How To Rewrite PLR Articles In 2023 – The Complete Guide

Penning down articles might be a challenging feat for several content producers. It may require extensive hours to develop a quality piece of content, and hiring writers to do this work could be costly. Fortunately, pre-made PLR articles are available for us to utilize as our own, however, we should always modify these articles prior to using them.

In this article, we are going to cover why we need to rewrite PLR articles, how you can rewrite them fast, and where you can find the best quality PLR articles on the Internet.

Why Do You Need To Rewrite PLR Content?

Most people who use PLR articles use them on their blogs to gain organic traffic from search engines (SEO). The worst possible thing they could do with the PLR article is to publish it without rewriting it.

It’s because there are too many people who have access to PLR content online, and the chances that it is going to be unique are very low. If you publish an article, which has already been published before, search engines, like Google will label it as plagiarized content.

Plagiarised content does not add any value to the overall web, and Google does not love it at all. If you publish plagiarized content on your blog, or anywhere else on the web, Google simply won’t rank it, and you will get no organic visitors.

And, if you keep doing this often on your website, you may get your whole site penalized. That’s why it’s important that you always rewrite PLR articles and only publish unique content.

How To Know If PLR Articles Are Unique?

Not all PLR articles are going to be plagiarised, and some of them might be 100% unique. This especially applies, when the content is very new, and you are one of the first people who have accessed it.

Either way, it’s always important that you check for plagiarism before you publish PLR articles online, even if you have rewritten them. There are great free plagiarism checkers online, like Plagiarism Detector, that will show how unique is your content.

Simply copy and paste the article and you will get the result showing the originality score. You are only allowed to check up to 1000 words each time on Plagiarism Detector, so if your article is longer than that, just divide it into several parts.

Once you perform a check of a PLR article that has just been downloaded, it’s completely normal to get the result looking like this:

plagiarism plr articles

Normally you will need to get at least about 80% of unique content for it to be safe to publish on Google, so in this case, you would definitely need to rewrite it.

How To Rewrite PLR Articles Fast?

Now there are 3 great ways how you can rewrite your PLR articles fast, easy, and effectively. You can either use article spin software, hire someone to do this for you, or you can do this by yourself.

So let’s have a look at all these methods:

1. Use Spin Rewriter:

There are many article spinner tools online that can automatically turn your articles into unique by changing certain words and phrases. But many of them will lack AI capabilities and will provide unnatural and awkward-sounding articles that will have little to no value.

However, there is one software that we can honestly recommend, and it does the job above all standards. Spin Rewriter is the only article spinner that truly understands the meaning of the content, and it is capable to provide 100% unique articles that look human-written.

 Spin Rewriter is different from all article spinners as it uses ENL Semantic Spinning Technology that analyzes and understands the whole meaning of an article.

It also understands the actual relationship between each word and phrase and it picks highly related synonyms from the database to replace them.

spin rewriter plr articles
Rephrasing text on Spin Rewriter

Turning a PLR article into a unique one is super easy on Spin Rewriter, and it only involves 3 simple steps:

  • STEP 1: Placing the article
  • STEP 2: Selecting the best-suggested words and phrases to rewrite the article (you can also choose automatic 1-click rewrite)
  • STEP 3: Generating dozens or even hundreds of unique articles from 1

You can also spin as many articles as you want at the time, automatically add copyright-free relevant images, and rewrite articles on different levels, such as paragraph, sentence, phrase, or single-word level.

This software isn’t free as it can bring a lot of value, and save you tons of money in the process. However, these guys offer a free 5-day trial, so you can try and experience its capabilities with no risk.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for 5-days for FREE

2. Hire Someone To Rewrite The Articles:

If you don’t trust revolutionary tools like Spin Rewriter, you can also hire a person to rewrite PLR articles for you. This method is best if you are looking to rewrite not too many articles, because outsourcing this task many times may cost you some big money.

One of the best places to hire people to rewrite articles is It is a big marketplace with thousands of freelancers from around the world. This service is mostly known for affordable prices, but the quality of work here is not always guaranteed.

The costs of works from native English writers, and non-native ones vary a lot.  While you can get a 1000-word article rewritten by a native English writer for $25, freelancers of other native languages charge about $10 for the same amount of words.

How unique and well-written articles you will receive, determine the reviews of the seller, so you should always check them. In case you are not happy with the article you have received, sellers on Fiverr normally give a few revisions, so you can request some changes.

