How To Sell PLR eBooks – The Ultimate Guide

how to sell plr ebooks

Selling PLR eBooks can be a great way to earn extra income and differentiate yourself from other marketers. There are many ways how you can buy and sell PLR eBooks with minimal investment and absolutely no risk.

If you read this article until the end, you will learn what PLR eBooks are, where you can buy them, and how you can sell them for the best financial returns.

So, What Are The PLR eBooks?

PLR eBooks are usually PDF format books sold with PLR (Private Label Rights). PLR is a license that allows the buyer to modify a product and sell it under his own name.

For example, you can simply go out there and buy PLR eBooks, improve them by adding extra valuable content, and sell it as your own digital product for the increased price. Remember, you only need to buy an eBook once to sell it for even 1000 times, so the potential of earning money here is great.

Electronic books are just one of several PLR material types. There are also PLR articles, graphics, templates, videos, audios, newsletters and more. The reason why we are going to talk about eBooks in particular, is because you can buy them for a very cheap price, and they contain the most information among the other types of PLR media.

From a single eBook, you can generate multiple different articles, videos, audio files and use them for different marketing and sales processes.

RR vs MRR vs PRL eBooks:

RR vs MRR vs PRL

Before you get into PLR eBook business, you need to know existing differences between licensing rights in order to keep yourself off the legal problems. There are three types of licensing rights – Resale Rights (RR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), and PLR (Private Resale Rights).

Here are three main differences between each of them that you need to know before buying eBooks and other types of digital products:

Resale Rights (RR): This is the most restrictive type of licensing rights. It allows you to only resell digital products without selling the reselling rights, changing the product, or claiming the authorship. In other words, the product can only be sold for two two times in total.

Master Resale Rights (MRR) Similarly to resale rights, this type of licensing does not allow you to edit and change the contents of your product as well as putting your name under it. The only difference between PR and MRR, is that MRR allows you to sell the product’s resell rights, so the original product can be sold unlimited times via unlimited buyers.

Private Label Rights (PLR): This is the most flexible type of licensing and it allows you to do everything you want with the purchased digital product. In most cases, there are a lot of things you can do with PLR eBooks, including:


– You can give them away
– You can modify and put your name on them
– You can put them into a package
– You can offer them in your sales funnel
– You can repurpose them in another type of content
– You can sell them in auction sites
– You can use them in email marketing
– You can bundle them with other products

Buying and modifying PLR digital products is the easiest way to create your own digital product, and it can be very lucrative if done right.

Before heading to the top ways on how you can sell your PLR eBooks, let’s have a look where you can buy them first:

Where To Get PLR eBooks From?

There are multiple places where you can find quality PLR eBooks with a great price in different categories and niches. We will be focusing only on PLR licensing type materials and its sources because it is easiest to re-sell and make money off them.

Here are the top websites where you can find great PLR eBooks:


IDPLR offers an extensive amount of eBooks under Private Laber Rights and other licensing types. There are high-quality eBook products in every niche you need, including online marketing, health, beauty, travel, DIY, relationship, parenting and many more.

What is nice about IDPLR is that eBooks come combined with other useful assets like emails or squeeze pages, and that can help a lot in the marketing process. Unlike other PLR eBook sources, IDPLR has a membership option that has a single-time fee and allows to fully access and download all PLR products for 3 months, 1 year, or a lifetime.

This option is very handy for those who are serious about marketing and willing to use PLR eBooks multiple times.


ThePLRStore also offers different PLR products in many niches, including Digital Marketing, Cooking, Spirituality, Travel, Fashion, Real Estate, Finance, and everything you can think of. Here you will be paying for every download you make. The prices normally range from $1.99 to $12.99 per book or more, and you can also find great products there.


This one has slightly higher prices but is based more on the packages rather than on single pieces of eBooks. BuyQualityPLR offers eBooks bundled with audio/video series, sales pages and other types of materials, and that’s why you may pay a slightly higher price than on ThePLRStore. Similarly to ThePLRStore, there you can find different PLR products in every single niche possible.

where to buy plr ebooks


This is the cheapest PLR eBook source, however, the quality of the products may not be that great. You may need to spend some time and money there to discover great PLR eBook sources on Fiverr. The minimal price starts from 5$, but the amount of books you can get for it is just crazy.

fiverr PLR e-books

There are vendors selling 21 million ebooks on Fiverr for just for 5$. Fiverr is the type of source, which focuses on quantity over quality, but sometimes it might be better to own a single high-quality eBook instead of thousands or millions of low-quality ones.

How To Sell PLR eBooks?

So, once you have your PLR eBook you can sell it either directly to the end-user or indirectly by using it in the marketing process. Let’s have a look at the best methods you can follow when selling PLR eBooks online.

selling plr ebooks

Sell your eBook with increased value:

You can increase the value of your PLR eBook by adding extra content and simply making the product better. You can make the product more appealing by adding more visual elements, taking the content, which is not so good out, and replacing it with new better content.

Make sure your eBook cover looks great because the cover is what attracts the customers most. If the cover of an eBook you bought doesn’t look great, take your time to design a better-looking one.

