Buy Clipart For Commercial Use: The Best Sources Covered

If you are seeking out clipart that can be utilized for commercial purposes – whether it’s for reselling, client-related work, or your own creative designs – without the fret of legal constraints and lawsuits, then you’ve landed in the appropriate spot. In this article, we’ll unveil the top avenues where you can access superior quality clipart outfitted with commercial rights.

But before we get into the list of best clipart sources, let’s discuss what commercial use is, and what it permits you to do with the artwork.

What Is Commercial Use?

Note that this is by far not legal advice, but a general explanation, and every clipart and digital artwork supplier defines his own terms of use. So you should check individual commercial use clipart terms on each website, product page, or by contacting the artist directly.

In most cases, the regular commercial use is more than enough to cover the customer’s needs, but if a customer plans to sell the clipart on a very high volume, or use it for advertisements and broadcasts that reach national and global audiences, then extended commercial use might be the option.

Standard Commercial License:

Normally, this license allows using clipart to create and sell digital and physical products, such as logos, t-shirts, business cards, website design, etc. But typically, you can only sell up to 5,000 copies of commercial use clipart. For example, if you are planning to create a product package consisting of commercial use clipart, you can only sell up to 5,000 copies of that product package.

You can also use clipart with the standard license for:

  • Editing and customization
  • Limited business social media account creation
  • Unlimited physical advertisements for local markets
  • Paid ads with unlimited impressions
  • Broadcast and streaming for a limited amount of viewer

What you cannot do with commercial use products is to convey the license to the customer, as well as to share resources of the artwork.

Extended Commercial License:

While the standard commercial use license enables selling up to 5,000 product copies, the extended license normally allows you to sell up to 250,000 of them.

You can also use an extended commercial license for:

  • Editing and customization
  • Unlimited business social media account creation
  • Unlimited physical advertisements for local, national, and global markets
  • Paid ads with unlimited impressions
  • Broadcast and streaming for an unlimited amount of viewer
  • Creating and selling native app, web-app, or game

This license also does not permit the sale of commercial use rights to the customer, and you can only sell the extended commercial use product as the end product.

Once again, this is not legal advice, but only a brief explanation of rights and differences between them. To find what exactly you can and can’t do with clipart, always check the terms on each supplier’s website.

Best Websites To Download Commercial Use Clipart:

Now since we know more about the licensing terms, let’s dive into the list of best websites where you can find beautifully designed clipart products for a good deal:

1. Design Cuts

design cuts clipart

Design Cuts is a big graphic design product marketplace that sells unlimited amounts of commercial use products consisting of graphic elements, illustrations, and clipart. Although Design Cuts does not have a specific section for clipart, you can find thousands of them by putting “clipart” into the search. 

There you will discover plenty of vintage, antique, watercolor, and other clipart on various topics, like animals, fashion, flowers, food, and many more. Design Cuts also offers enough clipart to cover all occasions, including weddings, Christmas, Valentine‘s Day, Easter, and it also has products designed for all year seasons.

The majority of products from Design Cuts come with commercial use rights that allow using resources to create a free end product or product for sale. However, terms may vary from product, so it’s best to carefully check them on each product page.

Talking about product pages, they typically provide enough visual and written information about clipart, so you can get a good idea of what you are going to download. The clipart comes in packages of illustrations, and they consist of multiple editable and printable formats, like JPG, PNG, PAT, AI, or PSD files.

Since each clipart product is priced differently, it is hard to define the exact pricing. But to give you a rough idea, typically prices range from around $8 to $30 per clipart package. On top of that, Design Cuts offers promotions that allow you to save up to 50% when you buy two or more products from the marketplace.

Besides beautifully designed clipart, Design Cuts offer plenty of other types of artwork, including – backgrounds, icons, infographics, fonts, textures, templates, and more.

Visit: Design Cuts

2. Envato Elements

envato elements clipart

Envato Elements is a large digital product marketplace where you can find everything from commercial use sound effects to clipart under one roof. Unlike the other mentioned digital art suppliers, Envato Elements is a membership site, that allows you to access all products without restrictions for as long as you are subscribed.

Such a type of payment system allows many web designers, digital artists, freelancers, and entrepreneurs to save money, especially if they are planning to use a lot of digital clipart products in the long run.

The membership costs $16.5 a month, and during your subscription time, you get to access over 5,000 high-quality clipart graphics, templates, as well as plenty of other Envato products, like photos, fonts, web templates, etc.

One of the biggest disadvantages of Envato Elements is that all of the products come with a simple commercial use license, which does not allow you to use clipart for reselling purposes. However, you can edit and distribute the end product to clients or through multiple media.

Visit: Envato Elements

3. Creative Market

creative market clipart

Creative Market is home to beautifully designed digital clipart and other types of graphic design products. Here you can find nearly 200,000 commercial-use clipart sets on all themes and topics.

What is nice about Creative Market is that it allows you to conveniently sort the products by category, price range, file type, software type, and properties, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.

Once you land on the clipart product page you will get a good idea of what you are going to buy. Almost each product page provides great visual demonstrations, as well as product specs and descriptions. 

The Creative Market offers products with three licensing types – personal, commercial, and extended commercial licensing, and products with each licensing type are priced differently. 

The commercial license allows you to create and sell up to 5,000 individual end product copies, whereas, the extended commercial license allows you to do the same for 250,000 copies. Besides these distinctions, there are more differences in terms that you should carefully check on Creative Market’s website. 

