ClickBank University 2.0 Review 2020: Is It Worth It?

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is clickbank university worth it

Want to try Clickbank University 2.0, but not sure if it’s worth your money and time? This CBU 2020 review will guide you through all the bits of this Clickbank training curse, and genuinely help you decide whether you should try this program, or not.

Affiliate Disclaimer: We only recommend services and products if we truly believe they are worth it. Some of the links in this article can be affiliate links, meaning that if you purchase through these links we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. That helps to keep this blog running.

My story with Clickbank University:

I clearly remember the time, when I was stuck in the 9-5 job that I really hated. I’ve spent every single day dreaming about the time when everything is going to change, and I won’t have to come back to work again.

The problem was that I’ve spent more time dreaming rather than taking action and actually doing something about this situation.

But one day, I’ve came across the affiliate marketing, and instantly started to work on it as I saw an insane potential to make money online.

After 2 years of consistent and disciplined work, I was able to generate enough money to tell my boss that I’m leaving forever. The feeling was fantastic, but it would all happen without Clickbank.

At this time, it’s been a year since I am making over $150 a day from just promoting other people’s products on Clickbank, and I have never felt like taking an extra course or training on that.

But, when I found out that there’s a Clickbank training created by Clickbank themselves I thought – it must be a good one, and I immediately gave it a try.

is clickbank university worth it

You need to understand that, unlike other marketing courses, this one has the biggest interest to make you succeed. It’s because if you make money with Clickbank, Clickbank is also going to make money, so there’s nothing else but the win-win situation here.

Since the price to access the course seemed to be not too high for me I’ve purchased a single month’s membership for $47.

The two biggest reasons why I decided to get this product was to gain some knowledge about being a vendor on Clickbank, and its weekly live webinar training with Clickbank University creators Adam Horwitz and Justin Alan.

I just loved these guys for their past marketing background, and I felt happy to only pay for the opportunity to ask some specific questions during their webinars.

But Clickbank University offers more than that.

You see, these guys have all the data that shows what techniques and methods work well with this platform.

With all the help inside the course, you should be able to implement those techniques and methods on top of your own unique strategy.

According to Clickbank University themselves, this training has everything you need to become a successful vendor, affiliate or both on the Clickbank marketplace.

What Is Clickbank?

what is clickbank

First of all, Clickbank is a platform that connects vendors (product creators) and affiliates (publishers), so they can work together and share profits while making sales. Vendors publish their products on the Clickbank affiliate marketplace and the affiliates promote them to the customers.

Every time an affiliate brings a new customer to the product he will earn a commission ( the percentage of a sale).

Even though I have never used Clickbank as a product vendor, I’ve earned a lot of money while being an affiliate and promoting other people’s products at a high cost.

High commissions on Clickbank is how this platform stands out from others, and normally you will get at least 75% of commissions for every referred sale. So, if the product costs $400, getting paid $300 on a 75% commission rate for a single referral can be a very profitable way to earn money.

As this platform offers such high commission payouts, sometimes making two or three sales per month can make a living for many affiliates.

The reason why Clickbank manages to offer such high commission rates is that it mainly offers digital products.

You see, it costs nothing to duplicate or ship a digital product, therefore product vendors can offer a bigger incentive for the affiliates.

There are digital products in many niches that you can find on Clickbank. Those niches include:

  • Business & Investing
  • Cooking, Food & Wine
  • Internet Business & Marketing
  • Green Products
  • Health & Fitness
  • Art & Entertainment
  • Sports
  • Software
  • Travel
  • Self-motivation
  • and many more

Basically, there you can find digital products to market and promote in every niche you can think of, and all the categories inside are constantly being updated.

What Is Clickbank University 2.0?

From the early days, Clickbank University’s mission was to inspire young entrepreneurs to make money online and attain the dream lifestyle.

Back then there was a Clickbank University 1.0 that only focused on teaching people on how to become a vendor on this platform. Later in 2019, the creators came up with Clickbank University 2.0 – an improved version of the training, which focuses on teaching people how to become a vendor, affiliate, or both on Clickbank.

