12 Best Websites To Get FREE PLR EBOOKS [2024]

Are you interested in selling Ebooks? You’re in the correct place!

Ebooks stand out as one of the most in-demand and profitable digital products in today’s market.

Reports estimate the global ebook market’s worth at over $19 billion, with projections reaching up to $32 billion by 2032. This indicates a lucrative opportunity for those interested in selling ebooks or leveraging them in marketing strategies.

Yet, creating ebooks involves substantial effort, including research time, formatting, and cover design.

Enter the world of Private Label Rights (PLR), where you can acquire pre-made ebooks and use them as your own, bypassing the heavy lifting of content creation.

But, is it really worth buying PLR ebooks if you can find them for free?

We’re about to dive into the 12 best sites for snagging high-quality PLR ebooks at no cost, offering a treasure trove of resources for your projects or digital shelves.

Free PLR Ebook Sites Overview:

PLR Site:Rating:No. of Ebooks Available:
PLR.me (Free Credit Coupon)⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PLR Database⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
PLR Ebook Supploer⭐⭐⭐⭐
Free PLR Downloads⭐⭐⭐
PLR Mines⭐⭐⭐
Today PLR⭐⭐⭐

Before we get into the list of best free PLR ebook sites let’s talk about what PLR ebooks are, and how you can use them in the best way.

What Are PLR EBooks?

how to use plr ebooks

PLR ebooks are essentially electronic books that come with Private Label Rights. a license that permits the buyer to use the already-created digital content as their own.

Typically, PLR ebooks range from 5 to 50 pages of content and include a professionally designed cover. They come with editable source files (DOC/PDF) and may also provide additional promotional materials, such as emails and sales pages.

While, ebooks may come as a part of a larger PLR product, such as a course, or PLR bundle, most of the time they are sold individually.

There are thousands of PLR ebooks available on the internet covering many different niches and topics, and they don’t really cost much.

But, the best part about PLR ebooks is that you can do almost anything you want with them, including:

  • Reselling
  • Editing & modifying
  • Rebranding & redesigning
  • Claiming full authorship
  • Giving away for free
  • Using as content on your blog
  • Using as content on social media
  • Packaging with other products
  • Repurposing into other formats
    and so on…

While premium PLR ebooks can be an effective time-saving to for enhancing marketing strategies and generating sales, a common issue with the free ebooks is their quality. Many free PLR books come with poor grammar, improper structuring, and a lack of substantive content.

In order to reduce costs, many PLR providers outsource ebook writing to cheap writers, while others use software to generate book content, which especially undermines PLR industry as a whole.

This gives marketers and webmasters the wrong impression of PLR products in general, and they turn to other content creation alternatives.

However, there are still great PLR sources where you can indeed find high-quality PLR products that are well-researched, human-written, informative, and contain great value.

12 Best Websites To Download Free PLR Ebooks:

Let’s dive into the best sites to get free PLR ebooks to resell.

1. PLR.me

plr me

When it comes to the best PLR websites with the highest quality ebooks and other products, PLR.me is at the top of the list.

This website has significantly improved the reputation of the PLR industry by offering top-quality done-for-you products that you can rebrand and use as your own.

PLR.me specializes in content for the health and wellness sectors, boasting hundreds of well-researched, expertly written, and beautifully designed ebooks.

Each ebook spans around 50-60 pages, and that’s a lot of value compared to what other PLR sites have to offer. It’s worth noting that all the ebooks are crafted by their in-house team of native English-speaking writers.

PLR.me currently has over 549 ebooks in different niches, such as business & marketing, self-improvement, parenting & family, self-care, relationships, and others.

plr.me ebook

Since this platform delivers next-level products it does not offer free PLR products.

However, there is a way to download one high-quality ebook for free and you should definitely take this chance. For that, we have a special coupon code to share with you.

This coupon allows you to get 10 free credits that you can use to download your favorite ebook. Additionally, you get 2 free credits every month for just being a member.

You can also use these credits to download other PLR products, such as 10 PLR articles, 5 action guides, and more.

Click Here To Claim Your 10 Free Credits

2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is a membership site that has the biggest collection of the best free PLR ebooks, which you can rebrand, and use as your own.

