How To Copy And Paste Without Plagiarizing In 2023 – The Best Methods

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Are you a student who wants to plagiarize without getting caught?

Or, maybe you are a blogger who wants to copy and paste someone else’s content without having problems with search engines like Google.

In this day of age when the Internet is full of various sorts of information, it is easy to plagiarize someone even if we do that unintentionally.

Plagiarism can not only negatively affect the student grades, or search rankings, but can also be subject to legal issues.

On top of that using someone’s written content as your own without changing or editing is simply unethical.

While there is no way how you can simply copy and paste something without plagiarizing, there are some ways to get around it.

In this article, we are going to discuss the most effective ways how you can avoid plagiarism by quickly and easily changing plagiarized text into unique.

How To Copy & Paste Without Plagiarizing:

There are various ways how you can copy and paste someone else’s content without causing plagiarism, and the key part of this is rewriting paragraphs or entire articles into unique ones. 

But before doing so, we have to make sure that our copied text is subject to plagiarism, and this can be achieved with the help of plagiarism checkers.

Use Plagiarism Checker:

Plagiarism checker is a software that cross-checks text for duplicated content and ensures that writing is original and correctly cited.

They work by analyzing and crawling web content, searching for similarities between your text and a database of already published online materials.

There are plenty of free plagiarism checkers available online, but not all of them are accurate and reliable.

And if you have a long essay or an article that you want to scan, free plagiarism checkers won’t be a good option as they usually limit the word count to the minimum.

So which plagiarism checker we should use?

Plagiarism checkers like Copyscape, Unicheck, and especially Grammarly, are great for detecting plagiarised content from both books and Internet sources.

Once we copy and paste a plagiarized text, these tools will highlight the plagiarized bits and show the original sources of the information.

In this way, we will know what parts of the article need rewriting, and which parts can be used as they are.

Such tools will also give us an overall originality score, which can be a deciding factor in whether or not we should use scanned articles for academic works or search engines.

However, the advanced plagiarism detectors are not free and will only be available on premium versions. From all, we highly recommend using Grammarly, because it accurately detects plagiarism and corrects all writing issues at the same time.

Must also add, that some essay rewriting tools, which we are going to talk about, have integrated plagiarism checkers in palce, so if you decide to use such tools, you will get everything in one place.

Use Citations:

quotations plagiarism

The citations are the ways of giving the credit to an author whose work you are using.

Citations are indented in the main body of the page and apply when you have more than four lines of text that you want to reference.

If you are writing for academic purposes, and want to reference some books, articles, or web pages, then citing is a great way to avoid plagiarism.

The most common way to cite is to put quotation marks (“”) around the text and mention the original source after it.

However, there are numerous citation styles available out there.

While the most popular citation styles are Chicago, APA, or MLA, the citation style you should use depends on the writing topic, as well as the educational institution you are writing for.

You can use any citation-generator online that will help you to correctly generate citations in many styles.

Following such practice will ensure that plagiarism checkers will not detect duplicate content in your writings. However, there’s not too much citing you can do, and it shouldn’t be your primary way of copying and pasting larger types of articles.

Use Rewriter Software:

If you have a larger piece of text that you want to turn into unique, such as an article or essay, the quickest and most cost-effective way to do so is with the help of content rewriter software, also called an article spinner.

As you probably know, there are many article spinners online, however, a lot of them will produce poor-quality and unnatural-looking output.

However, there is one indeed truly great software that is different from all others, and it is called Spin Rewriter

Spin Rewriter is one of the few rewriting tools capable to produce 100% unique articles that look like written by a human.

It uses ENL Semantic Spinning technology that not only understands the whole meaning of an article but also the relationship between words and phrases.

After thoroughly analyzing your text, the software will suggest the most relevant synonyms and phrases, so you can use them to turn your plagiarized copy into unique.

spin rewriter
Editing Copy On Spin Rewriter

Rewriting text with Spin Rewriter is super easy, and it only takes 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Copy & paste the article, or a bit of a text
  • Step 2:  Select the best-suggested words and phrases to rewrite the copy, or choose automatic 1-click rewriting
  • Step 3: Generate dozens or even 100’s of unique articles

You can easily and quickly rewrite your text on all levels, including paragraph, sentence, phrase, or single-word levels. You can also spin many articles at a time, and automatically add copyright-free related images to the articles.

Unfortunately, this software isn’t free and requires an affordable subscription. However, it offers a free 5-day trial, so you can take good advantage of that, and see if it’s worth it by yourself.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for free

Or, you can check our blog post to find more great free and premium article rewriting tools.

Hire Someone To Rewrite Plagiarized Copy:

If you don’t trust rewriting software, another method to get away with plagiarized text is to hire a freelancer rewriter.

This method is good if you have a long copy that you want to turn into unique, as well as some financial resources to pay for this service.

There are many places where you can hire someone for content rewriting jobs online, and the most popular ones are – Fiverr & Upwork.

These platforms are mostly known for their wide freelance project range as well as generally affordable pricing. They are the marketplaces that connect buyers like you, with thousands of freelancers from around the world.

Just type in “rewriting” in the search bar, and you will see plenty of services that can rewrite, rephrase, reword, and proofread your essay, coursework, or online content.

The pricing on Fiverr or Upwork is generally cheap, however, the main disadvantage of these sites is the risk of receiving low-quality work.

While you can find plenty of outstanding quality services there, you may also come across sellers that are not willing to work hard enough to satisfy your needs.

Also, there are many sellers who are not native English speakers, and that can have a negative impact on your rewriting project if you are writing it in English.

The good thing about Fiverr and Upwork is that they have a review system, where you can see how reputable and trustworthy is each service.

So, always carefully check the reviews before you order anything on any freelancing site, and in case you have any doubts, contact the freelancer directly.

Rewrite Plagiarized Text By Yourself:

rewrite plagiarism

This method is 100% free and only requires you to put in some time. If you only need to copy and paste a few sentences, again you don’t need to worry as you can simply put quotation marks around and leave a reference to the original source.

But, if you need to copy and paste a bigger piece of a copy, and you don’t want to use rewriting tools or hire anyone, then writing it by yourself is all you got left.

While there is no general rule on how to rewrite things fast apart from practicing, there are a few guidelines to follow

Here are the best tips on how you can do that:

  • Change the title (if applicable)
  • Create your own intro and outro
  • Replace certain words with synonyms
  • Rephrase the sentences
  • Change the grammar voice (for example – from present to past, or from passive to active)
  • Change the tone (for example, add curiosity, make it more professional/funny, etc.)
  • Add keywords (for blog posts)

Once you manage to rewrite your copy, don’t forget to check it with a plagiarism detector to make sure your article is unique enough for academic and online publications.

Final Words:

No matter how you want to use your written copy, there is no way to simply copy and paste it without causing plagiarism.

If you only have a few lines of text that you want to borrow from someone, it is completely fine to use citations, and plagiarism checkers should not detect that.

For copying and pasting longer forms of text, such as essays, or articles, you will have to rewrite the text to make it unique.

The most cost-effective, and easiest way to rewrite copy is to use rewriting software. Other than that, you can hire someone to do this for you, or you can do this yourself.

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