The course is designed to deliver the information and training on a weekly basis and here’s what it offers:

  • 8-Week affiliate training
  • 12-Week vendor training
  • Crash Courses
  • Bonuses
  • CB University Forum
  • Toolkit
  • Weekly Webinars
  • and more

What I like about CBU is that it not only focuses on technical bits on how to make money on Clickbank, but also has content about motivation, mindset, and entrepreneurship.

For example, in the member’s area, you can see that they regularly interview successful people like Gary Vaynerchuck, Abel James, Matt O’Connor, and all – to inspire young entrepreneurs along the way.

gary vee clickbank university
Interview with Gary Vee

Unlike the other make money online courses, this one kind of holds you by the hand throughout the process. There you not only have a chance to follow constructive training but also raise any specific questions that you have.

The creators are showing outstanding support to the members of CBU as they really wish all the members to succeed with this platform. And it makes sense because if you don’t make money with Clickbank, they don’t make money too.

Who Is This Course For?

who is clickbank university for

We can go as specific as possible when answering this question, but first of all, Clickbank University is for those who want to genuinely make money online.

By saying genuinely, I have in mind working with the Clickbank marketplace. In fact, this platform was and still is the number 1 income source for many marketers for many years, including me.

Making money on Clickbank can probably be the fastest and most realistic method to make money online in 2020. Must mention that it is all much more than just making money online, and it’s actually about building a profitable asset that makes money online for the long-term.

But like any other business model, this one requires a lot of dedication and work to be put in, so don’t expect that you just buy the course and the results will come right after. The process of establishing the money-making machine with Clickbank requires to be patient, hard-working and dedicated.

However, Clickbank University is here to make sure that you take the easiest possible path and succeed in the quickest possible way in this Clickbank industry,

Generally speaking, Clickbank University can work and bring value for many those who are interested in:

  • Building your own product
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Blogging
  • SEO
  • Paid advertising
  • Social media
  • & more

If you have a passion to create a digital product one day, but not certainly sure how to handle the whole process, Clickbank Unversity will teach you the key step-by-step methods of product creation as well as marketing strategies that are tested and proven to work.

And if you are interested in making money without even having to create your own product, 8-week affiliate training in this course will show you what actually works best with affiliate marketing on Clickbank.

Who Created This Training?

Justin Atlan and his assistant Adam Horwitz are the people who partnered-up with Clickbank and created this training.

Justin is known to be one of the most successful digital marketing and online entrepreneurship experts in the world.

Before creating CBU he was teaching thousands of people how to get started building a business online, and his company was generating 8 figures on the Clickbank marketplace alone.

Justin Atlan Clickbank University
Justin Atlan from Clickbank University

For his success, he was featured on brands like Business Insider, Yahoo Finance, Cnn Money & more. He also flew over to the White House and there he was named one of the top 100 entrepreneurs in the USA.

His partner/assistant Adam Horwitz also has an outstanding background in the marketing and entrepreneurship world. He is mostly known from his popular YouTube travel vlogging channel called “WOLVES”, that currently has generated over 240k subscribers.

Besides that, he is a founder of a well-known making money online course called Mobile Monopoly, as well as the texting service called YepText.

Before starting his journey with Clickbank, Adam gained a tremendous amount of experience in the digital world. He was in the game since the age of 15, and he created his first successful digital product when he was only 19 years old.

What’s inside the Clickbank University?

Inside the training, you will find different sections of the course that mainly consists of everything you need for success – tutorials, tools, motivation, and support.

12-Week Vendors Training:

This section is going to be covered by one of the CBU creators – Justin Atlan. As you can see the training is based on a weekly drip feed, and you can unlock maximum 3 videos each on week.

But if you want to access all the training videos at once you can fill in a request form for that, however, I think it’s better if you take your time and watch them with no rush while at the same time taking action on what you learn.

