27 Profitable Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online (Trending Now!)

The advent of the digital era has seen a surge in the sale of digital products as a preferred method of earning income online.

The beauty of digital products is that they can be created once and sold multiple times, making them a scalable and profitable business model.

From ebooks to online courses, digital products come in various forms and offer endless possibilities for aspiring entrepreneurs.

In this blog post, we’ll explore some profitable digital product ideas that you can create and sell online on various marketplaces, such as Amazon, Etsy, and others.

Whether you’re a freelancer, blogger, or business owner, these digital product examples will provide you with inspiration to take your online business to the next level.

So, get ready to unleash your creativity and discover the world of profitable digital products!

Benefits of Selling Digital Products:

Selling digital products has numerous benefits that encourage entrepreneurs to start their own digital product e-commerce stores.

One of the greatest benefits of digital products is that you don’t have to necessarily create them from scratch, and you can simply resell the existing products that other people have created for you.

For that, there are plenty of websites where you can find great done-for-you digital products, which you can modify, and resell as your own.

Besides that, there are other great advantages of selling digital goods, and some of them include:

  1. Low Overhead Costs: A massive benefit of selling digital products is that they have low overhead costs. Once you have created a digital product, you can sell it repeatedly without having to spend money on materials or shipping.
  2. Easy to Scale: Digital products are also easy to scale. You can sell as many copies as you want without having to worry about production costs or inventory management.
  3. Higher Profit Margins: Since digital products have low overhead costs and are easy to scale, they typically have higher profit margins than physical products.
  4. Global Reach: Selling digital products online allows you to reach customers all over the world. With the internet, you can easily market your products to a global audience and sell to customers in different countries.
  5. Automated Sales: Digital products can be sold automatically through your website or online marketplace. Once you set up the system, you can generate sales even when you’re not actively promoting your products.
  6. Easy to Update: Digital products are easy to update and improve. Unlike physical goods, you can make changes and updates to your digital products without having to create a new product from scratch.
  7. Environmentally Friendly: Selling digital products is also more environmentally friendly than selling physical products. By selling digital products, you can reduce the amount of waste and resources used in production and shipping.

Best Digital Product Ideas To Sell Online:

Let’s have a look at the examples of digital products that are in huge customer demand right now. Here we are going to list digital product ideas by providing you with their average Google search volume, so you know that these products are popular.

However, you should not judge the product niche only by its popularity as the market competition also plays a vital role here.

But regardless of the competition or customer demand, you should always focus on selling products that interest you the most. In this way, you will be the most productive in your business.

Here are the best digital product ideas to sell online:

1. Online courses on various topics

online courses digital product idea

Online courses are a great digital product idea because they offer flexible and accessible learning opportunities for individuals seeking to develop new skills or expand their knowledge base.

With the ability to learn from anywhere, at any time, online courses can cater to a diverse range of learners and can be customized to fit different learning styles. Additionally, online courses can be monetized through enrollment fees or subscription models, making them a potentially lucrative digital product option.

Such info products can be successfully sold on various platforms, including Udemy, Skillshare, and PluralSight, as well as on personal websites.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “online courses” = 110,000/mo

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2. E-books on niche topics

Selling e-books on niche topics can be always profitable because they allow for the creation and distribution of specialized knowledge and information to a targeted audience.

With the ease and affordability of e-book publishing, authors can create and sell e-books on a wide range of niche topics that may not be covered by traditional publishing outlets. E-books also offer the convenience of digital access and can be easily downloaded and read on a variety of devices, making them a popular choice for consumers.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “ebooks” = 673,000/mo

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3. Resume templates

resume templates digital product idea

In today’s job market, having a well-designed and professional-looking resume is essential. Resume templates can provide job seekers with an easy and cost-effective way to create an eye-catching resume that sets them apart from the competition.

As a digital product idea, resume templates can be sold on various places, including Etsy, Creative Market, or even on a personal website. Examples of resume templates include minimalistic designs, creative designs that stand out, and industry-specific templates that cater to specific professions.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “resume templates” = 1,000,000/mo

4. Planners and journals for organization and productivity

Creating and selling planners and journals with organizational tools like checklists, to-do lists, or time management strategies is a good idea for a digital product to sell.

As people look for ways to optimize their productivity and streamline their tasks, offering planning tools with these features can be highly beneficial. These planners and journals can be sold as printables or digital versions on popular platforms like Etsy or Amazon.

