7 Best KDP Interior Template Generators 2024 (Free & Paid)

To distinguish oneself amid numerous Amazon publications while selling low-content books, two methods are typically employed. You can opt to capture attention with intricately designed book covers or set yourself apart with remarkable book interiors.

Although creating interiors for plain notebooks may be easy, designing interiors for complex low-content books like planners, or activity books can be a real challenge.

In this article, we are going to discuss the 7 best free and paid KDP interior generators that will provide fantastic customizable interiors for any type of low-content book.

So let’s dive in!

The Best KDP Interior Generators:

1. Self-Publishing Titans

titans pro

Self Publishing Titans is a game-changer for anyone looking to create low-content books for Amazon KDP.

The platform can generate free and paid KDP interiors for a variety of low-content books, including notebooks, planners, journals, coloring books, puzzles, and more. From selecting the book’s size to customizing the interiors, you can create your book from start to finish with ease.

As for free interior creation, Self Publishing Titans offers 17 free customizable book interior pages, consisting of:

  • Notebooks
  • Graphing Pages
  • Comics Pages
  • Sketch Pages
  • Cursive Pages
  • Blank Pages
  • Handwriting Pages
  • Calligraphy Page
  • Dotted Pages
  • Hexagon Pages
  • Isometric Pages
  • Title Pages
  • & more…

You can mix different types of pages in a single book as well as adjust the number of pages, margins, and spacing for each section. Once your book is modified to your liking, you can download a ready-to-upload PDF file with one click.

self publishing titans - free kdp interior generator
Free KDP Interior Generator

If you would like to generate customizable interiors for more complex books, such as coloring books and puzzles, Self Publishing Titans offers paid solutions for that too.

In addition to generating KDP templates, the website also packs comprehensive keyword research tools and KPD masterclasses in various languages.

 Try Self Publishing Titans For Free: Click Here

2. Creative Fabrica

creative fabrica kdp interiors

Unlike the other interior generators, Creative Fabrica is a big graphic design marketplace that sells pre-made KDP interiors with no customization options. However, there you can find hundreds of thousands of unique and beautifully designed interior templates that are created by independent artists.

The interiors come in packages covering many low-content book types and endless niches, and they can be freely used for your low-content book designs.

Creative Fabrica is super popular among many low-content book publishers because it is the best source to find the most unique interior designs for a very low price. Often you can buy the whole package of interiors just for 1$, and if you need a lot of KDP interiors on demand, you can subscribe to Creative Fabrica’s membership.

For $29 a month, Creative Fabrica allows you to access unlimited amounts of KDP interiors, as well as other graphics, cut-files, embroidery designs, and fonts.

Check out Creative Fabrica: Click Here

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3. Book Bolt

book bolt

Book Bolt is a comprehensive low-content publishing tool offering a feature to generate free and premium KDP templates.

You can download these templates to your PC and publish them immediately to KDP without wasting hours trying to come up with your own interiors.

To generate templates using Book Bolt, you just have to go to the interior wizard. The interior wizard will open up in a new tab, and there you will see around 130 free book interior templates with over 50 more templates for premium users.

interior generator book bolt

Select your favorite template, choose the bleed options with paperback size and page count, and download the manuscript file straight to your computer.

While you can generate plenty of templates for free, creating your own templates with Book Bolt is a premium feature. For that, go to the book designer and then, choose one of the options from “paperback” or “hardcover” for the low-content book you want to create. The designer tool allows choosing a paper color, trimming size, bleeding options, and page count.

Book bolt’s interior design editor makes the design process quite simple and fascinating. For instance, you can create a low-vision password journal by designing a table with bold lines within a few clicks.

You can also create password journals and composition notebooks, as well as interiors for puzzle books, daily planners, workout log books, calendars, activity books, recipe books, finance log books, and much more.

Besides interior generator and designer tools, Book Bolt also offers amazing niche and keyword research features, that will help you to find profitable ideas for your books. To put it simply – Book Bolt is an all-in-one tool that every successful low-content publisher needs.

As for pricing, Book Bolt offers two monthly packages with a 3-day trial:

Newbie – $9.99 a month:

  • 3-Day Free Trial
  • Keyword/Product Research
  • Cover/Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • 24/7 Customer Support

Pro – $19.99 a month:

  • 3-Day Free Trial
  • Keyword/Product Research
  • Cover/Interior Designer
  • Amazon Search Volume
  • KDP Spy
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • Puzzle Creation Software Included

 Try Book Bolt For Free: Click Here

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4. Book Bird

book bird templates

Book Bird is another comprehensive low-content publishing tool that empowers creating, publishing, and selling low-content books on Amazon KDP.

The platform offers some free, and premium KDP interiors, which you can easily customize as they come in various source files, such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Powerpoint, etc.

In a free KDP interior bundle, you get around 15+ handcrafter coloring templates, 5+ low content/no content book templates, and some cover design elements.