All the videos inside this training are constructive, clear and high-quality, and this bit has literally everything for you to become a successful vendor on Clickbank.

vendors training clickbank university

Week1: How It Works – This section is an introduction that briefly explains the whole product creation and marketing process from the overall scope.

Week2: Finding Your Perfect Product – Here you will dive into your hobbies and passion in order to find the right niche and the product that you actually enjoy creating and selling. You will also learn how to do proper market research in this section to make sure that your product has enough potential to sell.

Week3: Creating Your Avatar – Finding and defining your avatar is a crucial step to succeed as a vendor on Clickbank. Here you will analyze who your perfect customers are, get to know their demographics, interests and most importantly – the problem they are dealing with.

Week4: Creating Your Product – This is the most exciting and important part of this vendor training. Here you will be taught how to create your very first high-quality digital product in any format you like, either it’s eBook, course, or software. This section is also going to show how to outsource product creation tasks as well as some other methods to speed up the process.

Week5: Creating your Perfect Upsell – Upsell is an additional product or add-on that you are going to pitch to a customer when they purchase your main product. Having an upsell is important to maximize your sales, and it also attracts new affiliates as they are going to earn from your upsells too, so make sure you don’t miss this important section.

Week6: Sales Copy & Conversion Maximizing – Nobody is going to buy your product if you won’t be able to present it properly. This section is all about getting into your customer’s mind and writing a top copy that converts and makes them purchase.

Week7: The Easy Video Sales Letter – Not every customer will enjoy reading your sales letter, and some of them will prefer to watch a video instead, therefore having a video sales letter on your product’s landing page is a must. Here you will learn how to create a simple yet effective video sales letter without putting too much effort or spending a lot of money.

Week8: Finalizing your Product – No matter what type of digital product you are going to be creating, there are some things you definitely don’t want to miss in the process. This part is all about adding last bits to your product and making sure it is ready to go.

Week9: Getting onto ClickBank – This simple section will show how you can join and add your product to the Clickbank marketplace where it is going to be accessible to your new affiliate partners.

Week10: Attracting & Managing JV Relationships- Relationships with big affiliates are super important for a loud kick-start of your product. Imagine affiliates with million-size audiences joining your affiliate program and instantly bringing hundreds if not thousands of sales to your product. In this section, you will learn how to find real sharks in this game and build long-term relationships with them.

Week11: Split Testing – In order to succeed with your product you will definitely have to test a lot of things – sales videos, sales letters, Facebook ads, funnels and many more. This bit of the training will show you how to do it right and effectively.

Week12: Scaling your Success – If you manage to earn $100 a day selling your digital product it doesn’t mean that everything needs to stop there. Being in the mindset of scaling your business and taking the right actions is a key to turn your business into an empire that generates even millions one day.

  • BONUS: Selling High Ticket Products on Webinars – Webinars can be a super lucrative way to make extra money. It’s because by hosting the webinars you gain the biggest engagement with your audience and everything is happening in real-time. This bonus section is dedicated to showing you the webinar creation process where you will be able to promote high ticket affiliate offers and make over $1000 in a single sale.

8-Week Affiliate Training:

The affiliate part is not as rich and packed as vendor training, and it makes sense why. It’s because becoming an affiliate is generally much easier than becoming a vendor, and it doesn’t require so much training.

Adam Horwitz is going to be explaining everything you need to know about becoming a successful affiliate marketer on Clickbank.

Same as on the vendor’s training, you will be limited to watch 3 videos a week unless you fill the request form to access more.

affiliate marketing training clickbank university

Week 1: Affiliate Marketing on ClickBank – A brief overview of what are you going to learn in this course, and how Clickbank actually works. Here you will also create a complete affiliate marketing plan, and set up some realistic and achievable goals for success.

Week 2: Understanding Affiliate Marketing – This bit covers the fundamentals of affiliate marketing, and explains how it works for both – vendors and affiliates. It also shows how to use the Clickbank marketplace in order to find the right products.