  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “digital planners” = 40,500/mo
  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “journals” =  823,000/mo
digital planners digital product idea
5-tear trend graph for the term – “digital planners”

5. Customizable website templates for small businesses

Customizable website templates can be valuable digital products to sell because they offer an efficient solution for those looking to establish a professional online presence.

By providing pre-designed templates and customizable features, these templates make it easy for individuals to create a website that reflects their brand and vision without the need for specialized technical skills. As a result, customizable website templates can generate a significant source of revenue for designers, while providing a valuable service for customers.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “website templates” = 110,000/mo

6. Social media management tools for businesses or influencers

Social media management tools provide businesses and influencers with a centralized platform to manage and streamline their social media presence, saving time and increasing productivity.

These tools offer features like post-scheduling, performance analytics, and audience engagement metrics to help businesses and influencers optimize their social media strategy. Selling a digital product like this can be a lucrative business idea, given the increasing demand for effective social media management solutions.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “social media management tools” = 12,100/mo

7. Mobile or desktop apps for productivity, entertainment, or health and wellness

productivity app digital product idea

Mobile or desktop apps for productivity, fun, and wellness have become increasingly popular due to their ability to improve and simplify our daily lives. With the advancement of technology and the convenience of mobile devices, these apps provide easy access to useful tools, resources, and entertainment options that can enhance productivity, reduce stress, and promote healthy habits.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “digital prints” = 14,800/mo

8. Stock photos and videos for commercial use

Stock photos and videos are important resources for businesses, marketers, and content creators to create visually appealing content. Selling stock photos and videos for commercial use can be a lucrative business idea as it offers a cost-effective solution for businesses to source high-quality visual content without investing in expensive production costs.

With the increasing demand for visual content in the digital world, the market for stock photos and videos is constantly growing, making it a promising opportunity to tap into.

  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “stock photos” =   201,000/mo
  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “stock videos” =  74,000/mo
stock videos digital product to sell
5-tear trend graph for the term – “stock videos”

9. Royalty-free music and sound effects

Royalty-free music and sound effects are in high demand in the creative industry, making it a great digital product to sell. As the need for digital content continues to grow, businesses and individuals are always seeking high-quality already-created audio assets to complement their visual content.

Providing a diverse selection of music and sound effects with no licensing restrictions can help content creators stay within their budget while enhancing their projects. These audio assets can be used in various industries like film, television, gaming, advertising, and more.

  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “royalty-free music” = 165,000/mo
  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “royalty-free sound effects” =  9,900/mo

10. WordPress themes for bloggers and e-commerce stores

Creating and selling WordPress themes tailored for bloggers and e-commerce stores can cater to the increasing popularity of blogging and online stores. Customizable themes can provide an accessible solution to boost online presence.

Although coding proficiency is required to create a WordPress theme, you can also hire a professional for that. Offering ongoing support and updates can also build a loyal customer base, making it a great digital product to sell.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “WordPress themes” = 135,000/mo

11. Low-content books for Amazon KDP or Etsy

Selling low-content books, such as planners, journals, trackers, or coloring books, can be a great business idea as they require little to no written content. Their flexibility in design and the ability to target specific niches make them an ideal product for those seeking to enter the self-publishing industry.

Low-content books can be designed easily using free or low-cost software like Canva and sold on various marketplaces like Etsy, Amazon KDP, or other self-publishing platforms. Their popularity continues to grow as people seek creative outlets and ways to organize their lives.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “coloring books” = 135,000/mo

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12. Social media templates for Influencers

social media templates digital product idea

Social media templates for influencers and content creators are and will be in high demand as long as social media platforms will exist. Firstly, these templates are easy to create and can be customized to suit a wide variety of brands and audiences.

Secondly, they are a time-saver, enabling creators to focus on creating quality content without worrying about design or formatting. Thirdly, they offer consistency across a creator’s social media presence, helping to build brand recognition and loyalty.

Examples of social media templates include an Instagram story and post templates, Pinterest pin templates, and YouTube thumbnail templates. They can be used across various social media platforms and can be tailored to suit different niches, such as food, beauty, travel, etc.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “social media templates” = 12,100/mo

13. Digital prints and illustrations for commercial use

Selling digital prints and illustrations is a great digital product business idea because they provide affordable and customizable artwork options for individuals and businesses.

With the ability to purchase and download digital prints and illustrations instantly, consumers can easily add unique and personalized touches to their digital or physical projects. Additionally, digital prints and illustrations can be easily reproduced, making them a potentially lucrative source of passive income for artists and designers.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “digital prints” = 90,500/mo

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14. Business card templates

Every professional business needs a business card, and business card templates can be a fantastic digital product idea that helps freelancers and brands become memorable and stand out from competitors.

