Chimp Rewriter Review 2023 – Is It Really Worth It?

Numerous article rewriters exist in the current market, though not all can provide value commensurate to your time and investment. Our years of blogging have allowed us to experiment with a multitude of article spinners, Chimp Rewriter among them.

In this review, we are going to talk about what Chimp Rewriter is, how does it work, and whether or not you should rely on this tool. We are also going to discuss the possible alternatives, so keep reading.  

What Is Chimp Rewriter?

Founded in 2010, in Australia, Chimp Rewriter stands as one of the oldest rewriting software on the web. This tool is capable of rewriting (spinning) your articles and turning them into unique in a matter of seconds. It uses artificial intelligence and smart cross-checking to produce content that looks like written by humans.

Unlike many other article spinners that are based on the web, Chimp Rewriter only comes in a Windows desktop version, so you will need to download and install it to your computer. You can also use it on the MAC operating system, but you will need to run it under Parallels or Virtual Box apps.

Compared to other article spinners, Chimp Rewriter is not easy to use. It offers many features, and it requires good learning before you take full advantage of it.


As being said, Chimp Rewriter offers plenty of features, and it almost has everything you need for an impeccable rewriting experience.

Here are some of the main features of Chimp Rewriter:

  • Manual Rewriting – rewrite content by manually selecting each word and replacing it with relevant synonyms.
  • Automatic Rewrite – select your rewriting options and let the software rewrite content automatically.
  • Bulk Rewriting – automatically rewrite tens or even hundreds of articles at the time.
  • Fetch Articles, Videos & Images – use a built-in database to fetch articles that you can rewrite. You can also add related videos or images to your content.
  • Word Protection – either it is your brand’s name or a keyword phrase you want to keep unchanged, you can set it to be protected from spinning.
  • Copyscape Integration – check how unique is your generated article by using the built-in Copyscape function.
  • Multi-languages – rewrite articles in different languages, including – English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Danish, Netherlands, Norwegian, Portuguese, Romanian, Slovene, and Swedish.
  • API Integrations: use Chimp Rewriter from the tools like – WP Robot, RankWyz, Ultimate Ghost, SEO Web System, GSA Search Engine Ranker, Kontent System, and more.
  • Blog submissions – submit your articles to hundreds of blogs with a single mouse click. 
  • More features – grammar checks, SEO customization & analysis, thesaurus customization, anchor text spinning, list reordering, sentence/paragraph builders, keyboard shortcuts, and more…


chimp rewriter pricing

Chimp Rewriter isn’t free and requires a paid subscription. However, the software offers a free 14-day trial, which gives quite enough time to learn and get familiar with this tool. Also, these guys offer a 60-day money-back guarantee in case you turn unhappy after you pay.

Other than that, here are the pricing options:

  • Monthly – $15/mo
  • Yearly – $99/yr

Whichever option you will choose, you will also receive 3 bonuses, and those are – the second license, that can be used on another computer; a guide about spinning and rewritingand a free PLR article pack.

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How To Use Chimp Rewriter?

Chimp Rewriter is quite a complex rewriting tool. Although we have fully tested this software, this review is too short to demonstrate its all features and capabilities. 

Let’s have a look briefly at how you can rewrite articles with Chimp Rewriter, and what outcome you can get:

For Manual Rewrite:

Once you download and open an app, hit the REWRITE tab at the top left of the screen, and paste your article. To keep it simple and not overwhelming for you, we have only pasted 3 paragraphs of an article that we want to rewrite.

how chimp rewriter works

As you can see whenever we put a mouse cursor on words or highlight certain phrases, on the left-hand side we can see suggested synonyms that we can use to replace these words and phrases. For example, we put a mouse cursor on the word “Unfortunately” then the tool generated synonyms for it, so we picked up the word “Sadly” instead.

how to use chimp rewriter

On the bottom of the screen, you can see a rewritten version of the text, and there’s our replaced word. You can do the same for all words that you want to rewrite.

For Automatic Rewrite:

If you don’t have time to play around with individual words and phrases, you can hit a “One Time Rewrite” button, and let the software do all the work for you. 

automatic rewrite chimp rewriter

Then, the settings window will pop up, and you will be able to choose some automated rewriting options, such as minimum synonym quality, phrase replacement quality, etc. You will also be able to request software to check grammar on replaced synonyms, rewrite, remove, or reorder sentences, and do other things.

how chimp rewriter works

We have proceeded with default settings and this is what we got:

chimp rewriter automatic rewrite

As you can see, the quality of an automatically rewritten article is not surprising at all. There are lots of words and phrases that actually don’t make sense in the context. 