While the majority of other PLR sites offer abandoned free PLR products to attract new customers, the PLR Database actually takes care of its free product section as it adds new free ebooks almost every week.

There are currently over 1,500 free PLR downloads available on this platform – almost all of them are ebooks covering many different niches.

Those books contain on average 10-15 pages of information including beautiful graphics, and the content is pretty well written.

Here’s an example of a couple of free ebooks downloaded from PLRDatabase.com:

As you can see content does not have noticeable grammatical issues, it is well-formatted and informative.

Must mention that not all of the free ebooks on the PLR Database come with a PLR license, so you will have to look at each product’s description page to get more information about the terms of each product.

We should also add that this site offers really affordable membership plans in case you would like to download unlimited amounts of premium quality ebooks, as well as more PLR products.

While you are always welcome to stay as a free member, you can also grab the membership for 1 month($10), 3 months($25), or a year ($49) to access the larger library of higher-quality products.

Visit the PLR Database: Click Here

3. PLR Ebooks Supplier

plr ebook supplier

PLR Ebooks Supplier stands out as a premier PLR ebook website, showcasing hundreds of top-tier products, including a collection of free PLR ebooks ready for resale.

To access the freebies, navigate to the product categories and choose “Free PLR Content”. Within this section, you’ll discover dozens of free books spanning various niches such as making money online, self-improvement, finances, cryptocurrency, health, beauty, and more.

If you cannot find a free ebook in your desired niche, their premium ebooks are relatively low priced and you can snag a high-quality peace for just as little as $1.

Alternatively, you can opt in for one of their membership plans allowing you to save even more money on ebooks.

The membership plans are as follows:

  • Silver PLR Member: $27 (10 downloads/mo)
  • Gold PLR Member: $37 (20 downloads/mo)
  • Platinum PLR Member: $47 (30 downloads/mo)

And if you’ve ever thought about owning an online store packed with ebooks, PLR Ebooks Supplier has you covered. With their ebook-building service, for $475, you can have a pre-built book store loaded with over 370 titles, all set up in under 48 hours.

Visit PLR Ebook Supplier: Click Here

spin rewriter

4. Big Product Store

big product store

Big Product Store is a well-known destination for a wide variety of PLR digital products.

In their collection of over 10,000 ready-to-use items, you can find products such as audio, videos, templates, graphics, WP plugins, and, of course – ebooks.

This site offers about 30 free ebooks. However, these come with Master Resell Rights rather than PLR, meaning that you won’t be able to change them but only resell them while keeping all profits.

The free ebooks span a range of topics, including making money online, networking, marketing, diet, and self-improvement.

If you can’t find the ebook you need or if you are not happy with Master Resell Rights, you might consider joining Big Product Store’s premium membership. This gives you access to a larger selection of ebooks that are of higher quality.

You can sign up for a lifetime plan with a one-time payment of $98.50 to access all PLR products indefinitely or opt for a monthly plan at $19.90 per month

Visit Big Product Store: Click Here


5. Freeplrdownloads.com

free plr downloads

Just like Free PLR Online, this site is also entirely dedicated to free PLR products.

Free PLR downloads offer plenty of software, videos, articles, and of course Private Label Rights ebooks in almost all the world’s niches. They have an enormous amount of products, and they all come with Private Label Rights.

The great part about this site is that you don’t even need to register to download products. Just simply click download on any ebook that you like and you will instantly receive a book with its source files and the squeeze page.

Compared to the other PLR resources that are mentioned already, it seems that this one offers the lowest quality ebooks.

There you can expect to find grammar, formatting, and structuring issues. However, you can still find some value in there, and with a few edits, you will be good to go.

Free PLR Downloads does not publish the upload date of its products, but from what we have seen inside, it seems that the products are pretty outdated.

Visit Free PLR Downloads: Click Here

6. PLR Mines

plr mines

PLR Mines is a well-trusted website that sells PLR products individually or allows you to access them on a subscription basis.

The website provides decent-quality premium PLR videos, graphics, software, templates, and other products in a variety of niches.

Besides premium content, PLR Mines also has some PLR ebooks to offer for free.

