Download FREE PLR EBOOKS: Best Sources Covered [2022]

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free plr ebooks

One of the most profitable and usable digital products is ebooks. According to the reports, the estimated value of the global eBook market reaches $19.95 billion, and it is expected to grow to $32.19 billion by 2032.

That indicates, that there’s definitely enough money to be made by selling ebooks or using them for marketing purposes.

But the problem with ebooks is that they require time and knowledge to create. Thankfully, Private Label Rights (PLR) give us a fantastic opportunity to buy already created digital ebooks and use them as our own.

But, why would we need to buy PLR ebooks, when we can get them for free?

We have done the research to prove that there are actually ways to find high-quality ebooks for free. In this article, we are going to go through the list of the best websites that offer free PLR electronic books.

But before that let’s talk about what PLR ebooks are, and how you can use them in the best way.

What Are PLR E-Books?

PLR ebooks are essentially electronic books that you can use for marketing and sales purposes. It typically comes with 5-30 pages of information, a designed cover, and occasionally with some promotional materials.

There are thousands of PLR ebooks on the internet covering many different niches and topics, and they don’t really cost much. The best part about them is that those ebooks come with Private Label Rights meaning it allows us to do almost everything you want with them, including:

  • Reselling
  • Editing & modifying
  • Rebranding & redesigning
  • Claiming full authorship
  • Giving them away for free
  • Using for the content on your blog
  • Using for the content on social media
  • Packaging with other products
  • Repurposing into other formats
    and so on…

While, ebooks may come as a part of a PLR product, such as a course, or PLR package, most of the time they are sold individually.

Generally, premium PLR ebooks can be an effective and time-saving tool to increase your marketing performance and generate sales. However, the problem with free PLR ebooks is that many of them consist of poor grammar, bad structuring, and lack of value.

In order to reduce costs, many PLR providers outsource ebook writing to cheap writers, while others use software-generated scripts, which especially undermines the whole PLR industry.

This gives marketers and webmasters the wrong impression of PLR products in general, and they turn to other content creation alternatives.

However, there are still sources where you can indeed find high-quality PLR products that are well-researched, human-written, informative, and contain great value.

How To Use PLR E-Books?

Now, let’s talk about how you can use PLR ebooks effectively.

The most common way to use PLR ebooks is to resell them. You can resell PLR ebooks on various digital product marketplaces, or on your own store. Since ebooks do not involve manufacturing, storage, shipping, and delivery costs, selling such products can become a convenient, passive, and very profitable business.

You can either resell ebooks individually, or you can combine them with other products to compile a larger digital product, like a course.

Another very popular way to use PLR ebooks is for giveaways. You can give away PLR ebooks to grow your email list or to strengthen your relationships with existing customers. A PLR ebook can also be used as a free bonus to the product you are selling, or an upsell in your marketing funnel.

Besides that, marketers also widely use PLR ebooks for blog articles, email newsletters, social media posts, or website copy.

Another very popular method to take advantage of these products is repurposing. From a single eBook, you can generate multiple articles, videos, and audio files, and use them on multiple online platforms.

So, Where Can We Find Free PLR E-Books?

There are many websites that offer free PLR ebooks, but the majority of them will deliver low-quality and almost useless products. However, that’s not the case with all PLR websites, as some of them really have something valuable to offer for free.

We will cover the websites that focus on quality over quantity of free PLR downloads because that is what matters when building a successful business online. But at the same time, we will also discover some PLR sites that offer a whole directory of lower-quality free PLR content.

So without further ado, let’s get into it:


plr me

This website has changed the entire image of the PLR industry by offering top-quality products that you can rebrand and use as your own. mostly focuses on health, wealth, and wellness topics and there is a number of well-written, researched, and beautifully designed ebooks on their platform.

The ebooks contain around 50-60 pages, and that’s a lot of value compared to what other PLR sites have to offer. Must also mention that all the ebooks are written by their in-house writers’ team who are native English speakers currently has over 200 ebooks in different niches – that’s not many compared to other PLR providers, but again, it’s all about quality, not quantity.

Since this platform delivers next-level products it does not have a free product section and the prices there are one of the highest on the market.

However, there is a way to download one high-quality ebook for free and you should definitely take this chance. For that, we have a special coupon code to share with you. This coupon allows you to get 10 free credits that you can use to download your favorite ebook. Additionally, you get 2 free credits every month for just being a member.

You can also use these credits to download other PLR products, such as 10 PLR articles, 5 action guides, and more.

Here’s a coupon link to 10 free credits.

2. PLR Database

PLR database

PLR Database is a membership site that has the biggest section of free PLR ebooks, that you can rebrand, and use as your own.