Week 3: Finding Your Passion – There is nothing worse than promoting an affiliate product in the niche you don’t like, therefore this section is dedicated to finding your favorite niche and a product, which promotion you’d enjoy. Also, it’s really important that your chosen niche and a product has a buyer demand, and for this reason, you will be learning some market research strategies too.

Week 4: The Ultimate Affiliate Funnel – To maximize sales and conversions you will have to create a funnel where you are going to take a customer into the process. All the important topics like traffic, opt-in pages, email marketing are going to be covered in this part.

Week 5: Free, Free, Free: Always Over Deliver – This section will form a mindset of giving away for free now and earning later down the track.

Week 6: Writing the Perfect Swipe – Writing great subject lines and email copy is important for your emails to get opened, and links inside to be clicked. Therefore, this section is dedicated to maximize conversions by making your audience excited and engaged.

Week 7: The Email Blueprint – This part of the training focuses on the automation of emails, that allow making money on the autopilot. It also has information about the broadcasting and finding the perfect balance between giving value and pitching your affiliate offers.

Week 8: Scaling and Expanding – Sky is the limit of what you can reach with affiliate marketing and this section is teaching about strategies and methods of finding new opportunities to grow and expand your income. This part also transitions into creating your own product as it is absolutely perfect way to grow your business further.

  • BONUS: Running Affiliate Promotions

What else is inside Clickbank University?

Besides the main core of the course, which is vendor and affiliate training, Clickbank has some more features and tools to offer that can help you along the way.

CBU Forum:

CBU Forum is essentially a private members-only community where you can interact with other members of Clickbank University.

I think this section is truly amazing because there you can find many people actively asking and answering different questions and queries related to affiliate marketing and Clickbank.

clickbank univeristy forum

The reason why I think this forum is great because it is absolutely spam-free and there you can get solid support and motivation from other marketers.

So if you get any specific questions during your journey with Clickbank, you can pop inside to ask those questions and get some specific and in-depth answers.

Mini-Courses With The Pros

mini courses with the pros

Besides the main training, CBU has some unique additional training conducted by the most successful marketers in the world.

There will be a bunch of different training videos on topics like – paid search ads, YouTube ads, productivity, choosing a killer niche, Instagram marketing, webinars, membership sites, and more.

Most importantly these training bits are going be coming from the biggest affiliate marketing names in the world like – Fred Lam, John Crestani, Robby Blanchard and more.

Expert Interviews:

expert interviews clickbank university

This section is not based on tutorials or guides, but the interviews with the most successful entrepreneurs in the world.

Probably the main purpose of these interview videos is to inspire and prepare you for what it takes to be successful – hard work.

Here you can find some really inspiring interviews, with players like – Gary Vee, Abel James, Matt O’Connor, and more.


toolkit clickbank university

No matter if you are a vendor or an affiliate, you will definitely need some external 3rd party tools along the way.  Some of the tools mentioned in this training cost to access, however, you can start only with purchasing a domain name and hosting for your website, and that doesn’t cost a lot.

Here’s a list of technical and theoretical guides on how to use 3rd party tools for the best success of your business:

  • Introduction to Tools
  • Setting Up a Custom Domain with GoDaddy
  • Creating a Sales Presentation with PowerPoint
  • Video Editing with Camtasia
  • Recording Your Sales Video with Camtasia
  • Camtasia Alternative: APowersoft for Screen Recording
  • Design Banners, Posts, & Giveaways with Canva
  • Setting Up Your Funnel with CB Builder
  • Split Testing with Visual Website Optimizer
  • Increasing Conversions with Optimonk
  • Enhance Your Social Media Activity with Hootsuite
  • Outsourcing with UpWork
  • Sending Broadcasts and Automating with AWeber
  • Demographic Research with Google & Twitter

To be honest, I wouldn’t get bothered with them if I was a beginner, because you don’t need almost any of them when you just start. So it’s better to come back to this bit when you’re slightly more advanced.