There are currently around 160 free ebooks and all of them come with full Private Label Rights allowing you to modify, resell, or give them away for free.

The ebooks cover plenty of niches, including digital marketing, business, finance, health, medicine, food, self-improvement, etc, and in order to access them you will need to create a free account.

While these ebooks may contain value inside, the problem with them is that they are heavily outdated since they all have been added to the website in 2012 or 2013. 

To download higher quality books that have been added to the site more recently, you can buy premium PLR ebooks for $9.95 each or unlimitedly access them all for a one-time payment of $97.

Visit PLR Mines: Click Here

7. Today PLR

today plr free plr ebooks

Continuing with our list of the best PLR ebooks sites, Today PLR is another great membership site to download such products for free.

Today PLR features thousands of PLR, MRR, and RR products that consist of audios, ebooks, graphics, software, videos, articles, and templates. 

All premium products are accessible via monthly, yearly, or lifetime membership while downloading the free products just requires you to create a free account.

In the free product section, you will find over 230 free products, and all of them are PLR, Resell Rights, or Master Resale Rights books.

The majority of ebooks have been added quite recently, and they carry beautiful cover designs as well as valuable information inside.

Visit Today PLR: Click Here



With over 100k members, IDPLR.com stands as the largest PLR membership site since 2008.

The platform offers monthly, yearly, and lifetime membership plans, and inside the membership, you can find thousands of decent-quality PLR ebooks, articles, videos, graphics, software, templates, and other products.

Apart from products that are only exclusive to the premium members, IDPLR also offers a small section of free products, which you can access by simply creating a free account.

The free product library consists of all types of done-for-you products, including ebooks, and you can find them coming with PLR, RR, MRR, and Personal Use rights.

At this moment, there are 50 ebooks available for you to download for free. While the ebooks are well-written and cover a variety of niches, the last book was uploaded in 2017, so don’t expect to find fresh and new products there.

Visit IDPLR: Click Here

9. InDigitalWorks


IndigitalWorks is a membership site quite like IDPLR. Although these two platforms offer similar products, IndigitalWorks might have some free ebooks that IDPLR doesn’t.

IndigitalWorks currently offers 49 free ebooks with Private Label and Master Resell Rights. These ebooks cover topics such as internet marketing, health, diet, and self-help, and you can download them once you sign up for a free account.

It’s important to note that the most recent free ebook was added in 2017, so this site might not be the best for finding up-to-date content on rapidly changing subjects.

In addition to free ebooks, IndigitalWorks provides free PLR software, videos, templates, graphics, and audio products.

Just like IDPLR, IndigitalWorks also offers a premium membership for access to a larger selection of higher-quality ready-made products

Visit InDigitalWorks: Click here

10. My Resell Rights Products

my resell rights products

My Resell Products offers a diverse array of complimentary done-for-you products, including videos, software, graphics, niche websites, articles, and ebooks.

Members can access ebooks through either a free or paid membership, with a vast selection of free ebooks available. These ebooks come with various rights, including Resell, Master Resell, Giveaway, and Private Label Rights.

Specifically, for those interested in free PLR books, the platform boasts over 100 titles. These span a range of niches such as marketing, social media, mindfulness, fitness, branding, and many more.

Each ebook is accompanied by covers, source document files, PSD (Photoshop) files, and squeeze pages. The inclusive PLR license grants you the flexibility to modify, resell, and bundle them with other products as you like.

And if you like to access more and higher quality books, you can opt-in for a paid membership:

  • Monthly: $5/mo
  • Yearly: $47/yr
  • Lifetime: $67

Visit My Resell Rights Products: Click Here

11. Urban PLR

urban plr

Urban PLR stands as a distinguished membership site and product store, offering a collection of over 85,000 diverse PLR products.

Among premium products, there you will find hundreds of free PLR downloads and 10 free high-quality ebooks.

Here are the titles of 10 free PLR eBooks available for immediate download:

  • Aromatherapy for Cynics
  • Breath Watching Meditation
  • Craft Fair
  • Frozen Dessert Recipes
  • How To Train Your Puppy
  • Positive Habit Attraction Models
  • Romantic Ideas & Tips For A Special Valentine’s Day
  • Self Help Affirmations
  • Self Improvement Guide
  • Simple Weight Loss Recipes

The best part? No sign-up is required. Simply click the download button, and you’ll receive the entire collection of books in a zip file.

