How To Make Money Blogging About My Personal Life?

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Thanks to the Internet and modern technologies for giving an opportunity to earn money while doing things you actually love, like blogging about personal life.

You may have not noticed, but today every one of us can be considered as a content creator – blogger.

People daily post content about their personal life on social media, forums and other places, but far not everyone is making money from it.

The reason why people are able to make money when blogging about their life is that they do it professionally.

They put effort and time to create high-quality content that people love and share.

Most importantly, the content has to be inspiring as well as engaging, and a blogger should really look passionate about his life.

If you feel that you are living a lifestyle that could inspire others, why not express it on your blog, and even try to make money from it?

If you think you could convey your life to your audience in a nice and professional way through blogging, this article is just for you.

Here we will show how to become a successful blogger who blogs about his personal life and lives from it. But first, let’s have a quick look at why blogging is generally a good idea to spend your time in.

Is Blogging Worth It?

is blogging worth it

Besides earning money, there are a lot more reasons why blogging might be worth your time, especially if you are willing to blog about your personal life.

Self-expression develops your personality and today blogging allows you to express yourself to worldwide audiences.

If you think that sharing your personal life through blogging can help and solve other people’s problems, that’s even better – you’re not only gaining karma points but also increasing your chances to generate income.

Blogging is also a good way to build networks as you get public exposure while being an active influencer. You can build relationships with other bloggers and together form new business ideas.

If you are willing to blog about your personal life, you are going to present high-quality content about yourself. This type of strategy can establish your professional image online, and it can also be a perfect form of your CV.

Blogging requires a lot of writing, therefore you are likely to enhance your writing skills as well as to structure your ideas in a better way.

The best part about blogging is that you only need a computer and an Internet connection to publish your content. That means you are not only capable of blogging from anywhere you want, but also earning money from anywhere you want.

There are numbers of successful bloggers enjoying their lives by blogging from their favorite places in the world. Such a type of “bossless” location-free lifestyle may enhance the quality of your life and add valuable experiences.

So, if you consider yourself as a passionate enthusiast who could inspire and give people value just by exposing his personal life, blogging can bring you some big positive changes.

How To Start A Website Blog WordPress

How Can I Blog About My Life?

There are several places where you can profitably blog about yourself, and we will examine 3 the most effective ones, which are – Instagram, YouTube & your website.

Every platform among these can be a powerful and profitable way of self-expression.

You just have to remember that consistency is the key when trying to blog, so you will have to publish your content regularly.

Which place you should choose for blogging depends on the type and style of the content you want to provide as well as on the audience you want to reach.

For example, if you want to express yourself in an iconic, artistic way without having to film yourself and write long text lines, Instagram can be a good option.

If you are a great speaker who feels confident in front of the camera – YouTube is the right place to talk about your personal life.

Blogging on your website can attract a large number of visitors and be very profitable. However, this type of blogging requires a lot of writing, so if you are not that person who enjoys expressing yourself through writing, this option might be not for you.

Ideally, you want to utilize all of these medium sources and use them in combination with the best chances of exposure.

Every blogging platform is like the gate to a new audience and you don’t want to leave it unopened.

You also need to align yourself to a specific niche while blogging about your personal life, especially if you want to generate income with that.

There are plenty of niches and sub-niches, which you can blend with your personal life and make money from it.

Here are the most popular, yet very profitable niches that you may mix and combine with your personal life as an online influencer:

  • Health and Fitness
  • Fashion
  • Travel
  • Food
  • Beauty
  • Pets

As you just start, it is always a good idea to focus on just one niche and one blogging platform until you get the ball rolling.

So, which place is the best for you to start blogging about your personal life?

Blogging on Instagram:

Instagram is an effective marketing tool to not only express yourself but also reach worldwide audiences, no matter which niche you are willing to present yourself in.

Today, almost every one of us is on Instagram and since there are over a billion active accounts on Instagram every month, the chances that you’re going to miss on your audience are very low.

Instagram marketing, also known as, Influencer marketing, is a new way of how brands advertise.

Today brands are ready to spend thousands or even millions for an advertisement on someone’s Instagram account.

How much money you can make with blogging on Instagram depends on the size of followers and engagement rate of your content.

The strategy of successful Instagram marketing is simple yet requires hard work.

You not only need to build a decent follower list, but also make sure that your followers engage with your content.

If you are passionate about fashion, health & fitness, travel, or food, Instagram is a perfect place to express your interests in a visually nice and engaging way.

As mentioned before, advertising is how influencers make money when blogging about their life.

They either get paid a fixed fee for featuring other brands, or they implement affiliate marketing strategy when they leave an affiliate link to a certain product and get a commission (% of sale) every time someone clicks the link and buys it.

If we talk about blogging on Instagram, the first method seems to be more popular and generally more effective, however, both methods work really well and might be used in combination.