Examples of business card templates that people could create include minimalist designs, bold and colorful designs, and vintage-inspired designs. These templates can be sold on platforms such as Creative Market, Etsy, or Gumroad.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “business card templates” = 74,000/mo

15. WordPress Plugins

WordPress plugins are pieces of code that can be installed on a WordPress website to add new features or enhance existing ones. They are designed to make it easier for website owners to add custom functionality without the need for coding knowledge.

WordPress plugins can be a lucrative digital product idea for developers who want to offer unique solutions to WordPress users. Examples of WordPress plugins include social media sharing buttons, contact forms, e-commerce integrations, or custom page builders. These digital products can be sold on various digital product marketplaces, including CodeCanyon, Envato, and Creative Market.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “WordPress plugins” =  823,000/mo

16. Online coaching or consulting services

Providing online coaching or consulting services for personal development is a good idea for a digital product to sell. As individuals seek to improve themselves, they require support and guidance to overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Offering personalized coaching or consulting services for personal development, such as career coaching, leadership development, business coaching, or mindfulness training, can be a profitable digital product to sell.

  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “online coaching” =   18,100/mo
  • Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “online consulting” =  14,800/mo
Online coaching digital product idea
5-tear trend graph for the term – “online coaching”

17. Tutorials

Tutorials can be an excellent digital product idea because they offer valuable knowledge and skill-building opportunities to customers. They can be created for a wide range of topics, from crafts and DIY projects to software and technical skills.

Tutorials can be sold as standalone products or as part of a subscription service, such as an online course platform. Examples of tutorials include makeup tutorials, coding tutorials, and gardening tutorials. They can be sold on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, and Udacity. Additionally, tutorials can be offered as live webinars, pre-recorded video series, or e-books.

18. Infographic design templates

infographic design templates digital product idea

Infographic design templates can be a powerful tool for conveying complex information and can help bloggers, organizations, and businesses increase engagement and awareness around their message. They can offer a range of templates, including custom designs that reflect a client’s branding or business needs.

Examples of infographic design templates include templates for statistical data, survey results, or market trends. Such templates can be easily created on Canva and sold via multiple marketplaces, including Etsy, Creative Market, or Envato Elements.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “infographic template” = 74,000/mo

19. Software and mobile apps

In today’s digital age, software, and mobile apps have become an essential part of our lives, making them profitable digital products to sell. Developing software and mobile apps can be time-consuming and require coding knowledge, but the payoff can be significant.

Whether it’s a productivity tool, entertainment app, or game, creating an app that solves a problem or meets a need can be a lucrative venture for entrepreneurs. The best thing about such types of digital products is that you can charge your customers a recurring subscription to use them.

20. Graphic design services for logos, branding, and marketing materials.

With the increasing need for businesses to establish their online presence, having a strong and recognizable brand identity is crucial. Providing professional and high-quality designs can help businesses stand out in a crowded market.

While this type of digital product requires ongoing work, the returns on investment can be significant if you can find high-paying clients. Consider using online platforms like Upwork or Fiverr to market your services and find potential clients.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “graphic design services” = 12,100/mo

21. Online meditation or mindfulness courses

Selling online courses that focus on specific mindfulness or meditation techniques, such as body scan meditation, loving-kindness meditation, or breathwork can be a profitable digital product to sell. As people seek to explore various mindfulness practices, offering courses that cater to their specific needs can be highly valuable. These courses can be sold as pre-recorded or live sessions.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “meditation course” = 2,900/mo

meditation courses digital product idea
5-tear trend graph for the term – “meditation course”

22. Voice-over services for audiobooks, commercials, or video content.

Providing professional voice-over services for audiobooks, commercials, and video content is always in high demand. With the growing popularity of audio and video content, having high-quality narration can make all the difference in capturing and retaining the audience’s attention.

While starting a voice-over business requires an initial investment in quality equipment and training, the potential returns can be substantial. Offering a diverse range of voice styles and languages can attract a wider client base. Consider joining voice-over marketplaces like Voices.com or Fiverr to reach more clients.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “voice over services” = 1,000/mo

23. Online language courses

Online language courses can be a great digital product idea for language enthusiasts or educators who want to provide a convenient and flexible learning experience.

