InDigitalWorks: My Honest Review 2023

Are you keen on earning money with Private Label Rights yet uncertain about where to source excellent PLR products? InDigitalWorks could be the perfect solution for you.

In this review, we will look into the features of this platform, and help you decide whether this membership site is a good source for PLR materials.

IMPORTANT NOTE: A long time passed since me writing this review, and I do not recommend InDigitalWorks anymore, as now there are way better PLR options for you. To find your best PLR source check my Best PLR Sites 2023 article.

What is InDigitalWorks?

what is indigitalworks

InDigitalWorks is a PLR membership site with over 100k members worldwide. It is fully packed with thousands of PLR products under different categories in many niches, and the products are being updated daily.

If we compare InDigital Works to other PLR sources, here you will be paying for a membership, not for every single product you download.

That means once you purchase one of the memberships you will get unlimited and unrestricted access to all the products inside. There are membership options either for 3 months, 1 year, or a lifetime.

This pricing option suits everyone who is serious about online marketing or product creation and willing to access different PLR products for more than several times.

You can find there many different PLR products in categories, such as eBooks, articles, videos, software, templates, graphics, music, and more.

They also have some handy bonuses for those who become their members. There are bonuses like PLR training, eCover creator & editor, web-hosting and more.

What niches does it cover?

If you are wondering if there you will find PLR products in your specific niche – 99% of times you will. This site covers almost all niches, and here you can find different PLR products in topics like:

  • Marketing & Business
  • Social Media & Networks
  • Web & Development
  • Computers & Technology
  • WordPress
  • Software
  • Tutorials & Training
  • Templates & Themes
  • Graphics & Design
  • Weight Loss
  • Fitness & Training
  • Health & Fitness
  • Diet & Cooking
  • Psychology & Self Help
  • Parenting & Family
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Spirituality & Meditation
  • Hobbies & Free Time
  • Sports & Outdoors
  • Lifestyle & Traveling
  • Beauty & Fashion
  • Pets & Other Animals
  • Renewable Energy & Eco Friendly
  • and more…

Who is this website for?

Generally speaking, is for people who want to make money online. But if we go more specifically with that question, this website is for:

  • People who want to create their own digital products
  • Marketers who need extra tools for their online business

Besides those two groups of people, InDigitalWorks can also bring benefits for:

– Bloggers & content creators
– Affiliate marketers
– YouTubers
– eCommerce owners
– Social media marketers
– Email marketers
– Freelancers
– Programmers & developers
–  Artists
– and more…

In regards to the pricing plan, this website is for those who are serious about making money online and planning to use many different PLR products along the way. It’s because if you only need 1 or 2 PLR products, their membership option may come at the cost.

How to use InDigitalWorks products correctly?

how to use indigitalworks

First of all, let’s start with the types of licensing that this website covers. You don’t want to breach any legal terms of the products, so it’s important for you to know what you can, and what you can’t do with these products.

InDigitalWorks covers products under 5 licensing types, including Resell Rights, Master Resale Rights, Private Label Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Use. Each of them has its own permissions and prohibitions.

Here’s what these rights typically allow and do not allow to do with the products:

Resell Rights (RR):

Allows: selling the product; packaging with other products; selling the Resell Rights.

Doesn’t allow: modifying and changing product; giving away for free.

Master Resell Rights (MRR):

Allows: selling the products; packaging with other products; selling the Resell Rights; selling the Master Resell Rights.

Doesn’t allow: modifying and changing products; giving away for free.

Private Label Rights (PLR):

Allows: selling the product; packaging it with other products; changing and modifying products; selling the Resell Rights; selling the Master Resell Rights.

Doesn’t allow: conveying and selling Private Label Rights; adding to free membership sites; giving away for free.

Giveaway Rights:

Allows: giving away products for free, selling the products; packaging with other products; selling the Resell Rights; selling the Master Resell Rights.

Doesn’t allow: modifying and changing products, conveying and selling Private Laber Rights.

Personal Use:

There’s no explanation needed over this one and you can only use products for your personal use.

Basically, Private Label Rights allow you to do the most with the products. You can change, re-brand and put your name under them, but you can’t give them away for free. So, if you are looking for the products to give away for free to your audience, you will have to look particularly under the giveaway section.

The terms mentioned above are typical, but they can vary from product to product. For this reason, InDigitalWorks made sure that you have a clear list in each product’s description explaining what exactly you can and can’t do with the particular product:

product terms indigitalworks
Example of the product terms

What is inside the membership?

Apart from the outstanding selection of different PLR products under different categories, InDigitalWorks has some extraordinary bonuses, which can help you in PLR rebranding, reselling or marketing process.

But before getting into bonuses, let’s cover the most important part – products.

The products:

Besides the Private Label Rights, InDigitalWorks also offers products under Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, Giveaway Rights, and Personal Use. As you probably know already, PLR is the most flexible licensing type that allows you to do almost everything with the product.