The pricing for products varies from clipart to clipart, but you should find enough professionally designed clipart with a regular commercial use license for under $10-$15.

Visit: Creative Market

4. Design Bundles 

design bundles clipart

Design Bundles is probably the cheapest source where you can get high-quality clipart for a good deal. It is one of a few sites where you can download a nicely designed set of clipart for under $4.

There are 7,500+ commercial use clipart and their bundles that come in many themes, including birthdays, weddings, flowers, children, holidays, summer, winter, and much more. The clipart comes in sets of various formats and sizes which make the design perfectly suitable for printing or distributing online.

Design Bundles offers artwork with two commercial licensing types – premium and corporate, and the latter one covers all users within one company, or organization.

What is good about this store, is that it has a review system, which allows you to better distinguish good designs from bad ones. In addition, it has an advanced search system enabling you to filter products by rating, price, included files, and even themes.

Besides the great quality clipart products, Design Bundles also offers done-for-you logos, illustrations, textures, stickers, and plenty of other graphic design elements for very sweet prices.

Visit: Design Bundles

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5. The Hungry Jpeg

the hungry jpeg clipart

The Hungry Jpeg sells unlimited amounts of premium graphic design resources, including clipart. 

Since the website does not have a category specifically dedicated to clipart, it’s best to find such products by typing “clipart” into the search bar. There you can find over 56,000 clipart products about animals, children, music, travel, wedding, flowers, foods, clothes, and many other topics.

The Hungry Jpeg offers products with a complete license, which is essentially a commercial use license allowing you to use clipart to create and sell unlimited amounts of digital and physical products. However, the website does not allow you to redistribute, or sublicense the clipart.

The clipart comes in sets, and with each set, you should expect to receive different sizes and formats for printing, and distributing artwork online. 

Unfortunately, most of the clipart products do not include original artwork source files, like PSD, or AI, so you won’t be able to edit and customize the products. 

But, if you are not planning to edit the contents of the clipart, then the Hungry Jpeg can be a great option for finding well-designed artwork for a good deal.

Apart from the clipart, this website also offers commercial use patterns, textures, fonts, web elements, brushes, and other graphic design resources.

Visit: The Hungry Jpeg


As the name suggests this website is dedicated to clipart offering tons of commercial use products that you can almost use as your own. is another membership site, which allows you to unlimitedly access all products for as long as you are subscribed. Alternatively, you can also buy clipart individually.

Here you can find thousands of clipart pieces on animals, science, holidays, objects, nature, business, education, foods, and other topics. The clipart may come as standalone pieces or as sets consisting of multiple clipart designs.

With each product, you will get multiple formats included, such as AI, EPS, GIF, JPG, PDF, PNG, or SVG, and that will help you to edit and use clipart for various purposes.

The main downside of is that it lacks visual demonstrations of the products, but if you will be in the membership, it shouldn’t be a problem for you to download and check what is exactly inside. offers some affordable membership options, and for the longer period you subscribe, the cheaper you will pay. Here’s the pricing for the membership options:

  •   1-Week: $12.95
  •   1-Month: $29.95
  •   3-Months: $49.95
  •   6-Months: $69.95
  •   1-Year: $99.95
  •   2-Years: $169.95

During your membership, you will get to access all constantly updated content without restrictions until you unsubscribe.


7. Etsy

etsy clipart

Etsy is a big marketplace for selling and buying many types of physical products, but did you know that Etsy also offers tons of digital products, including clipart? In fact, you can often get clipart cheaper from Etsy rather than from the major artwork providers.

Here you can find endless high-quality commercial use clipart and their bundles with hearts, plants, flowers, animals, planets, and any other objects you can think of. The clipart here typically comes in sets of illustrations, patterns, shapes, as well as various formats for editing and printing.

Since Etsy formally is not the artwork store, you cannot filter clipart on different criteria, so it’s best to use the search by typing, for example, “floral clipart with commercial use”.

Also, every seller defines his own product terms on this platform. That means, you will come across a lot of clipart with restricted terms, and you will have to spare some time for finding clipart with commercial use. 

What is great about Etsy is that it has a review feature where customers can leave reviews about each product. This allows you to find reputable sellers, as well as high-quality clipart products.

Visit: Etsy

Final Words:

After reading this article, we hope that you have managed to find the best commercial use clipart source for your or your client’s projects. And if you still haven’t, we highly recommend checking out Design Cuts as these guys provide the most beautiful clipart for the best deal. In fact, you can get 50% off when buying two or more products from the marketplace.

Just to remind you, there are distinctions of commercial use rights in our listed clipart providers. The terms for the clipart distribution will slightly vary from website to website, so you can find more about the individual terms by checking product pages, the help section, or by contacting the artist directly.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, clipart can be used commercially if it comes with a license permitting commercial use. Always make sure to check the licensing terms before using clipart in any commercial project.

For free clipart with a commercial license, you can visit websites like,,,, and These platforms offer a range of free clipart that can be used for commercial purposes.

You can use clip art for your logo as long as it comes with a commercial use license. Always read the terms of use to ensure you are in compliance.

To determine if clipart is copyrighted, check the website where you obtained it. Most platforms clearly label whether their clipart is free for commercial use, copyrighted, or under some sort of licensing agreement.

Yes, you can use Canva's clipart for your logo. Canva offers a wide array of clipart, some of which are free and some require a Pro membership, that can be used for commercial purposes.

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