Examples of online language courses that people could create include beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels of language courses, covering grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation. People can also offer courses that are tailored to specific professions or industries, such as business language or medical language. These courses can be sold on platforms such as Udemy, Skillshare, or Coursera.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “online language courses” = 6,600/mo

24. 3D Printing Designs

3d printing designs digital product idea

3D printing designs refer to digital files that can be used to create physical objects using a 3D printer. Selling such designs can be a great business idea for artists or designers who want to offer unique and customizable products to their customers.

Examples of 3D printing designs include jewelry, phone cases, furniture, and anything that is a physical item. These designs can be sold on platforms such as Shapeways, CGTrader, or Etsy.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “3D printing designs” = 18,100/mo

25. Animations

Animations can be a profitable digital product idea for graphic designers or motion graphics artists who want to create pre-made templates that can be customized and sold to a wider audience.

Animations can be used to create social media posts, digital ads, and video intros, and a lot of content creators need these assets today. By creating a library of customizable animations, designers can offer their customers an affordable and convenient solution for their design needs. To sell such products, creators turn to digital marketplaces such as Envato or Motion Array.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “animations” =  823,000/mo

26. Membership sites

Membership sites offer a platform for creators to engage with their audience and provide value in a more personalized way. Creating membership sites can be a great business idea for entrepreneurs who want to build a loyal community around their brand.

Membership sites can be used to offer courses, coaching, mentorship, or exclusive access to resources. For example, a marketing expert can create a membership site that provides exclusive marketing tips, templates, and tools to help businesses improve their online presence. These sites can be accessed via recurring subscriptions or one-time payments.

27. Photoshop presets

Photoshop presets and filters are pre-made settings that allow users to quickly apply a specific look or effect to their images. They can be a valuable time-saver for professional photographers, graphic designers, and social media influencers who want to enhance their visual content quickly. Examples of Photoshop presets and filters include vintage effects, cinematic color grading, and artistic filters. These digital products can be sold on creative marketplaces, photography forums, and social media platforms.

Avg. Google Search Volume For Term “Photoshop presets” =  6,600/mo

Final Words:

In conclusion, the world of digital products offers endless opportunities for anyone looking to start an online business. With the right ideas and a little bit of creativity, you can turn your passion or expertise into a profitable digital product.

From ebooks to printables, courses, and software, there’s a wide range of digital product examples to choose from. And with platforms like Etsy, Amazon, Creative Market, and others you can easily market and sell your digital products to a global audience.

Remember, the key to success is to create products that solve your target audience’s problems, offer value, and stand out from the competition. So, start brainstorming, and let your imagination run wild. Who knows, your next big digital product idea might be just a few clicks away!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Here are some examples of digital products:

  • Ebooks
  • Audiobooks
  • Video courses
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Printables
  • Software
  • Plugins
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Music
  • Photos

The best digital content to sell depends on your niche and your audience. However, some popular digital products include:

  • Ebooks
  • Video courses
  • Templates
  • Workbooks
  • Printables
  • Software
  • Plugins
  • Fonts
  • Images
  • Music
  • Photos

Digital products are intangible products that are delivered electronically. They can be anything from ebooks and software to music and images. Digital products are a great way to make money online, as they can be sold over and over again without any additional costs.

Here are some good product ideas for digital products:

  • Ebooks on a topic that you are passionate about
  • Video courses on a skill that you can teach
  • Templates that can help people save time and money
  • Workbooks that can help people learn new things
  • Printables that can be used for personal or professional use
  • Software that can solve a problem or improve productivity
  • Plugins that can add new features to a website or app
  • Fonts that can be used to create beautiful designs
  • Images that can be used for marketing or branding purposes
  • Music that can be used to create a relaxing or inspiring atmosphere
  • Photos that can be used to document a special event or memory

The 4 categories of digital products are:

  • Informational products: These products are designed to provide information or education. Examples include ebooks, courses, and templates.
  • Creative products: These products are designed to be enjoyed or used for creative purposes. Examples include music, images, and fonts.
  • Tools and software: These products are designed to help people with a specific task or goal. Examples include plugins, software, and apps.
  • Services: These products are designed to provide a service to people. Examples include coaching, consulting, and web design.

The best digital product to sell in 2023 depends on a number of factors, including your niche, your audience, and your marketing skills. However, some popular digital products that are expected to be successful in 2023 include:

  • Ebooks on personal development and productivity
  • Video courses on online marketing and business
  • Templates for social media marketing and email marketing
  • Workbooks for goal setting and habit tracking
  • Printables for planners and calendars
  • Software for website design and development
  • Plugins for WordPress and other content management systems
  • Fonts for branding and design
  • Images for marketing and advertising
  • Music for relaxation and inspiration