Beyond the free PLR books, Urban PLR also provides free PLR articles, audio tracks, stock images, quotes, and videos.

Visit Urban PLR: Click Here

12. Free PLR Online


As the name suggests, this website is fully dedicated to providing free PLR products, including a great variety of ebooks.

Normally PLR sites will give you something for free and later try to sell you premium stuff, but that’s not the case with this website. In fact, this site does not even monetize itself with adverts, so you get to browse a nice and clear interface.

But the best thing about Free PLR Online – it allows you to instantly download PLR ebooks and other products without having to register!

There are currently over 380 free PLR ebooks, that you can modify, rebrand, resell, or give away. The website also packs plenty of Master Resell Rights digital products with more restrictive rights.

They cover many niches from advertising, to health, and may come with additional files such as eCovers, sale pages, and squeeze pages.

What is very nice about Free PLR Online is that they provide good product descriptions, so you can read them to make sure you are downloading the right thing.

Talking about the quality of ebooks, they are medium-quality and quite rich in content containing around 30 pages of information.

However, a lot of these products can be found on other PLR membership sites, so do not expect those ebooks to be original, because they were probably just taken from somewhere else and reuploaded again without modifications.

13. Resell Rights Weekly

Resell rights weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is an old-school-looking PLR site from the ’90s.

While the design and user experience are definitely not the best on this website, it actually has a lot of value to give not only to premium but also to free customers.

RRW warmly welcomes its members by offering over 700 free PLR products as well as over 10,000 free PLR articles.

Unfortunately, you are not very likely to find a lot of value in these products, and the majority of them might be outdated, low-quality, and not even come with Private Label Rights.

However, there is a way to access its premium products, including ebooks for a very little cost – only 1$.

Resell Rights Weekly offers a very cheap membership trial, and for only one dollar you will be able to unlimitedly download as many PLR ebooks as you want for 7 days.

If you are happy with the quality of products and you would like to see new upcoming content, you can carry on with the membership for $19,99 a month.

Talking about the quality of ebooks, here is an example of a PLR ebook downloaded from Resell Rights Weekly:

resell rights weekly ebooks
Ebook about time management from resell-rights-weekly.com

As you can see it contains good grammar, structuring, and formatting, and actually offers value inside. Just like with the other PLR sites, you can also rebrand, resell, give away, and do many other things with ebooks downloaded from Resell Rights Weekly.

Visit Resell Rights Weekly: Click Here

How To Sell PLR Ebooks

How To Sell PLR Ebooks

The art of reselling PLR ebooks can be quite lucrative if done correctly. There are several platforms to consider when looking to resell these digital gems, each with its own set of advantages and challenges.

Here’s a deeper dive into the world of reselling PLR ebooks, focusing on popular marketplaces like Amazon KDP and Etsy, as well as your own website.

Amazon KDP: The Giant Marketplace

Amazon’s Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) platform is an enormous marketplace for ebooks, offering a huge audience. The main advantage here is visibility – your ebook can be seen by millions of potential buyers.

However, this also means that the competition is great. You must ensure that the PLR ebook is unique before listing, as Amazon has strict policies against duplicate content.

This might mean rewriting significant portions, updating outdated information, and changing covers. Moreover, the profit margins can be slimmer due to the competitive pricing and Amazon’s cut in sales.

Another con is the potential for less control over pricing and promotions, as Amazon dictates many terms. But for those looking to cast a wide net, KDP provides the exposure needed to reach a large audience.

Etsy: The Creative Niche

Etsy is known for handmade and creative goods, but it also has a market for digital products like ebooks.

The platform caters to a niche audience that appreciates the unique and personal touch, which can be an advantage if your PLR ebook is customized to your style.

Ensuring the content is unique is again critical, as Etsy shoppers are looking for originality. The platform also allows for greater flexibility in pricing and marketing your ebook.

