6 Websites To Download Free PLR Products [2022]

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free plr products

While there are plenty of sites that offer free Private Label Rights stuff, the majority of them will offer you free low-quality downloads just to hook you on their membership plan.

However, not every PLR site is like that, and there are sites that truly have something valuable to give you for free.

Here in this article, I will show you the best websites where you can download free PLR products, and that includes free PLR articles, ebooks, courses, videos, and more.

Now before we get into these sites, let’s talk about what PLR products are and how you can use them:

What Are PLR Products?

Creating products and content from scratch requires a lot of resources, and PLR products can be a great solution for that.

PLR products are the downloads that come with Private Label Rights. Those rights allow you to legally use the content in almost any way you want.

Typically, you have a full right to change the contents of the product, as well as rebrand, resell, claim your authorship, package with other products as well as give it away,

That can be a very effective strategy for marketers and online businesses that want to save time and money in the product creation or marketing process.

There can be many types of PLR products. Whatever piece of the content you use in the product creation or marketing process can literally be a PLR product.

Nowadays, you can find many done-for-you PLR: articles, ebooks, videos, websites, audios, landing pages, sales pages, graphics, WordPress plugins, cheatsheets, action guides, and more.

Besides Private Label Rights, there are also other more restrictive licensing types, such as:

  • Resell Rights – allows to only resell the product without changing it and passing resell license to customers.
  • Master Resell Rights – allows you to only resell the product, as well as pass the resell license to your customers.
  • Giveaway Rights – allows the product to be given away for free with or without changing its contents (this license often comes with Private Label Rights, but you have to read each PLR provider’s conditions, as it varies from site to site).

How To Use PLR Products?

how to make money with plr

There are many ways to use PLR content, and one of the most popular is reselling.

Due to the nature of digital products, this one can be a very profitable method, as it doesn’t involve holding the physical inventory, or shipping costs, plus the profit margins can very high. For this method, products like software, courses, product packs, or ebooks can work really well.

Another very popular way to use PLR products is by giving them away for free for an exchange to an email address. Little products like ebooks, cheatsheets, and etc. can work perfectly as a lead magnet to capture the emails of your audience.

Besides that, there are more ways how PLR products can help in your business, you can also use PLR content for:

  • Articles on your blog posts
  • Email newsletters
  • Social media posts
  • Converting into audio or video formats
  • Freelancing works
  • Paid and free membership sites

and more…

Where You Can Find Free PLR Products?

As I mentioned before, there are tons of sources that offer free PLR content, but we are only going to look into ones that provide at least some level of quality.

Quick disclaimer – do not expect products from those sites to be high-quality products, as they are free. I always recommend purchasing premium quality PLR materials as they do not cost much and are most likely to be at the higher quality standard.

So, without further ado let’s jump into the best free PLR product websites list:

1. PLR.me

plr me

PLR.me is currently the best PLR product provider on the web, and I know that for sure from using its high-quality products for many years.

Compared to other PLR sites which many of them look outdated and sell valueless products, PLR.me is simply next level and you can tell that by just visiting their website.

All of the content on this platform is original and written by native English in-house writers, therefore the cost of the products is one of the highest out there.

This website is dedicated to health and wellness topics and it covers the essential PLR product categories, such as articles, ebooks, courses, as well as some interesting categories such as coaching programs, action guides, worksheets, and more.

As this site highly values itself, it doesn’t offer free PLR products, BUT there is a way to get some for free.

Here I will share with you a special coupon code of 10 free credits, which you can use to download up to:

– 10 articles
– 1 ebook
– 10 landing page templates
– 10 checklists
– 5 action guides
– and many more…

Plus, you get 2 free credits every month for being a free member and you can use them for your further downloads in the future.

With PLR.me, you won’t get to download hundreds or thousands of PLR materials for free, but at least you get a few, but high-quality ones.

Claim Your 10 Free Credits: Click Here


2. PLRDatabase.net

PLR database

PLR Database is a great membership site that has a very large free product section and most of them are resell rights ebooks. It also offers free PLR articles, audiobooks, squeeze pages, audio & video courses, stock photos, and other great product categories.

There are currently over 1,500 free products on PLR Database, and the number is growing fast as the moderators regularly add new products almost every day!

Unlike many PLR providers that only offer free products with more restrictive rights like Resell Rights and Master Resell Rights, this site contains free products entirely based on Private Label Rights licenses.

To access their generous free product section, simply go to their website, navigate to ‘Marketplace’, and then to Free Products’.  all All you will need to do to access them is to register for a free account.

Products on PLR Database are nicely designed and come with additional files such as reports, covers, squeeze pages, opt-in pages, and more.

Must mention that content from the free product section is only a sneak peek of what PLRDatabase.net has to offer in the private membership. The quality of premium content is higher and the prices for the membership are lower compared to other PLR providers.

In case after seeing their free product section you would like to access premium quality PLR ebooks, videos, articles, and other products, you can upgrade your membership for $10 for a month, $25 for three months, or $49 for a year.

Visit: PLRDatabase.net


3. Resell-Rights-Weekly.com

Resell rights weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is another PLR membership site that offers a lot of free Private Label Rights and Resale Rights products.

At the first sight, it looks like an outdated site from the ’90s, but its visual look is not what this platform focuses on as it keeps regularly adding very decent products to the member’s area.

