Best Places To Find Free PLR Articles

free plr articles

Writing articles is probably one of the biggest challenges that content creators face. It takes a long time to write a quality article, and if you try to outsource this task, it may cost a lot of money to get your article written by professionals.

Thankfully there’s a free solution to that, and you can really find a chunk of free PLR articles that you can use on your blog, emails, social media posts, or web 2.0s.

So stay tuned, because in this article you will find out how you should use the PLR articles correctly, and where to get them for free.

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How To Use PLR Articles Correctly?

If you are planning to use a PLR article on your blog, it is important that you read this bit to avoid some painful mistakes.

Let’s say you have just discovered an interesting PLR article that you would like to publish on your blog.

The worst thing you could do is to slap it directly on your website without checking the originality score.

It’s because if you publish an article that has been already published online before, guess what happens – it will never get to see the sunlight and you will never be able to rank it on Google.

Google is very strict with the duplicate content, and it penalizes such blog posts right away. If you keep doing this on your website, it will penalize the whole site, and all your hard work and effort will go to waste.

So what you should do to take full advantage of PLR articles without any risks?

1. Check the originality score

There are many tools that can help you identify whether the article you’ve found is unique or not.

You can use a free tool called Plagiarism Checker by Small SEO Tools, to calculate the originality score.

The free version of this platform only allows to check 1000 words per test, so if your article is longer than that, you can split it and run several tests. After every test, the software will tell you how unique and how plagiarised your content is.

plagiarism checker PLR article

It will also tell you what actions you should take to make it original and compliant with Google.

2. Rewrite the article

The plagiarism checker will show you how much your article is plagiarised, and which paragraphs are affected.

If it happens that your PLR article shows as plagiarised, and that’s very common in the PLR world, you will simply have to change or completely rewrite it.

To rewrite your article and make it unique, you can follow these steps:

  1. Change the title and add your keywords
  2. Rewrite every affected sentence and paragraph
  3. Use synonyms to replace certain words
  4. Expand the topic and add additional content
  5. Add outbound links to relevant websites
  6. Add H1, H2, H3 elements.

Once you run a test and your article turns original, then you can safely drop it on your blog.

3. Use The Article Spinner

If you don’t want to completely rewrite your article, but to only change some bits, you can use article spinner software like Spinbot, or Free Article Spinner.

This strategy won’t produce the perfect results, but it can help you save time in some cases.

What it does, it automatically rephrases, rewrites or paraphrases the sentences, paragraphs or whole articles. You just place the chunk of text and the software will do the job for you.

The spinner tool will produce a unique article, which won’t look plagiarised in Google’s eyes. However, it will be obvious that the article is not human written, and there are going to be a lot of awkward and unnatural sentences that you will have to change.

Where You Can Find Free PLR Articles?

There are several sources online that offer free PLR articles, and the quality of those articles is pretty much the same. It’s just some of the sites cover certain some niches that others don’t, and some of the articles are easier accessible than the others.

1. Resell Rights Weekly

resell rights weekly free plr

Resell Rights Weekly offers PLR and other licensing type products in many essential categories, including ebooks, software, and articles.

The site looks old and outdated, but the great thing about it is that it gives away a generous amount of free PLR articles for everyone who signs up with the platform for free.

There are over 10,740 free PLR articles in many topics and niches like – health, mentoring, marketing, computers, meditation, real estate, and plenty of more.

To download all of those articles to your computer you will have to register with Resell Rights Weekly, and they will send you an email with the link.

After the registration, you should receive an email containing something like that:

resell rights weely articles


free plr imgeneral

Here comes another not so great looking site, however since it offers free value, we can take that. This time there are over 200,000 free PLR articles in almost all possible niches and sub-niches.

Some of the articles look great, and some of them are poorly written, so you will need to go through many of them to find the right ones.

In order to download these articles, you will need to share their page on Facebook.

imgeneral plr

Below, you will see many comments from people that download link is not showing to them. However, by the time of writing this article, everything works fine.

So, once you share their page on Facebook, you will get to see a download button to over 200,000 free PLR articles.



As the name suggests this entire site is dedicated to free PLR downloads, and that includes ebooks, software, videos, newsletters, and articles.

The article section displays article packs in different niches, such as:

  • Fashion
  • Finance
  • Travel
  • Time Management
  • SEO
  • Real Estate
  • Money
  • Internet Marketing
  • Forex
  • Weight Loss
  • Wedding
  • And many more…

Each category contains about 500-1000 individual PLR articles, and there’s no need to sign up or put your email address to access them. You can just download the articles straight to your computer.

4. Killer PLR Articles

killer plr articles

The name speaks for itself and this site is entirely based on PLR articles. The good news is that these guys are currently giving a free membership to everyone.

In order to access free PLR articles, you will need to create your account. Then, you will be able to choose articles from different niches, such as:

  • Arts & Entertainment
  • Business & Economy
  • Computers & Technology
  • Education & Reference
  • Currency & Trading
  • Food & Beverage
  • Health & Fitness
  • Home & Family
  • Internet Business
  • Self Improvement
  • Society
  • Sports & Recreation
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Vehicles
  • Writing & Speaking
  • Product Reviews

You won’t need to download the articles to access them. They are all going to be displayed on their site, so you just copy and paste whenever you need them.


There are over 100,000 articles on this website, and again they are 100% free. You get to choose from dozens of niches and their sub-niches and the articles on this website are the most accessible in this list.

There’s no need to register, share your email address, or even download them to your computer. You just pop to their website, select your category, and you can view all articles from there.

Final Words:

Even if there are many free PLR article sources, you will find that none of them offers great quality products. But it’s normal, as there’s nothing great in this world for free.

What you can do, is to change them for better, and if you manage to find a perfectly written article you need to make sure that it’s unique and SEO safe.

No matter how good looking is the PLR article that you found, always go through the plagiarism checking process. Identify the plagiarism issues, and use hand-writing or software to fix them.