The Real Way To Make Money With WordPress In 48 Hours

Is it truly feasible to earn money with WordPress within a span of 48 hours? The response is affirmative.

Although there are so many scammers telling people that they can make quick cash online, there are also legit ways how you can actually do it in just as twice as 24 hours.

We are going to use WordPress because, it is the most vastly used blogging platform in the marketplace, which empowers the websites for the top class brands worldwide.

With WordPress, you are capable to build high-quality blogs that can potentially generate a very big income, and all – without needing to have any coding skills.

So, if you are seriously thinking of how to make an extra income within forty-eight hours by using WordPress, you should carefully read this post.

But before that, let’s have a look at how beginner WordPress blogs generally make money.

How Do Beginner Blogs Make Money?

How Beginner Blogs Make Money

The principle of how beginner blogs make money online is quite the same as how advanced blogs do.

The main difference between a beginner and an advanced blog is that a fresh and new blog doesn’t get as much traffic (visitors) as the older blogs get.

Therefore, as a new blog, you are the most likely to make less money compared to the blogs which have been around for some time.

But, there are still ways to generate income for a new blog quickly, and you might have already heard about them, these are advertising and affiliate marketing.

But, advertising isn’t the top method you should focus on as a beginner blog.

It’s mainly because you need a decent amount of traffic (at least 10000 visitors a month) in order to earn a couple of hundred dollars from it.

Unfortunately, such an amount of monthly visitors isn’t a very realistic goal for a new blog to aim for.

While with affiliate marketing, you don’t necessarily need to generate so much traffic, and you can make a good amount of money even from a small number of targeted visitors.

So, affiliate marketing is the only realistic method of how you can actually make money from your WordPress blog in 48 hours.

If you don’t know what affiliate marketing is – it’s a marketing type when a publisher promotes someone else’s products on his blog (or other places) and gets a commission (% of sale) when a visitor makes a purchase after clicking through his affiliate link.

Affiliate marketing is a popular and super profitable business model, which is currently generating 16% of all the world’s online orders.

To put it simply, beginner blogs make money by providing content related to an affiliate product. For example, if the product is related to weight loss, by writing content about weight loss they target and drive visitors to their blog who are interested in losing weight.

Then they present an affiliate offer (product) that can solve their audience’s problems by leaving a unique affiliate link to the original merchant’s website.

The strategy looks simple, but it’s all about getting that targeted traffic to your blog, and there are many ways how you can do it.

You can utilize either free or paid traffic from sources such as Google, Social Media, and Forums.

Since we want to make money within 48 hours, we cannot consider Google as our main traffic source, and here’s why.

The main reason why new blogs generally don’t get as many visitors as the old ones is that Google now doesn’t like to show much love to the new blogs.

Every successful blog is aiming to generate Google organic traffic to its website, and nowadays it just takes time for the new sites to start ranking on it.

The average waiting time to show up on Google search results for a new fresh blog is about 3-6 months depending on the niche, content, and backlinks.

So if you want to start making money in 48 hours rather than waiting for so long, you will have to focus on alternative traffic sources, which we will talk about soon.

How To Make Money With WordPress In 48 Hours (Action Plan)

Before we get deep into this let’s make sure that you already have your WordPress blog up and running in order to make money from it within forty-eight hours.

If you don’t have a WordPress blog yet, starting making money will take longer than 48 hours as the process of setting up a blog takes a bit of time.

If you don’t have a WordPress blog yet, here’s a full step-by-step guide on how you can easily start it.

The reason why we are going to use WordPress is that it’s the best and easiest platform to build a blog as well as to integrate affiliate marketing.

Once you have your blog online, we are ready to make some fast cash with the most effective and profitable affiliate marketing method.

how to start a blog website

Making Money With Affiliate Marketing in 48 Hours…

As it was mentioned before, affiliate marketing is the only legit way how you can actually earn money in such a short period of time.

How much money you can earn with it depends on the affiliate product you are going to promote as well as the traffic to your site.

To find the right product to promote you can check the best affiliate marketplaces such as Clickbank, Amazon, ShareASale, and etc.

For this tutorial, we are going to use Clickbank, which is a big marketplace for digital affiliate products.

The reason why we are focusing on Clickbank is that unlike other marketplaces it does not require waiting to get approved.

With Clickbank, you can instantly access your affiliate link as well as the promotional materials in order to start making money right away.

