50+ Profitable Low Content Book Niches & Ideas For 2024

Are you having difficulty finding a profitable niche for your low-content publications? This article provides several exceptional ideas for low-content books and presents options for refining them.

But before that, let’s discuss how to choose a profitable niche and why it is important.

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How To Choose a Profitable Niche?

A profitable niche is a niche with a big demand and little competition. Choosing the right niche plays a vital role in your low-content book success because if you do it wrong, no one is going to find your books.

The biggest mistake many beginners do is that they target general high-competitive niches, and then their books get lost in other 70,000+ listings. Instead, you should target very specific sub-niches with long-tail keywords.

When looking for a perfect niche for your low-content books, there are two main factors that you want to pay attention to:

Best Seller’s RankBest Seller Rank (BSR) is an important number that represents how each book is selling on Amazon. The metric can be a great indicator of whether the niche is on-demand or not. The lower the BSR is the more book is selling, so if you see books with low BSRs (under 300,000) on the first page on Amazon for your specific keyword, then it might signal that the sub-niche is popular.

The number of results: The fewer results the search for a specific keyword brings – the fewer listings you will have to compete with. Generally, if the search returns 250-2000 results it is a good indicator meaning that the niche might not be over-saturated.

Another important aspect of profitable low-content niches is that they often depend on the difficulty of a book. For instance, coloring books are way harder to create than notebooks, therefore coloring book niche is going to be less competitive.

So to get the very best from the low-content publishing business, do not ignore niches that require more effort to tap into.

Best Low Content Book Niches:

Now it’s time to cover the most profitable low-content book ideas on Amazon. We will start with the general niches and then narrow them down to tiny sub-niches that are less competitive and have more opportunities.

So let’s start.

Puzzle Books:

Puzzle books, also known as activity books, are in super-high demand, for both children and adults. Parents buy puzzle books for children to stimulate their memory and logical thinking as well as to teach vocabulary and things about the world. Meanwhile, adults use them to relax, keep their brainwork intact, as well as to improve their mental health conditions.

Since puzzle books are one of the most complex low-content books on the market, you can price them higher than regular notebooks, and that leaves you more room for profit margins

puzzle books amazon

This puzzle book is ranked in the 1674 position for best-selling books, and it is making $3 royalties per sale. According to the calculations, this book is selling about 100 times a day, and that brings $300 daily profit from just one book! This proves that coloring books are in big demand and can be very profitable.

There can be several types of puzzle books, such as crosswords, sudoku, cryptogram, math books, or word searches and adult puzzle books generally require more effort to create than children’s books.

But complex interiors should not discourage you from tapping into this amazing niche. You can use Book Bolt’s Puzzle Generator software to generate the interiors for all types of puzzle books. And alternatively, you can find plenty of pre-made puzzle book interiors on Creative Fabrica for a very cheap price.

But before creating the puzzle books you need to find some less competitive sub-niches, and here are some options for you:

Puzzle Books:

  • Puzzle books for adults
  • Puzzle books for kids
  • Puzzle books for seniors
  • Puzzle books for teens
  • Puzzle books for girls
  • Puzzle books for women
  • Puzzle books with a variety
  • Puzzle books with large print
  • Puzzle books with pictures
  • Puzzle books with numbers
  • Puzzle books for seniors with dementia
  • Puzzle books for seniors with beginning dementia
  • Crossword puzzle books
  • Word search puzzle books
  • Cryptograms puzzle books
  • Math puzzle books
  • Classroom puzzle books
  • Travel puzzle books
  • Puzzle books for clever kids
  • Brain games puzzle books

Activity Books:

  • Car activity books
  • Kindergarten activity books
  • Baby activity books
  • Teen activity books
  • Travel activity books
  • Math activity books
  • Funny activity books
  • Activity books for adults in Spanish
  • Activity books for adults with an autumn theme
  • Activity books with dinosaurs
  • Activity books for kindergarteners
  • Activity books for couples
  • Activity books with princess

Sudoku Books:

  • Sudoku for adults
  • Sudoku for kids
  • Sudoku  in large print
  • Medium sudoku
  • Medium to hard sudoku
  • Very hard sudoku
  • Extreme sudoku
  • Super sudoku
  • Sudoku book large print
  • Sudoku and jumble word gift
  • Sudoku and kakuro puzzle book
  • Sudoku with over 500 puzzles
  • Sudoku with over 150 puzzles
  • Sudoku with printed candidate numbers
  • Sudoku with balls
  • Sudoku with pictures
  • Sudoku with solutions
  • Sudoku with full solutions
  • Sudoku with shapes

You can mix and match these keywords to find some new niche ideas, as well as deeper analyze sub-niches like mazes, dot-to-dots, and cryptograms.

