5 Best Tools To Create Low Content Books For Free

Are you looking for a way to create low content books without spending a lot of money?

Look no further! In this article, we will discuss the 5 best tools you can use to research, design, and create low-content books for free.

We’ll cover everything from book design to interior sources, cover template generators, keyword research, and royalty-free image sources.

So, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced low-content publisher, read on to discover the best free tools that will help you create amazing low-content books without breaking the bank.

We are going to cover:

  • Canva – Best free book design tool
  • Book Bird – Best free KDP interior source
  • Bookhow – Best free cover template generator
  • Self Publishing Titans – Best free keyword research tool
  • Pixabay –  Best free source for royalty-free images & graphics

Best Tools To Create Low Content Books For Free:

Let’s discuss these all tools in detail:

1. Canva


Canva is a must-have tool for creating low-content books for free, and among its numerous creative functions, it can be used to create graphics, book covers, and book interiors for print and web publishing.

As a low-content publisher, you need to make a fantastic first impression of your book because, just like in a physical bookshop, an online customer will browse several low-content books and presumably assess them by their covers.

So rest assured that when you use Canva, you’ll have access to the most captivating designs, giving you the best opportunity of standing out.

Although readers could evaluate a book by its cover, you’ll also want to ensure its interior looks great. While Canva does not have specific functions for KDP interiors, most of the low-content publishers still use Canva to create even the most difficult interiors.

By using simple Canva’s drag-and-drop tools, stock images, icons, fonts, illustrations, and a great library of pre-made templates, low-content book creation becomes a flawlessly easy process.

create low content books free canva
Creating Book Cover with Canva

Besides that, Canva’s features include background removal, magical photo editing, and resizing options that can transform any design into a new size or shape with a single click.

While you can use Canva completely for free, there is also a PRO version that gives you access to more features and tools.

Here are the Key Differences Between Canva Free And Canva Pro:

2M+ templates 4M+ templates
Limited graphic elements 100M+ premium graphic elements
5GB cloud storage 1TB cloud storage
Access to the limited animation effect Access to the full range of animations in both MP4 and GIF format
No magic resize is available One-click magic resize is available
No brand kits Allow creating up to 100 brand kits
Doesn’t allow download quality customization Allow download quality customization
No SVG downloads Support SVG downloads
Support is available through guides and FAQs 24/7 direct support

Ultimately, Canva Pro users always have the upper hand and get access to unlimited graphics, fonts, templates, and other design elements.

Talking about the pricing, Canva Free is absolutely free to use, and Canva Pro costs $6.49 a month or $54.99 a year followed by a 30-day free trial.

Try Canva For Free

2. Book Bird

book bird templates

Book Bird is a comprehensive free platform for effectively creating low-content books. This tool helps a lot of publishers that are lazy with creating low-content book interiors.

Users can choose from various free pre-made KDP interior templates that come in multiple source files, such as Illustrator, Photoshop, and PDF so people can customize and turn them into unique ones.

Their free templates are a fantastic resource whether you want to make a kid’s coloring book, journals, logbooks, or a straightforward notepad.

In addition to offering free templates, Book Bird also offers blogs, video tutorials, and a comprehensive low-content publishing course where you can learn more about producing low-content books that sell.

Book Bird Tools Include:

  • Niche Hunter: Allows discovering numerous niches with 850+ topics organized into various main and sub-categories. This tool uses several filter views to fasten your overall research process.
  • Sales Calculator: Using an Amazon Best Seller Rank, BookBird’s sales calculator calculates daily and monthly book sales. This enables you to quickly determine the profitability of a specific book or even an entire niche.
  • Royalty Calculator: The profit margin for paperback and hardcover books sold through Amazon KDP is calculated using a royalty calculator. The tool also summarizes all expenses, including printing costs, Amazon fees, etc.
  • Book Category Finder: You can easily find relevant Amazon KDP book categories using the category finder. It generates a quick summary of the category paths that best suit your book with only one click.
  • Keyword Organizer: For the Amazon book listing’s keyword section, this tool organizes and optimizes your collection of search terms, allowing you to find an appropriate place to add keywords and eliminate duplicates.

Check Out Book Bird

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3. Bookhow


Bookhow is a very helpful free tool that makes formatting easier for many low-content book creators. It also allows downloading a cover template according to the book’s trim size and page count, so you can upload it to Canva and design the cover on the accurate dimensions.

This tool can be a great free alternative to Tangent Templates, as many people pay $59 there just to get the cover templates.

To create a cover template, go on the Bookow website and click the KDP cover size calculator. Next, you’ll have to select the preferred paper type/format and enter the width, height, and page count of the book you are going to create.

When you enter the email address below and click “email cover template,” you’ll receive an email of the cover template in the formats you selected earlier. The template will have all the details about the document you need to create, such as page layout size, and you can import it straight to Canva or any other design tool.

Besides the cover template generator, Bookhow offers an ISBN barcode generator that creates high-resolution barcodes.

Checkout Bookhow

4. Self Publishing Titans

self publishing titans

Another beneficial tool to create low-content books for free is Self-Publishing Titans. The platform offers two free chrome extensions which enable efficient KDP keyword research.

This extension is designed to provide some keyword and niche ideas for your book. The best way to get keyword ideas is by typing in a keyword on Amazon and seeing the relevant search suggestions. But the problem is, that Amazon will only populate 10 suggestions and that is not enough.

The suggestion expander tool will expand the suggestion list to around 100 searchable keywords, which you can conveniently download to the spreadsheet.

This extension will help in niche and keyword research by giving you plenty of information to help you decide whether or not a particular niche is profitable. This research tool can help you make smart decisions by providing important data from Amazon’s search engine, such as the average BSR, prices, reviews, results, the number of independently published books, and a Niche Score.

Besides these two main extensions, Self Publishing Titans offer some more free KDP tools, such as:

  • Book Maker: With this free tool, you can create sketchbooks, comic books, graph paper, notebooks, dot pages, calligraphy papers, etc.
  • Book Category Finder For KDP: It allows you to find potential relevant categories that are appropriate for your KDP books.
  • KDP BSR Sales Calculator: This tool gives an estimate of book sales and allows you to check sales on different marketplaces.
  • KDP Royalty Calculator: It helps calculate royalties for your KDP books and shows printing cost, standard minimum list price, expanded distribution royalty, ACOS breakeven, and expanded distribution minimum list price.

Check out Self Publishing Titans

5. Pixabay

Pixabay is a big source for commercial use artwork that people can freely use for low-content book designs without attributing the owner or worrying about copyright infringement. Moreover, Pixabay works fantastically in combination with Canva’s free plan, in case people can’t find enough graphics in Canva.

Although Pixabay offers over 4M+ images, there are times when you can’t a perfect picture over there. In this case, the next best alternatives for Pixabay are Unsplash and Pexels, which has an extensive database of unique and vibrant pictures. All of these three sources provide unlimited amounts of royalty-free images and graphics.

Check out Pixabay

Final Words:

In conclusion, creating low-content books doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, thanks to the availability of free tools.

Canva is the best tool for book design and interior creation, while Book Bird provides free KDP interior sources and a host of tools like niche hunter, sales calculator, royalty calculator, and more.

Bookhow is a helpful free tool for formatting and creating cover templates, while Self Publishing Titans is the best free keyword research tool.

Lastly, Pixabay is a great source of royalty-free images and graphics. With these five free tools, anyone can easily create low-content books and start their publishing journey.

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