5 Websites To Download Coaching Products That Every Coach Needs

Should you aspire to be an effective and transformative coach, it’s imperative to distinguish yourself from your peers. One of the most efficient methods to achieve this is by exceeding expectations with the services you offer. Going above and beyond for your client could entail providing additional time or equipping them with top-notch coaching materials.

In this article, we are going to cover the best websites where you can find the highest quality done-for-you coaching products that your clients will love. The best thing about most of these products is that you can modify, rebrand and put your name on them. That will not only increase your coaching quality but also give you credibility in front of your current and potential clients’ eyes.

Once obtained, you will be able to use these products for:

  • Educating clients
  • Getting clients
  • Preselling & upselling your services
  • Giving away for better coaching experience
  • Building your online presence
  • Packaging with other products
  • Printing and distributing offline

We are going to talk about websites that provide a variety of brandable coaching products, such as ebooks, courses, coaching programs, checklists, planners, journals, and much more. Whether you are a life, self-development, health, fitness, or business coach – you will find these sources useful.

So without further ado, let’s get into it:

1. PLR.me

plr me coaching products

PLR.me is an online store selling the finest quality health, wealth, and life coaching products that you can rebrand as your own. Featured by big brands like Entrepreneur, Toronto Sun, The Huntley Street, and others PLR.me stands as the best brandable coaching product source in the industry.

Currently, the website offers over 16,000 done-for-you coaching resources, which you can modify, resell, or give away for free to your clients. Yes, you got it right, you have full rights to do almost everything you want with the content, including claiming your own authorship. All the products are crafted with care by the native English in-house team writers, so you can rest assured you won’t encounter poorly written content.

The website offers many types of brandable coaching products, and they come in the following categories:

  • Action Guides & Handouts
  • Affirmation Reflections
  • Articles & Blog Posts
  • Courses & Coaching Programs
  • Checklists
  • Fables & Short Stories
  • Lead Magnets
  • Reports & EBooks
  • Slide Deck Presentations
  • Worksheets
  • Workshops
  • & more

plr me meditation

The products also come in a variety of niches. No matter what type of coach you are, you will probably find the products you need in your niche. Here is the list of niches that PLR.me covers:

– Anxiety, Depression & Panic Attacks
– Confidence, Self Esteem & Self Care
– Business & Marketing
– Career & Job
– Dating & Relationships
– Goal Setting & Achievement
– Inspirational Graphics & Wallpapers
– Meditation, Reflection & Journaling
– Money Management, Budgeting, Credit & Debt
– Motivation & Passion
– Natural Health & Safety
– Parenting & Family
– Savings, Investing & Real Estate
– Self-Improvement
– Stress Management
– Success, Wealth & Prosperity
– Time Management & Procrastination
– Weight Loss & Fitness

Besides high-quality coaching resources, PLR.me also offers a variety of productivity and content marketing tools, including coaching email templates, email formatter, PDF brander, a video sales letter generator, a content marketing calendar, and many more. There’s also 24/7 live support in case you come up with any questions or encounter any difficulties.

Check out PLR.me: Click here

2. Content Sparks

contentsparks courses

Just like PLR.me, Content Sparks is a product store aiming to empower coaches with the finest quality brandable materials. While this site offers plenty of different coaching products, it is mostly focused on delivering high-quality fully editable courses. The creator Sharyn Sheldon and her team spend over 25 years creating marketing and training products and finally came to the idea to deliver something that most coaches hesitate to create – courses.

At this moment, the platform sells over 300 courses and other coaching materials that come under the business, management, marketing, sales, and personal development topics. All products are created with high-level standards in order to deliver actionable, flexible, evergreen, value-packed, and adaptable content. You have the full rights to modify the products in any way you want, as well as resell, or give them away.