Also, as Clickbank offers digital products, which don’t evolve any manufacturing or shipping costs, it also offers high paying commissions ranging from 50% to 75% of a sale.

There’s a great variety of Clickbank products in different niches, but not every product found on this platform is good to promote.

So let’s define factors that make a product suitable for promotion.

Finding The Right Niche:

Before we get into the products on ClickBank we must choose a niche that we are going to write about on our blog. Choosing the right niche is a crucial part and you should do it carefully if you are willing to make money from your blog for longer than just 48 hours.

Once we head to the ClickBank’s marketplace, on our left side we see categories (niches) of products to promote.

Finding the right niche clickbank

The most profitable niches are:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Software and Services
  • E-Business & E-Marketing

Remember, every niche can be profitable and has space for the money to be made. So, if you want to build a long-term affiliate marketing asset, it is definitely better to focus on the niche you are actually interested in.

Keep in mind that you are going to provide loads of written content around your niche, therefore it is important that you actually enjoy writing about it.

Finding The Right Product To Promote On ClickBank:

Since we have found the niche we want to work on, let’s have a look at how you can find the right product to promote within that niche.

The most important factor that defines a good product is its sales volume.

Although Clickbank doesn’t reveal how many times the product has been sold, it shows how many people have sold the product within the last 30 days – Gravity

By seeing the gravity on every product we can identify if it is actually selling on the market and if its promotion is worth our time.

Every product with the gravity higher than 10-20 is considered okay to promote.

You also want to check how much money you can get on average after the initial sale.

Remember that lower-priced products tend to convert better, so don’t underestimate lower commission offers as you can have larger sales volume going under them.

clickbank product gravity

In this example, we can see that the product is selling really well and it offers a good commission price, so we can almost consider it a great product.

The last thing you want to check is its affiliate page, and see if it has any promotional materials. The more promotional tools product has the easier is going to be for you to start promoting it.

Writing Affiliate Product Review:

Now once we have a product we want to promote from Clickbank, it is time to write a review about it.

Do not worry if you haven’t actually tried your chosen product as you can still write a fantastic review if you do your research.

You can get familiar with your product by browsing on Google or looking at its affiliate page.

Writing Affiliate Product Review

The reason why we are writing a product’s review is that we are going to send some targeted traffic to it and convince readers that it is a great product to purchase.

Reviews are probably the best strategy to convert your readers into buyers. People love product reviews and about 88% of online customers trust reviews as much as personal recommendations.

When writing a product’s review, try to give the reader as much information as possible, visualize it with images, or videos.

Also, make sure you answer those questions on your review:

  • What is this product and what it does?
  • Why this product is better than others?
  • Why this product is worth customer’s money?
  • What are the product’s pros and cons?
  • Where people can buy it?

Remember, it is affiliate marketing and you are recommending a product, instead of trying to sell it. Try not to be too pushy and give an honest review, by also including some of the disadvantages of the product.

To enhance the visual look of your affiliate product review you can use an Elementor WordPress plugin.

It has an advantageous free version and there will be a lot more things you could do with it rather than just with the WordPress itself.

Lastly, do not forget to add your affiliate links to your review. You can use the anchor text, such as – click here, find out more, claim your discount over your affiliate link.

Make sure you don’t put too many affiliate links, as it could look spammy in front of your visitors, and Google. Having 1-4 affiliate links on your product page is a good idea.

How To Drive Traffic To Affiliate Links In 48 Hours?

Now, once you have your product review ready and your affiliate links in place, it is time to drive some traffic to it.

As you are probably a beginner who’s not too familiar with paid advertising we are going to focus on where you can get traffic for free.

Paid advertising requires some knowledge and experience, therefore it is better to focus on free traffic solutions instead of betting money without sufficient knowledge.

Also paid advertising works best done in a sales funnel, which is most likely should take longer than 48 hours to set up and successfully run it.

We don’t have so much time and we want to focus on things that work quick.

Forums and Social Media sites are great sources for quick and targeted traffic to your site, so let’s have a look at how you can use them for your best results


Let’s start with Facebook having 2.41 billion monthly active users worldwide.

Besides paid advertising (Facebook Ads), Facebook offers fantastic opportunities to engage in numbers of different audiences within different world’s niches.

The quickest yet a very effective free method to drive traffic to your affiliate site from Facebook is engaging groups.