There are currently over 700 free PLR products in different categories, as well as a huge pack of over 10,000 articles in many niches.

Although it is nice that Resell Rights Weekly has so many products to offer for free, I do not recommend bothering with their free product section. It’s because I couldn’t find much value in them as many of these products are outdated, low-quality and nothing new has come for months.

But what I do recommend is grabbing their 1$ membership trial to unlimitedly access the premium products for seven days. Within that time I recommend you to download and try as many products as you can.

If you like the products in the membership and would like to see what new comes up, you can carry on with their membership for $19,95 a month, but in my opinion, it is not worth it.

While this option is not 100% free, many people would consider 1 dollar to be low-cost, and for that, you can truly get a lot of value from this platform.

The quality of products from premium membership is definitely better, and they regularly add something new to it. There are currently over 7,000 PLR and RR products in the membership, as well as 100k articles.

About 100 new products are being added each month, so you can expect to find something fresh if you decide to sign up for a 1$ trial.

Visit: Resell Rights Weekly

4. PLR Free Online


When I first landed on this website I thought, where’s the catch? Because these guys don’t even have anything to sell – the entire website is dedicated to free PLR products.

The site looks modern and nicely designed compared to the majority of poor-looking free PLR sites, however, the most important thing is that it has tons of free PLR, and other licensing content to give.

There are currently over 1,200 free products on PLR Free Online, and they consist of ebooks, article packs, software, WordPress plugins, and videos.

These products come in many world’s niches and may include source files like sales pages, eCovers, and squeeze pages. Each product has a good description of itself so that you don’t have to waste your time downloading the wrong products even if they are free.

What is interesting about this site that it displays a rating score of each product represented by the people who liked or disliked the product. That saves you a bit of time again by giving a better idea of which products are more worth downloading.

The best part about PLR Free Online is that you don’t even have to sign up to download their products and they are available at a single mouse click!

The overall quality of the products is really not bad, especially when having in mind that they are free, but the new products could be added more often.

Visit: PLRFreeOnline


plr mines products

PLRMines.com is a two in one PLR product provider that offers membership plans and sells products individually.

On top of that, it has a decent selection of free PLR products that you can also take advantage of. The majority of their free products consist of ebooks, but there are also graphics, videos, templates, and software.

To find those free PLR downloads simply navigate to their homepage, click on ‘Freebies’, register for a free account, and download the stuff.

There are currently over 400 free PLR ebooks, 50 graphics packs, 50 video products, 40 templates, and 70 software pieces.

From what I tried so far, I can only recommend their free ebook section, as the rest of the categories offer outdated products that do not seem very useful at all.

Must mention that not all of their free ebooks come with Private Label Rights as there are also ebooks with Resell Rights, Master Resell Rights, and other licenses. If you are looking for free ebooks that can be given away, make sure you navigate to the ebooks with Giveaway Rights.

Talking about the quality of products from premium GOLD membership which costs $97 for a lifetime, of course, they are significantly better, but unfortunately, there’s no way to try them for free.

Visit: PLRmines.com

6. Free PLR Downloads

free plr downloads

Here’s another site fully dedicated to free PLR products and it has the biggest number of PLR downloads to offer. The reason why this website is at the bottom of our list is that we focus on quality over quantity and unfortunately, freeplrdownloads.com does not provide a lot of that.

The website itself does not look very attractive, as it seems outdated and poorly designed, however, the platform does its job by offering hundreds of PLR and other licensing rights products for free.

There are Private Label Rights, Basic Resell Rights (Resell Rights), Giveaway Rights, and Personal Rights products in different categories, such as ebooks, article packs, videos, software, and PLR newsletters.

These products come in plenty of niches including, advertising, marketing, health, fitness, outdoors, gardening, relationships, wedding, law, finance, and many more.

They have pretty good product descriptions where you will get an idea about what the product is about and what it contains.

Another nice thing about this platform is that the products are available instantly and you don’t even have to sign up to access them. Because of that, the site is heavily monetized by Google ads, so be careful not to click on the wrong fields.

Talking about the quality of the products, I couldn’t find software and video products to be useful at all. And for the ebooks and articles, get ready for some heavy editing, cause the grammar, formatting, and structuring may be really off point there.

Visit: Free PLR Downloads

Before You Use Free PLR Products: (Advice)

Hopefully, you have managed to find the best free PLR source, and if you still haven’t, we highly recommend checking PLR.me. This site offers premium PLR products and you can download up to 10 of them for free by using this special coupon.

Once you download PLR products, there can be many ways how you could effectively use them. But before that, you probably should do one very important thing – change them. While some of the ways to use PLR products don’t necessarily require changing them, in most cases you just have to.

For example, don’t ever just take a PLR article from a free site and slap it directly to your blog without changing it. This is not the right way to build valuable and profitable content online, and you will not even get organic site visitors like that.

It’s because PLR articles will never be original as chances are many people have already accessed and used them, especially if we talk about free PLR sites.

So every time you plan to use a PLR article on your blog, make sure you check its originality score and edit until it gets original. In this way, you will publish the original content, which search engines like Google loves and ranks.

Besides PLR articles, it’s always a good idea to change the PLR product by adding your brand to it. It increases the trust of your audience and customers, as well as helps to stand out from the competitors.

You can also change it by packaging with other products, repurposing them into other formats like text, podcast, and video, or by simply adding value.

Good Luck in the PLR journey!

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