To make things for customers easier, Content Sparks classifies its content into 3 categories:

  • Blaze Content:  Complete white-label funnel courses that provide you with everything you need from start to end.
  • Beacon Content: The smaller courses than those offered by Blaze Content, and they are ideal for webinars, masterclasses, and self-study.
  • Flash Content: Individualized materials, such as lead magnets, blog articles, email newsletters, assessments, and so on.

coaching courses

All Content Sparks courses are organized in a series of modules and lessons, much like a genuine course. They also include student, instructor, and lead generation files, as well as the following materials:

  • Course Books
  • Cheatsheets
  • Action Guides
  • Snapshot Templates
  • Spreadsheets & Worksheets
  • Social Media & Blog Posts
  • Email Follow-Ups
  • Module Quizzes
  • Sales Pages
  • Editable Graphics
  • Cheatsheets
  • Slideshows
  • Speaker Notes
  • Infographics
  • Assessments
  • Planners
  • & many other resources

Must also add, that all Content Sparks materials come in easily editable Powerpoint and Doc formats, and you have a right to rebrand and distribute the course components separately if you wish so.

Check out Content Sparks: Click here

3. Coach Glue

coach glue

As the name suggests, Coach Glue is a place dedicated for coaches to finding even more brandable training products. While the platform maintains truly high-quality standards in products, there are not too many of them. The website features a few types of products, and the majority of materials belong to the planners’ category, which you can edit and use to empower your clients on a transformational journey.

Here is a list of brandable planners:

  • The Daily Money-Making Activities Planner
  • Tiny Viral Videos Planner
  • My 12 Month Life & Business Dream Planner
  • My Coaching Packages & Pricing Planner
  • My Membership Site Idea Planner
  • My Monthly YouTube Video Marketing Planner
  • My Course Content Planner
  • My Weekly Client-Getting Content Plan
  • How to Use Pinterest to Attract New Fans, Clients, and Sales!
  • Start Your Podcast Planner
  • How to Journal Your Way to the Life, Business + Income of Your Dreams
  • Self-Care Planner for Coaches and Entrepreneurs
  • Map Out Your Profitable Virtual or In-Person Client VIP Day in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your 6-Figure Course Launch in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your Monthly Email Content Calendar in a Weekend!
  • How to Position Your Business to Attract Your Dream 6-7 Figure Clients
  • Map Out Your Monthly Social Media Content Calendar in a Weekend!
  • Map Out Your Instagram Brand & Posts in a Weekend!
  • Facebook Live Script & Marketing Planner

There are also 9 done-for-you courses available that you can brand as your own and use to educate your clients on several topics.

Here are the titles of the courses available:

  • Sales Funnel Profits: How to Use the Power of Automation to Sell with Ease
  • Automated Courses: Create Your Dream Course and Get Paid for it Over and Over Again
  • Entrepreneurs Storytelling Bootcamp
  • Mindset Reset
  • Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Selfcare Bootcamp for Entrepreneurs
  • Freedom Journaling! How to Write Your Dreams into Reality in Just Minutes a Day
  • Abundance Workshop: More Flow, More Money, More Fun
  • Money Empowerment Bootcamp: How to Release Your Fears and Limiting Beliefs to Create an Elevated CEO Mindset
  • Simplify Your Sales! The Ultimate 4-Step Sales Process for a 6-Figure Business

coach glue courses

Besides planners, and courses, Coach Glue also sells pre-written video scripts, that you can use to produce an effective video course for your students.

Here are 18  video scripts available:

