your favorite service (gig) from hundreds of other services available. Then you purchase a gig and submit your order requirements. The more specific requirements for your interiors you will give the more chances that the seller will deliver to your standards.

You will normally get your project completed within a few days, and if you are not happy with it, you can request some changes, or deny the order.

While Fiverr is full of talented and skilled graphic designers, there are also some bad ones that you want to avoid. So, before ordering any kind of service, it’s always a good idea to check the seller’s reviews and make sure that he is reputable. Also, you can contact him before placing your order to ensure he could deliver up to your standards.

Check out Fiverr


low content book course

Final Words:

Hopefully, after reading this article you have managed to find the best source for downloading high-quality templates. And if you are still unsure, the best and most affordable source to find KDP interiors alone is undoubtedly Creative Fabrica.

But, if you are looking for low content templates, AND effective Amazon keyword research tool, AND an intuitive book design editor, then you can find everything in one place at Book Bolt.

While downloading and using free templates might be tempting, avoid doing that too often. It’s because everyone can easily access, and use free templates in their designs. By using free templates, you reduce your chances for your book to be original, and it might also be subject to plagiarism.

– Best of luck in low-content book publishing!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, low content books can be profitable, especially when targeted at specific niches. These books typically require less initial investment in terms of time and content creation, making them a viable option for generating passive income.

No, you automatically become the copyright owner once you create an original product. However, registering the copyright can provide additional legal protections.

Yes, Canva is a useful tool for creating low content books, especially for designing covers. The platform offers a range of templates and design elements that can make your book look professional.

To make a low-content book for KDP, start by choosing a book type and niche. Conduct keyword research to identify demand, then create the interiors and the cover. Once ready, upload your book to Amazon's KDP platform for publishing.