How To Sell PLR eBooks in 2024 – Make Money With PLR

In search of methods to earn income through digital goods, such as ebooks? You’ve landed on the perfect page!

Selling digital items cuts out the hassle and expense of making, storing, packing, and shipping physical goods. Digital products can be copied endlessly for free and sent to customers instantly. That’s why selling them can be an incredibly passive yet profitable business model.

EBooks are among the top digital products to sell. Reports show the global eBook market was worth $19.95 billion in 2022, and it’s expected to hit $32.19 billion by 2032. With more people buying eBooks than ever, now’s the perfect time to jump into selling them.

But, creating eBooks can be daunting, requiring time, expertise, and sometimes money. That’s where Private Label Rights (PLR) come in, offering a shortcut by letting you legally sell eBooks made by others.

This guide will show you how to profit from selling PLR eBooks and point you to the best sites for snagging them at great prices.

So, What Are The PLR eBooks?

how to use plr ebooks

Private Label Rights eBooks are usually PDF/DOC format books sold with a PLR license. This license allows the buyer to modify a product and sell it under his own name.

For example, you can simply buy PLR eBooks, improve them by adding extra valuable content and sell it as your own digital product. Remember, you only need to buy an eBook once to sell it thousands of times, so the potential of earning money here is great.

Electronic books are just one of several PLR product types. There are also PLR articles, graphics, templates, videos, audio, newsletters, software, and more.

The reason why we are going to talk about eBooks, in particular, is because you can buy them for a very cheap price, and they contain the most information among the other types of PLR content.

From a single eBook, you can generate multiple articles, videos, and audio files, and use them for different marketing and sales processes. But most importantly, you can profitably sell your eBooks online through multiple channels.

RR vs MRR vs PRL eBooks:

RR vs MRR vs PRL

Before you get into PLR eBook business, it’s important to know the differences between licensing rights to prevent infringing on other people’s work.

It’s because while browsing various PLR sources, you may also come across done-for-you eBooks with other licensing rights.

There are typically three types of licensing rights – Resale Rights (RR), Master Resale Rights (MRR), and PLR (Private Resale Rights).

Here are the main differences between each of them in detail:

  • Resale Rights (RR): This is the most restrictive type of licensing rights. It allows you to resell digital items without the permission to sell the resale rights, modify the product, or claim authorship. Your buyer cannot alter or resell the product.
  • Master Resale Rights (MRR): Similar to resale rights, this license doesn’t allow you to edit the product or claim it as your own. The main distinction between RR and MRR is that MRR lets you sell the product’s resale rights, meaning the original product can be sold repeatedly by various buyers.
  • Private Label Rights (PLR): With PLR, you can modify the product, rebrand it, and often claim authorship. It offers the most flexibility, letting you adjust content to fit your needs and market it as your own.

How Tou Can Use PLR Ebooks?

Beyond just rebranding and reselling there can be numerous ways to make money with PLR ebooks.

Here are some ideas for you to consider:

– Give them away for free
– Use for the content on your blog or social media
– Combine them into a PLR package or course
– Offer them as bonuses, upsells, and downsells in your sales funnel
– Repurpose them into videos
– Convert them into podcasts

We will talk about some of these ways later in this article, but now, let’s dive into the best sites to download top-quality eBooks for good a good deal.

Where To Get PLR eBooks?

There are many PLR websites where you download PLR eBooks, but not all of them offer good stuff. Here we will cover the 4 best websites that are well-trusted in the industry and offer the highest quality ebooks in different categories and niches

Some of these websites are product stores that sell eBooks one by one, and others are membership sites that give you unlimited access to the ebooks while you are subscribed.


plr me

In our view, is currently the best source to download PLR eBooks on health and wellness topics. This website has revolutionized the entire PLR industry by delivering the highest quality brandable PLR products. is a little bit more expensive option than the other PLR sites, but there is a good reason for that. This site has an in-house writer team based on native English speakers who produce plenty of well-written and perfectly designed eBooks that are engaging and bring a lot of value to the reader.

