Is Wix Good For SEO?

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an important process for almost every business website. Therefore, you need to make sure that your website builder offers enough SEO features for maximum results.

But can Wix be considered as a good web-building platform in terms of SEO?

Is Wix Good For SEO?

While back in the day Wix was considered just OK platform for search engine optimization, now Wix can do a great job when it comes to SEO.

It seems that the websites built on Wix have a great potential to rank on Google without any problems. Wix comes with many built-in SEO features and tools that will help you to fully optimize your on-page SEO.

SEO Tools:

The reason why so many people love Wix is that it has all the built-in tools for SEO. That makes the whole optimizing process easier, quicker, and less overwhelming.

The main tool that you will be using in your optimization journey is called “SEO Wizz”. It’s an integrated assistant, which will help you to fully optimize the webpages.

SEO Wizz works like a guide, which gives useful tips with recommendations and takes you through the step-by-step process.

Besides that, Wix also offers built-in email & social media marketing tools, video creation tools as well as Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and Google Tag Manager.

There is also an integrated keyword tool that analyzes the competitiveness of each keyword by showing its strength.

Built-in free Wix image stock, as well as the clip art gallery, allows quickly find the visual media files that you would like to use on your content.

Such a variety of tool integration creates a great user experience and also can save a ton of time as you don’t have to look for external plugins and platforms.

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SEO Features:

The great variety of all necessary SEO tools creates great opportunities for your webpage to get fully optimized.

With Wix, you have access to all the features offered by other website builders like WordPress, it’s just Wix offers the more comfortable and quicker solution.

The 99% of all features that you need for successful SEO are coming inside the Wix, and in case you need something else, there’s an app market too.

Here are the main SEO features that you can take advantage of when trying to rank your Wix site:

  • Meta Titles & Meta Description
  • Headers
  • Meta Tags/Categories
  • Alt Text
  • 301 Redirects
  • SSL Encryption
  • Canonical URLs
  • Robots txt
  • Rich Snippet Feature

+ many more

Another great thing with Wix is that it allows you to personalize page’s image and text when it’s being shared on social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and more.

This built-in feature is something that other website builders may not have, and it can enhance your social media marketing performance.


wix seo guidelines
Helpful Guidelines on Wix

Unlike with other website builders, with Wix, you are not being left alone to deal with all on-page SEO struggles. Wix has great support features and that helps to optimize quicker, especially if you are a beginner.

Firstly, SEO Wizz will ask some simple questions about your personal brand or business, you will add the keywords you want to rank for and follow the step-by-step SEO guide.

Throughout the process, the SEO Wizz will also give a checklist with guidelines and recommendations for the best possible results for your specific business type.

For example, if you are a local business, SEO Wizz will do its best to optimize for your business location.

And in case you are not sure what SEO title, or description, you should use, Wix automatically pulls out some ideas for you as you type in your keyword.

Wix SEO vs WordPress SEO

What you can achieve with on-page SEO settings with Wix, you can also achieve with WordPress. It’s just WordPress doesn’t have such a variety of built-in tools and features, and you will have to install and use the 3rd party SEO plugins for that.

Optimizing a WordPress site could be overwhelming for someone with little knowledge in tech, however, optimizing with WordPress is still considered a fairly easy process.

While Wix offers the most convenient SEO setup, some data shows that WordPress does have an advantage when it comes to ranking on Google.

Website experts Hrefs took 3.2 million Wix websites, and 3.2 million WordPress websites to compare which platform produces better SEO results.

Both Wix and WordPress websites were divided into 2 groups. Group 1 was a number of websites that generate from 1 to 100 visitors a month. And the 2nd Group were the websites that get more than 100 visitors per month.

Study shows that for the 1st Group, 46,1% WordPress websites had at least some organic monthly traffic, while websites built on Wix took only 1,4% of the pie chart.

The difference seems to be less dramatic if we analyze the 2nd group – websites that get more than a hundred monthly visitors.

However, WordPress still goes ahead of Wix, with 8,26% of WordPress websites, compared to only 0,06% ranking Wix sites.

To analyze those two platforms further, Hrefs took the number of keywords websites ranked for in Google’s top 10 search results. They also measured the number of traffic websites get from ranking in the top 10 on Google.

What they found was the number of keywords that ranked on Google’s top 10 was close to each other of both, WordPress and Wix sites, however, WordPress demonstrates a slightly higher number of ranking keywords than Wix.

And for the traffic stats, Wix demonstrates a little higher number of traffic generated from the top 10 organic results.

To dive into study even deeper, we can see that ranking WordPress sites demonstrated lower domain authority scores than Wix, but the number of “dofollow” referring domains was higher on WordPress.

This study may form the assumption that Wix websites are small business websites that rank well for branded keywords, but they are not trying to conquer the whole web as WordPress sites do.

It just seems that more SEO might have been done on WordPress sites than on Wix sites, and there’s no clear relationship between platform used and top 10 search result appearance.

We need to take into account the fact that Wix targets business owners who mainly have little to no knowledge in terms of SEO and website building in general. Therefore, the SEO results may seem to be a bit off in comparison to WordPress, which is mainly used by digital marketers and tech-savvy people.

Final Words:

If you are a beginner, who wants to get his website on the search results as quickly and easily as possible, using Wix is definitely fine.

The platform offers plenty of useful built-in SEO tools & features, which will make the optimizing process easy and effective.

While there is some evidence that WordPress websites might perform better on the Google rankings, we wouldn’t recommend to fully rely on it.

Generally, Wix websites are being used by lower-level marketers for different purposes, therefore WordPress sites may seem to perform better on the search engines. It’s because the majority of WordPress sites are blogs, and Google appreciates wordy content in rankings.

But it doesn’t mean that Wix is not good for SEO. Wix works great for SEO, and you should use it if you like other aspects of this platform.

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