  • Soul Aligned! How to Step Fully into Your Purpose to Create More, Make More, and Live More
  • Recurring Subscriptions! How to Create a Membership Program that’s Easy, Fun, and Profitable
  • Radical Shifts: How to Shift Your Limiting Beliefs and Tap into Your Divine Purpose
  • Distraction Action! How to Kick Your Distractions to the Curb & Boost Your Productivity
  • Unshakeable: Leaning into Unapologetic Messaging, Creation, and Selling with Confidence and Ease
  • CEO Mindset: How to Identify and Clear All the Fears & Blocks Holding You Back from Reaching Your Next Level
  • Forgiveness! 21 Days to Break the Cycle of Unresolved Pain that is Stealing Your Joy
  • How to Plan Your Social Media Content Calendar & Automate it with Ease
  • How to Turn Your Passion for Service into a Profitable Business
  • How to Organize Your Life, Home Office, and Routines for More Fun, Flow, and Happiness
  • Business Boundaries! When to Say Yes & How to Say No to Create a Healthier Relationship with Your Business
  • 21 Days to Break Your Bad Habits and Create Good Ones for More Happiness & Success
  • How to Use the Power of Video in Your Business to Connect & Engage with Your Audience
  • Maximum Revenue! Discover Your Zone of Genius to Create a Low-Stress, Highly Profitable Business that You Love
  • Automation & Systems: How to Leverage the Power of Tools and Team to Free Up Your Time to Do More of the Things You Love
  • 7 Ways to Manifest More Money in Your Business

Last but not least, there is a done-for-you blog post category where you can find various article packages on topics like marketing, branding, business, social media, vision boards, lead generation, and more.

Must confirm that all content found on Coach Glue is not only visually attractive, but also very informative, well-written, and bring value. And in case you are unsure how to correctly utilize each product, Coach Glue provides enough of inspiring suggestions on how you could effectively do that.

Check out Content Sparks: Click here

4. Simple Happiness

simple happiness

Simple Happiness is a fantastic site that enables life coaches to empower clients with beautiful and authentic editable products. There you can find nearly 100 planners & journals that you can give to your clients to help them effectively plan and track their achievements.

The planners and journals cover a variety of life niches enabling students to improve on self-care, finances, mindfulness, productivity, health, relationships, self-development, and other topics. Besides planners and journals, Simple Happiness also features brandable calendars, workbooks, checklists, ebooks, and other great coaching stuff.

Must admit that the products found on this website inspire a great look. They are well-formatted and nicely designed using vibrant colors that attract attention and engagement.

All of the products are also fully customizable, meaning you can put your name on them as well as adjust the design elements to your liking. For that, every product comes with Canva files, and that allows easy customization on a free online design tool. Additionally, the products include PDF and Powerpoint files, so your clients can print, or use the products digitally.

Before purchasing the products, you will have access to well-written product pages that include product descriptions, product use terms, and video demos of every single page of a planner, so you can have a good look at what you are going to buy,

Check out Simple Happiness: Click here

5. Creative Fabrica

creative fabrica

Last but not least, Creative Fabrica is a massive source for finding various coaching products that your clients would love. It is an open-ended graphic design marketplace where independent creators get to sell their art, including some great resources for coaches

Although you won’t find any info products there, like coaching programs, or ebooks, Creative Fabrica is a great place for buying low-content product templates. Those your clients could print or use digitally to fill in while working on their goals.

There you can find thousands of predesigned templates that come in the categories of:

  • Planners
  • Journals
  • Workbooks
  • Logbooks
  • Forms
  • Checklists
  • Notebooks
  • Vision books
  • Recipe books
  • Quote books
  • Trackers
  • and more…

If you want some help with creating your coach identity, Creative Fabrica also has products for that. Explore thousands of premade logos, landing page templates, YouTube thumbnails, social media templates, or even business card designs. And in case you want to create your own info product, Creative Fabrica offers plenty of templates for Powerpoint presentations, ebooks, webinars, and other tools.

The best thing about this marketplace is that it offers very low-priced yet high-quality items. If you feel that you need a lot of products on demand, but want to save money, for a $29 subscription a month, you can access and download unlimited amounts of stuff. However, keep in mind that not all products from this website are subject to modifications and distributions, so make sure you read the product terms before you download and use them in any way.

Check out Creative Fabrica: Click here

Final Words:

In this competitive business world, it’s important to differentiate yourself if you want to succeed, and that applies to coaching too. One of the best ways to stand out from the other coaches is by using coaching products to educate your clients. Even simple things like an ebook, planner, or checklist can drastically change the client’s experience with you.

This will also show that you are not only capable of talking but also investing in your professionalism. To demonstrate authority in your field, and increase your credibility, don’t forget to put your name or a brand on these products,