The eBooks come with around 50-70 pages of content in easily customizable PDF/Doc files. The majority of eBooks are based on categories like – health, savings, real estate, business, investing, budgeting, self-improvement, dating, and relationships, but there is also enough ebooks in other world niches.

Like any other PLR site, also allows you to do almost everything you want with eBooks, including rebranding, modifying, reselling, claiming authorship, or giving them away.

To make your first purchase easier we have a special coupon to share with you that will allow you to download your first ebook for free.

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2. PLR eBook Supplier

plr ebook supplier

As the name indicates, this website is entirely dedicated to Private Label Rights eBooks. There you can find over 800 top-selling PLR eBooks that come with well-written content and astonishing design covers.

You can find eBooks in various areas and niches, including affiliate marketing, business, finance, blogging, health, romance, home and much more.

The prices for eBooks range from around $3.99 to $9.99 per item. Once purchased, eBooks can be easily rebranded and resold unlimited times.

Apart from selling high-quality brandable eBooks, PLR eBook Supplier has also something good to offer. It also offers PLR eBook store building services that allow you to have a fully functional eBook store with over 465 products in less than 24 hours.

Visit PLR eBook Supplier: Click here

3. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is a great website for finding quality PLR eBooks. Unlike or PLR eBook Supplier, which are product stores, PLR Database is a membership site that allows you to unlimitedly access all PLR products for as long as you are subscribed.

This option perfectly suits those who need a lot of PLR products on a budget. Although the quality of eBooks is not as good as of the first two sites, PLR Database is still a good and reliable PLR source on the Internet.

There are over 10,000 eBooks that you can rebrand, resell, and use as your own. The admins add new ebooks every day, and they cover almost all possible niches.

PLR Database offers some affordable and flexible membership plans, here are the available options:

  • 1-month membership:  $10
  • 3-month membership: $29
  • 1-year membership: $49

In case, you can’t afford paid membership, PLR Database offers a generous free product section with plenty of eBooks.

However, the products from this section won’t be as good as premium products, and they will come with more restrictive rights, such as Resell Rights, or Master Resale Rights.

Visit PLR Database: Click here


big product store

Big Product Store is another great PLR membership site that can help you to save tons on quality products. While this site is similar to PLR Database in some ways, it has its own unique selling point.

The way how Big Product Store is different is that it offers a lifetime membership, which allows you to save even more money on PLR products.

There are thousands of eBooks on Big Product Store that you can rebrand, resell, and use as your own. The admins regularly add new ebooks, and they are all well-written, beautifully designed, and cover many niches.

For a single payment of $98.50, you can access all content without restrictions and forever. Alternatively, you choose a monthly membership for $19.90 a month.

Although Big Product Store offers a great opportunity to download a lot of great PLR stuff on a budget, the user experience is not so good there. This site doesn’t have advanced search options, so you may have to spend some time finding what you need. 

Visit Big Product Store: Click here

How To Sell PLR eBooks?

selling plr ebooks

Now that we know where to get the best PLR ebooks, it’s time to discuss how to sell PLR products.

Before selling ebooks it’s essential that we rebrand and turn them into unique digital products. Here are the best ways to do that:

Enhance Your PLR eBook’s Value:

One of the straightforward ways to sell your PLR eBook is by adding extra value to it.

By adding more content or improving its current content, you can easily increase its appeal to potential buyers.

  • Start by improving its visual elements. If the eBook cover isn’t appealing, invest some time in redesigning it. While they say don’t judge a book by the cover, the attractive cover is often what makes the customers buy your book/
  • Rewrite and improve the content. The idea here isn’t just to make it different, but to make it better. This ensures you’re offering unique and better products to your customers, which is essential for your long-term success. You can do this manually or use automated tools like Spin Rewriter.
  • Think about bundling. You can buy multiple PLR eBooks and sell them as a package. Or maybe combine the eBook with related video or audio products. The goal is to make your offer stand out and be more valuable.