Coloring Books:

People think that coloring books are only used by children but that’s not true. Many adults buy and use coloring books to relax after a hard day of work, as well as to treat anxiety and improve concentration.

Coloring books involves empty shapes that readers have to fill in, and although these books are not the easiest to create, there are money to be made with them.

The Google search volume for coloring books is massive – 135,000 searches per month, and while we can’t check how many people searching for such books on Amazon, we can definitely see that coloring books are selling well.

coloring books amazon

Take a look at the Anxiety Relief Coloring Book, with has the Best Seller’s Rank of 586. This book is selling around 212 times per day and earns about $2.64 for royalties, meaning that this book alone is making about $560 per day and $17000 per month!

The book ranks on the top 4 results for the search term “coloring books”, however, this term is going to be too hard to compete in, and we will have to niche down to find some sub-ideas for coloring books.

Here are some profitable coloring book sub-niches:

  • Relaxation coloring books for adults
  • Coloring books for adults with anxiety
  • Coloring books for adults with insomnia
  • Coloring books for kids
  • Coloring books for toddlers
  • Coloring books for teens
  • Coloring books for girls
  • Coloring books for women
  • Coloring books with animals
  • Coloring books with dinosaurs
  • Coloring book with numbers
  • Coloring books with cars
  • Coloring books with flowers
  • Coloring books in large print
  • Coloring books for stoners
  • Coloring books with characters
  • Aesthetic coloring books
  • Funny coloring books
  • Mandala coloring books
  • Magic coloring books
  • Mystery coloring books
  • Party coloring books

Struggling to create coloring book interiors by yourself? Use the pre-made interiors from the best sources:

Handwriting Books

Handwriting is a skill that all children practice at some point, and handwriting practice books will always be on-demand. Not only do children learn handwriting skills, but also some adults, especially those who are learning new language alphabets.

handwriting book amazon

The handwriting books are definitely selling well, and it’s evident from the example above. This book with #229 Amazon Best Seller’s Rank is making around $0.90 royalties per sale while it sells around 392 times a day. That accumulates to $353 daily profits from just this book alone.

Considering that the handwriting books are relatively easy to create, and most of the time the interiors include plain lines or traceable letters/numbers. this is surely a good niche to tap into.

To find success in this low-content book niche you will have to get into smaller categories of handwriting books, and those can be:

  • Print handwriting books
  • Cursive handwriting books
  • Letter tracing books
  • Number tracing books
  • Caligraphy paper books
  • Chinese handwriting practice books
  • Arabic alphabet tracing books

You can also focus on certain age groups as well as genders while creating handwriting books.

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Meal Books

Meal planning has always been a hot niche. As more people are turning to a healthy lifestyle, and certain diets gaining more popularity, people buying low-content books to effectively plan their meals. The meal planners will help to keep track of the food intake and they are widely used for weight loss or muscle gain purposes.

The term “meal planner” gets over 135,000 monthly searches on Google, and this planner/journal proves that customers buy these types of books on Amazon.

meal planner amazon

According to the calculations, this meal book makes about 3$ royalties per sale and it sells around 430 times a month bringing $1290 monthly profit!

What is good about low-content meal planners is that they are quite easy to create, and there are plenty of ways how you can niche down.

Here are some examples:

  • Meal planners for weight loss
  • Meal planners with the calendar
  • Meal planners with the grocery list
  • Meal planners for diet
  • Family meal planners
  • Meal planners with recipes
  • Meal planners for children
  • Meal planners for women
  • Meal planner for babies
  • Meal planner for toddlers
  • Meal planners for 52 weeks
  • Keto meal planner
  • Paleo meal planner
  • Vegetarian meal planners
  • Vegan meal planners

Besides meal planners, you can also tap into similar types of low-content books, such as meal journals, meal trackers, meal notebooks, recipe books, or cooking books.

Fitness Planners

Just like meal planners, fitness planners are in constant demand as more and more people want to keep up with a healthy lifestyle.

The term “fitness planners” is being searched on Google over 27,000 times a month, and this indicates a large overall interest in such low-content books. Furthermore, fitness books on Amazon are selling well and we can see that from this book making around 580 sales a month and bringing over $1,000 in monthly profits.

fitness planner amazon

Although the fitness planner niche is quite competitive, there are plenty of sub-niches and similar types of books that you can target.