Some sellers may instantly deliver your work, but most of the time it takes 1-3 days for this type of task to be completed. So, Fiverr is not the best place to get your PLR articles rewritten fast.

3. Rewrite PLR Articles By Yourself:

rewrite plr content

Rewriting articles by yourself is a free method that will only cost you time. While rewriting articles by hand may seem like a big struggle, here we will cover the best tips and strategies that will help you to do this as quickly as possible:

1. Change the title

This is the easiest bit that doesn’t take too much time to complete, and it is important that you create your original title for an article. Don’t forget to make it catchy and add the main keyword, so it has a bigger chance to rank on Google.

2. Add your intro

An introduction is another bit that you can easily create by yourself. Some PLR articles might not have an intro at all, and if they have, replace them with your own intro by also adding your keywords – Google will love that too.

3. Edit the contents

Carefully go through the content, rephrase the sentences where you can, change certain words with synonyms, and delete unnecessary parts that do not bring value to the reader. Also, creating and adding bullet points and number lists will make the article not only more unique but also more engaging.

4. Make it better

One of the best ways to turn a PLR article into unique is by simply adding valuable content and making it longer. You can add content by mentioning some statistics, facts, recommending relevant products, services, and other informative things. Also, you can combine several related to each other PLR articles into one and form a long informative post.

5. Add images, graphics, and videos

Adding relevant multimedia to your article not only makes it unique but enhances user experience too. Readers love when there are graphic elements to look at while reading a text, so they are more likely to engage with your content. Also, multimedia generally prolongs a user’s time on a webpage, and that’s good for rankings on Google.

Where To Find The Best PLR Articles?

Often PLR articles we find on the Internet have little to no value as they are poorly written and simply lack informational value. That’s why we should rely on trusted PLR sources that provide only high-quality articles, which require minimal editing.

So here we are going to recommend the best two PLR article sources:


plr me

When it comes to high-quality PLR content, is the king in the industry. This site is a done-for-you product store, where you will have to buy articles individually.

There you can find thousands of fully editable PLR articles that cover almost all possible niches, including health, career, parenting, self-improvement, weight loss, relationships, investment, and many more.

Unlike many other PLR sources that use software-generated content, has an in-house team based of native English writers who actually create all content themselves.

The articles on are well-written and contain the value. That’s why the prices here are one of the highest on the market – starting from $0.40 per article. However, the higher pricing ensures that not too many people will have access to the products, meaning that the articles are more likely to be unique and require less editing.

In case you are interested in other PLR product categories, this site also offers some interesting rebrandable products, such as affirmation reflections, action guides, checklists, presentations, worksheets, ebooks, and more.

Apart from high-quality PLR content, also offers an amazing user experience, efficient 24/7 support, and helpful content marketing tools.


2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is another great source to find high-quality articles on a budget. It is a PLR membership site, where you can unlimitedly access all the products for as long as you are subscribed.

The articles from PLR Database won’t be as good as those from, and they will probably require more rewriting. However, its affordable membership options allow you to save a lot on the articles, especially if you are willing to use many of them.

PLR Database offers over 1,500 article packs, and each pack consists of about 5-20 articles. The articles are quite long, of decent quality, and cover plenty of niches. Apart from the articles, PLR Database also offers some standard PLR product types, such as ebooks, videos, audios, software, scripts, and more.

The great thing about this site is that the admins add new products almost daily, so you are never left behind in your membership.

There are 3 recurring membership options on this platform:

  • 1-month membership: $10
  • 3-month membership: $29
  • 1-year membership: $49

Must note, that not all articles come with Private Label Rights, and some of them come with more restrictive rights, such as Resell Rights or Master Resale Rights. So make sure that you only use PLR articles, because those we can edit and rewrite.


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Final Words:

PLR articles allow us to save plenty of time and investments, as we do not have to create them from scratch. However, it’s important that we turn PLR articles into unique by rewriting them, especially if we want to use them on our blogs.

The far easiest and most cost-efficient way to rewrite PLR articles is by using Spin Rewriter software online. This software is the only one that it is capable to produce 100% unique and natural SEO-safe articles fast.

Alternatively, you can hire someone to do this job for you on freelancing marketplaces, or you can do this all by yourself with no financial cost at all.


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