Repurpose Your eBook:

plr videos

Just because your eBook is in a PDF doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. There are many formats out there that people like and are willing to pay for.

  • Consider turning the content into videos. By breaking down the eBook, you can create a series of videos. These can be sold as a package, or even uploaded to platforms like YouTube. And remember, with tools like InVideo or Synthesia, you don’t even have to appear in the videos yourself.
  • With the rise of podcasts, turning your eBooks into audio content might be a good idea. You can use Audacity to convert the content into audio format. Once done, sell it as an audiobook or use it for your podcast.

Translate Into Different Languages

English speaking market is the broadest yet the most competitive market to sell PLR eBooks to. If English is not your first language, you might consider translating your eBook into your native or other languages. You can hire people to translate the product, or you can do it various AI tools.

This method can greatly expand the size of your audience, and it’s a great way to work around the competition.

Give PLR Ebooks Away:

This might be slightly off the topic, but giving PLR ebooks away for free is a valuable method to drive indirect sales.

PLR ebook lead magnet

While you won’t earn anything by just giving someone your eBook for free, it can help you build a long-term profitable asset and earn money down the track.

We are talking about building an email list and using the PLR eBooks as a lead magnet.

Probably every successful marketer would agree that the email list is the most valuable asset in the whole marketing game and building it with PLR books is a good idea.

Everyone loves free stuff and giving something for free can increase your audience’s trust and long-term conversions. This method is not about selling PLR products to someone directly but exchanging a copy of it for someone’s email address.

Get an attractive-looking eBook, keep it as it is, or make it into your own, and use it on your website’s landing page. Then, place a form asking people to subscribe to your email list in exchange for a copy of your eBook.

Once you have reached a certain number of email subscribers, you can then market and sell even more PLR ebooks to them!

Where To Sell PLR eBooks?

where to sell plr

Once you have downloaded PLR ebooks and turned them into your own original products, it’s time to list them online.

For that, you have two primary options. You can either sell them on your own website, or you can list them on popular digital product marketplaces.

Sell Them On Your Website:

Selling ebooks on your own website is essential to maximize your chances of success.

It’s because a website allows you to have complete control of the whole selling process – distribution, traffic, and profits. It also allows you to establish your brand, and branding is important for long-term business success.

Most importantly, having your own website enables you to acquire your own search engine traffic, which can be a very powerful asset for your business. Millions of people might discover your ebooks organically through Google, and the best thing about it – this type of traffic is absolutely free.

Knowing this, there are two ways to establish your own independent eBook store:

1) You can create a website or blog and then integrate an e-commerce solution into it, so you can turn it into an online store (recommended).

2) You can use one of the e-commerce solutions to create your website and sell digital products.

So What Are The Best E-Commerce Solutions?

There are many e-commerce solutions that you can use in order to sell your eBooks independently. Some of them work only as integrations to your website, and some of them can be all-in-one store builders.

Let’s cover the two most popular solutions to sell digital products online – Payhip & Sellfy.

payhip plr ebooks

This site allows you to sell not only eBooks but also any other type of digital, or even physical product.

This platform enables a complete e-commerce integration to your existing website. They take care of everything, including “buy-now” or “add-to-cart” buttons, product and checkout pages, as well as secure payments and product deliveries.

You can also create promotional campaigns using their marketing tools, and even recruit affiliates to promote your products.

The great thing about Payhip is that it costs nothing to start. There are no sign-ups or any other monthly fees, but the platform takes a 5% commission on every sale you make.\

With Sellfy, you are not only able to embed the shopping cart into your website, but also create one using its simple online store builder. This all-in-one eCommerce store builder allows you to build an astonishing and fully functional product store from scratch.

If we compare Sellfy to Payhip, this one is a more comprehensive e-commerce platform, that literally has everything you need to become a successful seller.

Everything from built-in marketing tools to advanced analytics is here to make your selling experience simple yet effective.