Also, you can buy more than a single eBook, make a bundle of multiple PLR books and sell them in a package. Or, you can combine your eBook with some relevant video, or audio products to increase its value.

It is up to your creativity of what you can do with that product, but you need to make it better in some way.

Sell Them Directly on The Marketplaces

This is probably the most passive method to sell your eBooks, however, the idea of reselling modified PLR eBooks remains the same and you should always aim to increase the value of a product before trying to resell it.

The are many places where you can sell your PLR content directly. Some of them even allow you to partner up with affiliates in order to increase sales.

The main negative of these marketplaces is that the majority of them will charge you a percentage of the sale or monthly fees. These are the top places where you can sell your PLR electronic books:

This site does not only allow you to sell eBooks, but also create promotional campaigns using their useful tools. You can also recruit affiliates and get bloggers and marketers to promote your ebooks. There are no sign-up or any other monthly fees, but Payhip takes 5% commission of every sale you make.

payhip plr ebooks

This platform allows you to not only host and sell your eBooks, but also offers e-commerce solutions, and marketing features. Selz is flexible in terms of pricing and it has three payment options: $0/month + 5% transaction fee, $29/month + 2% transaction fee, or $99/month + 0% transaction fee.

sellz plr ebooks

With Sellfy, you can create an online store and sell your products from there, it also has plenty of built-in marketing tools to boost your sales.  This platform also allows you to sell the products either on your website, or social media. Sellfy offers 14-day trial, and it does not charge any transactional fees. Instead, it has a slightly higher costing monthly plans ranging from $19 to $89 per month.

sellz plr ebooks

You can also sell your PLR eBooks on platforms like JVZoo, Warrior+, Feiyr, Blurb and more.

Repurpose your eBook:

If your eBook comes in PDF file it doesn’t mean you can’t turn it into another type of format that could sell well, including video or audio.

You can split the content of your eBook and make a video for each bit. That’s how you can create effective video-series that looks like an established product. You can also include a video or multiple videos into a package combined with an eBook, audio or other types of digital products.

If you want to sell those videos indirectly, you can put them on your YouTube channel. YouTube can be a massive source of free traffic to your affiliate offers, website, or email list. You can also monetize these YouTube videos with Google Adsense, and get paid for views.

While publishing PLR eBook content videos on YouTube, you don’t necessarily need to be on camera. Although in most cases, it’s advised that you film yourself, you can still create videos without doing that.

Platforms like ContentSamurai, or Renderforest will let you easily and quickly turn your eBook content into the videos.

Talking about audio files, you can convert your PLR written content to audio with Audacity.  Turn PLR eBook into an audiobook and sell it on places like Sellfy, Momox, Feiyr, or even on your own website.

As the podcasts getting more and more popular you can also convert your eBooks into an audio file and use them for the podcasts. There many sites where you can start hosting your podcasts for free, like BuzzSprout, PodBean, Transistor and by doing it regularly you will attract more visitors to your website.

Give It Away:

PLR ebook lead magnet

You obviously won’t earn anything by just giving someone your eBook for free, but it can help you build a long term profitable asset and earn money down the track. We are talking about building an email list and using the PLR eBooks as a lead magnet.

Probably every successful marketer would agree that the email list is the most valuable asset in the whole marketing game and building it with PLR books is a great idea.

Everyone loves free stuff and giving something for free can increase your audience’s trust and long-term conversions. This method is not about selling your eBook to someone directly but exchanging a copy of it for someone’s email address.

Get an attractive looking eBook, keep it as it is, or make it as your own, and use it on your website’s landing page. There, place a form asking people to subscribe to your email list in exchange for a copy of your eBook.

Once you have your email list built, you have legal rights to advertise products to your contacts until they unsubscribe you. This type of marketing can be very effective if you manage to provide a good balance between giving free high-quality value and pitching the sales offer.

If you don’t want to create email articles, you can use the bits taken from your PLR eBooks, or you can actually purchase some PLR email articles.

Translate Into Different Languages

English speaking market is the broadest yet the most competitive market to sell PLR eBooks to. If English is not your first language, you might consider translating your eBook into your native or other languages. You can hire people to translate the product, or you can do it by yourself.

This method can greatly expand the size of your audience, and it’s a great way to work around the competition.

Need Some More Guidance on How To Sell PLR eBooks?

how to sell plr ebooks course

If you feel you need some more details about selling PLR content in general, there is a course that I would highly recommend to take. It covers everything about PLR content, and it teaches you the best strategies to sell PLR products for the maximum profits.

I’ve personally tried this course and could certainly recommend it to others as it has an enormous value inside. It gives away thousands of quality PLR materials and guides you on how you should use them correctly. It teaches how you can brand the PLR content and turn in into your own original piece.

I found this course really handy because it also teaches how to recruit affiliates to promote and blow out your product.

The course is called Niche Marketing Kit, and it literally covers everything about digital marketing. You can have a look at the review of this course, and decide if you want to expand your knowledge with this product.