The majority of PLR sites offer abandoned free PLR product sections to attract new customers, but the products there are typically outdated, and nothing new comes up for months or even years.

With PLR Database, it seems that these guys are really looking after their free product section as new products are being added every week.

There are currently over 1,500 free PLR products on this platform, almost all of them are ebooks, and you can find them covering many different niches.

Those books contain on average 10-15 pages of content, include graphics and are pretty well written.

Here’s an example of a couple of free ebooks downloaded from

Free ebook about Pinterest from

As you can see content does not have noticeable grammatical issues, it is well-formatted and informative.

Must mention that not all of the free ebooks come with a PLR license, so you will have to look at each product’s description page where you will be able to get more detailed information about the product.

Must also add that this site offers really affordable membership plans in case you would like to download unlimited amounts of premium quality ebooks, as well as more different PLR products.

While you are always welcome to stay as a free member, you can also grab the membership for 1 month($10), 3 months($25), or a year ($49).

Visit: PLR Database

3. Free PLR Online

As the name suggests, this website is fully dedicated to free PLR products, including a great variety of ebooks.

Normally PLR sites will give you something for free and later try to sell you premium stuff, but that’s not the case with this website. In fact, this site does not even monetize itself with adverts, so you get to browse a nice and clear interface.

But the best thing about Free PLR Online – it allows you to instantly download PLR ebooks and other products without having to register!

There are currently over 380 free PLR ebooks, that you can modify, rebrand, resell, or giveaway, as well as plenty of Master Resell Rights, and Resell Rights books with more restrictive rights.

They cover many niches from advertising, to health, and may come with additional files such as eCovers, sale pages, and squeeze pages.

What is very nice about Free PLR Online is that they provide good product descriptions, so you can read them to make sure you are downloading the right thing.

Talking about the quality of ebooks, they are medium-quality and quite rich in content, as a lot of them contain around 30 pages.

However, a lot of these products can be found on other PLR membership sites, so do not expect those ebooks to be original, because they were probably just taken from somewhere else and reuploaded again without modifications.

Visit: Free PLR Online

spin rewriter


free plr downloads

As the name suggests this site is only dedicated to free PLR products. For this reason, do not expect this website to have a great user experience or the products inside to be super valuable.

Free PLR downloads offer plenty of PLR software, video, article, and ebook products in almost all the world’s niches. They have an enormous amount of products, and they all come with Private Label Rights.

The great part about it is that you don’t even need to register to download them. Just simply click download on any ebook that you like and you will instantly receive an ebook with its source files and the squeeze page.

Compared to the other PLR resources that are mentioned already, this one offers the lowest quality ebooks. There you can expect to find grammar, formatting, and structuring issues. However, you can still find some value in there, and with a few edits, you could be good to go.

Free PLR Downloads does not publish the upload date of its products, but from what we have seen inside, it seems that the products are heavily outdated.

Visit: Free PLR Downloads


Resell rights weekly

Resell Rights Weekly is an old-school-looking PLR site from the ’90s.

While the design and user experience are definitely not the best on this website, it actually has a lot of value to give not only to premium but also to free customers.

RRW warmly welcomes its members by offering over 700 free PLR products as well as over 10,000 free PLR articles. But unfortunately, you are not very likely to find a lot of value in these products, and the majority of them might be outdated, low-quality, and not even come with Private Label Rights.

However, there is a way to access its premium products, including ebooks for a very little cost – only 1$.

Resell Rights Weekly offers a very cheap membership trial. For only one dollar you will be able to unlimitedly download as many PLR ebooks as you want for 7-days.

And if you are happy with the quality of products and you would like to see new upcoming content, you can carry on with the membership for $19,99 a month.

Talking about the quality of ebooks, here is an example of a PLR ebook downloaded from Resell Rights Weekly:

resell rights weekly ebooks
Ebook about time management from

As you can see it contains good grammar, structuring, and formatting, and actually offers value inside. As with the other PLR sites, you can also rebrand, resell, give away, and do many other things with PLR ebooks from Resell Rights Weekly.

Visit: Resell Rights Weekly

More Free PLR Ebooks For You:

So we covered the best sources for you to download free PLR ebooks. The quality of most of these ebooks will probably not be very not outstanding and the ebooks can be outdated. But since they are editable, you can still take time to rewrite them into unique and valuable products.

In case this list is not enough, there are even more sites that offer free PLR products. Although we don’t generally recommend them for downloading free ebooks, you can still check them out:

If you truly want to find high-quality ebooks that your customers and audience would love, we highly advise you to invest in premium PLR ebooks. They do not cost a lot, yet the quality is likely going to be a lot better.

Check out sites, like, or PLR Ebook Supplier for higher quality PLR ebooks, which do not require endless amounts of time for editing and rewriting.

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