You can easily navigate to the products section and select the products under your desired category and licensing type.

indigitalworks menu


The articles section is presented as the bonus of the membership, however, I think it is an important product category and we should cover it in the first place.

There are over 200k articles available for members to access and download them, and they literally cover all niches. The quality of these articles is not bad at all, but to avoid plagiarism and bad SEO experience the chances are that you will need to change or rewrite them.

For this reason, InDigitalWorks offers a very cheap rewriting service that only costs $2.40 for 400 words. Otherwise, you can change and rewrite those articles by yourself.


indigitalworks ebooks

There are tons of high-quality eBooks in many niches available inside the membership. The eBooks are well-written and contain at least 30 pages of written information.

You can change and re-brand those eBooks and resell them as your own, or you can give them away for your audience to grow your email list.

You can also use these eBooks as the resources for your articles. 1 eBook can be enough to generate up to quality 10 articles.


There is an extensive amount of PLR software products that are marketing tools, informational guides, WordPress themes, and plugins, as well as landing and squeeze page builders.

The overall quality of software products is quite impressive, and you can use these products, for reselling giveaway, or even your own purposes.


indigitalworks videos

PLR videos consist of tutorials, how-to guides, and courses, and the products come in a video series format.

Most of the products are in the digital marketing niche, but you can also find some video products in other niches.


Templates can be a perfect lead magnet for your future subscribers. You can also use templates for your own personal needs.

There are many different types of PLR templates available in this section, including – squeeze pages, landing pages, sales letters, WordPress themes, minisites, HTML & CSS templates, and many others.


Even though PLR graphics is not the most popular PLR category in general, I think you can benefit a lot from it.

There are PLR headers, banners, order/buy buttons, icons, testimonial boxes, logos, add to cart buttons, guarantee badges, pricing tables, credit card & membership card templates, cover graphics, headlines, guarantee boxes and many other graphics you might need along the way.

Those can be given away, used for your own purposes, and even packaged or resold.


And last, but not least, you can find plenty of PLR music products on this website. There are audio tutorials, training, music tracks, hypnotherapy, motivational, depression, hypnotherapy audio files,  which can be used for marketing, branding, reselling, and video production needs.

The bonuses:

By purchasing any of InDigitalWorks memberships, you are not only getting access to PLR products but also to other features and tools. So what else does this platform offer for its members?

indigitalworks bonuses

Web Hosting:

InDigitalWorks offers 10GB free, secure, and high-speed hosting for your business’s website.

This feature can save a lot of time and money for members as they don’t necessarily have to register with expensive hosting providers. However, I haven’t tried their hosting yet and I am not able to tell how good the hosting is.

Video Tutorials:

In case you are not familiar with PLR products, these guys have dedicated an entire section to teach you. IndigitalWorks has plenty of tutorials on How To Edit And Publish PLR Product; Ways To Expand Your Online Business Using PLR; Email List Building and many more.

There are over 136 tutorials in total, and after watching them all you should feel fully confident in the PLR industry.

eCover Software

ecover creator

A professionally designed eCover is important to give great first impression to your customers, and InDigitalWorks can help you with that.

They have a built-in 3D eCover creator and editor. This software can be really handy for many PLR users. It allows to design and edit covers of eBooks, DVD’s, software, membership cards, or any PLR product packs.

It comes with special effects, 360-degree view & design modes, and more…

WP Landing Page

WP Landing page is essentially a WordPress plugin allowing you to easily create responsive, high-converting squeeze pages, sales pages, and landing pages.

This WordPress plugin works with any theme and autoresponder, it’s fully responsive, mobile-friendly, and has some built-in marketing graphics.

This free bonus is super valuable as you don’t have to pay for other expensive themes or plugins to build a landing page for you.

How much does it cost?

While for some people the pricing options might seem to be a little expensive, for me this platform is a real deal.

Here are the membership options:

3-month membership: $39
1-year membership: $69
Lifetime membership: $79

Is InDigitalWorks Worth It?

To simply answer this question – it depends. If you only need a couple of PLR materials and that’s it, it will be cheaper do buy them individually on other PLR sources. But, if you are planning to use PLR products consistently, or more than 5 times, I would definitely recommend choosing one of their memberships.

It costs $79 to access and download their products for the rest of my life, and for me, it’s an absolute bargain.

If you compare other PLR sources sometimes you might pay such amount for downloading only 2 or 3 same quality PLR products. So imagine how much money this membership site can save you if you need to download 100’s of them?

The good idea is to start with their cheapest membership and get the most out of this platform within 3 months. However, I’m sure you will want to extend your membership, so just getting the lifetime access now is also a good choice.

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  1. Thanks for such a detailed review! After reading this I decided to sign up with InDigitalWorks, and so far it looks like these guys have some really good PLR stuff.

    Highly recommended!


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