CleverSpinner Review 2024 – Is It Really Worth It?

Unsure if Clever Spinner is the right choice for the best article spinner software? Over the years, we have evaluated numerous online content spinners and have a good grasp on what constitutes a quality article spinner and what does not.

In this review, we will talk about what Clever Spinner is, how does it work, and honestly answer, whether or not, you should use this software. We are also going to discuss the possible alternative to this tool, so keep reading.

What Is Clever Spinner?

Clever Spinner is a web-based software that can automatically rewrite the content. It is run by Artificial Technology, which allows you to create unique content that pretty much looks like human written. And all – in a matter of seconds. 

From first sight, Clever Spinner looks like an outdated featureless tool, but it actually has something to offer.

Clever Spinner not only allows you to rewrite articles but also paraphrase, as well as spin them in bulk. Additionally, it has a Copyscape integration, which ensures that the software is capable of producing plagiarism-free content. 

For those who are wondering if Clever Spinner is legit, it is definitely not a scam, but its quality is highly questionable. 

Pros & Cons:

Like any software online, Clever Spinner has its own pros and cons. We haven’t used this tool for too long as we have better article spinners in place, but we had enough time to notice some obvious pros and cons. So, here are they:


– Free 3-day trial
– Has Copyscape and API integration
– Fast – takes under 10 seconds to rewrite content


– Average quality rewriting
– Lacks customer support
– Too many unnecessary options

How To Use Clever Spinner?

how to use clever spinner

Clever Spinner works in a simple yet internally complex way. As a user, all you have to do is to copy and paste a sentence, paragraph, or article, and the software will generate synonyms for certain words. Then, you will be able to choose the synonyms that you want to replace those words with.

You can also select random rewrite and the software will automatically pick up the synonyms, and paraphrase the content for you. Before you spin the content, Clever Spinner allows you to choose the quality of the rewriting, and there are 7 options:

  1. The Most Unique
  2. Acceptable
  3. Quite Good
  4. Very Good
  5. Even Better
  6. Awesome
  7. The Best

According to Clever Spinner, 1st and 2nd options are best for backlinks as they will produce low quality, but the most unique content. Then, 3rd, 4th, and 5th are best for the money sites because there is a compromise between uniqueness and quality. And finally, 6th and 7th provide the best quality, but the content might not pass the Copyscape.

However, after trying and testing different quality options, we haven’t found a big difference in the results…

When you choose your desired quality, you can also select the synonym frequency. Those will allow you to adjust the number of synonyms generated on a selected quality level, and there are 5 synonym frequency options.

The more synonyms you will request the software to add, the more you are going to decrease the content quality. However, more synonyms allow you to generate higher uniqueness, so play with this option to find the right balance. 

The quicker method to generate high-quality unique content is to select the Force CS option. This will automatically input as many synonyms as needed to generate the highest-quality output that passes Copyscape. It only changes sentences that the software couldn’t rewrite enough to pass Copyscape.

Once you have your text rewritten, there’s a handy button that checks with Copyscape if your content is unique. If you get the “No Credentials” indicator that means you are all good.

More features:

Apart from what is mentioned already, Clever Spinner has more features to offer. One of the great features this tool has is an editor that gives you a convenient interface of a rewritten content. Here you can easily select and replace desired words with synonyms without having to do this manually on a Wordpad.

clever spinner editor
Clever Spinner Editor

Lastly, Clever Spinner allows spinning articles in bulk. You can spin up to 10 articles at a time, but they have to be zipped and come in .txt files. Similarly like in regular spinning, here you can also choose your desired spin quality.

clever spinner bulk spin
Spinning articles in bulk

Our Experience With Clever Spinner:

We obviously have tested Clever Spinner before writing this review, and unfortunately, the results have not surprised us. The overall quality of rewriting reminds the quality of free article spinners, it’s just this one has more features. Let’s have a look at how this software actually rewrites content.

Here’s one of many paragraphs that we tried to rewrite on Clever Spinner on “Awesome” quality level:

clever spinner rewriting

And this is what we got:

clever spinner rewriting

As you can see the software suggests the synonyms for certain words, and the suggested options are not that bad. However, the synonym selection does not always make sense, and there could be way better suggestions.

In order to rewrite larger amounts of content, and ultimately save ourselves time, we should focus on the automatic rewrite, which allows the software to paraphrase the text, and pick the best synonyms by itself.

Here’s what we got when we selected automatic rewrite:

clever spinner rewriting

As you can see again, it seems like the software doesn’t really understand the context, and it uses the same phrases multiple times. We only put few sentences for an automatic rewrite, so imagine how much time it will take for you to fix larger size content, containing like 800 or 2000 words? There’s no way that this type of outcome looks like human-written text (like Clever Spinner claims), and it’s up to you whether or not you want to trust it. 

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Clever Spinner isn’t free and requires a paid subscription. Although this tool doesn’t offer anything special, the pricing is quite reasonable. There’s only 1 pricing option, and it is a monthly subscription for $9.90 per month.

Also, these guys offer a free 3-day trial, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

The Best Clever Spinner Alternative:

We tried to keep this review as short as possible because we truly believe that there are better alternatives to Clever Spinner. We are talking about the alternatives with more capabilities, higher-quality results, and most importantly – better pricing.

Throughout many years we have tested plenty of content spinners online, and Clever Spinner is not an exception. Similarly, like 99% of spinners, this tool does the average job, and content generated from it does not look like a human written at all.

However, there is one truly great tool that we trust and recommend to others with confidence. This tool is called Spin Rewriter.

spin rewriter

Unlike all other spinners, Spin Rewriter actually analyzes the meaning of articles and is capable to produce 100% unique content that looks like written by humans. It uses revolutionary ENL Semantic Spinning technology that consists of Emulated Natural Language – the same technology Google uses to rank content on search engines. This software not only understands the whole meaning of an article but also the close relationship between words and phrases.

spin rewriter articles
Content generated by Spin Rewriter

Compared to Clever Spinner, Spin Rewriter can automatically produce more natural results, as well as suggest more relevant synonyms. The articles generated from this tool can be freely used for the blog posts, and you will spend way less time editing them as you would do with the rest of the low-quality spinners.

It also has more features to offer, for example, instead of spinning up to 10 articles at the time, Spin Rewriter allows you to spin 100’s of them as well as automatically add copyright-free images. In addition, it offers more advanced support and an easier-to-use interface.

Now in regards to pricing, it can be more expensive software than Clever Spinner if you choose a monthly subscription. But at the same time, it can be cheaper if you go for a yearly subscription or a lifetime membership.

Here are all the subscription options:

  • Monthly – $47/month
  • Yearly –  $77/year
  • Lifetime – $497 single payment

Must note that Spin Rewriter offers a free 5-day trial, so you can try it with no risk, and make sure that it’s really worth it.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for free

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