CBU 2.0 Builder:

clickbank builder

Clickbank Builder is an upsell, and you will have to pay extra to access this feature. Essentially, it’s a funnel and landing page builder that is specifically optimized for the Clickbank platform.

I haven’t personally tried this tool, because I don’t really think it is necessary for affiliate marketing, and in my opinion, it is a bit costly. However, this upsell can be  handy for vendors, and it can save a lot of time in the process.

So, if you are only planning to be an affiliate on Clickbank I would recommend not bothering with this upsell, but if you are deciding to launch a product on Clickbank this can be a very handy tool to use.

Live Q&A Sessions:

live q&a clickbank

By being Clickbank University’s student every week you will have a chance to ask some specific questions to the product’s creators, and that is a truly amazing opportunity for you to grow there.

Justin and Adam host weekly webinar sessions where every member can join and interact with the Clickbank themselves.

And if you can’t attend the live session, don’t worry, because all the webinars are being saved and you can access them later.

Pros and Cons of Clickbank University:

pros cons clickbank university

Clickbank University isn’t a perfect product. Like any other product, this one also has some positive and negative sides.

Here’s what’s good and what’s not so good about this program:

What’s good:

Updated Content: While the main areas, such as affiliate and vendor sections will probably remain untouched in this course, there are other bits that are being constantly updated. For example, the weekly webinars and other training regularly bring fresh and updated content that you can take a big advantage of.

Best interest to make you succeed: Since the creators of this entire training are Clickbank themselves, you can feel confident while following what it teaches. It’s because again, if you don’t make money with Clickbank, they don’t make money too. These guys are really trying to make you succeed, and we can tell that by their outstanding service and significant support.

What’s not so good:

Could be more content in the Affiliate section: While there is a lot of content on the Affiliate Marketing part, it feels that there’s a strong disbalance between affiliate marketing and vendor sections. What I have found that the vendor’s section in this course is more covered. It would be nice if there were more in-depth content on the affiliate marketing section.

Is Clickbank University Worth It? (Final Verdict)

is clickbank university worth it

To answer this question you need to ask yourself – “am I serious about making money online by creating a product or being an affiliate?” Cause, if you are not, the price you will pay for this training might be not worth it.

As we mentioned before, Clickbank University charges a fee on a recurring basis, so you will be paying every month to access the training. However, that doesn’t mean that you will have to pay for it forever, just take the most information out of it in the shortest period of time, and move on your own.

The reason you might want to stay on Clickbank University for a longer period than a month is that some of the contents in the training are being constantly updated. For example, weekly live Q&A can help you find answers to continuously recurring questions, and you will get a lot of them in your online business journey.

Also, a spam-free CBU forum might be worth constant subscription for additional support from the members. You’ll be given a chance to ask specific and in-depth questions whenever you want. Besides that, CBU forum is also a great place to build long-term relationships with other marketers.

Other than that, the contents inside do not change very frequently, and all the useful information inside can be written out on the piece of paper within a month or so.

Talking about the overall quality of this training, I would rate it 8/10.

In my opinion, the contents inside are not being updated too frequently and paying $47 a month seems a little too high for that. I would rather pay a one-time fee of $200 for this type course instead of $47 a month, but it is what it is.

If you have a specific skill-set that you would like to put into an eBook, course, or software, the vendor part of this training is absolutely awesome. You will learn everything from A-Z about becoming a successful vendor on Clickbank.

Unfortunately, the affiliate marketing part lacks some useful content in some areas. This section is more like beginner-friendly and sometimes might look too basic for advanced marketers. It would be great if the training was oriented towards deeper layers of this business model. However, if you are a very beginner, this bit can give you a great kick-start and general understanding of affiliate marketing.

And the last thing to mention, while being a student of Clickbank university you are being in good hands. It’s because Clickbank itself has the biggest interest to make you succeed on their platform, and if you don’t make money on Clickbank they don’t make it too.

So, If you want to give it a try, here’s the link to Clickbank University:

Clickbank University 2.0 Access

– Good Luck!

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