The downside might include the need to drive your own traffic to your product listings, as Etsy has a less extensive reach than Amazon. Additionally, like any other platform, there are fees and competition to consider.

Your Own Website: Full Control and Branding

Selling PLR ebooks directly from your website gives you the most control. You dictate the terms, pricing, and marketing strategies.

This direct approach also allows you to build your brand without competing listings next to yours. You can bundle ebooks with other products, offer them as bonuses, or use them to build an email list.

However, the cons include the responsibility of driving all the traffic to your site, handling the technical aspects for hosting and delivering the ebooks, and managing sales and customer service.

To set up your store quickly and efficiently, you can rely on various e-commerce solutions, including Shopify, Sellfy, or Woocommerce.

For those with an established website and audience, this can be a manageable and profitable approach, but it can be challenging for newcomers to generate traffic and trust without the backing of a large marketplace.

Maximizing the Use of PLR Ebooks:

Maximizing the Use of PLR Ebooks

Understanding how to leverage PLR ebooks effectively can transform them from mere digital products into powerful tools for business growth, audience engagement, and revenue generation.

Let’s discover the strategies to use PLR ebooks to their fullest potential.

Customization for Brand Consistency

One of the most beneficial aspects of PLR ebooks is the ability to customize them. By rebranding the ebook, you align it with your business’s visual identity and message.

Adjust the cover design to include your brand’s colors, logo, and typography. Tailor the content to reflect your unique voice, ensuring that it is in line with your target audience.

Consistency across all brand materials, including PLR content, reinforces your brand image and helps to build trust with your audience.

Creating Email Series

Divide the ebook into smaller sections to create bite-sized content, perfect for an email series or blog posts.

This segmentation process allows for a broader content distribution strategy, engaging your audience regularly with valuable information.

Additionally, these smaller pieces can act as lead magnets, attracting new subscribers and potential customers.

Creating Online Courses

Turn the PLR ebook into an educational series or an online course.

By breaking down the ebook into lessons, you can offer a structured learning experience. This can be particularly effective for complex topics, where information needs to be digested in stages.

An educational series also presents an opportunity for up-selling related products or services.

Creating Social Media Posts

Extract quotes, statistics, and key points from the ebook and use them as social media content.

This approach saves time and ensures your social media channels are consistently active. Share these snippets alongside relevant images or graphics to increase engagement and drive traffic to your primary platforms.

Repurposing Into Other Formats

Repurpose the ebook content into various formats such as podcasts, videos, or infographics.

People consume content differently, and by transforming the ebook’s material into other media, you can target a wider audience.

For example, an infographic can summarize the ebook’s key points for a quick read, while a podcast episode can delve into a chapter in more detail, providing a more personal touch.

Exclusive Offers and Bonuses

Use the ebook as a value-added bonus for your products, services, or affiliate offers. Bundling the ebook with a purchase can increase the perceived value of your offering.

Alternatively, offer the ebook as an exclusive reward for loyal customers or as a special promotion during holidays and events.

In-depth Workshops and Webinars

Host workshops or webinars based on the content of the ebook.

These live events allow for interactive discussions and provide a platform for you to showcase your expertise.

They also serve as a networking opportunity, where attendees can connect with you and with each other, fostering a community around your brand.

Final Words:

Diving into the sea of free PLR ebooks can be the game-changer you need.

With a world tipping towards a $32 billion ebook economy, there’s plenty of space for individuals like you to make money with ebooks.

Here we have covered the best websites where you can get PLR ebooks for free. If you haven’t managed to find the best PLR provider yet, we highly recommend starting with PLR.me. By using our link with 10 free credits, you will be able to download 1 professionally written ebook, which you can use however you like.

After that, we recommend exploring sources, like the PLR Database, Big Product Store, and PLR Ebooks Supplier to find tons of valuable free and premium PLR books.

After you download your books, don’t forget to rebrand them and apply the best sales and marketing strategies to maximize your chances of success.

Don’t forget to rebrand these ebooks, and maximize their use by following our best strategies.

Choose wisely, tweak skillfully, and present beautifully. Your entrepreneurial journey in the realm of ebooks is only a download away.

Here’s to your success in the thriving digital marketplace!

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