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If you’ve been searching for free PLR downloads that come with giveaway rights, you might have observed that many PLR providers do not supply such an option. Instead, they tend to offer a free product minus the giveaway rights, or a giveaway product that requires payment.

That’s not the case with the information on this article, as we are going to show the source where you can actually get free PLR downloads that you can use to give away and make money.

So, Where To Get Free PLR Products Under The Giveaway Rights?

For this tutorial, we will use something that has been in the game for a long time – While there are many PLR membership sites, this one is the largest PLR source since 2008, and there you can find some amazing product downloads that you can give away for free.

While this platform works best with the purchased membership, we will show how you can get quality products from there at no cost. offers over 12,590 different PLR products in all categories, including eBooks, Software, Videos, Articles, Templates, Graphics, Music and more.

It currently has over 76k members and the contents inside are being constantly updated.

Besides the Giveaway Rights, IDPLR also has downloads under Private Laber Rights (PLR), Resell Rights (RR), and Master Resell Rights (MRR).

You have to remember that on IDPLR not all products under PLR licensing type are permitted for giving away, therefore this website has a special category that includes products with giveaway rights.

There are two ways how you can access these giveaway products and download them for free.

Option 1: Use Free Products

IDPLR has both – a private membership section, and a free section that covers all the categories but offers free products instead.

To access these sections you will need to create a free account.

Don’t expect that the quality of PLR products from the free section is going to be the same as with paid membership, however, you can still find some great products out there for free.

So, head over to IDPLR and select any of the category of free products you want to access and download.

idplr free products
Free Products Section on

For this example, we will choose the most common type of PLR products that you could give away to your audience – eBooks.

There you will find free eBooks in blogging, marketing, entrepreneurship, diet, pregnancy, self-improvement, and other ebooks with giveaway rights

The quality of those eBooks isn’t bad, and a lot of them allow you to modify and improve them. The problem with these eBooks is that not every product will contain the Giveaway rights, so you will have to open and check them individually.

On each IDPLR product, there is a listicle of what you can, and can’t do with the product. For example, here we can see that this particular free product can be used for giveaway purposes.

ebook with giveaway rights
Free Product Terms on

Once you find the product that is permitted to be given away, you can easily preview the contents and download it

download free plr ebook with giveaway rights

You can do the same thing with software, video, audio, graphics, template products, just make sure that they contain giveaway rights before you use them for such purposes.

Option 2: Use Gold Downloads

IDPLR allows all free members to download 2 giveaway or any other PLR downloads at no cost. So, if you only need one or two products to giveaway to your email list, you can take a great advantage over here.

Similarly like with the first option, you will need to create a free account with IDPLR. Then you can browse all the categories to find your favorite product in your niche.

The chances of finding a product in your niche are very high because this website covers almost all niches in the world.

You can browse through all categories, and access the products that are particularly under Giveaway Rights. From video courses to pre-built niche website templates, IDPLR has a variety of different products that could work great as a free gift to your audience.

PLR products with Giveaway rights

Quick Tip: Before using any of your 2 downloads, it’s a good idea to preview the products and make sure it is worth downloading them.

There’s a feature to preview every product before making a download. Either it’s giveaway eBooks or videos you are interested in, you can pre-access some contains to see if the product is valuable enough for you to download.

Here’s an example of a preview of some eBook:

preview IDPLR

IDPLR preview

So, before using any of your downloads, make sure that the eBook or any other PLR product has enough quality inside.

Final Words:

While other PLR sources won’t let you access and download giveaway products for free, IDPLR has that option. This option works best for those who quickly want to find just a single or couple PLR pieces that could be given away.

Those who are serious about PLR and willing to use these types of products for multiple purposes and multiple times, it’s recommended that you purchase a membership that will allow you to access as many products as you want with no additional cost.

There are 3 months, 1 year, and lifetime membership options available on IDPLR.

If you decide to become a paid member of the platform, must mention that you will also get some bonuses like:

  • Access to a 3D product creator and editor
  • Landin/sales/squeeze page creator
  • PLR Training
  • Free Web Hosting
  • and more…

Click here to sign up with IDPLR for free

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