Here are some relevant fitness book ideas, that people search on Amazon:

  • Fitness planner for teens
  • Fitness planner for men
  • Fitness planner for women
  • Fitness planner for pregnant women
  • Fitness journal
  • Fitness log book
  • Fitness tracker
  • Fitness notebook
  • Motivational fitness planner
  • Exercise planner
  • Exercise notebook
  • Exercise workbook
  • Exercise journal log
  • Fitness journal for weight loss
  • Undated fitness journal
  • Fitness journal for teenage girls
  • Fitness journal for women over 40
  • Workout journal
  • Workout journal for daily fitness
  • Workout journal for women with exercises
  • Workout journal with an exercise log
  • Workout tracker for gym workouts
  • Workout planner for bodybuilding
  • Purple workout journal
  • Cute workout journal

You can mix and match these keywords to find some extra ideas, and you can also combine fitness and meal planning niches to target more customer groups.

Gratitude Journals

Gratitude journaling is the habit of recording and reflecting on things that you are grateful for on a regular basis. It is a mentally healthy practice with an increasing number of people who want to improve their well-being. Gratitude journals are where people express their gratitude, and they can be aimed at many topics, such as positivity, mindfulness, affirmation, productivity, etc.

Talking about the popularity of this niche, the “gratitude journal” term gets nearly 50,000 monthly searches on Google, and you can find plenty of gratitude journals on Amazon’s first page with high BSR.

For instance, this Best Seller gratitude journal has a BSR of 1.666 meaning it sells around 1500 times per month and makes about $3000 monthly profits.

Although this low-content book niche is quite competitive, there are many ways to niche down. Here are some popular keyword ideas relevant to the gratitude journals:

  • Gratitude journal for women
  • Gratitude journal for kids
  • Gratitude journal for men
  • Gratitude journal for teens
  • Gratitude journal for boys
  • Gratitude journal with prompt
  • Gratitude journal Christians
  • Five-minute gratitude journal
  • Funny gratitude journal
  • Daily gratitude journal
  • Gratitude journal for 52 weeks
  • Gratitude journal with bible verses
  • Gratitude journal for anxiety
  • Gratitude journal for women with affirmations
  • Gratitude journal for women of god
  • Gratitude journal for men in recovery
  • Gratitude journal for mental health
  • Gratitude journal with inspirational quotes
  • Gratitude journal in black
  • Gratitude journal with reflections
  • Gratitude journal for a better life
  • Gratitude journal for positivity
  • Gratitude journal for mindfulness

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Math Books:

Last but not least, math books are widely used by children of all age groups. Parents buy math books for kids to teach math at home from a very early age until they finish school. The very basic math books can include addition, and subtraction tasks, and more advanced can have multiplication and division tasks.

Math books are probably one of the hardest to make as their interiors involve a lot of dynamics, however, they are always in demand and can be very profitable. Nearly 18,000 people search for math books on Google every month, and the best-selling math books on Amazon earn a lot.

math book niche

The math books can include not only numbers but geometrical and other shapes, and you can create them for certain age groups and grades.

Here are some keyword ideas for math books:

  • Math book 1st to 8th grade
  • Kids’ math book for ages 6-8
  • Math book for kindergarten
  • Math book for adults
  • Math book for beginner adults
  • Math book for toddlers
  • Math book for toddlers 2-4 years
  • Math book with answers
  • Math book with pie
  • Multiplication math books
  • Math book with answer key
  • Math book with shapes
  • Math workbook
  • Math book in large print
  • Math book with everything in it
  • Brain quest math books
  • College math book for adults
  • Geometry math book
  • Summer math book
  • 5-year-old math book

You can also have a look at algebra, geometry, and arithmetic books for more niche ideas.

Final Thoughts:

Here we have covered the most profitable low-content book ideas and niches for 2022. All of these niches are in high demand, and you can still squeeze in them while targeting long-tail keywords.

For the best results, we highly recommend getting Book Bolt, which is the best low-cost keyword and niche research tool. This tool will save you tons of time and prevent you from making the painful mistakes of not targeting the right keywords.

Also, do not hesitate to tap into niches that require creating more complex book interiors, such as coloring or puzzle books, because you can always get pre-made KDP interiors for a very cheap price or even for free.

– Best of luck with low content publishing!