Green Tea Detox Guide – Cleanse Your Body Naturally

Green Tea Detox

Green tea detox is one of the cheapest and most common ways to cleanse your body nowadays. Green tea has a very long history. Evidence shows that its consumption started almost a thousand years ago in China.

The reason why green tea is such a popular beverage is because of its healthy properties and benefits. The nutrition found in green tea can improve your overall health and help your body to cleanse from unwanted toxins.

Besides that, millions of people on the planet daily consume this amazing beverage just simply because it tastes delicious.

Here Are a Few Interesting Facts About Green Tea:

green tea cleanse

  • Green Tea is low in caffeine, it only has around 35 milligrams of caffeine per cup of tea, while the coffee has about 100 mg/cup.

  • While Black Tea is the most common tea in the USA, Green Tea is the most common tea in Japan & China.

  • Green Tea has the ability to protect you from the sun. Just pour the beverage onto your skin before exposing your body to the sunlight, and powerful antioxidants will do the job.

  • Bottled Green Tea is not as healthy as brewed Green Tea. Generally, some healthy antioxidants are being lost in the bottling process.

  • Green Tea is good for oral hygiene, it can make bad breath to go away fast.

  • You can cure eye pain, infection, and dryness with Green Tea. Just place a wet cold bag of tea compress onto your closed eyes, and leave it for a little while.

What Is A Detox?

There are many sources of potential daily toxins we encounter nowadays. It can be – alcohol, cigarettes, processed unhealthy food, sugary drinks, pharmaceutical drugs, and even polluted air that we’re breathing in!

Those unhealthy chemicals may have plenty of negative effects that make our body’s system function and perform worse. In addition, toxins can cause serious illnesses, such as cancer, stroke, heart-attack and more, so regularly cleansing the body system applies to everyone.

Detox, also known as detoxification, is a process when your body naturally gets rid of unhealthy substances. The liver is the main organ responsible for detox as it continuously filters our blood and eliminates toxins. However, often liver isn’t capable to cleanse on its own and it does require some help from the environment.

Detoxification is a primary built-in function that we all have, thus it can always be improved with the best detox practices, and one of them is drinking tea.

Why Green Tea Is A Good Choice To Cleanse?

Best Teatox

Quality green teas have a lot to offer to our health. The 2013 study from Dutch, Italian & American researchers found that green tea can help you reduce the risks of fatal diseases such as stroke and heart attack by just simply lowering your blood pressure. It can also improve your mental performance and keep your stress levels down.

Another study of the National Cancer Institute has shown that polyphenols found in green tea are linked to decreased tumor growth.  So the green tea actually has the ability to prevent or even cure people of cancer.

Apart from the biggest life-saving advantages of green tea, science showed that green tea detox can bring even more benefits to the body. Here are more reasons why cleansing with green tea is a good choice:

Teatox Will Help You Lose Weight

The metabolism is your body’s ability to use the energy that we get from food in the right way. The health of your metabolism depends on the food you eat, your toxin levels, and how active you are. Having a healthy metabolism is crucial for successful weight loss, and that’s where all dieters should start from.

It’s scientifically proven that ingredients in herbal detox teas, especially in green tea, have the ability to not only maintain a healthy metabolism but also boost it. Toxins can slow our metabolism down and negatively affect our fat cells, therefore effective cleansing is necessary for every dieter.

What is more, many diets fail because of those impulsive actions taken when we suddenly feel hungry and grab an unhealthy snack. Those unexpected hunger spikes can really impact our healthy diet, so it’s important to control them.

Science showed that green tea has the power to control our hunger cravings, and it’s always a good idea to have a cup of tea in between our meals to extend the time until our next meal.

However, teatox on its own is not capable to make you fully cleanse, or lose weight. Combine detox teas with healthy dieting, and regular exercise, and you will notice big changes in your weight loss journey.

It Will Help You To Give Up Sugar

We all know that sugar is a killer and number 1 cause for many diseases. Excessive amounts of sugar in our body can make us crave for more and more junk food that our body doesn’t even need!

For those who want to lose weight, it’s very important to understand that sugar is high in calories and has absolutely no nutritional value. We definitely want to detox from it when trying to lose weight, and green tea is a great choice to do so.

Studies found that polyphenols and polysaccharides found in green tea are effective in lowering blood sugar. That’s the reason why green tea has been the number 1 natural cure from diabetes.

Sugary soda drinks is a massive source of sugar and calories that we consume every day without even realizing it. Why not replace those soda drinks with the herbal teas,  which are sugar-free and contain zero calories. It will not only fill you up with healthy nutrients, but also suppress your hunger cravings, and help you to flush that toxic sugar away!

Green Tea Will Cleanse Your Mind

Green Tea Depression

Green tea is not only capable of detoxing your body from toxins, but it can also cleanse your mind from the negative thoughts.

Science showed that the amino acid called theanine can be greatly found in green tea leaves. This amino acid provides anti-stress relaxation benefits for tea drinkers. That’s why those who regularly consume green tea are more likely to be relaxed & positive people.

Also, caffeine found in green tea has the power to increase our brain’s performance and keep your energy levels high. Coffee contains much more caffeine than green tea does, and quite often it can bring you negative effects, such as nervousness or insomnia, while green tea contains a healthy amount of caffeine and benefits your brain’s performance without any side effects.

Teatox Is Cheap And Easy

Teas are one of the most underpriced products in this world regarding the health benefits it can bring into your life. Chamomile, ginger, rooibos, or green teas are not expensive to get, or it isn’t hard to prepare, so you should not have a reason to wait any longer.

What Is The Best Teatox Option For Weight Loss?

Although green tea is a good option to cleanse, science believes there could be a better option for you to detox, especially if you are trying to lose weight.

Try African Red Detox Tea:

Red Tea Detox

Similarly, like green tea, red African tea is loaded with a big dose of powerful antioxidants which will fight against the toxins in your body. It also offers almost all health benefits as green tea does. The difference is that red tea, has much greater control over the hunger cravings, and that should be important for those who are trying to lose fat. It is also known that drinking red tea increases your Noradrenaline production.

What is Noradrenaline?

According to the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke, Noradrenaline is a hormone that has a direct impact and control over your fat cell volume. Those who regularly consume Red Tea, have increased noradrenaline production in their bodies, therefore they tend to achieve more efficient and generally successful weight loss results.

If you are looking for the most effective way to detox for weight loss, Red Tea probably will be the best option for you. To learn more about benefits, and why you should choose red tea detox, take a look into this article.

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