According to the reports, if you have an audience of 100,000 followers, you can charge brands up to $2,700 per post. That’s how easily you can generate income once you have your influencer name established.

In order to make money and become an influencer on Instagram, you will have to build your follower list.

Like any other business, it takes time and effort, as you have to post high-quality content consistently.

It’s all about the photos on Instagram and a little about your photo description.

You will need to have or gain skills to produce high-quality images as well as to write short and engaging photo captions.

Blogging on YouTube:

Blogging on YouTube can be the same exciting and profitable as blogging on Instagram.

The main difference between Instagram and YouTube is that you will have to post only videos related to your life instead of just photos.

Some people feel uncomfortable to film themselves and everything that surrounds them, therefore they choose alternative blogging methods.

But, if you think that you are a great verbal story-teller who enjoys speaking in front of the camera, YouTube can be your way to success.

As people are spending less time on TV and more time watching online videos, YouTube becomes a fantastic platform to express yourself.

With 1.9 billion monthly-logged users YouTube stands as a rapidly growing space for many bloggers with huge opportunities to earn money.

So how bloggers make money on YouTube?

The most common method to earn money from YouTube is Google Adsense.

This program allows bloggers to earn a share of money from advertising that you see before the YouTube video starts.

The more views your video gets, the more money you will earn. The average CPM (cost per mile/thousand) on Youtube is $3, which means you can get $3 for every thousand views you generate.

You obviously want to earn more than that, therefore you should be aiming towards a larger amount of views. For example, if your video gets viewed 1 million times you can get a $3000 profit from it.

Like any other method to earn money online, this method also takes time.

To get started with Google AdSense on YouTube you must get qualified by reaching 1000 subscribers and have your videos watched at least for 4000 hours per year.

Another way to earn money online as a YouTube blogger is affiliate marketing.

Find products that align with your personal life and recommend them to your audience by leaving your affiliate link in the description.

It can be a product’s review, unbox, or any other type of content related to the product.

There are many places where you can find products to promote.

The most popular platform for affiliate marketing on YouTube is Amazon, and there you can find many different products that you can align with your personal life and promote.

Blogging on your website:

how can I blog about my life on website

.No matter which blogging platform you will choose, at the end of the day you will need a website.

For many people publishing content on the website may not seem as exciting as doing it on social media. However, such type of blogging can be super lucrative if you do it properly.

While there are many benefits of blogging on a website, the main reason why people choose not to do it is because of its cost.

In order to blog professionally and earn money from it, you will have to set up a website, which will be accessible to the public.

You will have to pay for your website’s domain and hosting in order to set it up and keep it running.

The good news is that owning a website does not cost much.

Today, you can have your website up and running from as little as 50$ per year and that’s very cheap compared to the amount of money you can potentially make from it.

Blogging on your own website allows you to have greater control of how the user will experience your blog.

There are just a lot more things you can do with the platform that you actually own.

Unlike on social media platforms, on the website, you are capable of integrating online shop (eCommerce), discussion forums and even membership clubs.

Most importantly, blogging on your website allows you to structure, design and present your content in a unique way.

With the website, you are also capable to take your blogging business to the next level by capturing visitor’s email addresses and doing email marketing, which is the most profitable way to make money online.

In regards to blogging about your personal life, website blogging specially fits you if you’re a person who loves to write and has a lot to tell about yourself, and here’s why:

In order to become a successful blogger who generates income, you are willing to write not only for your audience but also for the search engines.

Search engines like Google are considered as the most effective and profitable traffic sources on the Internet, and they just love long written blog posts.

If you want people to find your blog on Google you will have to answer their questions by targeting specific keywords and providing high quality informative and unique content.

Once you have a decent amount of articles published on your blog with targeted specific key phrases, targeted groups of people will start visiting your blog.

That’s when the fun part starts and you can turn your visitors into paying customers.

So how you can make money with a website blog?

While there are tons of ways of how you can make money by blogging on your website, the most effective ones are – affiliate marketing and advertising.

As your blog grows and gets more visitors you can integrate Google AdSense and get paid when someone clicks the ads displayed on your website.

If you are writing a blog about your life, you can mention and promote the products you love by leaving an affiliate link inside your articles.

Affiliate marketing is how many blogs online reach enormous success, and you can do it too.

If you just start to blog on your website the best option is just to focus on getting the content out first and later on monetization.

Starting a blog on your website can be easier than you think. It may only take a couple of hours to get your own website up and running.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how you can start your blog now.

Final Words:

Blogging about your personal life can be an exciting way to express yourself and it develops your personality.

Modern technologies allow turning any kind of blog into a business, and we must take advantage of it.

Whether you choose to blog on social media platforms or on your own website, you will only benefit from what you do.

Patience and consistency are the key aspects when trying to reach success when blogging, and especially about your personal life.

No blogger becomes successful over the night, therefore they dedicate their efforts every day to provide content that people love and share.

So, stay focused, consistent and passionate about what you are doing and the results will come after.

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