You can find communities on Facebook in just ANY niche, no matter whether you are in a popular niche, such as health and fitness, or in a narrow, such as mini-pigs.

Example of Facebook Groups In Health and Fitness Niche:

How to drive traffic to affiliate links with Facebook

Example of Facebook Groups In Mini-Pigs Niche:

How to drive traffic to affiliate links with Facebook

When trying to drive traffic to your site from the Facebook groups, make sure you follow the rules and guidelines of each group, as you do not want to get banned permanently.

Focus on the quality over quality, and share posts that actually help and add value to the community.

Make sure your posts are wordy, and most importantly – relevant to the link you are going to leave within your post.

By that, you are increasing the chances of your post to be approved and your link to get clicked by the readers.

Remember, the link you are going to share on Facebook groups should never be an affiliate link, as such a method just does not work.

You will leave a link to a “bridge page” – your product review.

By this, you are going to go through the warm-up process with the reader and give a detailed introduction about the product you are promoting – that increases chances of conversion a lot more.

You can watch this video guide to learn more how you can utilize Facebook for a quick traffic to your affiliate link:


Pinterest is a super powerful social media platform, especially when it comes to generating quick traffic to your affiliate link.

According to researches, Pinterest attracts wealthy audiences, that are likely to buy things online. It’s not surprising why 93% of Pinterest users, use Pinterest to plan their future purchases.

Also,  similarly like Google, Pinterest works as a powerful search engine, which can bring closely targeted traffic to your affiliate link

People daily search for many search terms on Pinterest and your created Pins have the chance to appear in front of different search terms.

Take time and write keyword-rich descriptions for your pins as well as design visually attractive graphics for the best chances of user engagement.

Link your pin to a webpage where you want to send your visitors, and again, it should be your bridge page instead of the affiliate offer.

You can use a free online design tool, to create your Pinterest graphics.

The best thing about Pinterest is that people can easily pin (share) your content to their pin-boards, so often your pin has a chance to go viral.

The platform called Tailwind is a great tool to help your pins going viral and gaining maximum exposure. It allows to schedule your pins in advance and republishes them in your chosen time intervals.

Most importantly – it connects you with other Pinners to share your content in “Tribes” (Pinterest) groups, and that’s where your content can go really popular.

Tailwind works best with its paid version, but you can still take a big advantage of the free version.

Learn more about Pinterest traffic by watching this detailed guide:


There are tons of popular and active discussion forums online, where you can promote your website.

No matter which niche you are in, whether it’s sports, dieting, childcare, or anything else, you can easily find and engage communities that gather inside online forums.

But to keep it simple, yet super effective, we are going to talk about one single forum that evolves in thousands of different topics in which you can also participate –

Quora is a question and answer platform where everyone can find their answers to certain questions. Indeed, it is the number one traffic-driver for many successful blogs, and it can bring a good amount of visitors to your WordPress site in just 48 hours.

The way it works, is you answer people’s questions and blend a link to your website within the answer.

If your answers are engaging and helpful, you can get a significant amount of targeted visitors to your website.

It is because the more upvotes people give you, the more exposure your answer receives, and ultimately, the more traffic goes to your website.

So, you really want to take the time to write long, informative, and helpful answers.

Here’s an example of how you should answer questions on Quora:

trafic to affiliate link forums

Remember, your answers will stay there forever (unless they won’t fit in forum rules), so you are building a long-term traffic channel to your website that can potentially drive you traffic with profits for the lifetime.

The best way to drive quick traffic to your affiliate link while using Quora is to find recent questions to answer – those are the ones gaining the most attention.

You can do this easily by typing the question you want to answer and sort the search results by time.

If you want to know more about how powerful Quora can be for your website traffic, you can check out this video:

Final Words:

We have learned how you can actually make money with WordPress in 48 hours, and affiliate marketing is the only way to do it.

In fact, instead of trying to make money only over 48 hours, you should be aiming to build a profitable asset that could generate you income on the long run.

That’s why carefully choosing the right niche and products for affiliate marketing really matters.

Ideally, you want to take at least 48 hours to plan your strategy, and put idea of becoming rich over the night aside.

Affiliate marketing like any other business requires some effort and time, so don’t get discouraged if you fail to make money in a such short period of time.

Every successful affiliate marketing blog needs targeted traffic and Facebook, Pinterest and Quora are great sources to start with.

Good Luck!

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