After testing different automatic rewriting options, it seems that Chimp Rewriter doesn’t really understand the meaning of articles as well as the relationships between words and phrases.

Pros & Cons:

Like any other article rewriter, Chimp Rewriter isn’t perfect and has its own pros and cons. Here’s what we found to be good, and not so good about this software:

What’s good:

chimp rewriter pros

  • Fast: the software operates fast, and can rewrite articles in a matter of seconds.
  • Great for manual rewriting: offers wide synonym/phrase selections and variations, as well as an efficient interface.
  • Plenty of features: from advanced synonym selections to numerous API integrations Chimp Rewriter has everything you need to perfectly rewrite the content.
  • Generous free trial: compared to other article spinners, Chimp Rewriter offers a pretty long 14-day trial, which does not require a credit card.
What’s not so good:

chimp rewriter cons

  • Not great for Automatic Rewrite: While the software does a great job for manual rewrites, it lacks some advanced learning in the automatic rewrite.
  • Desktop-based: the software is not available to use on the web, so you have to take time to download and install it. Plus, you can only use this tool on two computers maximum.
  • Not MAC friendly: Chimp Rewriter works best on Windows, and if you want to use it on a MAC, it only works on Parallels or Virtual Box operating systems.
  • Overwhelming interface: Chimp Rewriter has so many features and tools that it may seem to be overwhelming, especially when trying to use it for the first time. 
  • No lifetime subscription: the longest period of time you can have Chimp Rewriter for is 1 year, and there’s no lifetime membership available.

Bottom Line:

In our view, Chimp Rewriter isn’t a bad software to use, but it is surely not for everyone. For those who are looking to quickly rewrite articles, this tool isn’t the best option.

A decent amount of time is typically required to learn the software, plus you will probably have to rewrite the content manually because the quality of automatic rewriting is not very impressive.

This tool is best for those who have time to invest in learning the software as well as to manually rewrite the content by using all of its powerful features. Other than that, considering all the features and capabilities it offers, Chimp Rewriter is fairly priced.

However, we prefer to use tools that are able to generate quality articles within a single click without having to spend time changing individual words or phrases. We also prefer tools that are web-based and offer easier-to-use interfaces.

So among the best article rewriters, here’s the top alternative of Chimp Rewriter.

The Best Chimp Rewriter Alternative:

spin rewriter

Luckily, Chimp Rewriter isn’t the only spinning software out there, and we have one amazing alternative to offer.

This alternative is called Spin Rewriter.

Compared to Chimp Rewriter, this tool offers a way better user experience, has pretty much the same features, and most importantly – is cheaper. In addition, this software is web-based and has more advanced automatic spinning technologies.

Spin Rewriter uses ENL Semantic Spinning Technology that not only analyzes and understands the whole meaning of an article, but also the relationship between words and phrases.

By that, this tool is capable of providing more accurate synonym suggestions, as well as better automated rewriting that is 100% unique. Here’s an example and comparison of the same article we have automatically rewritten on both – Chimp Rewriter and Spin Rewriter:

The article generated on Chimp Rewriter:

chimp rewriter automatic rewrite

The same article generated on Spin Rewriter:

spin rewriter vs chimp rewriter

As you can see there is a significant difference in word and phrase selection, and clearly, Spin Rewriter produced a better-looking article that seems more natural. 

Talking about more features, Spin Rewriter offers pretty much the same features as Chimp Rewriter does, and those include:

  • Manual & automatic rewrite
  • Unlimited and fast bulk rewriting
  • Article, image & video fetching
  • The multilevel spinning of words, sentences & paragraphs
  • Side-by-side comparison
  • Keyword protection
  • Copyscape integration
  • Automatic paragraph creation
  • List reordering
  • Amazing customer support
  • Many API integrations
  • Blog submissions
  • And many more…

The only disadvantage that Spin Rewriter has, is that it only operates in the English language. So if you are looking to rewrite in other languages, Spin Rewrites isn’t a great option. Other than that, it is an amazing and fun software that you will love to use.

Another important factor is the pricing. Spin Rewriter can be cheaper than Chimp Rewriter if you choose the right options. Plus it offers a lifetime membership.

 Here you have 3 pricing plans:

  • Monthly – $47/mo
  • Yearly – $77/yr (with the current discount)
  • Lifetime – $497 

Also, these guys offer a free 5-day trial, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Click here to try Spin Rewriter for free

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