Sellfy offers a 14-day trial, and it does not charge any transactional fees. Instead, it has slightly higher-cost monthly plans ranging from $19 to $89 per month.

sellz plr ebooks

Sell Ebooks on Marketplaces:

In addition to selling eBooks from your website, it’s also a great idea to sell them on relevant marketplaces. It doesn’t cost anything to publish your eBooks onto other retailer sites, and by doing this, you will maximize your product exposure.

sell ebooks amazon

Listing your eBooks on trusted marketplaces and letting them sit there forever is probably the most passive method to sell your eBooks, however, the idea of reselling digital products remains the same and you should always aim to increase the value of a product before trying to resell it.

The better your eBook is, the more great feedback it will get, and ultimately – the more sales it will generate.

There are many places to sell your ebooks directly, and here are the most popular ones:

Listing and distributing your ebooks on these sites requires no upfront cost, however, they will pay you a certain percentage of the royalties for the sold eBook, meaning they will keep some amount of your sales.

For example, Amazon’s Direct Kindle Publishing allows you to keep up to 70% of your royalties, meanwhile Barnes and Noble pays out from 40% to 65% royalties for the eBooks you sell.

Marketing Your PLR Ebooks:

Marketing Your PLR Ebooks:

After listing your PLR eBooks ebooks online, the next challenge is getting them in front of your target audience. Here’s how to effectively market your newly listed PLR ebooks:

Understand Your Audience:

Determine who would benefit the most from your eBooks. Is it for entrepreneurs, stay-at-home parents, fitness enthusiasts, or hobbyists? Once defined, you can target them specifically.

Use tools like Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, or simple surveys to understand what your target audience is looking for.

Utilize Social Media:

Use platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn to post regularly about your books. Share excerpts, testimonials, or even related tips to entice potential buyers.

Also, consider running ads on these platforms. With targeted ads, you can reach a specific demographic that would be most interested in your eBook.

Collaborate with Influencers:

Find influencers in your niche and collaborate with them. They can promote your products to their audience, which can drastically increase its visibility.

Use SEO Techniques:

Make sure the title, description, and content of your eBooks are optimized for relevant keywords. This will ensure they rank higher on search engines, and the right people will get to find them.

Also, consider guest posting on reputable websites in your niche to gain backlinks to your eBook’s sales page.

Offer Limited-Time Discounts:

Create urgency by offering your eBooks at a discount for a limited period. This can drive immediate sales.

Leverage Email Marketing:

If you have an email list, regularly send updates, tips, and offers related to your eBooks to your subscribers.

For new subscribers, set up a drip campaign that introduces them to your eBooks and offers them a special discount.

Bundle Products:

Offer your eBook in a bundle with other related products. For example, if you have an eBook on “Healthy Recipes,” you can bundle it with a meal planner or a workout guide. Get creative.

Affiliate Marketing:

Set up an affiliate program where others promote your eBook and earn a commission on every sale they bring. This can dramatically increase your sales without added marketing costs.

Webinars and Online Workshops:

Host webinars or online workshops on topics related to your eBook. At the end of these sessions, pitch your eBook as a comprehensive solution to the audience.

Leverage Reviews and Testimonials:

Encourage satisfied customers to leave positive reviews and testimonials. These can be powerful tools to persuade potential buyers.

By effectively marketing your PLR eBooks, you not only increase sales but also establish yourself as an authority in your niche. As you grow your brand, your audience will eagerly await your next product offering.

Final Words:

plr ebooks

Selling PLR eBooks online is one of the most lucrative methods to earn money today, and the best thing about it – you don’t have to create a product.

Private Label Rights allow you to use already created digital products and do almost anything you want with them.

When it comes to PLR eBooks, you have numerous options on how to use them. You can use PLR eBooks to generate other forms of content, or you can use them in the effective marketing process.

But, the best and most profitable way is to resell them on your website and other retail sites.

However, before doing so, you need to make sure that your eBook is unique and brings value. For that reason, you need to dedicate enough time to rebranding and making it better than it was.

By putting all the right strategies into place, you can make money with PLR Products in no time!

Start selling PLR  eBooks today!