In addition, their Gold library has over 120 premium interior templates, including but not limited to outdoor activities templates, business, finance, sports and nutrition templates, medical check-up templates, etc.

Moreover, their coloring collection has over 700 coloring book templates that are categorized into several designs, including blooming flowers, mythical monsters, bloody nightmares, gigantic galaxies, jungle adventures, and so much more.

Their journal collection low content book templates design includes blank paper, ruled paper, polar graph paper, perspective grid paper, comic story paper, dual paper, hexagonal paper, etc.

Lastly, Book Bird’s platinum bundle comes with 60+ cover design elements, 600+ coloring book templates, 100+ low content book templates, and lifetime access to upcoming bundles. Book bird’s journal collection is only around $19.95, the coloring collection is $44.99, and the platinum bundle is $99.99.

Check out Book Bird’s templates: Click Here

5. Tangent Templates

tangent templates

Just like Book Bolt, Tangent Templates allows you to generate templates in your preferred trim size and page count, but there you have no free options.

Tangent Templates can generate over 100 interior templates in many styles and niches, including graph, hexagon, and hand-writing papers, habit, and password trackers, or education and mindfulness pages.

The platform also offers a design-builder that enables users to alter the various accessible templates. Within their builder, you will be able to combine many templates into a single book.

To make a yearly planner, for instance, you may combine a vision board template, a budget template, a notebook template, and a diary template. You can also upload a PDF that contains designs you’d like to use, edit the pages, and add Tangent Templates’ templates.

Additionally, Tangent Templates offers an interior design tool that includes a copyright notice feature, personalized questions, and a number of photos you may use to build your pages. It also includes a number of presets that can be modified to meet the theme and style you want.

Besides book interior tools, Tangent Templates also provide a book cover template generator. You can enter the trim size, page count, and the number of pages, and the platform will generate a template that you can use in design tools like Canva to create a cover for your book.

Another beneficial tool Tangent Templates provide is their Listing Helper. This tool is a Chrome extension that functions on the KDP dashboard. It completes all the required fields and even selects a category for your book.

For users who want to add bullets, underline, or bold specific text within their listing descriptions, the Listing Helper tool also has an HTML editor. Besides that, there are even more tools that you could advantage of, including a PDF inspector, price calculator, mockup generator, category explore, KDP helper, and a pen name generator.

As for pricing, Tangent Templates charges a one-time fee of $59 to access all their tools and features.

Check out Tangent Templates: Click Here

6. Power KDP

power kdp

Our next pick is Power KDP which is another beneficial interior generator that enables you to choose from multiple pre-designed templates to add to your low-content books. But, the best thing about this tool – it will generate the templates for free.

Power KDP’s interior generator offers five interior categories: a checklist, journal, notebook, planner, and tracker with a number of sub-categories, such as:

  • Family camping checklist
  • House hunting checklist
  • Hiking checklist
  • Daily fitness journal
  • Recipe journal, teacher journal
  • Shopping list
  • To-do list
  • Music sheet
  • Weekly meal planner
  • Family meal planner
  • Vacation planner
  • Monthly schedule, and so on.

Just like the other tools we mentioned, Power KDP can generate any type of template for your desired trim size and page count.

Apart from the interior generator feature, Power KDP offers a couple of other free handy tools – category search and description editor.

The category search tool helps efficiently find KDP categories that are best suited for your paperbacks. And the description editor allows editing the description with its bold and underline marker, sorting headings, and adding color to the text.

Check out Power KDP: Click Here

7. Interior Builder

interior builder

Interior builder is a subscription service-based interior generator. The platform allows creating beautiful low-content book interiors on your requirements.

The pre-designed templates include checked pages, lined pages, planners, dot grids, and much more. The templates are fully customizable, extensions can be added to each template, and you can check the live preview in real-time. In addition, you can directly download the interiors into high-quality PDF form.

Moreover, you can also specify interior settings, such as bleed, size, page numbers, and more. Interior builders offer a 3-day free trial in which all functionalities are available. The monthly package is $8.99, and the yearly package is $89.99.

Check out the Interior Builder: Click Here

Final Words:

In conclusion, standing out in the world of low-content book publishing can be challenging, but it can be done with amazing book interiors.

The 6 best KDP interior generators mentioned in this article provide fantastic customizable interiors for any type of low-content book.

Self Publishing Titans and Book Bolt are all-in-one tools for low-content publishing that offer features such as interior generation, keyword and niche research, puzzle creation software, and much more.

Creative Fabrica is an excellent source to find unique and beautifully designed interior templates created by independent artists, and Tangent Templates allows users to generate over 100 interior templates in many styles and niches, including an interior design tool, a book cover template generator, and a Listing Helper.

With these tools, anyone can create amazing book interiors and stand out in the competitive world of low-content book publishing.

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