How To Rewrite Articles Fast – The Ultimate Guide

Composing articles can be a daunting endeavor for numerous content developers. Not only does it demand considerable time, but there are also significant costs involved if you opt to engage a professional writer. Quite a few individuals discover that it’s simpler to rewrite articles than generate them from the beginning, but how can this be done without resorting to plagiarism?

In this article, we are going to discuss how you can rewrite an article fast without causing plagiarism.

How To Rewrite Articles Fast?

When it comes to article rewriting, you have 3 options: you either use the article spinner software, outsource this task to writers, or do this all by yourself. Let’s have a look at all these methods, so you can find what works best for you.

1. Use Article Spinner:

Article-spinner is software based on AI technology that is capable to automatically rewrite and generate unique articles from the original. There are plenty of article spinners online, but the majority of them are not good. They will usually produce unnatural and awkward-looking text that looks like written by the machine, and the articles won’t be fully unique.

However, there is one truly great article-spinner, that is capable to provide 100% unique articles that look like human written. This software is called Spin Rewriter.

Spin Rewriter uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology, which analyzes and understands not only the meaning of the whole article but also the relationship between words and phrases.

Once you copy and paste an article that you want to rewrite, Spin Rewriter will generate highly related synonyms, and phrases that you can use to replace the old content.

spin rewriter
Using Spin Rewriter

Rewriting articles with this software is super easy, and it only takes 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Place the article
  • Step 2: Select the best-suggested words and phrases to rewrite the article, or run 1-click rewrite to do all the work automatically.
  • Step 3: Generate dozens or even 100’s of unique articles in seconds.

This software allows you to rewrite your articles on 4 levels, including – paragraph, sentence, phrase, and single-word level. It also allows you to spin many articles at a time, and even automatically add relevant copyright-free images.

Because this revolutionary technology can save tons of money and time for people, Article Spinner isn’t free and requires a paid subscription. However, these guys offer a free 5-day trial, so you can test it out and make sure that it’s worth it.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for 5 days for free

Or,  check out our article for more great rewriting tools.

2. Hire Someone To Rewrite The Content:

If you don’t trust article rewriting software, you can hire a writer to do this all for you. It is generally cheaper to hire someone to rewrite the content rather than outsource to write it from scratch. But, if you are looking to rewrite a lot of articles, this method may come at a cost.

In regards to timing, these types of tasks are not delivered instantly, and it could take a couple of days to get the work done.

On top of that, add time that requires you to prepare the instructions for the writer, as well as to request possible revisions in case you are not happy with the order. Other than that, outsourcing is a great way to get your hands off this task.

Now there are plenty of platforms where you can hire professionals to rewrite articles for you. The most popular ones are – Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr.

The first two are generally more expensive and most suitable for hiring freelancers for the long term. Whereas Fiverr is best for individual works, and services generally cost less on this platform. However, beware of the low-quality services on Fiverr, as you can find plenty of them over there.

Once you find your favorite platform to hire someone to rewrite articles, here are the top tips you can follow:

  1. Check the reviews of the writer, and make sure he is a reputable professional that you can trust.
  2. Contact the writer before ordering and make sure he will be capable to deliver the work you need.
  3. Upon submitting your order requirements, try to be as specific as possible. Give the writer as many guidelines as you can to avoid any misunderstandings.
  4. In case you don’t like the order you received, don’t hesitate to ask the writer for revisions. It is his job to provide quality work according to your specific needs.

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3. Rewrite The Articles In Your Own Words:

rewrite articles in your own words

This method is 100% free and it will only cost you time. But remember, rewriting doesn’t mean that you only change a couple of words or phrases – it is more than that. Here are the best tips on how you can fully rewrite articles by yourself:

Read the original

Try to analyze and read the original article until you completely understand all concepts. By doing this you will be able to naturally generate your own unique concepts and expressions, and figure out what is missing.

Change the title and add your intro

After analyzing the article, come up with your own original title and introduction. These are the easiest and smallest tasks that you can complete by yourself, so do it. Also, don’t forget to add targeted keywords if you are willing to rank your article on Google.

Rephrase and reword

Go through the article, change certain words with synonyms, and rephrase some sentences. Also, delete what you think does not bring value, and replace it with better content.

However, don’t only focus on rewriting the words or sentences, as this can also be subject to plagiarism. Instead, work your best to rewrite the articles on the paragraph level.

Come up with subtopics

Try to split the article into as many subtopics as possible. If you can’t come with any additional subtopics, type your main targeted keyword on Google, and look for suggested terms that people search on the Internet.

Once you find relevant subtopics, turn them into headings and subheadings. Adding those will not only improve the article’s structure and layout but also increase the reader’s engagement.

Add value

The best way to rewrite the existing article is by simply making it better. Adding additional subtopics is already a great start to provide more information on the topic, but there are more things you can do.

Add bullet points, number lists, as well as include key facts and statistics. Also, you can recommend relevant products, services, or any other important information that readers would like to see.

Another great way to add valuable content to your article is by looking into the competition. Type your targeted keyword or topic on Google, and see what other sites are writing about. Then compile all gathered ideas into one and generate your unique ultimate article.

Add images or videos

Adding graphical elements to your article is the last yet very important task you want to complete. By doing this, you will not only make the content more enjoyable for the reader, but also prolong his time on your website, and search engines like Google love it.

You can add links to relevant videos from YouTube, or you can find related copyright-free images on platforms like Pixabay, or Unsplash.

TOP TIP After You Rewrite The Articles:

Publishing plagiarised content online is risky and unethical. It can not only negatively affect your search rankings, but also leave you open to legal issues. That’s why we always need to make sure that our content is unique before we publish it online, especially if we go for rewriting.

The best way to check whether or not the content is unique is by using one of the plagiarism checkers. A plagiarism checker is software that scans for plagiarized content, and that includes – thoughts, ideas, and expressions.

It is capable to detect plagiarism by looking into both – hard copy (like books, and journals), and soft copy (Internet sources).

There are plenty of free plagiarism checkers online, but they are not all reliable, and they usually limit the word count, so you won’t be able to scan for longer articles.

The best and most reliable plagiarism checkers are CopyScape, Grammarly, or Copyleaks, but unfortunately, they are not 100% free. However, Copyleaks allows you to scan up to 20 articles per month for free, so you can take advantage of this at no cost.

Once you run a plagiarism scan, you will see the percentage indicating how unique your article is. Generally, over 80% of uniqueness indicates that the content is plagiarism-free.

By always using plagiarism checkers, you will make sure that your rewritten articles are original and safe for publishing.

Final Words:

Most of the time rewriting articles is easier and quicker than writing them from scratch. The fastest way to do that is by using the article rewriter software, which is capable to generate 100% unique articles in seconds. Other than that, you can outsource this task to writers, or do this all by yourself.

Whichever way you choose to go, don’t forget to scan a rewritten article with one of the plagiarism checking tools.


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  1. This is a great article with lots of information. I went to Copyleaks however and it says that only get 10 times to use for trial period. I guess they don’t do the 20 anymore. I wonder if it will reset at the end of the month or if they make you upgrade to continue to use. I figured I would let you knwo that they did change the number of times get for free.

    • Hey, thanks for your comment. We have just checked, and Copyleaks allows you to perform scans for 20 pages a month. However, if you choose to use Spin Rewriter to rewrite your articles, these guys have Copyscape integration, so you can rewrite the content and check for plagiarism in the same place.

  2. Thank you for this very informal article, you have saved my life! All the time I used to rewrite articles by myself and this was so much pain, until you showed me Spin Rewriter. This made my life so much easier…🤓🤓


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